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"Vegeta vs. Android #18" (ベジータたい18ごう Bejīta Tai Jūhachigō, lit. "Vegeta vs No. 18") is the one hundred fifty eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred fifty-second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of the chapter shows Super Saiyan Vegeta facing Android 16, Android 17, and Android 18.


Super Saiyan Vegeta vs. Android 18

Android 18 has agreed to fight Vegeta, so the two prepare to face off. Android 18 gets the battle started quick by charging at Vegeta and unleashing a flurry of blows, but Vegeta manages to block them all. Android 17 says that Vegeta is not a bad fighter. One of Android 18's punches narrowly misses Vegeta, and he grabs her arm and throws her into a nearby rock wall. Vegeta charges after her and attacks, missing with a punch. 18 then blocks a knee from Vegeta, but he connects with a punch to the face, which sends her flying backwards. Android 17 says that Vegeta is much stronger than Dr. Gero's data indicate, and is impressed with his fighting abilities. Android 18 and Vegeta land on the road below, and Vegeta says that he can never tell when the androids are injured. He then says that he will just blow them to bits, so as never to see their smiles again.

Vegeta fires an energy wave at Android 18

Just then, a truck drives up behind Android 18, and the driver tells Android 18 and Vegeta to get out of the road. Vegeta fires a Ki Blast at Android 18, who jumps into the air, causing the blast to hit the truck. The truck is destroyed, and Android 18 lands on the other side of Vegeta. He tells her that she is quicker than he thought, but she replies that he was not using full power. Vegeta says that if he did, the entire Earth would be gone, and 18 says that she is holding back as well. Vegeta tells her not to, if she wants to have any chance to defeat him. 18 agrees not to, then charges at Vegeta, headbutting him in the face. Vegeta stumbles backwards, then charges at Android 18 and punches her in the stomach. However, she is unaffected, and knees Vegeta in the chest before knocking him into the nearby rock wall. Future Trunks. Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Krillin then land, and Trunks asks Vegeta if he is okay. Vegeta climbs out of the hole created by his impact and calls the four of them pests, then asks if they think they stand a chance.





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