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"Vegeta in Overdrive!" (ベジータかいしんげき Bejīta Kai-Shingeki!, lit. "Vegeta's Charge!") is the seventy fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred sixty-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Vegeta with the seven Namekian Dragon Balls in the background.


Vegeta punches Zarbon in the back

Having just sent Zarbon flying with a powerful punch in the back, Vegeta chases after him and slams him into the water from above. Vegeta follows up with a series of ki blasts. Krillin suggests to Bulma that they flee while Vegeta is distracted, but Bulma is afraid that Vegeta will attack them if they do. Krillin grabs her and begins to flee regardless, but Vegeta does indeed notice them and blocks their path with several blasts. While Vegeta is distracted, Zarbon emerges from the water and flies towards him, leading to the two of them returning to the ground. Zarbon angrily claims that Vegeta will pay for what he has done, but Vegeta is undaunted. He briefly taunts Zarbon before explaining that he is now more powerful, due to having received Saiyan Power after their previous battle. Krillin notes that Goku has indeed displayed this characteristic in the past.

Vegeta about to finish Zarbon

Zarbon, however, is still adamant that he will defeat Vegeta, and the two begin to fight again. After a furious but quick volley of blows, Vegeta lands a punch clean into Zarbon's chest, breaking his armor and drawing blood. Zarbon, clearly unable to fight further, says that he was only following orders and asks for mercy, even offering to work with Vegeta. Vegeta is unmoved and kills Zarbon with a Ki Blast through the chest, much to Krillin's horror. After noting that he could not defeat Frieza even with Zarbon's aid, Vegeta mentions that Krillin seems to have improved as well but is still not on his level. Krillin agrees to give Vegeta the One-Star Dragon Ball in exchange for being left alone. Vegeta stays true to his word and flies off with the ball, while Krillin hopes that Gohan can keep Vegeta from obtaining his wish.






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