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"Vegeta Vs. Granolah" (ベジータVSブイエスグラノラ Bejīta Buiesu Guranora) is the 74th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


The Sugarians nervously flee their colonies in response to the explosions and earthquakes caused by the battle between Granolah and the two Saiyans. Vegeta stands between Granolah and the unconscious Goku, boasting that fusion or clones will prove ineffective against him. Granolah no longer has need for clones, however, as the time to save strength for his ultimate goal to kill the warlord Frieza has passed. Vegeta tells the vengeful Cerealian that he is no longer part of Frieza's army. Granolah's companion Oatmeel also intervenes over his earpiece, pointing out that Goku was also insistent that he was no evildoer, but Granolah is adamant that he will kill all of the surviving Saiyans, regardless of their personal involvement in his peoples' destruction.

Vegeta about to battle

Seeing no more need for words, Vegeta immediately transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved state and demonstrates his newfound powers of destruction to explode several rocks around Granolah, causing a huge shockwave that rocks the fleeing Sugarians. Granolah, however, escapes up into the air and is unimpressed, claiming that Vegeta's destructive power is lacking. He tries to prove his superiority by destroying a much larger rock behind Vegeta with his own Hakai-like technique, flinging him into Granolah's waiting fist for a hard gut punch. Vegeta is winded, but fires a ki blast at point-blank range, chasing after Granolah as he evades, but is unable to get the upper hand as Granolah's counterattack deals him heavy blows and knocks him into a river.

Granolah fires a volley of precision shots into the water at Vegeta, who flies down a waterfall to evade the deadly accurate blasts. Briefly losing sight of Vegeta, Granolah spots him swimming away in the far distance. He uses Oatmeel's help to augment his already impressive aim, firing a powerful blast directly at Vegeta as he swims into a lake. Granolah is confident that Vegeta will be unable to push back his attack, but Vegeta is able to destroy it instead, although he is thrown out of the water by the resulting shockwave.

Granolah kicks Vegeta

Granolah once again expresses his surprise at the strength of the two Saiyans, but remains confident that he is the most powerful being in the universe as a result of his wish. Vegeta admits that Granolah's strength and techniques have surpassed his own, but is absolutely confident in his own victory regardless. As the battle begins once again, Goku wakes up and immediately suffers intense pain from the pressure point attack Granolah inflicted on his heart earlier, before going to observe the fight. Vegeta is able to goad Granolah into accidentally destroying part of the ancient Cerealian ruins, enraging him. He further taunts the last Cerealian by exposing his lack of battle experience; he is aware that Granolah has only recently acquired his power, which Granolah naively confirms.

Despite this observation, it appears the gap in power is too great for Vegeta to overcome. Granolah lands a powerful kick to his stomach, and although he is able to briefly hurt Granolah by grappling his leg and delivering a sharp elbow strike to it in turn, Granolah quickly kicks him away and regains his composure, claiming that it is certain that he will win here today. Vegeta, on the other hand, is invigorated, knowing that no outcome is ever certain: the one thing he truly loves about fighting. Granolah is infuriated at Vegeta expressing what he sees as the bloodlust of the Saiyans and attacks again, but Vegeta is able to defend himself much better than before as he continues his speech. He says that rankings of fighters reflect only a moment in time, and that his strength is constantly growing, even compared to a few minutes ago: He has grown even during their fight.

Granolah decides that if this is the case, then he should finish Vegeta off, landing a pressure point attack that shatters Vegeta's Battle Armor and painfully drops him down to his base form. He grimaces and coughs blood onto Granolah's arm, still held up to his pressure point. Vegeta's head slumps forward, but he does not fall, beginning to laugh instead. He is experiencing a feeling he has not experienced for a long time. There is no planet to save, no people to protect, just pure battle. He glares at Granolah with bloodshot eyes and pulsing veins and declares that this is the perfect place to get a battle-crazed Saiyan's blood pumping. Granolah jumps back in surprise as Vegeta's aura swells and then ignites into an enormous gout of flame that shoots high above the forest.

Vegeta unleashes the Power of Destruction

This alerts both Oil and Goku, the latter of whom notes that Vegeta's ki signature feels like that of a God, but not the regular kind. Granolah fires precision blasts at Vegeta, who is concealed within the inferno of his new aura, only for them to be destroyed on contact. Granolah can only stare and ask in shock what has happened to Vegeta. As his aura clears away, we see that Vegeta has transformed; his training with Beerus has allowed him to ascend to a new form possessing the traits of the Gods of Destruction themselves. Vegeta once again prepares to battle Granolah in his new form, boasting that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded.


  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved/Ultra Ego) vs. Granolah






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