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"Vegeta Reborn" (しんせいベジータ Shin-sei Bejīta) is the 61st chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Plowing forward with a punch, Vegeta causes Moro to skid backwards grimacing, but he quickly recovers, commending Vegeta on his increased strength. However, Moro still believes that he is no match for him. Undeterred, Vegeta charges forward again, unleashing a flurry of blows. Piccolo compliments the strength that Vegeta has gained, but realises that he still isn't as strong as Moro, as training alone wouldn't be enough to overcome him. Even after Moro kicks him into the cliffside, Vegeta races back into action.

Vegeta kicks Moro in the stomach

When Moro attempts to steal away his energy, Vegeta dodges and counters hard. Moro grabs and piledrives him into the ground, but notices that something is wrong. As Vegeta stands and continues to fight, he appears to have gained the advantage over his opponent. Goku realises what is up and Vegeta tells him that he is using Forced Spirit Fission. From a distance, Gohan wonders if Vegeta is getting stronger, but Piccolo believes that Moro is in fact getting weaker.

Just then, they notice the energy leaving Moro's body and forming into a ball in the sky. After another powerful blow, Moro stands up, showing a more elderly appearance, and asks what the Saiyan has done to him. Vegeta explains that he has liberated all the energy that Moro has stolen from the planets and their inhabitants and, with a simple action, returns the energy to where it originally belonged.

Vegeta releases the energy that Moro had stolen

Goku explains to Piccolo and his son that Forced Spirit Fission is a technique that tears apart things combined through fusion or absorption. While continuing to pummel Moro, Vegeta tells that Piccolo that he could extract those Namekians that he had fused with in the past. Becoming increasingly infuriated, Moro attempts another attack but Vegeta continues to outclass him, explaining that he has always hated the idea of fusion and absorption as it does not reflect one's true strength, telling Moro to fight using his own power.

Elsewhere on Planet Yardrat, after being asked, Pybara says that, while the deceased inhabitants will not be restored to life by Vegeta's actions due to too much time having passed, those with strong life forces shall. On New Namek, the Namekians previously killed when Moro sucked away their energy come back to life. On the Lookout, Esca senses what is happening and believes that the Namekian Dragon Balls that had been left behind protected the planet and its inhabitants from being destroyed.

As Vegeta continues to fight Moro, Piccolo voices his surprise at Vegeta's growth - not in terms of his strength, but as a human being. Originally invading Earth with Nappa and being responsible for the death of their friends, as well as his past crimes under Frieza and the slaughter of Elder Tsuno's entire village, Vegeta has changed to a point where he now not only fights for his home planet, but fights to save the universe from Moro too. Piccolo believes that this change is because of Goku and, at the current moment, Vegeta has one-upped him, though Goku vows to surpass him again.

Believing the fight to be all but over, Vegeta asks Jaco if he wants Moro captured or killed, with Jaco confirming the latter. Vegeta states that he will send him to Hell, but Moro arrogantly says that he has no intention of going there, as he will be too busy ruling the galaxy for all of eternity. Despite having almost no power left, Moro claims that he still has his magic and distracts Vegeta by sending up a wave of the planet's energy from beneath him, taking the momentary surprise to take off into the air.

Moro's new form

Vegeta takes off after him, but is too late. Moro reaches Saganbo's Spaceship first, where he kills Shimorekka without a moment's hesitation and, after claiming his fortune for having kept a back-up inside of Seven-Three, proceeds to swallow him alive and whole. Vegeta, having reached the ship, fires a blast at Moro but when the smoke clears, Vegeta is shocked at what he sees. On the ground below, Goku notes that Moro's power has grown even stronger than ever, just as Vegeta crashes to the ground, having reverted to his base form.

Moro lands on the ground before them, sporting a brand new look that is one-half Moro and one-half Seven-Three. Goku and Piccolo ask him what he has done and Moro explains that he didn't just have Seven-Three copy his magical abilities, but his combat abilities as well, creating a complete backup of himself that existed inside Seven-Three. Having now absorbed Seven-Three, he now also has access to his unique abilities too, boasting that it has pushed his power to previously unseen heights. He then mockingly congratulates the Dragon Team for having pushed him this far before telling them to prepare for their impending deaths.






  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Moro
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Moro (Transformed)



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