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"Vegeta's True Power" (ベジータのスーパーパワー Bejīta no Sūpā Pawā, lit. "Vegeta's Super Power") is the fifty fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred forty-ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Translated chapter cover

The chapter cover art features those currently on Namek searching for the Dragon Balls, such as Frieza, Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta, as well as a hospitalized Goku. They are all drawn in Chibi style, and each of the characters are holding signs which display their names and provide a brief summary of current events. Thus, the cover functions as a recap.


Cui learns that Vegeta can now control his Power Level, and that he has become significantly stronger than before. The spike in power causes Cui's and Zarbon's scouters to explode at the same time. Like Cui, Frieza realizes Vegeta can control his power level and remarks that the increase is hardly a surprise, as Vegeta's duties as a soldier keep him on the front lines.

Cui is surprised by Vegeta's newly increased power level

Vegeta executes Cui

Cui realizes he can not defeat Vegeta and pleads for his life, suggesting he and Vegeta team up. When this does not work, Cui begins preparing a Ki Blast and pretends to see Frieza approaching, causing Vegeta to turn around and drop his guard. Cui uses this opportunity to strike, however, Vegeta avoids the blasts easily. Shocked, Cui flees for his life but is killed by Vegeta's Dirty Fireworks. Frieza brushes this off as nothing to be concerned over, and he and his men begin searching for the fifth Namekian Dragon Ball.

Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan find a cave to take shelter in. When, Frieza's men begin to approach them, Krillin panics and suggests the three take cover.






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