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"Vegeta's Pride" (ベジータのプライド Bejīta no Puraido) is the two hundred sixty third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fifty-seventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


After slaughtering many civilians at the World Martial Arts Tournament stadium, Vegeta stands confident and proud of his new ascension to power thanks to the dark magic of the wizard Babidi discovering Vegeta's inner evil. As hundreds of spectators flee the stadium in fear, Vegeta's wife Bulma, who barely escaped death, attempts to get Vegeta's attention from the stands, begging an answer as to why he has mercilessly killed so many people. Looking in awe, Goku demands an answer from Vegeta as well. Still smirking for his sinful actions, Vegeta looks towards Goku and, instead of answering Goku's plea, demands for Goku to fight him in a brawl or else more chaos and death shall ensue. Goku refuses without hesitation, and still demands for Vegeta to stand down. In retort, Vegeta charges up another large attack and, before Goku can respond, Vegeta fires the attack at another section of the stands, causing debris and flames to rise from the impact.

Majin Vegeta

As Goku observes the destruction and chaos around him, he finally gives into his anger, and transforms into a Super Saiyan to combat Vegeta. Supreme Kai intervenes and pleads for Goku to not give into Vegeta's violent demands, stating that Babidi is controlling Vegeta, so Goku will contribute energy towards Majin Buu's resurrection. Goku questions this however, as he believes Vegeta would not be able to be conquered mentally by Babidi. Understanding Vegeta's prideful personality, Goku makes the connection that Vegeta let Babidi control him on purpose simply to make Vegeta's inner powers unleash themselves. Vegeta confirms this, stating he knew he would not beat Goku in his original state and, knowing Goku only has twenty four hours on Earth, decided to give himself to Babidi in order to raise his powers so he could combat Goku and finally defeat him after many years of bitterness and jealousy. Supreme Kai accuses Vegeta of being completely insane, to which Vegeta angrily informs Supreme Kai that he never cared about the presence and possible awakening of Buu, and only cares for the regaining of his pride in a battle against his rival and enemy, stating that it is an attitude all Saiyans used to abide by. Still believing that he should be stronger due to his royal bloodline, Vegeta rages at how he has always being surpassed by Goku, a Saiyan who is completely against the moral codes most Saiyans stood by before they went extinct; the fact that Goku tries to lay mercy to all of his evil opponents he has defeated further confuses Vegeta.

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