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"Vegeta's Ploy" (フリーザのダメし!! Furīza no Dameoshi!!, lit. "Freeza Makes Doubly Sure!!") is the one hundred ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Frieza in his Third Form.


Frieza uses his Crazy Finger Beam on Piccolo

While Frieza batters Piccolo with his finger blasts multiple times, Gohan charges at him. Frieza dodges Gohan's first charge, but Gohan flies around him and unleashes a Wild Rush Blaster. Frieza initially stops the blast, but it is strong enough that he cannot push it back at Gohan. The pair struggle for a few moments, with Gohan adding energy to the blast while Frieza tries to repel it. Eventually Gohan runs out of energy and Frieza is able to push the attack back towards him. However, Piccolo manages to knock the blast out of the way.

Frieza is surprised at how much power Gohan has gained since his brush with death, and realizes that the boy must be a Saiyan. He wonders whose child he is. Piccolo is impressed with Gohan's strength as well, but Gohan says that it does not matter since he could not defeat Frieza. Frieza decides that Gohan is not Vegeta or Nappa's child, but that he does have a resemblance to Raditz (who is in fact Gohan's uncle). He says that he must kill Gohan and Vegeta.

Gohan's Full Power Masenko on Frieza

Vegeta, realizing that the situation is dire, again tells Krillin to beat him within an inch of his life. Krillin says that Goku will be there soon anyways, but Vegeta says that he will not make a difference. Frieza announces that he will transform again into his true form, much to everyone's surprise. Krillin decides to go along with Vegeta's plan after several doubts, and blasts a hole clean through his chest. Gohan and Piccolo are shocked, while a falling Vegeta says that he can now become a Super Saiyan.





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