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"Vegeta's Laughter, Freeza's Rage" (わらうベジータいかるフリーザ Warau Bejīta Ikaru Furīza, lit. "Vegeta Laughs, Freeza Fumes") is the seventy second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred sixty-sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Vegeta laughing while Frieza has a look of disdain and anger on his face.


The chapter begins with Gohan using the Dragon Radar to search for the Dragon Ball that Vegeta left behind. The radar leads Gohan to the Namekian village that Vegeta destroyed. Gohan is horrified by what he sees, but quickly finds the Dragon Ball hidden underwater.

Vegeta throwing the dragon balls off Frieza's ship

Meanwhile, Zarbon searches near Frieza's Spaceship for Vegeta, who they believe has fled after escaping his Medical Machine. Frieza, impatient, threatens to kill Zarbon if he is unable to locate Vegeta. However, Vegeta is actually inside the ship and has located Frieza's now-unguarded Dragon Balls. Realizing that he cannot carry all five that are there, he alerts Zarbon and Frieza to his location, then unleashes a blast in the hallway to obscure their view. Vegeta then blasts a hole in a window and tosses all five balls outside before escaping just in time. Zarbon and Frieza are irate, and Zarbon again begins searching outside the ship.

As Vegeta flees unnoticed in a nearby body of water, a furious Frieza promises to kill Zarbon if he does not capture Vegeta within an hour. After surfacing and finding the balls he tossed, Vegeta briefly exults in his achievement before noticing Krillin carrying the One-Star Ball. The chapter concludes with Vegeta being pleased with his good fortune.






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