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Vampa Beetles, also known as Goliamites[1] or Large Mites[2] (大ダニ Ōdani), are a species of bugs found on planet Vampa.


Vampa Beetles live on Planet Vampa and are capable of sucking out nutrients from living beings, as seen when they surround Beets and Paragus and begin to drink from the beast they're standing on top of. Broly kills one of them when called by his father to help him, not long after Lemo and Cheelai arrived. Since Broly has been shown eating them and their eggs, they seem to be edible. But their flesh is sour and foul tasting according to Cheelai and Lemo.


These creatures are very powerful life-forms, as Paragus states that a power level of 920 would not be enough to beat one. Paragus, whose power level was 4,200 was too intimidated to fight one and chose to call Broly instead. However, they were defeated by the young Great Ape Broly - whose power level was can go from 9,200 - 100,000.

Voice Actors


  • Vampa Beetle vs. Broly (Great Ape) (off-screen)
  • Vampa Beetle vs. Paragus
  • Vampa Beetle vs. Broly


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