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Vampa (小惑星しょうわくせいヴァンパ Shōwakusei Banpa) is a planetoid in the outskirts of Universe 7. It first appears in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


A surface of Vampa

Vampa is a barren, yellowish-green planetoid. Its surface consists of a yellow sky and rocky wastelands as far as the eye can see. The ground is littered with massive craters, some filled with green pools of liquid that Vampa Beasts, the planet's dominant predators, can disguise themselves in. The planetoid is also home to the parasitic Vampa Beetles, which feast on the blood of the Vampa Beasts.

The planet does not seem to have any notable sources of water or plant life, and is noted by Frieza (and Goku from hearing him) to be "repugnant".


In Age 732, Broly was sent to this planet by King Vegeta due to his high power. Paragus follows after his son with Beets, who is then killed by Paragus to raise his and Broly's chance of survival after they become stranded. In Age 737, Kakarot's space pod flies by Vampa on its fateful journey to Earth and is noticed by Broly as he is eating a Vampa Beetle egg.

Ba the Vampa Beast in Broly

During Broly's childhood on Vampa, he befriended a powerful Vampa Beast whom Broly often fought with. Broly named the beast Ba after the sound it made. Unfortunately their friendship was ruined by Paragus who shot off Ba's ear, as he disapproved of Broly's friendship with the beast viewing it as a bad influence upon the gentle-hearted Broly whom Paragus was training to become a warrior to one day take revenge on the House of Vegeta for Broly's exile. As a result, Ba never trusted Broly again ending their friendship, though Broly kept Ba's ear wrapped around his waist as a memento of their friendship which Broly is extremely protective of.

After the Tournament of Power and Frieza's second resurrection, Frieza Force members Cheelai and Lemo receive the distress signal of Paragus' crashed ship while travelling through the planet's system. They eventually discover Paragus who reveals himself to by a Saiyan member of the Frieza Force who became stranded upon Vampa. Noting Paragus' high power level Cheelai and Lemo are happy to give him a ride as they are looking for powerful fighters to recruit as the Frieza Force is low on manpower. However they are soon attacked by a Vampa Beetle forcing Paragus to call out to his now adult son, who flies in and kills the beetle in a quick and brutal display of Broly's power which Cheelai and Lemo's cannot read as it is apparently higher than 99,999. Cheelai and Lemo are thrilled by their good fortune and take both Saiyans off of Vampa to meet Frieza.

Broly would later tell Cheelai and Lemo about his history with Ba on Vampa and why he kept Ba's ear, causing Cheelai and Lemo to realize Broly is a gentle-hearted Saiyan who is being used by Paragus as an instrument of revenge though Broly remains loyal to his father despite Paragus' abuse and mistreatment of Broly.

After the events of Broly, Broly, Lemo, and Cheelai live on this planet temporarily. Goku follows Broly to Vampa via Instant Transmission pays the three a visit. Though Cheelai doesn't trust Goku, he provides them with Capsules containing supplies and a Capsule House, as well as two Senzu Beans. Goku offers to comeback and train with Broly to help him master his power. After Goku finishes telling Broly and his companions his Earth name (Son Goku) and original Saiyan name (Kakarot), Goku then returns to Earth using Instant Transmission.

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  • The name "Vampa" is derived from the term "Vampire".
    • This would make sense, since the Vampa Beetles on this planet are blood-sucking creatures that prey upon Vampa Beasts which in turn feast on Vampa Beetles in a vicious cycle of parasitism and predation.
  • Vampa is classified as a planetoid like Pluto.
  • Vampa is similar to Mount Paozu as both are places far from civilization inhabited by dangerous creatures and became home to a Saiyan survivor from Planet Vegeta where they spent a portion of their childhood.
    • The remoteness and lack of civilization on Vampa and Mount Paozu, also lead Broly and Goku to learn how to survive in such harsh locations while also making them ignorant of things like advanced technology and the luxury of civilization forcing them to adapt to the larger world/universe with the aid of newfound friends. Both places also survived the rampage of a Saiyan Great Ape.
    • Vegeta never step foot on or encountered Vampa during the events after the battle with Frieza on Namek in Dragon Ball Z. As he travels far across space to find Goku, and if he was to find Vampa, he would have encounter both Broly and Paragus back then.
  • At one point during the prologue for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the titular character witnesses a shooting star (Kakarot's attack ball) passing in the atmosphere, implying that Vampa was located between Earth and Planet Vegeta.