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Vampa (惑星バンパ Wakusei Banpa) is a planet in Universe 7. It first appears in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


Vampa is a planet inhabited by various of dangerous creatures. The planet does not seem to have any notable sources of water, and is noted by Frieza to be "repugnant".


Broly was sent to this planet by King Vegeta due to his high power. Paragus follows after his son with Beets, who is then killed by Paragus to raise his and Broly's chance of survival.

After the events of Broly, Broly, Lemo, and Cheelai live on this planet temporarily.


  • The name "Vampa" is derived from the term "Vampire".
    • This would make sense, since the Vampa Beetles on this planet are blood-sucking creatures.


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