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Vamp () is a monstrous vampire.





Vamp was a monstrous vampire that terrorized a local village, he normally sucked a small amount of blood until he encountered a corrupt Galactic Patrolman named Steth. Steth took over Vamp's body and attempted to destroy all life by using giant alien fleas called Mogan from the Planet Kanoi. This arrangement continued until Kyuumonji Yukio while possessed by Jiya shot one of the giant fleas as they swarmed the town for their usual feeding. After this happened Vamp ordered one of the Morgans to kidnap Yukio's boss Kaede. After Jiya returned to his body he attempted to fight the Morgans and Vamp who had come to fight Jiya. During the fight Jiya realized that Vamp was being possessed by Steth. During the fight Vamp was distracted by Kaede as Jiya was being powered up through the use of alcohol. When Vamp started to lose the fight his possessor Steth left his body and attempted to possess Kyuumonji's body only to be killed by Kaede.

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