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Vamp (バンパ Banpa) is a monstrous vampire.



While Vamp is a vampire who preys on Earthlings, compared to the Steth he is a relatively benign monster, as an old woman Jiya speaks to says that while he drank people's blood for ages, he didn't drink enough to kill anyone. Additionally after being freed of Steth's possession, Vamp flees from Jiya, Yukio Kyumonji, and Beniya Kaede with Jiya telling his Earthling allies to let Vamp go, seeing him as another victim of Steth's crimes.



Vamp was a monstrous vampire that terrorized a local village, he normally sucked a small amount of blood until he encountered a corrupt Galactic Patrolman named Steth. Steth took over Vamp's body and attempted to destroy all life by using giant alien fleas called Mogan from the Planet Kanoi. While possessing Vamp, Steth is shown attacking a town who's Police had killed one of his Mogans after it attacked the Mayor's daughter. He kills innocent bystanders while punishing the Police Captain who's officers had killed the Mogan, tearing off the man's ear before telling him to warn everyone what will happen if they try to oppose him.

This arrangement continued until Yukio while possessed by Jiya shot and killed one of the Mogans while trying to rescue Kaede who had been taken by the Mogans for Vamp to feed upon (as Steth found drinking the blood of young women pleasurable). After rescuing Kaede During the fight Jiya realized that Vamp was being possessed by Steth. During the fight Vamp was distracted by Kaede as Jiya was being powered up through the use of alcohol. When Vamp started to lose the fight his possessor Steth left his body and attempted to possess Kyuumonji's body only to be killed by Kaede. Freed from Steth's control, Vamp flees with Jiya telling his allies to let him go as Steth was the one responsible for the destruction he caused while possessing Vamp and not Vamp himself.


While under possession by Steth, Vamp is shown to strong enough to take on Jiya in his robot suit. Steth notes the main selling point of using Vamp as his host is due to its sturdiness and power which he suggests is why Vamp has lived for centuries. Additionally by using Vamp's body over his own Robot Suit Steth isn't incumbered by the energy consumption of the suits, which require energy to function and if they run out will be rendered immobilized unless they are refueled with water.

However, Jiya manages to overcome his suits weakness with the help of his allies Kaede and Kyuumonji who use Kaede's flask of alcohol as a substitute, which while making Jiya drunk allows him to defeat the Steth possessed Vamp, forcing Steth to attempt to abandon Vamp in an attempt to steal Kyuumonji's body only to be killed by a gunshot from Kaede. However Vamp was able to quickly recover from the beating his body took though wisely decided to flee.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Finger Beam - A beam-like energy wave fired from the users finger. Used by Steth while possessing Vamp to kill a boy who survived his attack on a town he destroys in the Chapter 1 of Jiya.
  • Energy Wave - While possessed by Steth, Vamp is shown to be able to fire a energy wave from both hands.
  • Sucking Blood (吸血 Kyūketsu)[1][2] - The ability to drain a person's blood by biting them. As noted by Steth, Vamp derives pleasure from drinking the blood a young attractive women. However Vamp himself is known to only consume enough blood to sustain himself thus avoided killing the victims he feeds upon making him a relatively benign Vampire which is why Jiya allows him to flee after being freed from Steth's possession.
  • Longevity - As a vampire, Vamp has lived for centuries which Steth attributes to both his body's sturdiness and power.


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