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I also made this thing out of your background...

An unknown countryball

A thing I made... (Not related to Dragon Ball )

And what the hell is a "Cheongsam". I don't understand this uhh Chinese.

Ok, I was joking about that being a Chinese word.

And again I'm not hating or anything.

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So I watched it and wow it was good and it is good. Thanks for introducing me to it!

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I replied to your message on my talk page, not sure if you've seen it since it's a bit buried under new messages. The curiosity is killing me, though - what was your old username? — Final ChidoriTalk 23:27, May 6, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, I think I vaguely remember you. I'm not mad at all, I can barely remember the argument. Was it really about Trunks mooning people? Can't imagine what my stance was on that or why I was arguing about it haha. — Final ChidoriTalk 00:28, May 8, 2017 (UTC)

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What's Up?

Hey, I saw you posted on my talk page; Yes I do remember you! How have you been?Pseudo Super Saiyan Jake (talk) 22:01, May 26, 2017 (UTC)


So it'd be kind of weird to reply on that thread after a week of message posts since I last answered, so I figured I'd respond to you here.

Anyway, in response to this: Thread:584525#142

Thank you for wishing me well on the exam. I survived that thankfully, and overall I feel I did much better than last semester.

Shinigamis are the Japanese equivalent of grim reapers, with different authors depicting them differently. There are other stories like Death Note where they seem to be more villainous.

Yeah, I like complex villains too. Non-anime example, Eobard Thawne from The Flash was one of the most complex villains I've seen and was done brilliantly.

Well actually what I meant by "flaws" in DBS isn't just bad stuff that happens to characters. What I meant was just bad writing. Word of warning, I really don't think you'll like the Future Trunks Saga finale. That was what ruined it for a lot of people. I wish they had just ended it at the second last episode, which was the perfect ending IMO.

"Darn it" is from TFS's Future Trunks right? Yeah I got it. I'm behind on TFS as well. Only up to the episode where Cell absorbed 18 and gained his Perfect form.

The female Legendary Super Saiyan was Kale and she was a huge shock to the fandom. Nobody expected a female Super Saiyan showing up, let alone a Legendary one. As to why they did it, I guess it's appeasing the Broly fanbase, but having to go around the continuity problem of the movies and the main anime. I'm hoping Kale is less generic than Broly and doesn't have something analogous to screaming "KAKAROT!" I think TFS made a joke that Kale got traumatized by hearing Cabba crying as a baby, or something like that.

While I'm at it, you probably heard we got a female regular Super Saiyan as well, Caulifla, who keeps getting advertised in a Fandom article on the sidebar. --Stryzzar (talk) 11:48, June 1, 2017

I would have been fine just having the conversation all on your wall. And thank you :3

Shinigami lore does interest me quite a bit. I actually have an OC who's a Shinigami.

Oh whoops, sorry I just couldn't think of an anime villain who was complex. Well he's closer to the prime version, but he's really quite a unique interpretation made for the show Fair enough, I won't drag you into it. There are a few users I've seen both on here and arrowverse wiki though, and the topic of Goku and Dragon Ball has popped up over there on occasion. Most recently if Goku was faster than that version of Flash (he is).

No, no. I'm talking about the Dragon Ball Super "Future Trunks" Saga. The one with Goku Black, which takes place way way after Cell and the Androids.

Well this wiki is constantly flooded by TFS memes. TFS has become a staple for anything Dragon Ball related. I did watch some of the "Cell Vs." shorts where he battled characters while waiting for the Cell Games like Yami Yugi or Light Yagami.

From the looks of where Super is going, I think Pan will turn Super Saiyan. Toriyama's original reason for not making Pan a Super Saiyan was he didn't know what a female Super Saiyan would look like. He on longer has that excuse with Caulifla's introduction. Yeah I can't say I'm fond of Kale's "Broly-uped" transformation. Ironically Toriyama said he shied away from female Super Saiyans was because increased muscle mass seemed like a male trait, but then they went and gave that to a girl Saiyan anyway. That's why I prefer Caulifla because she doesn't have the ridiculous muscle mass (plus, her base form actually looks more Saiyan). Yep, Broly being traumatized by Goku's crying was what ruined him for me. He really blew up a galaxy because of some traumatic memory of a baby crying nearby to him? Then why didn't every Saiyan baby go insane like him? Or was Goku the only Saiyan baby who ever cried?

Well thing is Caulifla actually acts like a Saiyan (well a Universe 7 Saiyan) in her base form, having the savagery and aggressiveness. She's kind of an opposite to Goku (an unusual nice Saiyan among his fellow aggressive Saiyans). She formed her own gang of Saiyan rebels for that reason. Kale on the other hand is really shy and timid in her base form, with her LSSJ form being a secret among her universe (I think). Which is why she's not the leader. --Stryzzar (talk) 07:46, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

No problem. 

Yeah, they're cool. I didn't know that you had OC's though. Do you make fanfictions/write or do you create them just for fun?

It's ok! And I can kinda see why. Characters on Dragon Ball and characters on The Flash or The Arrow both have some sort of power that makes them strong than regular humans. It makes sense that they want to compare and contrast. It's just like all those "vs Goku" fights such as Superman vs Goku, Saitama vs Goku, or even...Naruto vs Goku. 


Wait, what?! Yugi vs Cell and Light Yagami vs Cell?! That sounds freaking crazy! I should really start watch more videos like those. The last video I watched like that was a battle between Zoro from One Piece and Erza from Fairy Tail. Do they usually do fights like those though? Yugi's awesome but he doesn't stand a chance against Cell. Neither does Light Yagami unless he writes his name in the Death Note. And even if he was to write his name, wouldn't Cell be too fast for him? He could easily just kill him before he writes it down. Does the Death Note even work on non-humans?

Oh yeah. There is still baby Pan. She did it in Battle of Gods so why not Super? Yeah, I know. I didn't really like that though.I mean, couldn't he have just tried out a few different designs on some scrath paper or something and see which one looked best? Lots of manga artists do it. Oh wow, really? But, yeah, Caulifla's cool. I still like Kale though. I like both there character designs except for the version of Kale with huge muscles.  And I'm gonna have to agree with you on that. Caulifla looks more like a saiyan and I think she kinda acts like the stereotypical saiyan. And yeah, his backstory absolutely sucks. Imagine it's this: It's a dramatic moment and the protagonists asks "Why... why are you doing this? Why are you destroying these planets?" Then Broly says "The constant yelling of a nearby saiyan baby traumatized me." That sounds ridiculous.

Yeah, I get it. Now that  I think about it, Caulifla fits the leader role. Yuri Rozu (talk) 08:47, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

I actually have a variety. I do have OCs for fanfics, but this is more for a series that I would want to make if I became an author.

What actually sparked the discussion was it was brought up that Barry Allen (The Flash's real name) was a fan of Dragon Ball Z. They referenced this show in that show. xD

The ending of the Android/Cell Saga was perfectly fine for me, with Future Trunks getting the happy ending he deserved. But then they had to rob him of that happy ending just to bring back character back onto the show. I love Trunks and all, but cut the poor guy some slack already. At this point Xenoverse is a much better timeline for him.

They basically got guest Youtubers from other Abridged Series to voice their characters in TFS. Including LittleKuriboh, who already voices Frieza in TFS. They don't usually do them it was like some "inbetween filler" that they did before the Cell Games started. Also, they don't fight Cell in a typical DBZ battle. Yugi challenges Cell to a card game, which Cell accepts out of boredom. Pretty obvious what Light Yagami does xD

Baby Pan is more powerful than any version of GT Pan tbh. She could even beat Future Trunks up! (you need to see it to get it). Oh yeah, they would have been far better off if they just followed Multiverse's example. Oh btw, have you heard of Dragon Ball AF, that alleged fake "sequel" to GT? Well the guy who wrote a fan manga for Dragon Ball AF, Toyotarō, got hired to be Toriyama's successor for writing the Dragon Ball Super manga. Ascended fanboy right there! At least Kale's base looks a lot better in the actual series than she did in promotions, though that tends to be a trend with Dragon Ball anyway. Caulifla's design and personality remind me of Goku's mother from Multiverse tbh. But anyways, just her mere presence spells out so many possibilities for the series now. Pretty sure Broly doesn't have the vocabulary to say that anymore. They just can't seem to stop putting him in movies since he's in yet another film about to be released.

Yep, though her attitude might change once she sees LSSJ Kale. I'm really curious what Caulifla's interactions with the Universe 7 Saiyans will be like, especially Vegeta. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:41, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

Oh wow! I also make fanfictions. I usually keep my fanfic stuff on wattpad though.

I love when shows reference each other!

Yeah. Future Trunks is awesome but I'd rather not see him in the show than have his timeline get messed up again. He's already been through so much...

Oh...ok. I see. That kinda sounds like Cell. And yeah, this is Light Yagami. What other thing could he possibly do?

Huh? Wow. Well...ok. I just hope we get to see Pan grow up...again. And I love Dragon Ball Multiverse! I used to always read it! I...kinda forgot about it until you mentioned it though. I was recently scolling through some old bookmarks and I saw DB fan works such as Dragon Ball EX and Dragon Ball New Age. I'm gonna have to search for Dragon Ball Multiverse though. I laughed so much while reading some of those... That one guy (I think it was the bad version of Goku) said "Bear my child!" to this one woman. But back to what you were talking about, yeah, I've heard of Dragon Ball AF. It was a April Fools thing. That's really cool for Toyotaro! I might check it out if I can.

The promotions? Were you talking about the trailer? If so, then she seems fine to me. And now that I think about it, I have to agree. She does kinda remind me of Gine. (Was that even her name in DBM? I haven't read it in so long, I forgot some stuff.) Broly's vocabulary is PRETTY limited. At this point, I'd be surprised if Broly said something other than "Kakarot". I don't really mind the movie though. I tend to not have many issues with things while other people do. For example, some people didn't like Broly Second Coming...I did. It seems like EVERYBODY HATED Bio-Broly...I didn't. Now, to be honest, the first and second movies were better than Bio-Broly but I didn't hate it. I think the only thing that I really didn't like was Broly's whole "mud outfit". How'd you feel about the Broly movies? As for the new movie, it might not be that bad. I'd give it a chance.

Haha, yep. She might start to feel a little..."green" if you know what I mean. Ok, but seriously, she might feel some type of way(I usually don't use this phrase)because she's just a regular super saiyan while Kale's the female Legendary Super Saiyan. I'm kinda interested in that too. I think she might be able to relate with Vegeta the most. If not, then she might get on Vegeta's nerves the most.

Also, I just found out that Whis and Vados are "Angels." Their names come from alcohol or beer. There's Cognac, Cukatail, Martinu, Marcarita...and those are the most noticeable ones. My fav character designs of the Angels are Vados, Whis and...Cus. (I don't like her name). How do you feel about them?  Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:03, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

I have an account on, but at the moment I've only published one story. There's a Dragon Ball one I was working on a few months back that I haven't published yet, hopefully I get round to it this break.

Me too. I often fill up a page's trivia section with references a show has made.

It's kind of interesting what would happen if Cell's name got written in the Death Note, TFS explores that since Cell kind of falls in the "grey" area. If you haven't seen it already, it's here:

Oh, it's just that Super has made Pan really OP. She trashed the Pilaf machine and was able to fly into the atmosphere on the edge of space, before even learning how to walk. It's sort of an in-joke in the DB fandom to call Baby Pan the most powerful character.

I actually started reading Multiverse after you told me about it last year (I think), and have been following it ever since. Thank you for linking it to me btw. I have not seen Dragon Ball EX and Dragon Ball New Age, geez there's so many fanmade DB works. Oh yeah, I remember, that was Universe 13 Kakarot who came from a universe/timeline where he didn't hit his head as a child and stayed evil. The girl he wanted to mate with was one of the OCs that Multiverse came up with. Toyatoro actually made some effort to make the Super manga different from the anime, with changes like Goku keeping the red Super Saiyan God form instead of "absorbing" it, Vegeta eventually getting that form too, and Future Trunks having mutated version of SSJ2 is on par with Goku's SSJ3.

Yes, trailers. Sorry, I usually refer to that stuff as "promotional material". Actually Gine is Goku's canon mother, the one in Multiverse is named Hanasia. I always felt like Broly was a Super Saiyan Hulk, just a mindless mass of adrenaline and destruction. Well the movies itself were alright, fights were fine, I just don't like the concept behind his character and his LSSJ design. But looking past that, I can still mostly enjoy the Broly films. TFS's version of the first Broly film was especially funny. The new one has Broly getting a Legendary God form (or something like that). Outside of Goku and Vegeta, Broly is always the one to keep getting stronger forms.

I'd expect either jealousy or intimidation. The one way to beat a Saiyan is to dent their pride. Vegeta goes through it every time he hits a brickwall and can't surpass an opponent, so perhaps Caulifla's heading there too. Caulifla annoying Vegeta would be very fun to see. Maybe even a little like his relationship with Nappa.

Indeed, angels are not gods, but they're even more powerful than the gods they serve. I absolutely love Cus. She's so cute and I love how she's a little girl watching over a God of Destruction. I rewatched this clip of her dancing with the Universe 10 fighters a few times. I guess her name sounds like "cuss" doesn't it? Marcarita is the other one aside from Whis and Vados that caught my eye, due to everyone comparing her to Harley Quinn due to her hairstyle and serving a clown God of Destruction. -- Stryzzar (talk) 03:13, June 3, 2017 (UTC), huh? I might check it out. And I'm kinda the same way. I've made so many Tokyo Ghoul and Fairy Tail fanfictions and characters, but I can't seem to stick with one idea for my Dragon Ball one. So far, all I really have is an "iffy" backstory for my main character, Kyusa. I have lots of editing to do on that one.

Haha, wow. I barely ever go to edit trivias unless there's something that I just so happen to know that isn't already on the wiki. Or I do research...

I went to watch a majority of those "Cell vs" videos after you mentioned them. They were so hilarious, I couldn't even contain my laughter. The heart thing did kinda make me think though. When Cell said "Did just just make one of my hearts stop?" and blah blah blah, I started to wonder how many hearts Cell has. 

She's OP? Well, I remember seeing something like that before. But I had no idea that she trashed the Pilaf machine. Go baby Pan, I guess!

No prob. ^_^ I actually kinda forgot about that. I tend to forget things a lot so I'll just apologize ahead of time. Sorry. And I had no idea, the woman was actually just an OC. That's cool. I can kinda see why Toyataro did that. Sometimes, it's boring to make everything the same. It's nice to ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-change it up! (....I'm so glad I apologized ahead of time...) But, yeah, a mutated form? Please don't tell me it looks bad...

It's fine. Glad you informed me of that though. Them giving Goku's mother the name Hanasia is starting to make me think that Multiverse was made around the time when we had little to no information about Goku's mother. And I don't blame you. Hulk likes to smash and Broly...well he smashes people's faces into buildings. Cool! But, as you know, I pretty feel the same about Broly. I thought the LSS form was good. What do you think it should've looked like? And a Legendary God form? He already got SS4 in DB Heroes and now he gets Legendary God? Well, whatever, I guess. I agree since this is just another form Broly's gonna get. And TFS has always seemed funny. I love their DBZ abridged episodes and movies. I think Cooler's Revenge is one of my favorites.

Yeah, there's a lot of those with Goku. I can't wait to see Vegeta and Caulifla. I bet Vegeta's gonna make one of his signature "Why you..." faces. 

Yeah, she seems adorable. It's kinda reversed gender roles isn't it? And now that I think about it, it doesn't sound like "cuss". My first reason for not liking her name at first was just how it looked. My second reason being how it sounds. Oh yeah, it's spelled like "cus" the shorter version of "because". I have to admit that she does kinda remind me of Harley Quinn with those pigtails. The clown guy looks weird... That's all I have to say about him. Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:07, June 3, 2017 (UTC)

I had several abandoned Ranma 1/2 fics from years ago, with one or two I might pick up later, lol. But my main Dragon Ball one basically has Kid Goku from Dragon Ball getting thrown into the future of Z. Kind of like with Future Trunks but in reverse.

Not much on this wiki, but I've added trivia to lots of pages on other wikis before.

Should have guessed you would xD I have to say that the level of editing for TFS is so impressive these days. The other media characters are put in so perfectly you could never tell they were from elsewhere. While in earlier seasons there was a distinct "fake" air to anything they edited in. Hmm, well Cell is largely insectile and they have an open circulatory system that bathes the organs without capillaries and relies on a pressurised main vessel that function as a "heart". Namekians have a slug like physiology so maybe they have the multiple hearts? I might be getting too boring and technical, sorry.

OP means overpowered, usually as a gaming term but pops up in shows and movies too. Such a cute little handful at her age xD

Oh lol, no worries. You did nothing wrong at all. Well I think she's an OC, Multiverse had that girl from the same universe as Bojack's gang. See for yourself: Strengthened Super Saiyan 2.

I can confirm. Multiverse created Hanasia way before Toriyama wrote Dragon Ball Minus which introduced Gine (and retconnned Bardock: Father of Goku lol).

What I think LSSJ should have looked like? Well I'd say more majestic and divine, like emanating lots of power that seemed mystical and not just from brute strength and brawn. Maybe the hair could pulse with energy rather than just being dyed green. Ah yes, our good friends Dragon Ball Heroes, busy making everyone a SSJ3 since 2010. Yep, I was actually referring to the LSSJ3 and SSJ4 full power he got in DBH. Guess the God forms were inevitable since it makes sense Broly should be the Saiyan to achieve those if low tier Saiyans like Goku could. I'm also curious that if Cell would returns on whether he would get a God-form, considering he has both Saiyan and Frieza DNA. OH YES! The Cooler ones were so funny. Especially "The Return of Cooler's Revenge" with that really funny scene of Vegeta getting hit in the dick

This brings the Android Saga where Piccolo mentioned Vegeta would be pissed on newly repairing his pride on becoming a Super Saiyan only to be beaten by a woman. I wonder if Caulifla or Kale will end up fighting Vegeta. There's also the fact that the Universe 6 Saiyans seemed to acquire the Super Saiyan forms very late, but still managed to be so strong in their base forms.

I guess it kind of is reverse gender. Also worth noting is she's the younger sister to all the other angels, and Universe 10's God of Destruction is noted to be extremely lazy (even more than Beerus). It's almost like they assigned the youngest kid angel to that trash universe because everyone else ran out, so they're like "this is the last one, here ya go". Pronunciation wise it's more like "Kusu". Oh yeah you're right, it is kind of spelled like "cuz", though I never thought it was pronounced that way for some reason. Everyone kept saying the Clown guy and Marcarita are Joker and Harley Quinn, except others have pointed out this is Japanese culture and they are representing something else entirely. --Stryzzar (talk) 14:19, June 3, 2017 (UTC)

Oh yeah, Ranma 1/2... I still haven't gotten around to watching that... A fanfic about it would seem interesting. I had two abandoned books. One was a Fairy Tail fanfiction and the other one was for Tokyo Ghoul. I started them but then I wasn't sure where to take the plot. I left them like that for months until I got some ideas and finally finished them. That concept sounds cool too. Would Kid Goku meet his adult counterpart?


Yeah, I was kinda impressed. I had to stare at them for a couple of seconds. Haha.

No, it's fine. Bestow as much knowledge as you want. I don't know much about that type of stuff anyway. Cell's also kinda part everything so that means he's got some sort of...thing going on.

I know about OP. I've seen people use it before but I forgot the meaning so I looked it up. Yeah, I agree. Pan's so adorable. I love the part when Piccolo was playing with her!

Cool. I see. I don't think I even noticed that...

Well, it's been proven. I wonder what made them give her them name Hanasia though? I tried to think of a possible vegetable that her name came from but all I got was "hash" from hash browns which comes from potatos... Is there even a joke with her name? If it is, I'm blind. I remember looking at Dragon Ball Minus. Well, reading stuff about it on the wiki. At first I was so confused when I saw it. Haha. How do you say Gine though? I usually say it "Ge-nay". I might be saying it wrong...

I get what you mean. It's supposed to be the Legendary Super Saiyan so there should be something about it that makes you say "Wow". It should seem legendary. But technically all we got was a not very smart giant guy with green hair with probably the worst backstory ever. When I first saw DB Heroes, I thought it was super cool. I was disappointed when I heard it was only in Japan. But the crazy thing is, I loved Dragon Ball Heroes, just because they gave Future Trunks SS3. Of course, I like the story and the extra characters such as the Saiyan Hero and Heroine but I just really felt like Future Trunks should have gotten stronger. They gave him that and I just got SUPER happy about it. DBS wasn't out when I first heard about DBH though. Wait, LSS3? I think I remember seeing that. And yeah, I wondered about Cell too. I think he'd have a "Gold form" while having he Super Saiyan like aura. To be honest, I think Cell would look better if he came back with some parts silver. We know he's not gonna just grow hair so I'm not sure what he would look like with a saiyan god form. A godly aura with what? It would be kinda cool if Cell had a tail that looked like both a saiyan's and Frieza's. It wouldn't be able to absorb people but he'd probably just say something like "I have no need to absorb anyone. I have achieved the true perfect form." or something like that. TFS has me dying with laughter. That movie is one of the funniest. I know that had to hurt but it was still funny.

Well, there was once a time when I didn't like Vegeta. Matter of fact, I couldn't stand Vegeta or any other arrogant villain. That's why I kinda like his fight with Android 18. Around this time, I was starting to like him a bit more but I loved that fight for two reasons. 1. I always thought Android 18 was cool so I thought she should be the one to beat him up. 2. He was still kinda arrogant and like I said earlier, I can't stand that. As of now, I would love to see Vegeta fight Caulifla or Kale. It's not because of his arrogance though. That's decreased over the course of the series. I just simply wonder what would happen. I think there will be more funny moments if he fought Caulifla. But how come the Universe 6 saiyans are like that? 

She does look the youngest. I guess it sucks that she got the bad universe."Kusu", huh? I might actually call her that from now on. Cus doesn't suit her. I don't actually see the Joker in the clown God of Destruction. I just see some creepy guy. (I don't have a fear of clowns. I honestly think he looks creepy, especially in the picture on the wiki.) And what do they represent? Yuri Rozu (talk) 17:00, June 3, 2017 (UTC)

It's alright. Ranma's a really old anime so you won't need to catch up on anything, it'll be there if you ever feel like checking it out. The only published one I have right now is a Pokemon one (not the anime more like the games). Yes absolutely he would. I got the idea when thinking Kid Goku was more fun with an interesting personality than adult Goku, so wondered what it would be like if he interacts with the older characters (but without the aging younger thing that GT did). I was also curious what would happen if Kid Goku could turn Super Saiyan. Obviously he was too weak to do so in Dragon Ball, but if he got thrown into the stronger training environments, could he have caught up eventually? Gohan managed to jump to just below Piccolo's powerlevel in a year when he was 4.

Maybe Cell has multiple species hearts? I went and watched all of the Cell Vs. vids yesterday. My favorites is "Cell vs. Ash" and "Cell vs. Kenshiro", especially the latter where's he's like "are you man meat or bug meat?" "can I eat that? I only bug meat." xD I wish they'd make more of those.

Ah ok. It'll be fun seeing her grow up into the little girl at the end of Z. Yeah, Piccolo was Gohan's foster father, so he's basically Pan's foster grandfather. It's nice getting a mix of a sweeter Piccolo and the serious strategist Piccolo from the early Z in the current arc. It's also awesome that he's fighting again. It'd be nice if Piccolo could get his equivalent of a God form so he could catch up to the Saiyans though.

I searched some forums, seems like they broke the Saiyan naming tradition of having a vegetable pun name. I think "Gy-nay" would be closest, but I'm not positive.

It also breaks Toriyama's tradition of having size not equal power, as he loves having small characters being absurdly powerful (Kid Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Goten/Trunks, Frieza, Kid Buu, Zen'o). Honestly, I still love Dragon Ball Heroes, if not for the game itself than for the trailers, which are animated so beautifully with amazing theme music. And yes, I love Future Trunks having SSJ3. If anyone deserves that form, it's him. Plus it suits him more than it does Goku and Gotenks IMO. I really liked Beat and Note, Beat had a lot of interesting scenes such as him watching Goku get brutally beaten by Broly which made him turn SSJ or how he turns SSJ3 after being wrapped up by Super Buu (I think). Maybe Cell could have a combination of Golden Frieza's thing and the Saiyan God auras? Also, if I remember correctly Frieza chose the color gold himself, so maybe Cell could voluntarily go with a different color? His eyes would probably change color if he channeled the SSG or SSB. Maybe he'd call him Godly Cell or Ultimate Cell or something?

The TFS Broly film was really funny too. Princess Trunks! xD Someone here made a joke about liking Princess Trunks over Princess Broly (I think it was Typhlosion)

There was a time I didn't like those types of smug arrogant characters, but by the time I started DBZ I think I had gotten over that. With characters like Vegeta or Cell, their smugness is done in a way that it's funny to watch. In TFS Vegeta had those lines like "what the f**k's a Kami? "basically god." "But I'm still here!" OR "you're either perfect or your not me, there's no grey area." Those has me laughing so hard. Having said that, I don't like people being arrogant just to be a d**k, but if it's done in a ridiculously exaggerated comedic manner then I'll be fine. Knowing how Super goes, Vegeta will be the warm up boss against the U6 Saiyans before Goku comes in and fights afterwards.

So she's young for angel standards, but that would probably be a good 8000 years or something. Rumsshi the elephant God apparently doesn't destroy at all because it's too much work, basically like Champa but worse. Let's just wait for her dub name to out, which might change it up a bit. Oh he isn't Joker himself, based on appearance he's more Pennywise the dancing clown. People just said the fact a Harley Quinn girl works with a clown at all was analogous to Joker and Harley. Well there's a Japanese stock character called Pierrot which is a Japanese clown, that might likely be the inspiration for him. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:03, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, I know. I heard that the same person who also made Ranma 1/2 also made Inuyasha. I'm definitely going to watch it. A Pokemon fanfiction? Wow. I've never read a Pokemon one before... I like stuff like that. A character meeting their older/younger self seems cool. That's probably why I enjoyed the little funny moments with Future Trunks and baby Present Trunks. As for Kid Goku catching up, I think it's possible. If Kid Gohan can do it, why not Kid Goku?

Possibly... His body systems (such as the circulatory system you mentioned before) are either a mixture of all the system that humans, saiyans, namekians, and etc have or there's multiple ones. Man meat or bug meat. Technically, he's both but I don't think anyone wants to eat that. Haha. 

Yeah, Pan's just one of those lovable characters. I wonder if they'll change her look up bit. In DBZ, she was wearing an orange gi... I wonder if Super will leave it like that or switch it up. I look Piccolo partially because of that. He went from being a villain to a hero. That's another thing I like about him. That goes for Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien and LOTS of other characters. For Piccolo, he stands out a bit more because he looked over Gohan while Goku was dead and trained him even though it was harsh. Using strategy is something I like in a character and I'm glad Piccolo does. Once I catch up with Super, I'll be seeing him fight again. I think I've heard something like that... The saiyans end up leaving other cool characters behind because of their power. If Piccolo or maybe even some other characters could find a way to be closer to the strength of Goku or Vegeta, I'd be happy. 

Oh, ok. I thought Gine's name had something to do with an onion though?

Small but powerful characters? I don't blame him. They're so cool... It's like "I may be short but I make up for it with strength!" I love stuff like that. Yeah, I agree. One day, I went crazy for the DBH trailers. I like the fighting, plot, and the characters/character designs. I know, I feel the same way! I'm glad that Future Trunks got a stronger form but SS3 has alsways been one of those "eh..." forms. The long hair's cool but I really don't like the forehead-eyebrow thing going on. Wow... I have to watch that! That sounds awesome! As for Cell, maybe? He's mixed with so I think it would be a combination. As for the color thing, Cell should definitely NOT go with gold. I think Ultimate Cell sounds better.

Haha, yeah. I love the Princess Trunks joke. But, seriously, how in the did they NOT think he was boy? Look at him! The only feminine(ish) thing about him is the hair, which personally, I think is cool. 

Yeah, I get it. TFS makes their arrogance funny. But outside of TFS and other parodies, I can't freaking stand it. Usually, they come off as annoying douches. Yeah...that might be the case. Vegeta's always been 2nd to Goku (except for when he first appeared as a bad guy and that one time when he was momentarily stronger than Goku) so Vegeta will probably go out first. Hopefully he doesn't lose. If he does lose, I just hope it won't be one of those "funny" loses or the ones where they make a small mistake and then the tables turn.

Oh, ok. That's kind of how the Supreme Kai's and other godly deities are. They might be the "youngest" but they could have still work for thousands of years. I don't know much about Champa so I'll look him up when I get the time. Ok. They do sometimes change the names in the dub... (When I first saw Pierrot, I thought you were talking about Studio Pierrot. Haha, silly me.) Yuri Rozu (talk) 07:00, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

That's correct Rumiko Takahashi. As an extra bonus, the VAs for Ranma and Inuyasha are the same for both the Japanese and the English versions. Pokemon fanfics are actually one of the most popular franchises that get fanfics, due to the nature of the franchise focusing on a universe rather than a select few characters, people can cram endless OCs and stories in. Exactly! And I'd love to see the interactions between Goku and his younger self. They teased one in a DBZ advertisement where Trunks took Goku, Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan back in time for a visit, where Goku interacted with his kid self I thought Goku should have been able to turn Super Saiyan when Krillin was killed by King Piccolo, due to how angry he was. But Toriyama hadn't thought of the Super Saiyan (or even Saiyans) at that point in time. I was thinking of having Kid Goku on the Z-fighters to fill in for the times when adult Goku was always AWOL.

I read somewhere that Cell can make one of his DNA sample's more dormant when harnessing that particular power, like amping up Namekian DNA when regenerating, or Saiyan DNA when he needs to power up (or something like that). How does he even hold himself together with so many conflicting biologies inside him? He's man-bug meat!

I'm one of those who didn't hate her in GT, but I do sort of get why people had a problem with her. Though everyone can agree that the young Pan of Z was enjoyable. I can definitely appreciate Multiverse for keeping the orange gi wearing Pan even when she was older. I loved Piccolo both as a villain and as a hero. He was a perfect antithesis to Goku (even more than Vegeta IMO), but ended up becoming one of the most interesting heroes of all. He's smart, serious, a loner, a badass, the coolest abilities, and the only with the guts to stick it up to Vegeta. But Piccolo and Gohan's bond was definitely something quite heartwarming. Oh speaking of which, Piccolo trained Gohan to be a badass again! If there's any non-Saiyan who could catch up to the Gods, it's Piccolo. C'mon Toriyama, you keep giving the fans what they ask for, so give us this!

You're correct, Gine is an anagram of negi which means spring onion.

Oh yeah, I think it was last year I went and marathoned the DBH trailers. I also downloaded the theme songs for the first 4 trailers because they're so catchy. The idea is of the series is that we're the DBH character. The lyrics for the first trailer actually translate to "Dragon Ball Heroes, that's right you'll become a hero!" I loved how Beat and Note would travel to the important points in DB history and help out in battles, much like Xenoverse does. They also crossover everything from every Dragon Ball media, from the anime to the side games. Yeah I can't say I'm a fan of the eyebrows, but IMO Trunks can sort of pull of the eyebrows look without looking too weird, unlike when Goku does it. There were originally rumors that Cell would appear in the current Super Arc, but it ended up being Frieza again. Guess we'll have to wait for Ultimate Cell then. There was a guy on YT who made a battle for Cell vs. Beerus, where Cell went through Red, Blue, and Golden God forms.

Well Vegeta was just trolling, Broly is an idiot, and Paragus was trying to flatter Vegeta so just went with whatever he said. Also TFS Goku thought he was a girl and that was when his hair wasn't even long, remember?

Fair enough. I can't always stand it myself. Smugness needs to be done a certain way for me to enjoy it. Though Vegeta is probably my favorite TFS character due to the comedy from his anger management issues. Oh yes, it's high time Vegeta stops being the jobber to prepare Goku for the real battle. Goku and Vegeta should fight different opponents the whole way through and not have Vegeta lose to someone first.

Oh basically Champa is too lazy to destroy planets, so he makes Vados do it for him. While Rumsshi doesn't destroy planets at all. Lol, it's new to me to. I couldn't remember what the Jap clown was called. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:26, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

Cool. That's another manga creator to remember. I'm gonna compare and contrast some things with Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha. Wow. I don't get how I haven't run across any if they're that popular. Yeah, I saw that a long time ago. I was kinda mad because I was hoping it would be so short. Wow. I have a feeling that if Toriyama never thought of having Super Saiyans then Dragon Ball wouldn't have been as popular. I mean, when you think of Dragon Ball, one of the first things you think of are Super Saiyans.Oh...ok. That makes sense. Kid Goku would be like a substitute. 

Really? Well...I guess that also makes sense. Why keep Saiyan DNA active when you need to regenerate/heal? Why keep Namekian DNA active when you need a zenkai power boost? Dr. Gero made that "bug creature". He must've done something to keep all the systems together... Man-bug meat? Yep, that sounds about right. 

Yeah, I'm the same. I actually love GT Pan. The only thing I hear people say about GT Pan is that she's annoying. I don't understand that though. I've never found her annoying. I've always been able to see the similarities between her and Chi-Chi though. If you ask me, she's a bit more a "chill" version of Chi-Chi. At first, I'd be like "Oh come, Chi-Chi!" whenever she didn't let Gohan fight. But now, I understand that she's just a concerned mother. At least everyone likes little DBZ Pan. Yeah, I liked that. It was like she followed in Goku's footsteps. Haha, well, I'm the type of person that tends not to like villains unless I understand them. I kinda understood Piccolo as a villain and his hatred of Goku in DB but after this I kinda felt like I didn't like him. But as a person who watched DBZ/ DBZ Kai first, I knew he was going to turn good over time. But yeah, those reasons you listed make him one of the best heros. Yeah, it's possible. But how would Toriyama do it? What Namekian transformation/power up would allow him to reach God level?

Cool! I'm surprised I actually remembered that. 

Wow. I think I liked some of the songs. Yeah, me too. They fought all sorts of characters. Oh yeah, they brought in other movie villains and some GT ones too I think. I'm pretty sure they fought Lord Slug and the Shadow Dragons at one point. It's crazy how well it can take some of the DB Xenoverse storylines and put it in DBH. Kinda... It's just too much stuff going on up there. The eyebrows are already gone but then when they make those angry faces it looks even weirder because usually you see eyebrows which help show emotion. But why'd it have to be Frieza...? I would've like seeing Cell again. Do I hear 3?! It's cool to Cell with some new forms though. 

Oh yeah... I forgot about that...both of them...

Haha. Yeah, I agree. TFS Vegeta's funny but I can't get over TFS Bulma's awkwardness over her first encounter with Future Trunks. It's too funny! TFS Tien's kinda funny too! Well...TFS makes a lot of people funny. Yeah, Vegeta deserves it. I kinda want to see Goku and Vegeta win all their matches so they can fight each other.

If Champa's too lazy to even destroy planets, how the heck did he become a God of Destruction? They should just switch it and say "Vados, you're the new God of Destruction." The same goes for Rumsshi. I mean, how much effort does it take to hold up a finger, form a Supernova attack similar to Frieza's, and destroy the freaking planet? Yuri Rozu (talk) 23:24, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

I'm way too late on answering this one, sorry.

She actually had a lot of characters from Ranma 1/2 mirroring Inuyasha. The female leads are very similar, Ranma/Inuyasha's rival are both guys with fangs, there's a love triangle going on I think. She started Inuyasha when Ranma 1/2 ended. Yep, sometimes amazed just how deeply Dragon Ball is embedded within popculture. Even people who don't watch DBZ know what Super Saiyan and Kamehameha is.

He would be a kid on the team much like Gohan is, but never the overpowered champion who sweeps the villain like adult Goku does.

But there would be all sorts of issues with organ rejection. If a bloodtype from the same species don't match up then that can cause trouble, but Cell has 3-4 species blood types.

I think the complaint was GT Pan was bratty and whined a lot. She was only like that to Goku because he was immature. I still thought ChiChi overdid it way too much. But I've accepted she's a tsundere so is meant to be like that. I think that was the idea, Z Pan wanted to be like her grandfather so acted like her grandfather as a kid. That is perfectly fine, there was a time where I despised villains and hated them for all the evil they did. But these days they can be fun sometimes for me. Oh yeah, Piccolo was a stonecold killer back then. I guess in DB he was more a character I "love to hate" rather than outright love. Well DBH had Red-eyed Namekian form as the Namek equivalent of a God-form, or maybe just have Piccolo be imbued with God-ki. Maybe his eyes and antennae would glow blue?

The Shadow Dragons was a whole arc I think. Where the Heroes had to track down all of the Shadow Dragon Balls and the Shadow Dragons causing havoc all over the place. Indeed, DBH is the one thing which connects all Dragon Ball media. Xeno Trunks and Xeno Goten showed up too and could fuse to form Xeno Gotenks. They also had DBH "versions" of the main characters like Xeno Goku who wears this monk like outfit and uses the power pole again.

There are lots of people wondering why it's Frieza again. Possibilities include, Cell is too annoying to animate (with his spots), Frieza is more significant due to Revival of F, or another theory is Cell isn't as popular in Japan as he is in Western culture. Cell's character pretty much asks for more forms, he's the only one at this stage where it would actually make sense to have a new form.

Oh yeah TFS Future Trunks is as awesome as his canon counterpart, but more funnier. He also addresses a lot of plotholes that didn't make sense in the show. TFS Tien is epic just for the Kikoho scene against Cell "F**K POWERLEVELS! F**K SUPER SAIYANS! AND F**K YOU!"

Well to be fair Zen'o did consider replacing him. How he got the job is probably due to raw power alone, as Whis offered the position to Goku and Vegeta if Beerus needs replacing. The idea though is that there needs to be someone to watch over the God of Destruction as a safeguard, in case they get out of control (which they do a lot). Or in Beerus' case just tapping the planet with his finger. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:38, June 5, 2017 (UTC)

It's ok! ^-^ 

Cool...! Yeah. I'm pretty sure lots of shows have made references too. For example, there's this cartoon called The Amazing World of Gumball and it showed Gumball going Super Saiyan. It even changed the art style momentarily. The Amazing World of Gumball apparently also referenced Kill la Kill but when I first saw that part I thought it was another Dragon Ball reference, especially with the part where the good guy befriended the bad guy again.

Ok, I understand. That would pretty cool though. It's like another kid gets added to the team and Gohan's thinking "You look like my dad..."

Yeah, you're right about that... I mean, technology is Dragon Ball is kinda advanced. There must be something that Dr Gero used to combine different DNA together.

Yeah, that was it. And now that I think about it, Chi-Chi is tsundere... Yeah, I loved how DBZ Pan beat up that guy during the tournament. She was such an adorable little tomboy. That's exactly why I didn't like Frieza. He reminded me of Hitler. The Red Eye Namekian Form seems kinda cool. I think Piccolo having God ki would be better though. 

Cool! I kinda liked the Shadow Dragon saga in GT. I have to agree with you on that. I loved the fusions! Well...some of them. Gotenks almost always looks cool. I found out about a new fusion called Vegeks. It's a weird name but I love the appearance of the character. Most of the time, I see Vegeta in him but sometimes I see Trunks and even Gohan. The Gohan parts may seem kinda weird though. 

I see... Yeah, I agree. I guess we're just stuck with Frieza again... Boo.

Yeah. I think most people don't like plotholes so that's good. In the normal DBZ Tien was already awesome for holding back Semi Perfect Cell. It's freaking amazing that he was able to do that. I think I remember the TFS version of it too. I'll have to go back and watch that video. 

Who wouldn't consider replacing him. Laziness isn't the best of traits of a God of Destruction to have.  get the raw power thing but shouldn't they have looked into their background and personality a bit? It shouldn't just be "You're super powerful so I'll offer you the job as God of Destruction". The idea of that does makes sense though. If they didn't have the angels watching over them, they probably would have done something bad... Oh yeah, I forgot all about that. I was so shocked when I first saw him do that. Yuri Rozu (talk) 23:45, June 5, 2017 (UTC)

Ah yeah, I remember the DBZ references from Gumball, they were pretty remember. One of them Gumball's tail just stretched out I think.

I like adult Goku, but Kid Goku's personality was a lot more fun, which is why I want to have him interact with the Z characters.

I guess it's possible he spliced up the individual DNA and put all the powerful bits together. I wonder what species he used as a base though...

Being the tsudnere used to Bulma's job back in Dragon Ball before she became fulltime tech support. Every Saiyan kid starting from Goku has had their chance to do that, so ofc Pan should get her turn at some point. Except for Bra, though maybe Super will give her some sort of fighting ability. Kill two birds at once, the Red Eyed Namekian is the result of God-ki manifesting.

I liked the idea behind the Shadow Dragon Saga, but I wasn't too fond of the execution. I didn't like most of the Shadow Dragon designs, and most of them were just "villains of the week" that got taken down in one episode. Nuova was the one who broke the trend. Oh yeah Vegeks, there's another version of him from Dragon Ball Fusions, which went crazy with the fusions. I actually love the dynamic between Gohan and Trunks. Future Gohan was both a mentor and big brother to the younger Future Trunks, while in the present their roles got reversed with Trunks being the older one and Gohan's younger.

I'm really hoping that this time they do something different with Frieza and he's not going to just be one-track mindly trying to plotting revenge on Goku.

I caught up with DBZ Abridged today. Tien is such a troll towards Vegeta and Cell. xD

Ah well, you see. Among the God society, power seems to be everything. It's why the villain of the Future Trunks Saga was possible to begin with. They should really change how they do things. Beerus has another one which I won't spoil for you a few episodes later. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:17, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

Oh wow. Ok. I might remember that one. 

Yeah, I agree. He's also somewhat naive and certain things are unknown to him though. There's lots of scenes in Dragon Ball where Kid Goku has done something most people wouldn't do such as pulling his pants down in public and that thing he did to Bulma when she was asleep. (Not thinking of the Yamcha thing) Of course he didn't know that what he was doing was wrong but still...

Yeah. I have no idea went it comes to that. That might have a bit to do with Cell's larva form.

Kinda. I like how Bulma's all super smart. If it wasn't for her, they probably wouldn't have the dragon radar along with other technology. Yeah, I didn't really like how Bra didn't fight. I mean, I just thought she would be cooler that way. She's super girly(There's nothing wrong with that. I was just saying.) and barely had any importance in show. Hopefully DBS will make her character better. God ki? Cool, they should go ahead and give it to Piccolo!

The only ones I liked when it came to design were Oceanus Shenron, Nuova, and (kinda) Syn/Omega Shenron. Other than that, I agree with you. In each 30 minute(there's ads in between so its most likely shorter) episode, there's one villain and they get defeated. Then they move onto the next one. There were two Shadow Dragons that I REALLY didn't like. I forgot it's name but it didn't have any of it's strength. It just took the form and strength from something or someone else. I was kinda mad when he started using Pan as it's energy source. Then there's Eis Shenron... I didn't like him because he's a coward and a dirty fighter. At times, I have to remind myself that no fight is actually "fair". I still didn't like him though. As for Nuova, of course I didn't like him at first but once he showed that he had some sort of morals, I started to like him more and I was sad when was Dragon Ball was asborbed by Syn to make Omega Shenron. Haha, yeah, hence the name DB Fusions. I loved the relationship Future Gohan and Trunks had. It was sad seeing him die and the impact his death had on Trunks. It was pretty cool when Future Trunks went to the present (technically the past for him) and got to see a 10 or 11 year old Gohan. ...You remember TFS had Future Trunks stare at one of Gohan's arms? For me, it was one of those "Oh my gosh, really? You just had to bring it up, didn't you?" moments.

That's just who Frieza is. He's wanted revenge ever since Goku defeated him on Planet Namek. And Goku's the only person he can get revenge on since he never got a chance to see Future Trunks again. (To be honest, I find it funny when Frieza mentions Trunks. I'd always think "Well, you're not gonna find him here. He's in another timeline so good luck with that, Frieza!"

I don't even think I went to watch the two new episodes... I'll watch it later. I agree though. Tien's so funny. "Maximum Over Saiyan"

Yeah. Power isn't everything...despite the fact that they seem to think so. He has another one?! Oh goodness...ok. Yuri Rozu (talk) 21:30, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

Kid Goku is the reason why I got into Dragon Ball in the first place. His charm kept him as my favorite character for a long time, even though adult Goku didn't deliver it quite the same way. Oh yes, Dragon Ball was very perverted. Geez Toriyama.

Yeah probably. I have nothing else to add, lol

Bulma's fine just being the resident genius. Quite a milestone how she's the only non-Saiyan aside from Piccolo to remain relevant all this time. I get she doesn't want to fight, but she can fight and there should have been some instance where she was forced to. Instead of having Vegeta get rid of the guys trying to hit on her, she could have handled them herself. If Saiyans managed to gain it through some freak accident ritual, Namekians which are far more adjusted to mystics should be able to get it too. IMO anyway.

Those three for me as well. But with Oceanus only her Princess Oto form. I don't like her true form either. The mole one right? Naturon Shenron. I hate him too. Eis Shenron I'm okay with because he's strong enough to face SSJ4 and his ice powers are alright, but he's still generic and underwhelming. While Nuova was the best of the Shadow Dragons, and I can appreciate the Four Star Ball call back, still wouldn't miss him if the Shadow Dragon Saga never happened tbh.

Absolutely, History of Trunks was a work of art. Saddest that Dragon Ball has ever made me feel. I think Trunks feels like it's his turn to be the big brother to the younger Gohan. In a recent TFS episode there was a cute scene between them where Trunks was pissed off and responded sarcastically, with Gohan not noticing the sarcasm, and Trunks was like "I can't be mad at you." Staring at this arms? Umm, you'll have to be more specific, I'm not sure I remember that one.

True. But if you're going to bring Frieza back for the fourth(?) time, it would be appreciated for him to not do the exact same bloody thing again. From the previews that I saw, Goku actually bargains with Frieza for once. Though he may or may not have betrayed them, I haven't seen the episode yet. I found it funny that in RoF he saw Goten and Trunks, noticing that they were identical smaller versions of the two other Super Saiyans and got angry that the Saiyans were repopulating. Frieza thought Present Trunks was Future Trunks's son! xD

TFS did excellent at making Tien relevant after canon Z shoved him aside in Android/Cell Saga. The amount of "Kikoho" puns he's made. xD

That one comes with being a God of Destruction. It immediately became memetic after it first showed up. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:59, June 7, 2017 (UTC)

I know. He's so funny. But I actually didn't watch the series in order... I watched DBZ Kai first, went to DBZ where DBZ Kai left off, then watched Dragon Ball, went to GT, and now...I'm finishing up DBZ Kai and trying to catch up with Super. Because of this I've always liked Adult Goku just as much as I did Kid Goku. I like them both very much though. DB was perverted...but I have to admit that some of it was funny. Not ALL of it...just some...

Haha ok.

Yeah, that is true. She's so useful. I understand that. Gohan didn't want to fight either unless it was necessary but there were several times when he fought anyway. I agree that Bra should've been like that. Vegeta's her freaking father. She should have some sort of strength to rid of some guys. Yeah. I mean, they had Unlock Potential so why not something even better that can get Piccolo to God level?

Her Princess Oto form looks pretty to me so I like it. I also like how she has water/wind related powers. Her true form isn't so appealing to the eye. Yeah, that's his name. I keep forgetting it. The ice powers were ok to me too. I'm kinda glad he wasn't a weak villain. I'm glad DBGT got the amount of episodes it did. When I watched the original DB and technically finished DBZ, I didn't have anything left to watch. When I found GT, I was happy again because I had more DB to watch.

I agree. The History of Trunks was the first thing Dragon Ball related that ever made me emotional like that. And I can see why. Future Gohan was like a big brother figure to Future Trunks so he probably felt that he should be that way with Present Gohan since he's older than him and the fact that Gohan's future counterpart was so good to him. And yeah, I think that was the part.

Yeah, you have a point. That can get boring. Huh, bargain? Why? Yeah, I love that part. But then again, who wouldn't? Present Trunks looks exactly like Future Trunks. Most people wouldn't automatically jump to the conclusion that the person who killed you was from the future and that the younger one was just his present counterpart. 


Boo... They need to make a qualification rule book. Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:08, June 7, 2017 (UTC)

Lol, Dragon Ball is probably one of the few things I have watched/read in the right order. Although I haven't seen the entirety of GT. I was excited by more Dragon Ball at first, but the Black Star Saga was very lackluster. I ended up skipping it and went straight to the Baby Saga. Well a key difference with Kid and Adult Goku. As a kid he's naive but quite bright, uneducated in a lot of things but quick to learn. As an adult he (mostly) has common knowledge, but he's very dull when it comes to everything except beating up the badguys. Ofc TFS amped it up so adult Goku is just as naive and dumb as he was as a kid. But tbh, it's not that far off from Super's portrayal, with the revelation that apparently Goku has never kissed Chi-Chi before. Plus, Goku just wasn't around enough in Z, always being incapacitated for some reason before showing up late to take on the final boss of each Saga.

At first I liked what Multiverse did with U16 Bra, by making her combat capable, but then they went overboard and made her a Mary Sue. There should be a balance. I'd expect her to at least have Goten's level of combat ability. Either Namekian God Ritual! Or whatever it is that Whis used to give Vegeta God-ki.

When I first heard of the Shadow Dragon Saga I thought they'd all look like evil versions of Shenron, but all of them looked so drastically different. Some of them didn't even look like dragons. But yea Oceanus is pretty. Well another issue I had with GT was it was way too short. So little happened and everything ended so quickly.

I've always loved post-apocalypse stories, so having one of my favorite franchises do one was even better. A brotherhood that transcends time, so incredibly touching. Shame that didn't translate with Gohan and present Trunks, where instead Goten and Trunks had a thing. The bit I was talking about was from the newest episode I think.

I would have picture Goku saying something like "For once can you do something that isn't solely thinking about yourself?" Like force Frieza to have a tiny amount of conscience since his life is on the line too. But honestly Goku choosing Frieza was really dumb. He could have chosen anyone from King Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, one of the Ginyu Force, or even Dabura. If freaking Master Roshi was allowed to fight, it didn't matter if the contender was weak, so long as they were skilled. I get that, but I still find it funny that was Frieza's first assumption.

"Kiko-what now?" - get the reference?

Zen'o can get round to that, after he gets tired of playing rock scissors paper. :P --Stryzzar (talk) 01:25, June 8, 2017 (UTC)

I'm somewhat the opposite. Dragon Ball is one of the shows I haven't see in order. Most anime and tv shows I watch in exact order. The only other show I haven't watched in order is Yu-Gi-Oh (GX, 5D's, Zexal, Arc V). Haha, well, I've seen every DBGT episode at least twice... I will admit that the first saga was a bit boring though. Yeah. That can make Adult Goku funny sometimes...but he's an adult. You shouldn't be that naive and uneducated. From the time he was a kid to when he turned into an adult, he should've been able to learn SOMETHING. I mean, I've never really thought Goku was the "dull" type. I've always seen as a protective, caring, and funny guy. Now, THAT I'm pretty sure I've heard somewhere before. That's crazy. Chi-Chi's Goku's wife. He can't even give her a kiss on the cheek or something? I remember Goku hugging and throwing Chi-Chi into the air. (Not TFS...They exaggerated the amount of strength Goku put into it. I admit it was funny though...) I guess as a kid who grew up in the mountains and barely had any knowledge of societal norms, he never really did any of that stuff. (It makes me curious as to how Goku found out about intercourse...) That's the cost of being Earth's hero, I guess. There's always a new villain and another problem to be solved.

I agree. I wanna know how they made her Mary Sue though... But that's exactly why I usually base my characters around some sort of flaw or problem and expand on that idea until I get the personality that suits the character. I prefer not to make Mary or Gary Sues. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of making one a few years ago. Yeah, God Piccolo!!

I didn't really know what to expect with the Shadow Dragons. Some of them do look different compared to a dragon but differetn was better. For some of them... I never liked how DBGT was short. It was about 64 episodes, right? The movie was kinda good but then it brought up the question "How can Goku Jr turn Super Saiyan but not Pan?" Of course we know the answer to this now but I was totally confused and went searching for answers. 

Post apocalyptic fiction can be cool. I never really associated the term with The History of Trunks for some reason... The bonds that people form...they're amazing. When they're put into anime, I absolutely fall in love with it. Haha. They probably did the Goten and Trunks thing because they're around the same age though. I actually found it adorable when pretended to be Mighty Mask.

...Again, why...? Yeah, Goku could've chosen anybody but no he had to choose one of the  villains that hates him the most. Yeah, Frieza could have easily assumed something else.

I think so. It's similar to the "Kaio-what?" thing, right?

Wait, he does that? Yuri Rozu (talk) 02:43, June 8, 2017 (UTC)

xD While I generally watch the anime in the right order, I often don't the manga in the right order due to certain volumes not being available at points in time. I don't think I watched Yu-Gi-Oh in order either, and that's only the original series. Black Star Saga lacked a clear villain for most of the time, and seemed like just an excuse to throw in random characters from around the galaxy. At least GT Trunks acted like Future Trunks so that's something. The first episode had that scene of Vegeta dragging adult Trunks and Goten, which was very funny, but after that I just couldn't get engaged.

The English dub does seem to make Goku look a lot smarter, but it's quite evident in the Jap version of the manga. He forgot the date that Future Trunks told him (luckily Piccolo was listening) and thought Videl was a boy the first time they met. Chi-Chi has kissed Goku on the cheek, but Goku has never locked lips with his wife (or anyone for that matter). When Future Trunks kissed Future Mai, Goku's like "they're doing that thing with the lips" and Vegeta's like "you've never done it before?" Oh gawd, how does Goku even have sex if he's never kissed someone before... TFS made a huge joke about how Goten got conceived.

She got considered a Mary Sue because, she got given unbelievable power from birth with an enormous advantage over everyone else, she's constantly arrogant and rude but never gets any consequence or discipline for it, and she's always painted as the hero despite her shortcomings. There's also her battle with King Cold where the whole fight seemed really biased in Bra's favor due to her keeping senzu beans in her gloves, and using a really weird "out of nowhere" technique where she creates speed illusions of herself that are solid and turn into incapacitating goop that restrain Cold. For this reason she's often thought of as a writer's pet.

Now that I think about it, I guess it's alright if they don't all look like Shenron since heaps of wish granting dragons look different. I will admit to being fine with Syn/Omega's design. I didn't really like Goku Jr., Vegeta Jr. or the whole ending scene at all. I wish they just ended it at Goku flying off with Shenron. Goku said "until next time" to everyone at the end, little did he know it would be 18 years later with DBS.

It's more a techno-apocalypse caused by rampant robots/machines. Think Terminator, Matrix, or I, Robot. Fire-forged friendships are the strongest of all. I laughed so hard with Trunks and Goten dressing up as Mighty Mask. Goten was like "but I can't see" xD

It's almost like Frieza was the only one Goku remembered, simply because Beerus brought up his name at the time.

Correct! Tien keeps making Kikoho puns just to piss off Cell.

One of the things he does. He mostly tries to find something to play and not be bored. I'm not sure why he's even the ruler. Grand Priest pretty much does everything. --Stryzzar (talk) 06:43, June 8, 2017

I'm watching DB in order now... I'm behind but I'm still watching it in order on Toonami. Wait, you read the manga? All of the manga I read is in order... Do you buy the manga and then read it or do you read it online? I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh (along with DBZ) on CW 4 Kids on either Saturday or Sunday. I thought I finished Yu-Gi-Oh...but then I realized that I just finished a certain part of it. I'll try to finish it some other time... (Also, I love Yu-Gi-Oh GX but I've only watched seasons 1-3 in english. Should I watch season 4? I feel like if I do, it'll ruin the show for me.) As for the Black Star Saga, it was pretty much just looking for the Black Star Dragon Balls again. I get what you're saying but the those Dragon Balls are ALL OVER the universe. They're going to bump into someone along the way. I don't think they actually had a more major villain until...Lord Luud, I think. Yeah, I liked how GT made Present Trunks throw away the cockiness and act more mature like Future Trunks. Because of this, I actually felt closer to the character. Yeah, that was funny but I understand you. The first saga of the show was boring. I understand why you'd skip it to get into the more interesting stuff.

The first thing I didn't know he did but I DID hear the he thought Videl was a boy. I had to sit there for a moment and think about that. I was like "Really, Goku? She doesn't look like boy even with the short hair!!" This is just so crazy. When will Goku kiss his wife?! At first, I just thought Goku was one of those people that's aware of intercourse but doesn't bring up the topic. I mean, at the end of DB, Goku said that he knew better now. Did they just inform him that his behavior as a child was wrong or did they go further to even explain the other stuff? Yeah...uh, when I was on youtube yesterday watching some funny moments, I stumbled across that... Chi-Chi was pretty forceful. Some commenters even said that she raped him. I think that's accurate... 

Yeah... She's a Mary Sue. Lots of DB characters have used speed illusions of themselves. How the heck does she make them solid and make them turn into freaking goop?! At the least the sensu bean thing seems somewhat reasonable. I mean, we all know the effects of sensu beans after someone's been injured. But the goop? That's too much. What other techniques are they gonna make her have?

Yep. And if they all looked like Shenron then it would be kinda boring. I liked how they had Goku Jr vs Vegeta Jr. I thought it was adorable because they're like smaller versions of Goku and Vegeta. Wow. 18 years later... For me, it was more like 1 or 2 years. I didn't have to wait very long for Super. You should've seen me. I was going crazy while waiting for DBS. 

i kinda like those zombie apocalypse books /shows and the "last person on Earth" thing. You should check out "The Last She". I heard it's good. Yeah! Haha, trust me, it's those bonds that have me all emotional over nothing. They're some funny little kids. Goten can get bribed with toys and Present Trunks pretends to know everything and apparently has a "girlfriend".

Oh for goodness sake... Let's just hope choosing Frieza doesn't backfire on him.

Cool! I love when the heros annoy the villains. It can be so hilarious at times.

I get that boredom sucks but geez... And who's the Grand Priest? Yuri Rozu (talk) 21:56, June 8, 2017 (UTC)

I mostly read the manga for DBZ rather than the anime. Well when I was in highschool we had a large library with countless volumes of mangas and comics, that's where I read up on the series. Also delved into Ranma, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Naruto among others. I'm not really the right person to ask for that, I haven't watched past the original Yu-Gi-Oh, lol. The protagonists and plots after Yugi don't really engage me tbh.

Well I know the original Dragon Ball centered around the "find the Dragon Balls" as the first two main storylines, but it really helped that the cast was quite entertaining with the Dragon Team parodying the Journey to West crew. In GT they left most of the cast behind, so it was just three of them. Most of the characters they met around the universe were also really one-note. Like the Para Brothers, seriously? TFS had Bardock wanting to die after getting a vision of them. Yeah the Baby stuff was where they finally set up some plot, even going back to the Saiyan routes.

I think it was part of the running gag with short hair Videl, since Goten didn't recognize her after her hair was cut short. But that was really dumb of Goku. Yeah me too, I didn't think Goku was that stupid until I watched Super. He seems to have gotten dumber in Super tbh (maybe all the blows to the head). I'm sure Kami or someone else (not Master Roshi) would have given him some basic lesson in manners, as he was a lot more mature at the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament. KaiserNeko actually had to step in and clarify Chi-Chi didn't actually rape him and Goku knew and agreed to the sex.

Salagir just pulled out of nowhere, with no explanation whatsoever. They will often show characters learning techniques if they're really out-there and different, but not this one...

Well I didn't really like the flashforward scene in general, where all the Z-fighters are dead and Pan is an old lady. For me I guess it was 6-8 years, as Battle of Gods aired in 2013. I think we all were. Dragon Ball Evolution reared its ugly head in 2009, which lead for Toriyama to bring back the real Dragon Ball series.

It seems to have, but now they'll have to fix the mess and have something force Frieza to behave.

Then there's Yamcha who's so cowardly and pathetic like Krillin used to be...

Great Priest. He's Zen'o's angel. Basically the Whis to Zen'o's Beerus if you like. He serves as Zen'o's attendant, pretty much looks after him, and is also the father of all the other angels. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:48, June 9, 2017 (UTC)

Whoa... You were lucky! I'd love to have a library like that! I only have two volumes from this one manga called No. 6 at home and I've read the others online. I had a friend in 8th grade who had a volume(or something) from the DBZ manga. It looked so cool! But yeah, I pretty much just watched DB. And oh, ok. I think I'll just leave Yu-Gi-Oh GX alone for now.

Yeah, the original DB made it pretty fun to watch. But you gotta admit that Trunks dressing up as a girl in GT was funny. I thought the Para Brothers were ok. The dance they did funny. For me, it was kinda one of those things where it's so bad it's funny. I mean, Bardock had to watch his son do that ridiculous dance. I'm pretty sure Pan, Present Trunks, and Goku were embarassed about it at least a little. I know I would be, especially if I was around other people at the time. (My dancing skills are already deporable as is.) I really liked the Baby Saga. I mean, I always thought his name was weird but I pretty much liked the saga as whole. They had me fooled when Present Trunks fought off Baby. I thought he was going to be on Goku and Pan's side during the fight but Baby took control of him. To be honest, I loved the scene where he went Super Saiyan and forced Baby out of his body.

I guess. I just wish Goku wasn't dumb... Maybe while taking a break during his training, he could read a book or something. I mean, when have you ever seen with a book? That's not really Goku's thing but he should do something about that. Yeah, Kami teaching him would make sense. If Master Roshi was with him...we might have a totally different Goku. Ok, well that's better. It just seemed weird...

Eh... That kinda sucks. 

I didn't like that either because it actually kinda made me sad. I just liked seeing Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr. Other than that, I thought the movie was ok. A majority of it was decent and there were some parts where I felt bad for Goku Jr. Yeah, the movie just made me miss DB even more. I liked the Great Ape scene in DB Evolution... They could've chosen any other villain to do the movie on though... The design for King Piccolo wasn't too great either. Some of the info wasn't right either. The way they made the ki balls/energy waves look was kinda interesting. I think they could've done better with the cast too. 


Yamcha was better in DB to be honest. He had more of an importance. I've always liked Krillin though. I remember when Goku and Krillin used to be around the same strength... Now they're leagues apart. 

Oh, ok. Wow. I never really thought of it like that. Not once did I ever think "I wonder who Whis' dad is?"  Yuri Rozu (talk) 19:30, June 9, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, there was a lot to read. Didn't get through most of it, lol. I only saw GX's first episode where there was a grownup Yugi with the top half of his face obscured for some reason.

I guess Trunks the Bride was sort of funny. So that's where TFS got the idea of Princess Trunks from! Well the dance scenes in DB tend to get divisive opinions, like Vegeta's bingo dance in BoG which was either funny or cringey. The naming made character searching confusing. If you google "Baby Goku" it either comes up with Goku as an infant or Goku possessed by Baby. Yeah, Baby was probably the only GT villain who engaging for me, and when GT was actually being creative. I just enjoyed seeing Baby take over the Saiyans on Earth, with Gohan fighting off Baby Goten, while Vegeta fights off Baby Gohan and Goten.

Only time I saw him read was back in Dragon Ball when Master Roshi was giving him some basic language lessons. Before that Goku didn't know how to count properly. He still doesn't seem to know how to count in Super considering how he miscounted 100 trillion. I do get what you mean though, it would be nice if Goku was less of an idiot, but I've accepted that's probably never going to happen.

I didn't really see the point of Goku and Vegeta Jr. at all, other than to just break Toriyama's own "Pan can't turn Super Saiyan because her DNAs not pure enough" rule. Haven't seen Evolution, and don't really ever intend to.

I actually quite liked Yamcha in DB, when he was relevant and a badass. Fist of the Wolf Fang Gale! In a Xenoverse cutscene, Trunks actually asked Yamcha "is it true you dated my mom back when you were cool?" Ouch. There was a time when Goku and anyone was equal in strength, now everyone who isn't Vegeta is leagues apart from him.

I don't blame you, we couldn't be sure they were the same species let alone the same family until quite recently. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:33, June 10, 2017 (UTC)

That's totally understandable. I call myself a lover of books but I still have like 11 books left to read! Oh yeah... I guess that beginning part with Yugi was supposed to be all mysterious and stuff but any Yu-Gi-Oh fan (and some non Yu-Gi-Oh fans)  would've been able to recognize him. I mean, come on, it's Yugi! 

For some odd reason, I didn't make a connection between the all. Vegeta's bingo dance was funny but so freaking hard to look at. It's like "It's so funny I wanna watch it but I can't bare looking at this!" I actully have a compilation of some of the funniest moments in ALL of DB. I included Vegeta's bingo dance of course. Yeah. Another example would be searching "Kid Goku". You'd see pictures of Goku back in the original DB or GT Kid Goku. Baby was a cool villain. I like how GT took the history with the Saiyans and the Tuffles and made a pretty good vengence backstory for him. The fight scenes were cool too. I loved the brother vs brother battle! And then basically they had the two sons of his rival (or former rival) in power challenge him to a fight!

Wow. I don't even remember that. But still, as a grown man, how does he NOT know how to count? It's one of the very BASIC math skills ever. But what do you mean by "miscounted" though? Did he lose count of what number he was at? Or did he mistake 100 million for 100 trillion? Or did he freaking jump from one number and then go to 100 trillion? Yeah, I mean, this is Goku. He's been the same (with certain things) since the original Dragon Ball. They're probably not going to change him now.

Yeah. I think Yamcha said "Sorry, I don't speak pain." and then Tien followed with an equally cool comeback "For someone who doesn't speak pain, you sound very fluent." That was one of my favorite DB moments involving Yamcha. Yeah, he did get "owned" at the end but I still thought it was cool. Haha, Yamcha's gonna need a senzu for that one. In DB, Goku and Krillin (or even Yamcha) could fight it out and not get totally owned in the worst and most pathetic way possible. Now, if Goku were to throw...ONE PUNCH (get it?) at them, the fight would be over.

Well, I guess it's still kinda new then. Yuri Rozu (talk) 03:25, June 10, 2017 (UTC) 

Regrettably, I don't read as much literature as I was in highschool, though I do try and borrow some novels from my local library every now and then. I made a joke that the reason for that was they couldn't decide what adult Yugi's eyes looked like, if they would still be massive saucer sized or if they'd be narrow like Yami Yugi's eyes.

Well Vegeta sure has come a long way from being too prideful to do the fusion dance with Goku since Saiyans are fighters and not dancers. Baby and going back to Saiyan origins was one of the few things I could appreciate about GT, sadly creative for the majority of the series fell flat with rehashes and do-overs. A mind control parasitic Tuffle was indeed something we never had before. Goku seemed to think that after one trillion it went straight to two trillion.

Ah, I have not actually seen the dub for DB at all. Only the manga for that. The dub puts in a lot of those witty oneliners. Although unlike all of others Goku's opponents, Yamcha was never above Goku and at best was equal to Goku back when he was really weak. That was about the only time his Wolf Fang Fist did something, as Master Roshi and Tien both repelled it with no visible effect. Saitama reference I think?

Sort of. Revealed at end of Future Trunks Saga. --Stryzzar (talk) 15:26, June 10, 2017

Yeah, reading's good for the mind. I think I used to read more when I was in middle school. I actually loved going to the library. In my 9th grade year, I didn't go to the library ONCE (for checking out books). I mean, I have my own books at home, but I usually go to the library to check out what they have. Well...sometimes if the character's older, the eyes get smaller and narrower. And sometimes the younger they are, the bigger their eyes are. (I think the biggest anime eyes I've seen the most are eyes like these: )

You're right. If he was still like that, he wouldn't have done the bingo dance in the first place. I don't think he would've used the Potara earrings either despite arguing against it so much. Early DBZ Vegeta would've said something like "I don't need this stupid accessory to defeat him! I'll do it the way a Saiyan should!" The Baby Saga was one of my favorite sagas. Hmm...let me see... There was Super 17...That was kinda similar to the Cell Saga with the whole "androids merging together to create something stronger" thing. And didn't old villains come back when the portal to HFIL opened? If so, then that's kinda like Fusion Reborn minus Janemba and plus General Rildo. So, yeah, I get where you're coming from. 

Oh wow. Goku's ridiculous.

Well, that's interesting. As for the oneliners, I absolutely love them. It would kinda suck if they weren't included. Yeah, he was. When they first fought, I remember Yamcha getting tooth knocked out and then complaining about it. So yeah, in DB they were kinda equal for a majority of the time. Wolf Fang Fist was an ok attack. But man, when someone brings that up, all I can think about is the DB characters when they were younger. And yep. That was a Saitama reference. I'm waiting for season 2 of One Punch Man (The long wait for another season of one of my favorite anime bugs me a bit.)

Oh...ok.  Yeah, still kinda recent. Yuri Rozu (talk) 00:26, June 11, 2017 (UTC)

A few novel series here and there I should try get back into. Still haven't read the final book of Artemis Fowl which was years ago :| Well the joke was because Yugi's eyes are ridiculously big and one of main the things to distinguish him with Yami, so it'd be interesting if they kept those when he was an adult. His grandpa had similarly large eyes (though not quite as big). That's true, bigger eyes increase the cuteness factor so generally are associated with younger characters, just look at Baby Dory from Finding Dory. Yeah, the second girls eyes are particularly big.

Saiyan's and their pride, their biggest asset and their biggest weakness. Vegeta has unbelievable pride though, so immense it could override Babidi's Majin control. More the prospect of fusing with him, but yes Vegeta would definitely refuse. He very nearly refused even in the fight against Buu, and only Goku reminding him of Bulma and Trunks managed to sway him. He's not that different in RoF where they refuse to fight Frieza together and keep taking turns. It comes up again in the fight with Fusion Zamasu on whether they should fuse to become Vegito. Indeed, Super 17 was a completely Android Saga and Fusion Reborn rolled together. The villains escape hell is literally the same thing from the movie. Lol, HFIL. That dub name for hell xD.

It is quite impressive just how many memorable lines spawned from the English dub. We never would have got "OVER 9000!" or "I do a lot of pushups, situps, and drink plenty of juice" from the Jap version. It was back when Yamcha could do some damage and was considered a threat though. He might have been able to beat a hungry Goku at that point if Bulma wasn't there. Wolf Fang Fist is underrated IMO, one of the few signature techniques that relies on physical moves rather than ki generation. I've started watching One Punch Man, it is pretty funny. Though most of the supporting heroes are mostly one-note and forgettable. --Stryzzar (talk) 15:31, June 11, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, I've heard of the Artemis Fowl series. I forgot all about those books. It seems somewhat interesting with the whole criminal mastermind thing. I need to finish book 2 and read book 3 in the Slated series. It's only 3 parts which makes me glad and I already have them all at home. (I prefer not to read books that are in a HUGE series. Some books I'll make an exception for though.) Oh yeah, you're right. But when I watched Yu-Gi-Oh when I was younger, I could tell them apart because of the change in personality. Ok, Baby Dory looks adorable. (Haha. I see a potential pun...) I just found some random anime girl from off the internet. I recognize the eye type from somewhere but I don't remember which anime.

You couldn't be more right. Vegeta's always had his pride, no matter how much or how little of it he shows. He's changed in some ways...but he's also kinda stayed the same when it comes to other things. Yeah. I just referred to hell as HFIL. It sounds kinda weird but I like it a little.

I love "IT'S OVER 9000!" It was a dub mistake but it's still one of the most memorable DB related lines. Some may call it a "dead meme" but I still love it. And wow, I don't remember that line... I think I watched the english version of DB on youtube... When Goku's hungry, he acts like he can't fight. It's funny but I think you're right. It is underrated. I don't have much of an opinion on it. They way it's delivered and the wolf aura looks cool. Gotenks even used it in "Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!" I love One Punch Man! I really like Genos but he's just not as strong Saitama. Genos tries so hard and then Saitama steps in and beats the villain in one punch most of the time. I kinda see what you mean. I do end up forgetting some of the characters... Like, that one guy...yeah, I don't even remember his name. I just call him "The guy with the bat". Yuri Rozu (talk) 19:21, June 11, 2017 (UTC)

It's supposed to be getting a movie adaptation, but seems to be on eternal hiatus. Oh I haven't read Slated before, I should go and find that one, seems like the kind of thing I would like. Lol, I didn't mean I can't tell them apart, that was quite easy. I just mean it's sort of Yugi's signature feature to distinguish from Yami. They're obviously different in several ways like voice, height, Yami having more of the golden bangs sticking up, and like you said personality. Already been made aDORYable xD Fair enough, I'm sure there's lots of anime girls with eyes of comparable size anyway.

The pride thing came up with Copy-Vegeta too when he defied his Commeson boss due to wanting to fight Goku fairly. On another site Vegeta is called the "God of Pride" or the "Prince of Pride" due to just how much of it he has. But he definitely has matured so that he is willing to put aside his pride for the safety of others. "We're on the highway to HFIL!"

It's one of the top 10 memes of all time going by a meme list I saw once, up there with the Dancing Banana and FIRIN MA LAZOR. It was Brian Drummond's (Ocean Dub) Vegeta, so you might not have seen it. Goku's hunger also woke him up from a hypnotic trance from Master Roshi. It's also notable in that it was a special attack which was around before ki attacks got introduced, as in it predates the Kamehameha. Yeah I'm glad Gotenks did that call back to the forgotten technique.

Yes, Genos and Saitama are both pretty fun. I also like the telepathic woman (can't remember her name). But the lesser C/D-Class heroes have really lame gimmicks. There was one guy who was a bicycle superhero I think. Wow. But I'm fine with the show just revolving around Saitama, he deserves it. --Stryzzar (talk) 04:11, June 12, 2017(UTC)

Hmm...when did they first say it was going to come out? The Slated series is really good! I'm probably not one to talk, but for some reason the way the author, Teri Terry, uses punctuate irritates me a bit. Maybe, it's because it's a British novel and the way they write is different? Oops. Haha, ok. I thought so. Yeah.

Wow. Well, he is a prince...and he does have pride. Yeah, there's no denying that. He's definitely not a Goku but he's still willin That song haha.

Almost everyone knows that meme! I haven't heard of the other memes though. I also haven't watched the Ocean Dub. I don't remember the trance thing.Oh yeah, you're right. At first, DB was about physical attacks and then they started more with the ki attack thing. It's kinda cool. Gotenks actually used Yamcha's signature attack. It sounds kinda crazy to me because I would've never expected it.

The woman with telepathy and telekinesis is Tatsumaki apparently and she has a sister named Fubuki. Yeah, some of those guys kinda suck. Then there's Puri Puri Prisoner or something like that. He kinda freaks me out. It's not because he's homosexual it's just because of the way he acts...and the fact that he pretty much rips off all his clothes. The bicycle guy is Mumen Rider. I like him. He tries hard like Genos but he's much weaker. Oh yeah, and the dude with the bat that I mentioned earlier is Metal Bat but his real name is Bad.  Yeah, I guess so. I mean he did do all that just to get strong and he went head and head with that crab monster guy. Yuri Rozu (talk) 07:23, June 12, 2017 (UTC)

It's first started "supposed to have come out" back in 2009 I think, and has been in limbo ever since then. I had read of summaries and the premise of amnesia and identity discovery does seem interesting. Perhaps, but British authors have published some of the best sellers out there.

It's interesting that after all these years he keeps calling himself Prince rather than King. When it comes to Saiyans, pride comes before common sense. It's why so many of the plots happened in the first place, because Goku and/or Vegeta simply can't restrain themselves and let the villain advance to their next goal. They could've prevented the Androids simply by listening to Bulma and destroying them before they were made, Vegeta could have killed Semiperfect Cell but let him absorb 18, Goku could've kept Buu from reawakening at full strength if he didn't fight Majin Vegeta, Goku could've killed Fat Buu if he just fought at full power.

The first one's also known as "Peanut Butter Jelly Time". The other one is a meme frequently associated with Cell, where a cartoonish mouth with eyes fires a laser beam. I think TFS referenced it with Nappa firing his mouth beam back in season 1. In the 21st World Tournament, Master Roshi used hypnotism to put Goku to sleep, before Bulma woke him up by telling Goku it was dinner time. Fist of the Wolf Fang Gale is actually a decent technique, it's just that the guy who invented it is so weak compared to other characters.

Ah ok, well Tatsumaki is cool. I remember the Prisoner guy. Don't like him, not because he's gay, but because he acts like a creepy-ass predator. There's a reason he got jailed in the first place. Mumen Rider's personality is alright, but his superhero gimmick is really lame imo. So some guy get on a bike and he's suddenly a superhero? At least make it a motorbike. Did Saitama really actually get his superhuman abilities from working out? --Stryzzar (talk) 14:19, June 12, 2017 (UTC)

Geez, that's a long wait. Yeah, it's really cool! You should try out some April Henry books too! She's an amazing writer and she writes mystery/suspense books.Yeah, I'm not surprised. I was just wondering...

I mean, technically Vegeta is the King of all Saiyans now but I guess his reason for remaining Prince Vegeta instead of King is because of his father. I think it's some respect thing. Yeah, I've kinda noticed that. When Gohan first went SS2 against Cell, he became arrogant and even sadistic. He said "I want to see him suffer they way he made others suffer" or something like that. I was so surprised when he said that. At that point, I was just like "...This isn't Gohan." He even dragged out his fight with Cell like the other saiyans do. This led to Cell getting desperate and using his Self-Destruct Form which led to Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory dying as well. 

I might have seen both memes. I heard the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" one on a commercial and the one with the cartoonish mouth shooting out lasers just sounds familiar. I think I remember the mouth beam. Whenever I picture it, Nappa looks funny. Oh ok. I remember that. That trick usually works on Goku, Goten, and Present Trunks. I don't think it works as much on Vegeta, Future Trunks, or Gohan. I agree with that. He's been weak for a while though... 

Yeah, I like her powers but sometimes she acts like a brat. It's not really annoying because of how they show it.Yeah... Do you know who Tsukiyama is? Puri Puri Prisoner is worse than him. Now that tells you something. (In case you don't know, Tsukiyama's from an anime called Tokyo Ghoul. I absolutely love that anime but Tsukiyama can make certain parts feel unbearable or weird to watch.) I like Mumen Rider's personality too but I do have to agree with the lame gimmick thing. But on the OPM wiki, it says he's unable to ride a motorcycle. He also apparently went to the same middle school as Saitama. That's freaking crazy. It also says that Mumen Rider is "one of Saitama's only friends." And yeah. Saitama went through insane and intense hero training and then got his powers. Yuri Rozu (talk) 19:00, June 12, 2017 (UTC)

I've been done waiting for that for years now. When it comes out it comes out, but I've moved on with my life until it does. I will let you know what I think about when I do get round to reading it.

It is sweet that Vegeta still cares to honor his father after all these years, despite trying to hide his compassion for so long. The Saiyans' natural savage warrior instinct, even Saiyans who were raised to be righteous will have it, either emerging as a Super Saiyan or as the Oozaru. Goku went through the same thing when fighting Frieza as a Super Saiyan the first time, being uncharacteristically hostile and aggressive, outright insulting Frieza in his fight, as well as wanting to fight Frieza at his strongest.

Yeah they're both really old and are hard to miss since they're everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they do it for Cell, since Cell is frequently associated with that meme. It's used for the face when Goku blasts him with a Kamehameha and destroys his uppertorso. It might work for Vegeta, who has an appetite that matches Goku's. He could have had a place in the Universal Survival Arc if Master Roshi of all people got chosen.

I guess she's just there as sort of a gag character in a show of gag characters. I searched Tsukiyama up, he looks creepy as hell. He has stuff like Justice Bicycle attack or something, where he rides his bicycle into a monster. Lol, that's cool, they're classmates. He would be one of Saitama's only friends given everyone else hates him, except Genos. --Stryzzar (talk) 08:19, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

(Sorry. I didn't notice that you had responded.) Oh. Ok. That's good, I guess. And I look forward to it,

Yeah, I know. Saiyans are known to be violent savages but looked down upon by Frieza and some other people. Even when I was in the Cell Saga of DBZ, I knew how Saiyans usually acted (and that Goku, Gohan, and Trunks weren't like other Saiyans in some ways) but for some reason, the fact that it was Gohan made me literally stop and look at the screen for second. It might be because he's 2nd favorite character in the DB series (with Future Trunks being 1st of course) and seeing him like that just shocked me for a moment.

Haha, yeah. To be honest, any DBZ Abridged character can be put with a meme of some sort. Oh yeah, you're right. I think in Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return! Goku and Vegeta were arguing over some food. Also, in DBS, Vegeta ate a...squid? Or was it a octopus? Wait a sec, Master Roshi? That old pervert got chosen?! Well, I looked up some stuff... So, the reason Goku chose Frieza is because Majin Buu fell asleep... And Yamcha's on their baseball team. Wow, uh, this is crazy. Master Roshi's strong enough to beat lower class Frieza soldiers in the beginning of Super and in RoF and he's able to beat Tien when he uses his 100% power form(which he also used against the Frieza soldiers)? (I'm sorry, right now I feel all over the place... I get that Master Roshi is wise and all but geez...) 

Maybe. And trust me...he is. In Tokyo Ghoul, they have humans and ghouls. The fact that Tsukiyama is a ghoul makes it even worse. Yeah, I saw that. Oh my gosh, it would be hilarious if they made One Punch Man Abridged and they did the part where Mumen Rider used Justice Bicycle. Yeah, that does make sense... But because of that there are times when I feel bad for Saitama.  Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:40, June 14, 2017 (UTC)

It's alright, no worries.

It is pretty scary to see a nice gentle character being all savage. Goku actually went through the reverse with going from savage to sweet. Future Trunks is my favorite character too! Well tied for first with Piccolo anyway.

Pretty much every TFS episode has lines that are quotable means. Yep, that was pretty funny. There's also Vegeta eating with Goku and Gohan at the World Tournament. I remember those DBS episodes which were excessively silly tbh, I mean going to all that trouble just to get an octopus tentacle. Yep, they chose Master Roshi over Goten and Trunks, because apparently they're too immature and inexperienced. Goku said the Tournament of Power isn't all about power, and you also need skill and just staying in the ring. It seems Master Roshi didn't sit around all of Z doing nothing and did train a bit so he's around Nappa's level now. I'm not sure I want Roshi there either when there's so many characters more powerful than him.

I'll take your word for it. Might be one of those lecherous pervert stereotypes found in animes. I don't think they'll be doing OPM since someone else already abridged that. There's an abridged series for everything these days... It does suck for Saitama, but at least he chose that path himself so he didn't take all the credit from the other heroes. --Stryzzar (talk) 06:54, June 15, 2017 (UTC)


Yeah. That's kinda funny though. Gohan did a reverse Goku... I wonder how TFS Gohan would feel about that... That's also funny. My 2nd favorite character is the student of the person who's tied to be your #1 favorite. 

Oh yeah, I remember that. I think that was when I found out that Vegeta and Goku had another thing in common. Yeah, I believe those were the first few episodes. But I guess now the episodes are mixed with comedy and seriousness. Well...they are kinda immature and inexperienced. They haven't been in as many fights as Goku. Gohan or a lot of the other Z Fighters and they're like, what, 7? I gotta hand it to them for being creative at times though. And technically it isn't all about power. Many things can determine whether or not someone loses in a tournament such as intelligence, how easy it is to get you angry or irritated, and etc. Nappa? Ok...uh...I don't know what to say. But seriously, what techniques does Master Roshi have up his sleeve that no one else can do? 

...What anime character do you know that'll take a blood covered handkerchief and smell it (so much it seems like he's gonna get high off of it) and say that it's like "harmony"?  And yeah, well, that sucks. I think they would've done a good job. I even found one for Fairy Tail. Yeah. Yuri Rozu (talk) 08:45, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

I haven't exactly been early with several of my replies, lol.

That would be considered a foil. DBZ has a few of those like Goku being the opposite of Frieza, or Gohan and Trunks being the opposite of Cell. They probably will bring that up once Gohan goes SSJ2. Yep, my favorite character is your second favorite character's fatherteacher.

Those felt way too fillery and made me reluctant to get into Super at all. They've made it less silly, but there's still the problem with new characters they introduce being one-note and forgettable, unlike when Z where most of the characters left a mark. At the moment, I think they're around 13-14. It's been quite a few years since the defeat of Buu. Trunks has actually matured a bit as seen in the Future Trunks Saga. Even so, Master Roshi can't even fly, yet he's going into a tournament with beings on the same level as Gods of Destructions. Idk, hypnotism and the max powering thing?

I know that was a rhetorical question, but I can actually think of several characters from Hellsing who I can picture doing just that, including Alucard the main character. Maybe they'll collaborate with the guys who do OPM Abridged though. They've got plenty of series to work on atm. Pretty much every cartoon that has a fanbase has an abridged series now, even non-anime ones. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:18, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

I just felt like I took a long time to respond but ok.

Oh...ok. I'm kinda glad they do that because the contrasting personalities makes the villains less agreeable and that increases the chances of them fighting in the first place. Yeah. I think that's cool.

Eh...I kinda agree with you. It didn't really make me reluctant but now that I think about it, it did kinda seem like filler material. I guess. Some of them do show a bit less complexity when compared to other characters. At this point, I'm not even sure if they've aged. They still act like the little kids they showed towards the end of DBZ. Or...maybe I'm just so behind that I haven't seen them grow up very much yet... Well, ok. In DB, Goku was a shorty when he was like 14... Yeah, everyone else is most likely going to be flying around and then he's gonna be on the ground doing...what? The 100% power form can only go so far. And who's gonna get hypnotized by Master Roshi?

Oh wow. Ok. I guess I better prepare myself for that since I'm thinking about watching Hellsing in the future. Well, that's crazy. I haven't even SEEN an abridged series for anything other than DB and Fairy Tail... Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:05, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

Don't worry about it.

I like it when heroes are given an evil opposite. Makes for a perfect arch-nemesis. Another one I can think of is Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura, both being ancient spirits trapped in magical artifacts that possess a living person as a vessel.

Not all filler is bad, I mean them showing the everyday lives of the characters when they're not fighting is alright. But I disliked how they lopsided the tone of DBS. I guess Gohan aged normally, while Goten and Trunks aged like Goku did, still looking like kids when they're supposed to be teenagers. They'll probably have a major growth spurt at 17-18 and shoot up to adult height. But hey, Goten looks way better here than teen Goten at the End of Z. Well usually Goten and Trunks are displayed as being childish and immature, but they made a point to develop Trunks a bit recently, during a conversation with him and Future Trunks. Yeah I've got nothing for Master Roshi, can't think of anything else to justify his inclusion over Yamcha or Gotenks.

It's a very gory anime, with characters frequently doing stuff like licking the blood. I saw quite a few years ago, but most of them were terrible so I stuck with DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh (which is the original abridged series btw). Though a few days ago I checked out SAO abridged and it's really good, TFS even promoted it at the end of one of their episodes. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:26, June 16, 2017 (UTC)


Yeah, I like that too. Oh yeah, I remember. But during the entire time Bakura was bad, I was just wondering when he would turn back good again. I didn't like him when he was evil...but I also did. I kinda felt the same about bad Marik. Only I disliked him a bit more...

Oh, I know. I mean, I'm kinda alright with it... Yeah, that might be the case. I kinda agree with that. I'm so used to seeing Goten look so similar to Goku. And...I didn't like a certain feature of teen Goten. Haha, I actually think his hair makes him look funny. Well, that's good. He should improve some time. Ok, that makes it sound SO MUCH worse. Master Roshi over Gotenks...(facepalm)

I don't really mind gore that much. It just depends on how extreme it is. And the same way. I watched this other vampire anime and I was completely fine with blood licking. If taken to another level I might not want to watch it. Wait, really? Geez... I only saw a funny clip from SAO abridged. I want to watch the actual anime before I go to the abridged version. Yuri Rozu (talk) 04:17, June 16, 2017 (UTC)

Yami Bakura I thought was kind of cool, with how he would make necro-locks that Yami Yugi would have to break out of. He also had a brief stint as a sort-of antihero when Bakura battled Yami Marik, where we were made to root for Bakura winning.

There are certain fillers however I'm really not fond of, like the baseball episode filler they had. Yeah, he didn't even look like Goten anymore. I get he had to make grownup Goten a bit different, but not that different. He could have been a longer haired Goku maybe? Well I really wish he didn't wear a jumper with his name on it. Even having Goten and Trunks by themselves without Roshi would suffice, if Gotenks really is too reckless. The Saiyan kids were already stronger than Android 18 in Buu Saga, while Roshi shouldn't even be at the Ginyu Force's level.

So they have hearts being impaled, heads exploding, torsos and limbs being ripped apart. Well SAO is a very divisive anime, has a huge amount of fans and haters. Personally I like the premise, but I can understand the criticism. The abridged series is quite popular among haters due to addressing and fixing many of the flaws. --Stryzzar (talk) 06:29, June 16, 2017 (UTC)

Necro-locks? But yeah, I think at the time, we just wanted Bakura to win because Marik was crazy bad guy.

Are you talking about the episode where they showed Goten and Trunks on the baseball team? Yeah, maybe. I kinda liked Goten's hair in GT though. I also like how Goten has a girlfriend because I think at one point he said that girls are "icky" or "gross". Yeah, he could've defintely done without the outfit. (I had the same two issues with Gohan in RoF. I didn't like how he flattened his hair nor did I like that green tracksuit like outfit. I also didn't like the fact he almost died...) Yeah...The fact that they actually have a chance against some opponents makes up for some of their weaknesses. 

I think I've seen a good amount of torsos and limbs being ripped or cut apart in anime. The other stuff...not so much. Yeah, I know. Fairy Tail is the same way. Lots of times, I either hear people say "SAO/Fairy Tail is trash!" or "I love SAO/Fairy Tail!" I'm one of the people who happens to love Fairy Tail and I think I'll end up liking or maybe even loving SAO as well. (It's just a feeling I have.) And if that's the case, it'll just be another anime that I think is good but other people find bad. But I haven't seen SAO so I don't know what to think of it. I saw that too. In the one SAO abridged clip that I saw, a lot of comments were something around the lines of "Still better than the actual anime." Yuri Rozu (talk) 10:27, June 16, 2017 (UTC)

Well one of Bakura's trademark strategies was formulating a deck of monsters, spells, and trap cards which restricted the opponent's moves to entirely what Bakura wants. Such as in Battle City he used a combination of Dark Sanctuary and Dark Door to make Yugi's monster become possessed and attack his own life points. Then in Dawn of the Duel, he used Counterbalance and Cursed Twin Dolls to make Yugi run out of cards in his deck.

I'm talking about the episode where Universe 7 and Universe 6 participate in a game of baseball after Champa challenges Beerus again. Yamcha apparently was very good at it due to taking up baseball after retiring from fighting. I found this episode really ridiculous and more at home on some kind of Dragon Ball parody like MAD. Goten was substantially better in GT, though I still prefer his kid appearance, as he now looked like a second Gohan. I also wish he had hooked up with Bra rather than some random girl. I feel the same way about RoF Gohan, his hair was almost as bad as his bowlcut and he wore that horrid jumpsuit. Go back to your gi main! Gotenks was still the strongest pre-Beerus character aside from Ultimate Gohan, Vegito, and Buu, so it was baffling why they wouldn't include such a useful character to the team.

Blood also has a tendency to spray all over the place. Also, I'd recommend watching the OVA called Hellsing Ultimate, it's less fillery and the action is more exciting.

Oh I didn't realize Fairy Tail got that treatment. Well from what I've drawn a lot of the hate for SAO comes from the fanbase itself who allegedly overhype it as a work of art. Haters gonna hate, but that's a helluva lot of hate. I can personally overlook the flaws and just enjoy it for what it is without bashing it, as the scenes in it can be so beautiful. It's a world where I wouldn't mind visiting if it existed, like if it was a future VR world you know? Lol, it's actually become a meme to say "the abridged series is better than the original" for SAO, that phrase has been spread all over the internet. Well one thing I will give to the abridged series is it makes the character development more interesting, as one of the criticisms against Kirito is he's a generic nice guy pro gamer, while in the abridged series he's pokes fun of the "l337 gamer" stereotype who spend their whole time in a game dumping on noobs and flaunting their superiority. --Stryzzar (talk) 21:58, June 16, 2017 (UTC)

That's a pretty good strategy. I think I very slightly remember those episodes. I love it when character think all strategically. 

Oh ok. Yeah, I even remember him playing baseball in a scene in the original DB. I mean, he's not a very strong fighter but his ki skills should come in handy one way or another. I'm kinda glad Yamcha can enjoy something else. Oh wow. How bad could it have been? Yeah, GT Goten was cool but I don't know if I would've liked him with Bra... The 2nd son of Goku going out with the 2nd child of Vegeta... I admit that it sounds interesting though. And I don't have much of an opinion on Valese. The ice cream scene with her and Goten was cute but it also kinda made me laugh at her. Bowlcuts have never looked like the best hairstyle to me but I'd say that Gohan's straightened hair makes 2nd to last place compared to the way better hairdos he's had in the past. And the word horrid describes the tracksuit/jumpsuit perfectly. Yeah, it sounds pretty ridiculous...

Alright. I knew about Hellsing Ultimate but I had no idea it was actually a OVA. 

Yep. The crazy thing is, one of my favorite youtubers actually hates Fairy Tail. Oh...well I hope I don't do that. I think everyone's standards for anime are different so when someone says "This anime is so good!" or something like that, someone's going to disagree at one point. Yeah, it's SO much of it. That's how I am with a lot of series. If there's a little flaw, I usually don't mind. Yeah, the SAO universe seems pretty cool. I'd just hope that it wouldn't malfunction and then trap all the players. Wow...even THAT is a meme. Well, I saw this other clip for SAO abridge so I get where they're coming from when they say that about character development. And I noticed that about Kirito too. Haha, I can't wait to see that. Yuri Rozu (talk) 01:18, June 17, 2017 (UTC)

While most villains controlled the duel to a degree, the way Bakura did it was pretty spectacular to watch. I wonder what would have happened if he won the duel against Yami Marik. For that matter though, why were they even playing a card game to determine the fate of the world? :P

He did? Huh, must have been filler. He could have easily not been made the weakest character after his introduction, but Toriyama thought it'd be fun for him to lose first round in every tournament, and that snowballed into "Yamcha = weak". Well I just can't get over all the Z-fighters, Gods, and angels wearing silly silly baseball outfits. I admit, when I first heard about GT I remembered reading somewhere that Goten got together with Bra (probably some fanmade stuff), and was surprised that didn't appear in the actual show, this was like 10 years ago mind you. I had a bowl cut as a kid, source of so much teasing and embarrassment :| Thankfully that's all behind me. I remember someone else (Talonsen I think) saying the exact same thing in ranking RoF Gohan's hairstyle as second worst. Geez, I really miss Talonsen, I wonder what he's up to these days.

Yep, OVA. The episodes are a lot longer for Ultimate (about 3 Hellsing episodes end up in 1), but the pacing is much better. It's also not like Z and Kai where it's just condensed versions of the same thing, but the overal; settings change but keeping the rough storyline and characters of each episode story.

Lol. I wouldn't really know what's wrong about Fairy Tail at this point. Even if the execution wasn't perfect, I will always see the immense potential of the premise and everything it did do right. Since it's an interesting world they can always make more story with it but approach it better. There was a recent SAO film called Ordinal Scale which was received much better. I agree, but I've come across so many people who (not just for SAO) that hate something because "the fanbase is annoying" which is a really dumb reason. For some series I sometimes feel as though it was better I just watched it myself and never checked what others thought about it, as it made the experience less entertaining knowing there's so much hate for it. Plus he also doesn't stay a jerk in the abridged series and becomes a better person more naturally rather than nice guy from the beginning. I still really like canon Asuna though, even if she got ruined in the second arc... --Stryzzar (talk) 11:12, June 17, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah. And I'm not sure... Yami Marik was crazy then so I don't even know. Oh wow, haha. Why does any major Yu-Gi-Oh character play card games to determine anything?

I think so. It may have been. Well, that sucks. I'm not surprised that that's what it turned into. It's alright. I saw a picture of the baseball outfits and I just sat there looking at Piccolo because he looked the worst in it. Yeah, it was most likely fanmade. Oh...I'm sorry. I didn't know. Huh, well, that's weird. I find myself wondering about Talonsen (and a few others) from time to time. I wish I could talk to them again and see how everything is with them. (Did you ever talk to a person named Tailsman?)

Wow, so they're like...60 mins each? Hmm...well that's interesting. I'll definitely look into it in the future. 

Yeah. One thing people don't like about Fairy Tail is the fact that when characters die they don't stay dead (main characters). Other things include friendship speeches, plot armor, and some people say that certain characters use out of nowhere techniques. I heard about Ordinal Scale. I wasn't sure how it was gonna do at first. Yeah, that is a dumb reason. Any fanbase can be annoying or even crazy. Some fans will even go as far as telling manga creators to kill themselves. I can understand that. Ok, my next abridged series is going to be Sword Art Online. That sounds good to me. Oh...did they make Asuna into the typical damsel in distress? Yuri Rozu (talk) 15:58, June 17, 2017 (UTC)

Lol, other times it is partially justified in that it's a tournament and they can't break the rules, or in Dawn of the Duel the holographic monsters they summoned were the actual real monster spirits. But with Yami Marik and Bakura they're both brutal murderers who have killed without the use of cards, so their card game seemed kind of pointless. In YGO Abridged the scene actually had them fighting with lightsabers (the laser swords from Star Wars) before they decided to go with a card game.

Maybe they'll drop the "everyone forgets about Yamcha" running gag and has him finally fight in one episode. Can't decide if Piccolo looks worse in that or that punk outfit Chi-Chi made him wear in the driving cars filler episode. Oh no no, I brought it up as a bit of a joke. I sometimes make a joke at my expense, it's harder to tell through text. Anyway, my hair looks cool now so no issue anymore. :D

Yeah, I miss all the users that me and you all frequently talked with. I think Talonsen said something about being an author and had been in the navy or something? I have, in fact I think I know what happened to Tailsman. He became too busy looking after his son and no longer had time to come on here.

Give or take. A bit long to sit through in one go, but worth the experience.

Isn't that just like this show, lol? I can understand friendship speeches, Shonen animes are notorious for doing that. Out of nowhere techniques is also a complaint I've heard with DB and SAO so I get that too. Although I can brush it off if the technique is cool enough. It's not just for manga, I've seen a fair share of aggressive fanbases pouring hate and threats to the creators. In Arrow, there were some dumb fans who shipped a couple in the show, telling the wife of the actor to get divorced with him. Unbelievable. That is exactly what they did to her, all about Kirito trying to rescue her, and I absolutely hated it. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:27, June 18, 2017 (UTC)

I guess...but I mean, it's Yu-Gi-Oh. They settle everything by dueling if not with the occasional fist fight (or attempted fist fight). Haha, wow, the lightsabers. That would look so ridiculous, especially in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe. But. hey, how do they allow stuff like shadow games to take place? Didn't at least one take place in an actual dueling arena?

Maybe. They kinda make it easy to forget about him though...unless you see him and then instantly remember who it is. I'd say the baseball outfit. At least the punk outfit wasn't so tight around the neck to where it looked weird. Piccolo just needs to stay in certain clothes... Oh, well, ok then. That's good!

Ok. Now that you mention it, I do kinda remember Talonsen saying something about the navy... And the fact that Tailsman mentioned having a son was what kinda worried me. As soon as I remembered him, I was filled with curiosity as to how they're doing. I'm happy as long as he's taking care of his kid though.

I'll probably be able to sit through it. I can get through youtube streams longer than an hour!

Yeah...basically. I personally don't mind the speeches becasue I think they're cool. (Or am I just a softy for things about friends/family?) That's totally understandable. Yeah. I think Gotenks' Buu Buu Volleyball attack and Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack are two of the strangest techniques I've ever seen. But I love them, especially Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack. Imagine being able to spit out ghost versions of yourself which detonate upon touching something. (Haha, but knowing me, I'd probably bump into one of them and blow myself up.) That's freaking stupid. I understand that people might ship certain characters and stuff but that gives them no right whatsoever to tell them to get divorced. I can understand that too. Good characters shouldn't be reduced to just "that person who needs to be saved". Yuri Rozu (talk) 06:29, June 18, 2017 (UTC)

Yes absolutely, it got so ridiculous in the sequel Yu-Gi-Oh series when they have future technology that allows dimensional jumping but still resort to card games. Card Games on Motorcycles! It's at the start of this: Oh yes, I remember the fist fights. Btw, have you seen the original-original Yu-Gi-Oh anime, the one often nicknamed "Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0"? It was a lot more realistic in that they didn't use games for everything and only sometimes did that when Yami Yugi manifested a Shadow Game to punish an evil person. I think the referees don't actually know about the Shadow Games and think it's some holographic effect. While Kaiba probably knows about them and doesn't care?

I meant in-universe where Yamcha keeps showing up whenever they're selecting fighters, but no one thinks of picking him when he's standing right there. It's a running gag they did for Universe 6 and the Universe Survival Tournaments. Hmm, but for the baseball Piccolo gets to keep his turban. I do get what you mean by the neck though.

Last time he came on Talonsen said he had something coming up, but I can't quite remember what it was. He was last around during the midyear of 2016 on this thread: Thread:542004. He did mention the navy thing but it was in the past. Tailsman might come back if he gets some spare time and becomes interested in the show again. Another reason he left was Super didn't seem to interest him.

That's quite feat, I don't think I could sit through that long of a stream. Props to you.

I don't mind a bit of Power of Friendship either, so long as it's not done too cheesily. I don't see anything wrong with love for a friend or family member can empower someone's will power either. Lol, when I first saw Super Kamikaze Ghost (just a picture) I thought it was from Digimon, then I'm like "wait that's from Dragon Ball? :O" And yes, that's such an awesome attack, like sentient homing missiles. I guess they did sort of come out of nowhere with no explanation on how Gotenks made those, other than "fusion gave him lots of new power and abilities", I mean I wonder if Trunks or Goten could attempt to make ghosts on their own. I feel really sorry for the cast, because they constantly have to deal with taking hammerings from trolling fans with nothing better to do with their lives. Pretty much the entire second arc was "save Asuna" and she got subjected to a lot of indignity as well. I wish that arc never happened and they either ended it at the first arc or skipped straight to the third. --Stryzzar (talk) 08:25, June 18, 2017 (UTC) mean Yu-Gi-Oh GX? If so...I don't know. I've never imagined Yu-Gi-Oh characters using any other sort of main combat besides dueling. In DB, most characters use physical/ki attacks, in Fairy Tail, they use physical/magical attacks and etc. They all do stuff a certain way. I'm kinda glad they stuck with the card game thing. Uh huh, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. (The name didn't sound bad to me as a kid but now it seems kinda weird.) I never liked that one very much. I do like some of the monster cards though. My favorite one is the Black Rose Dragon. Oh, ok. I've looked that up before in the past. To be more specific, I've seen Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters, not the actual original Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, I guess that's it. 

Oops, ok. Well, poor Yamcha. Wait, for baseball only? Why don't they allow him to wear it during fights?

Oh wow, I actually remember some of that. Yeah. Maybe... Really? Wow. I don't remember that though.

Haha. Why thank you!

I guess. Yes, that's why I love it! I love when characters have so much will power! It does look pretty funny. I think anyone could have confused it. You don't see too many attacks like that... Yeah. I mean, creativity can also determine how they use ki/ki attacks. It would be cool if they could but I think they'll stick with only Gotenks being able to do it. Yeah, me too. People shouldn't be able to go that far. They should sit back and let it play out. And if they don't like it, they can just deal with it and say how they feel elsewhere without doing crazy stuff like that to the real people who're just playing a character. Hmm... Well, I once walked in on a scene of SAO... Was that Asuna that had got kidnapped by that weird guy? Yuri Rozu (talk) 00:08, June 19, 2017 (UTC)

I think it's Zexal or ARC V, I'm not completely sure since I haven't properly watched them aside from the occasional time I was in the same room when it aired on TV. 5D was far too silly for my taste, I only liked it for Bonds Beyond Time. The ironic thing is Yu-Gi-Oh wasn't initially intended to just be 100% cards, the manga (and Season 0) had the story focused on various kinds of games, with Duel Monster cards only being Kaiba's thing. But then they saw the merchandising potential of Duel Monsters and made the whole series about it. For instance, in his first anime appearance, Yami Yugi used a deck of standard playing cards (Jack of Hearts, Queen of Spades .etc) in a Shadow Game. I really enjoyed Season 0 though, it was much darker and had a less predictable storyline than all over Yu-Gi-Oh series. It actually explains how Yugi got the Millennium Puzzle to begin with and got inhabited by the Pharaoh's spirit.

The only thing I got out of the baseball episode was the return of the Yamcha Saibaman death meme. I meant the creators, not the in-universe characters. Piccolo usually wears his turban, except when he takes it off to "get serious", but in the driving episode filler Chi-Chi gave him a horrid backwards brimmed cap to wear.

I do hope he comes back for a visit at some point, just to let us know how he's doing. Well it's just a guess but Tails and Jake (I think) both lost interest in Super and probably stopped coming by here for that reason.


Done right it's heartwarming and even gives me hope irl. I would have thought they're something like Gotenks using residual energy of his soul to make those, or maybe his ki is so powerful that it gained a life of its own. I agree Gotenks should be the only one to do it, I was just wondering if Goten and Trunks could do it. Being professional actors they have to prepare for trolls like that who are just out to stir up trouble, it comes with the job. Possibly? Was she held in a cage, or was Kirito on the ground stabbed through the back with a sword? --Stryzzar (talk) 03:43, June 19, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, well I was just guessing. GX came after Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters so I assumed it was that one. It might be Arc V. I haven't seen that one at all though so they could have anything in it for all I know. I don't think 5D's was silly,  just didn't really like it too much for some reason. When I was around 9 or 10, I'd always watch Yu-Gi-Oh (not the season 0 one) but then as soon as 5D's came on, I'd change the channel. It's just not as good somehow,,, Wow. I didn't know that. Oh... That seems interesting. I've always wondered about that.

I guess. And ok. Oh yeah, you're right. I forgot. Of all the clothes, she had to give Piccolo, why'd she choose those? They make him look like a colorful somewhat "urban" big green man. He sticks out more in the clothes Chi-Chi gave him.

Yeah, that would be nice. For Tailsman, that's probably what happened. I last talked to PSS Jake near the end of May. After that, I don't know.

Yep. Believe it or not, all of Fairy Tail's friendship and life speeches actually helped me out when I wasn't myself. I have absolutely NO idea at all exactly how he made those. I know. Yeah. That, including other things, go along with being an actor or in the public eye at all. I'm not sure. She may have been in a cage. I think she was tied up. The scene just kinda messed me up for a second because I think she was being touched inapropriately. As soon as I saw it, I changed the channel, so I didn't get a chance to actual figure out what the show was. If it's not SAO, then it might be Eureka Seven or something like that. Yuri Rozu (talk) 07:36, June 19, 2017 (UTC)

I don't blame you, I'm not clear on any of the plots after the Yu-Gi-Oh classic. Based on what read on the wiki it was something about alternate dimensions. I didn't mean 5D as a whole, just the playing card games while riding on motorbikes thing, like the card holograms and monsters appear next to the bikes while they're riding. That's gotta be sending a bad message that you should concentrate while driving. Season 0 never had an English dub so wouldn't have aired in Western countries. It was deemed too dark and probably too hard for 4Kids to censor. I don't think I ever saw 5D on TV, back when it aired it was always on early in the morning which I would never get up for. Well here's the scene of Yugi becoming Yami Yugi for the first time, Yami Yugi is kind of psycho in that series.

I really don't understand Chi-Chi sometimes, her fashion sense definitely one of the things. Piccolo doesn't seem to work in any clothes other than his own. I found it amusing that Piccolo was able to pass off as being human simply by wearing a turban, despite having green skin.

Maybe when something interesting happens in Super he'll come back to comment. Yeah I distinctly remember Jake having enough with DBS and probably left after giving up on it.

I can believe that, I've had similar things for me with other shows. Can't remember which one atm though. And until Gotenks comes back and powerful enough to fight the main villain, we won't be getting an explanation any time soon. They recently made Gohan relevant again, giving him back his Ultimate form, so I'm expecting Gotenks to get important again after this Saga. I think that may be the infamous rape scene by SAO's second main antagonist, Sugou, who was a creepy as hell stalker that made multiple attempts to assault Asuna. He also had Kirito stabbed through with his own sword and forced to watch, before Kirito gets given admin privileges breaks free and kills Sugou in the virtual world. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:49, June 19, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah. Oh ok. I mean, that thing was kinda new to me. It was alright. I think you're right about it sending a bad message though. I never even thought of it that way. Darn, I'll just watched it subbed then. Well, usually I'd get up at like 6:00 am and then the shows would come on. I'd watch...Tai Chi Chasers and some other shows, then watch Dragon Ball Z Kai, and then Yu-Gi-Oh. That was like my routine. I would occasionally oversleep and miss some of the shows though. And now I know what you mean by psycho. I love his eyes but there's just something totally off with them and his personality. Despite that, I'm pretty sure I'll able to watch it. Just watching that clip already kinda got me used to Yami Yugi's voice. 

Yeah, I know, it's weird. Chi-Chi wears cheongsams and then the first thing she pulls out for Piccolo are those bright clothes? I wouldn't have even expected to find an outfit like that anywhere around the house. I do too. I guess when they saw the tall green guy they automatically assumed he was a human despite the fact that humans aren't green. (Nor do they have antennas.)

Maybe. Yep...

Was it an anime or was it something else? Most likely. They wouldn't just bring up for no reason at all. Ooh, yay! I've been waiting for that to happen! Finally, Gohan hasn't been left completely in the dust! (Now, we just wait for Piccolo and maybe sme others...) Ok, so I was right. Poor Asuna and Kirito. She was violated and he had to watch helplessly. (That's one way to make me instantly despise a character.) I'm glad he's gone.  Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:28, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

I only heard about it at all because Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged kept making fun of 5D and it's motorcycles. It honestly excited me in a way that the main Yugioh classic never did, because they don't revolve everything around card games and it's more about Yami Yugi using his smarts on what's in the environment. I used to watch Pokemon early in the morning, but that was only in the holidays. These days I wouldn't have time at all since early days are college days. Pretty much any time Yami Yugi emerges, someone is going to end up insane (and that's toned down from the manga where he actually killed people). I really like how Yami Yugi emerges when Yugi's despaired instead of just to duel an opponent. Love his voice, it's so creepy but also so cool.

Yeah, why would a overprotective asian mother who wears qipaos even have those clothes? Especially when Chi-Chi had previously criticized Gohan's Super Saiyan hair for looking bleached. Filler logic. There is the occasional weird guy in DB like the werewolf, but not quite as weird as Piccolo. Videl thought he was green because he was sick. The antennae was what gave away he wasn't human in DB.

I think one of them was Ranma, where the carefree but "train hard" lifestyle they had made me want to get the most out of life. But it also had a negative influence on me, as they once introduced a ki technique which involved channeling depression and anger, which I read during a time I was already feeling depressed. It made me isolated and closed off from the world. Yeah true, although maybe one character could see Gotenks do that and be like "how did you do that?", which they couldn't in Z since Piccolo was the only one around to see it. They gave an explanation on Potara in Super years after it was introduced in Z. Piccolo's stronger again too. It was Mr. Piccolo who trained him! Pretty satisfying watch what Kirito did to that guy, bisect him in half then impale him through the eye socket (they could get away with that since it was in the VR world). --Stryzzar (talk) 09:01, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

Oh wow. Well, that would be cool I guess. I love when they duel but I would also like it if they did that in the main anime more.'re not out of school? Whoa...Yami Yugi actually killed people. "Yami Yugi" and "kill" just don't sound right together because I've always seen him as such a good person. And that game he played when him and that dude were on top of the building... That's absolutely crazy. He had no problem whatsoever playing that game even though it was dangerous. Yami Yugi basically traumatized whats-his-name. Yeah, I'm kinda glad they chose that voice. In the anime, he had a very serious grown man-ish type voice.

Apparently bleached or blonde hair means that the kid's rebellious or something. The clothes she gave Piccolo don't exactly scream "I'm mature and professional". Oh goodness, I forgot about him. He technically was a werewolf but he called himself manwolf or wolfman or whatever. They have some other anthro people too... Wait, what am I talking about? Yamcha has a talking cat and one of the main members of the Dragon Ball Gang was a pig! And honestly...who'd think that? Piccolo's REALLY green so he must be pretty sick in Videl's terms. And of course how could the antennae not give it away?

Well, I'm glad you're feeling better now. Yeah. ...I may have seen that before. (This is what happens when you're as forget as me.) Awesomeness! Gohan and Piccolo are back! Geez...either I like anime violence or something's wrong with me. That's what he gets for being a freaking rapist though. Makes sense. Because of the SAO rules, he should be dead in real life as well. How did they allow that to happen though? Why did they give Kirito permission to stop it when they could've just NOT allowed it to happen in the first place? Yuri Rozu (talk) 04:28, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

They did up the ante of the Duel Monster battles with hard light holograms that could make duelists experience pain, I think. The cards were a bit more benign in Season 0. I'm in college/university at the moment. Yeah he at times killed, not every time. One issue there was a kid who challenged Yugi to a cursed game where the loser had their soul taken and devoured. Yugi lost and his soul was extracted before Yami Yugi took over, won, and had the enemy kid's soul taken in Yugi's place. The main Yugioh classic anime made Yami Yugi a lot more heroic, taking away all his morally ambiguous aspects, although he did show shades of his former more villainous self during the Seal of Orichalcos arc. Yes, in Season 0 he'd use Shadow Games as he way of playing judge/jury/executioner with evildoers, testing to see if they could follow the rules and punish them when they couldn't. Nearly every Shadow Game has him creating a hallucination that drives his opponent insane.

I remember reading that, bleached hair is typical for delinquent in Japan. I'm wondering if she confiscated those clothes and kept them stashed somewhere until she gave them to Piccolo. Yeah Toriyama included a lot more of those weirder "ambiguously human" characters in Dragon Ball, but mostly dropped it by DBZ with the introduction of aliens. It was quite fun to see random talking animals though, like Goku could ask a random dolphin for directions. By DBZ Oolong and Puar are the only talking animals still around. Lol, anime logic I guess. This is a world where blue/purple hair non-extinct dinosaurs is considered normal.

Thank you. It's okay for that, because it's cathartic karma. Because Sugou (the rapist) is in the one who made the game (not SAO, but another game called ALfheim Online) and was the lead admin, so he acted like a God in that world. There is only one guy who's user ID outranks his which is Kayaba, the villain from the first arc. Basically Kayaba gave Kirito his ID for that he could fight Sugou and take away his advantage.

Also, maybe you should archive your talk page since this is getting a bit long now. --Stryzzar (talk) 05:01, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

I remember that! But I'm pretty sure I saw it in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Wow. Ok. I know. If he killed people every time, I wouldn't know what to think of him. That's interesting but also understandable. TV stations like 4Kids didn't want little children to watch people die and go insane. to explain? Because of how I watched Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, I'm not even sure what part I left off on or how it even ends. I guess that's one way to use the Shadow Games. I find Season 0 Yami Yugi to be a bit more interesting than the one in YGO Duel Monsters.

Yeah. I can just see Chi-Chi now taking the clothes away from someone. In DBZ I think you see some of those animal people in audiences during tournaments or something every once in a while. Yep. They were there from the start so you might as well keep them. Plus, they're friends with the Z Fighters. They usually don't get rid of those characters. Unless you're Launch... Haha yeah. Sometimes I need to stop trying to apply real life stuff to anime...

^-^ Oh...ok. I don't think I'm very familiar with that term but I looked it up. Oh wow. Ok. "I'm a God so I get to go around doing whatever I want". Sugou's just...messed up and stupid. Since Sugou made Alfheim Online and he died, did someone else just take over? And does Kayaba ever come back? 

I think I will. I'll see... Yuri Rozu (talk) 10:24, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

I thought they touched up on that in Duel Monster too, something Kaiba said I think, maybe I'm wrong. If he killed all the time then he'd be a full out immoral vigilante who's no better than the villains. Explain what, how they made Yami Yugi more heroic in Duel Monsters? Well Season 0 Yami Yugi had to gradually learn more humanity from both Yugi and his friends, while in Duel Monsters Yami Yugi started off immediately as heroic. But then in Seal of Orichalcos, Yugi was taken away from him and he went back to his old immoral ways such as ruthlessly sacrificing his monsters (which apparently have souls and emotions) while showing no care in his opponent's wellbeing knowing fully well the Orichalcos would claim their soul. Same, I find him far more clever, manipulative, and fun to watch.

Poor guy, whoever Chi-Chi took it off. There was one Red Ribbon Army guy who was a talking tiger or something. I sometimes wish Puar stayed useful just a little longer, but Toriyama decided to throw out the shapeshifters and reduce them to background characters. Poor Launch, never did win over Tien. She was also the original Super Saiyan to appear in Dragon Ball :P

It's not a very common term, I only started using it recently. Villains with god complexes tend to be like that, just look at Zamasu. Actually few things I need to clarify. Sugou died in the virtual world but not the real world, however he did receive permanent damage and scarring from the pain Kirito put him through in the VR world. Kirito beats up Sugou again irl, before getting him arrested. Kayaba on the other hand, well basically he did the same thing as Noah and Gozabaru Kaiba in Yugioh, uploading his conscience into the virtual world while his real body died. The Kayaba that helped Kirito was his uploaded conscience, who had turned over a new leaf at that point after being inspired by Kirito defeating him previously. He has yet to return since then, but there's a chance he'll be back. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:52, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

You could be right. I just don't remember. It could've happened. Yeah. And then I might not like Yami Yugi so much... Oh, by "care to explain" I meant if you could explain how Yami Yugi went back to his villainous self during the Seal of Orichalcos arc but you pretty much answered my question. Thanks. That name souunds just a bit familiar. Oh yeah, Yugi usually cares for his monster cards and people so that's different. The cards must have spirits and emotions. Just look at Kuriboh.

Yeah. I think so. Puar was kinda cool with the shapeshifting stuff. I just don't know what he could do besides be with Yamcha and maybe use his skills again. Besides I tend to forget about characters like Puar and Oolong easily and I only remember them if something brings them up. I wonder what would happen if Launch showed up again... I also wonder how Tien feels about Launch's blue haired counterpart. Haha, I guess you could say that since she had blonde hair.

Oh...alright. If it's characters with God complexes then Light Yagami must also be like that. That's interesting. Well, Sugou got what he deserved but that kinda sucks for Kayaba. I don't like the fact that he died in real life but at he's alive in the game. I wanna see him back. Despite not even watching the series lol. Yuri Rozu (talk) 17:09, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

Well I don't really remember either, lol. He's still on our side, even if he's not as squeaky clean back then. I kind of like antiheroes who don't strictly abide by the rules. Oh ok then, glad I cleared it up. Especially Dark Magician Girl who felt betrayed by his actions.

In DB Puar would act like tools for Yamcha to use in fights, he turned into scissors to cut off Goku's tail. Toriyama could have made it so characters didn't have to be physically strong to fight, but he decided in going that direction. Meh. Oh that's right, Tien doesn't know about nice Launch does he? She kind of disappeared and she was evil Launch 24/7.

Yes, I forgot about Light Yagami. He definitely fits the god complex bill. Well Kayaba was an asshole in the first arc though. He was the one who trapped all the players in SAO just so he could have real people in a world he created and controlled. Sure he turned over a new leaf, but not before doing some really immoral things. Though in fairness he was far better than Sugou ever was. --Stryzzar (talk) 05:34, June 22, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah. Different people will use different methods... And sometimes for me, it just depends on the character. Oh goodness... Of course she felt betrayed. 

Oh yeah. You're right he did do that. It would be kinda cool if that could be added in. I mean, he could've added in anything but oh well I guess. I don't think so... Whenever Tien was with Launch it was her bad blonde haired counterpart. In DB, when they showed her more often, I liked seeing both versions of her because I loved how she went from sweet and innocent to a bank robbing tomboy. But maybe there's a reason for her only being in her blonde haired state. She could have learned to control her sneezing better. But I also heard that Launch was seen somewhere else in DB too but with blue hair so maybe she just decided to stay in that state?

Yep, especially with the "I wanna be the god of the new world" thing he had going on. Well...that's bad...and he sucks for doing that to the people in the game. But I agree. Sugou is just...ew but the fact that Kayaba changed his ways made me like him. I have a feeling I'm gonna go through some serious changes when it comes to opinions on some of the characters though. Like, when I watched Tokyo Ghoul, I disliked the one characters because he came off as a rude jerk but then once episode 4 or 5 came along, my entire view of the character changed drastically. Yuri Rozu (talk) 17:43, June 22, 2017 (UTC)

All the same, still heartwarming for the value of friendship to get through to him, it's what allowed him to beat Shadi because the Millennium Puzzle represents the Power of Unity. Even Yugi was like "how could you Pharaoh?"

We could have gotten some characters who were more subtle in their combat, relying on more than raw power, like say Naruto characters. At least Bad Launch had learned to control herself by then and only resorted to violence when it was necessitated. I just wish Toriyama didn't use a real disability for comic relief though, another show had a character with split personalities and received controversy for that reason. Granted Toriyama did do this before the stigma arose, but still. After the Red Ribbon Army Saga she tended to stay as Bad Launch more often than Nice Launch.

The largest egos in existence for those guys with god complexes, can spell either the most unlikable or most funny character to ever appear. Light is a particularly serious case of being unhinged when he considers himself a god only because he got given a fancy murder instrument. Fair enough, characters can get redeemed quite often and made more likable. Lol, I'm sure you will, especially given how character roles change a bit. Yep, I've had my fair share of characters like that too. Used to hate Mr. Satan for being annoying, arrogant, and useless. However Super gave him development which made him much more tolerable. --Stryzzar (talk) 01:47, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

Of course. How could it not? I mean, Yugi's not used to seeing the Pharoah, as he calls him, act that way so, yeah, he has a right to be shocked.

Yeah, that would've been a good thing to add in. I wonder if they ever will...Haha. yeah, and she wasn't just going around shooting people who just made her mad. I mean, I myself have an interest in people who have split personalities but I also know that it's pretty serious. People who understand that aren't gonna find that funny, especially if it's used for comedic purposes. Whoa, it's been a while since I last watched the Red Ribbon Army Saga...but I did notice that.

Yep, that's true. Light was an interesting main character, especially since the story was told more from his point of view as a villain. I found it funny when he did his little evil laughs and when he said "I'll take a potato chip and eat it". His intentions for using the Death Note were good at first but he developed a serious God complex because the power went to his head. Yeah. I was the same way! I already couldn't stand him but the fact that he kept pretending to be the strongest person on Earth and took the credit for defeating Cell just irritated me. Whenever DBZ Kai comes on TV, I usually just laugh him off a bit but Hercule in DB Super is much better and even a little funny. Yuri Rozu (talk) 04:25, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

Guess underneath that sadistic punishing exterior there was a heart after all. Yu-Gi-Oh is actually one of those series where Power of Friendship isn't cheesy as not only has symbolic importance, but actual in-universe power. He sometimes calls him "Yami" in the dub, while in the sub he calls him "other me". Personally prefer Pharaoh out of all his nicknames.

Well I don't think it matters much these days, as it's miraculous for any character who isn't Goku and Vegeta to be useful to the plot. Universe Survival Saga is the first time in a long run we have many supporting characters pitching in to help. But looking back I see a lot of DB characters that could have ended up being useful fighters if Toriyama picked them, rather than just sticking to the Turtle and Crane Schools, and Piccolo. The scenes with Bad Launch scaring the Turtle School were pretty funny, as were when Launch uses guns to give the Dragon Team front row seats at the Tournament. I think it's alright if the split personality is the result of something aside from the actual condition, like in the case of Yu-Gi-Oh. But I don't think they could get away with a character like Launch in a current day cartoon.

I wanted to root for Light just because he was so brilliant, despite him being evil. It was an amazing battle between him and L. I think they stated the Death Note actually has a corrupting influence on the user, which is why Light becomes more insane and evil as the series progresses. Lol, I think fans were saying Light and L did narrations so all the stupid people watching could understand what was going on. I genuinely wouldn't have cared if he died, and was actually really annoyed when they did that gag so he was the only one on Earth who didn't die after Majin Buu Saga. He's way better in Super when he becomes more noble, but still don't care if he doesn't get focus tbh. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:36, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah. I guess you're right about that. A lot of characters have a little something to them so it seems like they actually have layers that consist of a part of themselves that they decide to either hide or show. And I really love when shows have characters like that, especially when that character momentarily changes back to their previous self. It raises questions like "Who are you really?" But isn't the Power of Friendship actual power in some other universes too since it leads to the saving of other characters? I'm so used to Yugi calling him Pharoah but I also like Yami.

That's true. Other DB characters...hmm... Haha, I thought of Nam and Ranfan. Yeah. Another scene that I thought was funny was when Launch started shooting at Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi. That was when bullets actually hurt a little. Yeah, but to be totally honest, I'm completely fine with characters like Launch because I find her condition interesting, especially since hers is activated by sneezing. I've never disliked Launch's character because of that but I can understand why some people would criticize a character like her now.

Well, at times, it seems like I was on both their sides. It kept me wondering about what L was gonna do and what Light was gonna do. But not long after I was just totally on L's on side. I don't like how L died... Near and Mello were ok characters. There's just something about L that makes him better than Near to me. That makes sense. Wow, really? I'm not too fond of Hercule either so I wouldn't mind. But that brings up something a lot of people were probably talking about at the time. Goku brought Hercule instead of Gohan and everyone else. I didn't find it annoying but I was just like "Really...?!" I agree...but I feel the same. Yuri Rozu (talk) 20:07, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

That's weird. I typed up a whole reply yesterday and submitted but it didn't sent through. Sigh, guess I'll do it again.

Making character complex and multilayered, and developing to be better can be an art, takes care and delicacy to pull off but done well it's amazing. I like that too, when you see shades of a character's old personality, we can see how far they've come but also the risk of them going back. Oh yeah, I think Sailor Moon might have done that as well as MLP: Friendship is Magic (which literally has it in the title). I found it weird that the dub calls him Yami as that translates to him being called "Dark" or "Darkness" in Jap.

Nam was one I thought of, he could have put up a better fight against Tambourine and come to Goku's aid more often. I also thought of Bora who was so strong he was immune to bullets. Korin ended up being a reoccurring character, but Bora and Upa who live downstairs to him got forgotten. Fair enough, I admit Launch was entertaining, and she hasn't really done anything offensive per say.

Light was brilliant at the start but he became really unlikable late in the series. Death Note should have ended with L dying, as Light was a terrible character after that. Near just wasn't as good as L as he's more amoral and is allround an inferior copy. I really disliked that gag Toriyama did of "Hercule is the only one to survive". Gohan, Goten, and Trunks' deaths were so pointless and just done to give Goku the final fight. I honestly laughed every time Hercule got hurt. --Stryzzar (talk) 00:25, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Whoa. That hasn't happened to me in a while. Usually, for talk pages, it might say that changes aren't saved and to press submit again but my replies never actually get deleted... That is weird.

Yes! I find that so cool! I hope to be able to do that one day with my own characters. Oh yeah, Sailor Moon. I think the Sailor Senshi have their own big spell/technique or whatever when they all put their friendship and powers together. I haven't actually seen the show though. I just listened to the opening song and heard some criticism about the newer one called Sailor Moon Crystal. I think MLP is the perfect example. Well...I'm not that surprised. The name of one of my characters has "yami" in it and it had something to do with darkness. 

Nam was a pretty good fighter from what I recall. He did Goku a bit of a challenge. I did forget about them... That kinda sucks because I really like Upa and Bora. They seem to be on the list of forgotten characters now. Yeah. 

Light was somewhat of a weird character for me. At first, I loved seeing him try to get around L and his ideas and vice versa. After L died, I still liked how he would strategize things but he became a character that, at times, I didn't really want to look at. The fact that Light went extra crazy around the time Near was introduced has something to do with that. Also, Near was boring. L was unique and Near did not do a good job replacing L as far as personality wise. (But...I have to say it.) no where near as good as L. Now that I think about it, you're right. At the time, any one of them, except Vegeta, could have fought Kid Buu. (But geez... Goten and Trunks were still little kids when they got their first death. When Krillin got his first death in DB, he was older than them!) But, hey, those scenes were freaking funny, especially the Cell Games one. Hercule kinda got that backhand... Yuri Rozu (talk) 01:55, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

It's happened to me on threads before, but never on talk pages.

For me development can sometimes make all the difference on whether I love a character or not. Me too. I've only seen like 2 episodes of Sailor Moon, I'm really not sure. Digimon might have something like that too I think. MLP pretty much has friendship as the entire plot, everything seems to run on magic. I haven't really seen that series btw. Pharaoh definitely works best as his name then aside from Atem.

Yes, Namu resorted to a lot of clever techniques. DB was about skill, wile DBZ focused on raw power. Upa and Puar teamed up to beat the vampire in Baba's tournament. That was the last time Puar was ever useful to the plot I think. Bora was considered strong even when Tirn was introduced so he should could have had a more active role as an ally. They only appeared in a cameo for DBZ where they gave energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb, as well as a cameo in GT when SSJ4 Goku teleport them.

Death Note's author should have just kept Light vs. L as the plot, without going into anything after that. There wasn't much point continuing after L had died. Yep, I agree with everything you said about Near. He tries too hard to be L, and it just doesn't work. They could have made it that Kibito Kai teleported to the Saiyans and yelled at Goku to teleport to the Kai Planet. Poor Krillin, holds the record for highest amount of deaths for a DB character. Then there's Pan who got her first death as an infant, unless that doesn't count since Whis reversed time. That scene is iconic, or the one where Trunks punches him into the brick wall. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:10, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Oh. Well, it's still annoying as heck. It's like taking your time to type an essay and then for some reason it just didn't save. (I'm gonna start copying whatever I type on here. My internet was off for some reason and I thought I would have to type this all over again.)

Yeah, it just depends on the character. Well...were the first to episodes good? I've seen a small amount of Digimon and I used watch Digimon Fusion a lot. From what I remember, they always want to save/help their friends when they're in danger and cheer them up. Me neither. It's not really my type of thing so I'm not even gonna bother to watch it either. (I probably would've liked it when I was younger though because that was when I'd always watch those brightly colored and super happy cartoons.) Wait...who called him Atem? Marik? Kaiba's royal Egyptian counterpart?

Yeah. For the most part, I agree with that. There were some times when raw power wasn't the focus though. In some cases, I'd say collaboration between the characters. Like, Goku and Piccolo vs Raditz. Raditz was stronger than both of them but Goku managed to hold Raditz still so Piccolo could use Special Beam Cannon. And when Super Perfect Cell and SS2 Gohan were having the epic beam struggle, the other Z Fighters did what they could to attempt to stop him. It was Vegeta's blast that momentarily distracted Cell which lead to his defeat. But that's if you're talking about the main characters though. At times, for the antagonists, they definitely had the raw power. That goes for the protags as well.I can barely remember the times when he helped... I don't think it was that many... I kinda liked the cameo appearances but I would've liked it if they didn't just disappear from the show after certain sagas.

It would've been cooler if that happened. But what if they never introduced Near and Mello and L still died? Would it end with Light never being found out? To me, after L died, it was kinda like "When's Light gonna mess up and caught?" That was it. Near investigated Light, he got caught, and he died. Haha, I guess that would've worked too. How many deaths does Krillin have in total? Is it, like, 4? Man, this would sound SO bad if this was taken out of context or something. But I guess it counts. One thing Hercule's good at is making people laugh when other characters hit him. Yuri Rozu (talk) 16:04, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Yep, I will not hide my immense annoyance at whenever that happens, which is a more than I would prefer.

They had something about "strength of their bond" to improve their performance or something? I've watched even less Digimon than I have Yu-Gi-Oh sequels, except Digimon Frontier. Even if I liked it, it's just too embarrassing for me to watch. Though I know a lot of people my age and gender who love that show. I believe the Pharaoh himself did at the end of the series.

Now that I think about it, prior to the Z-fighter's Team Champion showing up (Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Gohan, Gotenks), the field support Z-fighters who take on the miniboss almost never resort to raw power. Especially the humans who always have to find ways around the power disparity with clever techniques like Solar Flare or Tribeam. They only did that in filler I think, in the manga only Vegeta helped out. Frieza and Cell do possess the skill, but Buu in his first form was just brute strength and insane regeneration, though he did learn quite quickly. I do appreciate the callbacks to classic Dragon Ball. I was so excited when Arale showed up in Super as a cameo and later got an episode to herself.

I guess they could have left his fate ambiguous. He won over his rival, but he's also spelled his own doom too. Honestly Multiverse did a better job on that scene in both of its retellings. Let's see: Tambourine killed him, Frieza killed him, Super Buu killed him, 17 killed him. So yeah, 4 times. Good thing death is cheap on this show. Nothing ever dies, we will rise again! Yep, he's certainly a great punchbag. --Stryzzar (talk) 20:33, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

You don't have to... It's a real pain depending on how much you type.

It's more like "He/She is my friend so I'm gonna help him/her!" I've seen more Yu-Gi-Oh than Digimon. I think they have at least 4 or 5 other Digimon series out there. Trust me, I've done and seen some pretty embarrassing things...but I understand how you feel. Oh...ok.

Yeah, that's why it's so good for them to have some tricks up their sleeve because it could help at any moment. Speaking of Tri-Beam Ray, I loved how Tien stalled Semi-Perfect Cell. When I first watched it, I was so confused because I heard Chiaotzu say Tien's dying or something. I was like "What?! It does damage to the user too?!" But yeah, it's things like that which give them the upperhand or at least some sort of advantage. ...Huh? I haven't read the manga equivalent but I think the way they did it in the anime was better because everyone did all they could to help. But I do kinda see why they did that in the manga...'re right. But wasn't he momentarily smarter when he absorbed Piccolo? ^-^ Arale's funny and adorable. (I'm glad they made her "poking" habit look better than it sounds.)  On DB Xenoverse 1, my character has Arale's hat.

I guess. Really? Well, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. DB Multiverse is one of the best fanmade DB webcomics I've seen. Yep. I'm glad we still have our little Not-Caped Baldy. That one of the best DBZ Kai has ever had. Haha. *punch punch* It probably would've been funnier if Present Trunks didn't know how to fight as well as he does now. Yuri Rozu (talk) 21:36, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

That is for most of the series, but I think there's a little more friendship activated power at the end (I might be wrong). Geez, I was only aware of 3 Digimon shows. Still I don't think I can get caught dead watching a show about ponies 8|

Oh cool, we circled back to the Tien Tribeaming Semiperfect Cell scene, if you ctrl F we had talked about that a while back. I love that scene too, despite the impossibly large gap by this stage, Tien can still be useful despite being a mere human. I had learned about Tribeam from Dragon Ball so I knew it taps into lifeforce rather than ki. Master Roshi emphasized the technique would either kill or shorten ones lifespan. Agreed, that was good filler that gave everyone else purpose as well. The way I see it is Buu has the potential to be smart, but due to his impulsive, destructive nature he never takes the time to utilize it. Super Buu was already a great deal smarter, even though he didn't have much English vocabulary before absorbing Piccolo. But yes, he absorbed Piccolo just for his brains. Makes me wonder why he didn't absorb Bulma. Arale is so funny and ridiculously overpowered. She's all about Toonforce which means she defies logic and can be pitted against any character no matter how powerful, be that Kid Goku or God Goku. Awesome! Just curious, what race is your character?

Well in Zen Buu's ending, Vegeta ended up being absorbed by Buu before they cut the others out. Then Goku was left to face off against Buu on his own, proceeding to turn SSJ3, while Kibito Kai teleports over and attacks Buu from the outside to distract him. Goku ends up launching an attack so powerful that it would have destroyed the Solar System if he was normal sized, and while he breaks free of Buu he fails to destroy him and he regenerates. Buu then compliments Goku's efforts, before absorbing him since Goku is too drained to fight back. While Vegito's ending had the same version as canon, except Vegito didn't defuse and once he escaped from Buu he incinerated Kid Buu with one attack. Neither of Multiverse's endings bothered with going to the Sacred Kai World and didn't have Buu killing the survivors by blowing up the planet.

Well there was that one time Krillin wears Piccolo's clothes so technically he was a Caped Baldy then :P "Dragon Soul" is just the best DB theme song ever IMO. So Trunks just casually swings his fist and Hercule "slips" off stage and crashes into the wall? --Stryzzar (talk) 11:47, June 26, 2017 (UTC)

I don't even know. Well, I just looked this up and counted the amount of Digimon series... There's freaking 8 of them. The first one was made in 1999 and I remember watching part of that one. Haha ok. 100% understandable.

Yep. And that's what I loved about it. Well, at the time, I knew about Tri-Beam Ray but I had no knowledge of it being a risky and possibly deadly technique. I don't think I had watched the original DB yet. Like I said before, I watched the series out of order. This was during the Cell Saga so most likely after I finished it I went to DBZ so I could watch the Buu Saga (since DBZ Kai's version of it wasn't out yet) and then went to the original DB. And even now, after seeing them, I can't remember when Master Roshi said that. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. But then again, he may not have known that Bulma was a genius. Or maybe he chose Piccolo because he's smart in general and when it comes to fighting, Yeah, you gotta love the toonforce. My character's a Saiyan. I'm thinking about making another one that's a girl Majin though. You know, it's just to try out something new. 

That's interesting. I wasn't aware of the Zen Buu ending. I did know about the one where Goku and Vegeta stayed fused though. I forgot what universe it was. It was kinda weird seeing how Gohan, Bulla, and Pan had the same dad...technically. Also I don't remember seeing Kid Goten and Trunks in that universe... I really like their ideas. They brought new possible outcomes and solutions to problems that we saw in the perspective of the Universe 7 heroes.

Oh my gosh, he did do that. That's one more thing Krillin has in common with Saitama... And these dudes... Haha, I just figured out how you do that.) Hmm...well, what your favorite ending song? Oh, I was saying that it would funny if Trunks' punch had the same effect but he was weaker. Yuri Rozu (talk) 14:54, June 26, 2017 (UTC)

I think I saw last year that they made a new one that was the original DigiDestined "all grown up". Actually saw one guy in college who had it on his PC which caused everyone to laugh.

Ah yeah, you told me about that. Hmm, I don't know if Roshi said that in the dub. I'll have a look around and see if I can find it, but he was explaining the technique to Krillin. I guess he got to see Piccolo's brains. If he wasn't so quick to kill everyone he could see Bulma was an even better pick. Zen Buu absorbed Bulma btw. Saitama is ToonForce too, but he's no match for Arale. Oh sweet, I think everyone has gone with Saiyan at some point. Same, the female Majin design looks really stunning with the antennae as hair. I'd love to try a female Majin out. Speaking of Xenoverse, they just released DLC for Future Trunks Saga. I watched it on YT and it was so visually stunning.

Yeah Zen Buu was released quite late. Here's the chapter if you're interested: I'm glad they explored that, it was a bit of a fusion conundrum that canon couldn't have gone into. Like what happens to a fusion's family members? Gets really interesting when Bra has all these half siblings, due to her father being a fusion. Goten and Trunks of Vegito's timeline were also there as Gotenks, and they were identical to their counterparts from the main timeline.

He did that in a Broly movie. OMG LOL! The link thing? xD In TFS Cell did call Saitama "Caillou". Never really thought about an ending song tbh. Hmm, I guess that could happen if Roshi tried to punch him. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:18, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

Wow. I guess Digimon's still going strong. Well...that's not very nice. If I were in his situation, I'd probably die from embarrassment. (I don't do well in times like those...)

Ok. I can see that. I'll look around too! Yeah, but that's what happens when you don't get a chance to see everyones abilities. least he wasn't so... How should I put? Hasty? Arale vs Saitama would be a funny fight to watch though. Yeah, because, well, Saiyans are cool and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have been waiting to make their own Saiyan/Super Sayian character. Yeah. And when I first saw DB Xenoverse, I was really happy the did they female Majin thing. And to be honest some of the outfits look cool too. Ooh...DLC's. I'm gonna go watch it some time. I used to watch this youtuber named Super Saiyan Paul play the first DB Xenoverse and I know he's playing the 2nd one. He might have a video up with the DLC. 

Yay! I recently started back reading Multiverse. I'm so glad you told me about the ending! I also noticed how good their art style is. It reminds me so much of the anime. Yeah. It really got me thinking about his wives. Vegito has freaking two wives, 4 kids and then there's Pan! I think there was something with Vegito's relationship with Chi-Chi. Oh ok. Well, at least, Vegito has ONE full family member. Bra's his kid on Vegeta's side and Pan's his grandaughter on Goku's side so they're halves. 

Yeah, I think it was...Broly Second Coming when he rescued Gohan because I remember Gohan mistaking him for Piccolo because of the clothes. Yeah, they seems to always compare them to Caillou because they're bald. Also, I think Saitama has a very close resemblance to that guy from Bleach, especially when he's serious. Oh, well, my favorite ending song is Dear Zarathustra Yep, I agree. Yuri Rozu (talk) 04:34, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

Some of my friends they got a sense of nostalgia seeing the Digidestined aged up 10 years. Well it was just a brief one and he didn't get teased. These days bronies (that's what they're called) are everywhere.

This manga scan is the best I could find. Hasty, impulsive, reckless, that's Buu alright. Saitama would lose so badly though, as Arale's ToonForce is to the point of reality warping. She can split the Earth in half with a light tap and play kickball using planets. Everyone wants a Super Saiyan! Plus there's a whole treasure trove Super Saiyan forms to pick from. Love the outfits, you can recreate almost any character from the franchise with the amount of customization available. Saw custom characters for Chronoa, Beat (from Dragon Ball Heroes), Champa, Super Saiyan Violet Vegito. Possibilities are endless. Wish there was a male Majin who was slender though, all of them look like Fat Buu. I'll definitely try out a female Majin some time. Xeno videos are everywhere, I just watch whoever has uploaded first.

No problem. They've been making more colored issues as of late, which are drawn exceptionally well. They recently did Goku invading Frieza capital in Frieza's universe, as well as showing who Captain Ginyu had been hiding in. They all call him dad indiscriminately. In Vegito's ending Chi-Chi actually let him live with Bulma due to Goku being dead for years, so it was really Bulma who would be missing her husband. Though they had a teaser sidestory where Bulma and Chi-Chi Potara fused together to be his wife. Bra's actually his full kid, Trunks is his son on Vegeta's side.

Yep, I don't remember why he was wearing Piccolo's clothes though. Only Krillin gets the comparison though, despite there being several bald characters in DragonBall. He kind of does, only when Saitama is serious though. Dear Zarathustra is pretty good, I don't think I watched that far into Kai to hear that one. --Stryzzar (talk) 08:31, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

I would too if I were big fan of Digimon... Oh ok. That's good. Yeah, I know. I don't meet too many of them though. I think I only know 2...

Thanks for finding it! Yep, and those are not his best traits... Wait, huh?! What the heck?! I knew Arale was strong but geez...that's freaking Beerus level stuff! Saitama can only survive getting punched (or whatever) to the moon and can destroy a meteor... Yes, I love having my own Super Saiyan! I think I only got regular Super Saiyan though... I agree. The outfits are so cool! I've been trying to get Android 18's outfit for the longest... And it took so much to get Future Trunk's sword and outfit. This one dude tried to make SS Rose and Zamasu in DB Xenoverse 2. That's also what I love about the character customization part. You can make so many characters and create your own. I was kinda sad to find out that the Bardock stuff my character had from DB Xenoverse 1 was gone though... I loved Tyrant Lancer and the Saiyan armor. Bardock's armor was the only one I actually liked. Yeah, that could use some changing. Maybe they'll have an update or something... Haha, yeah. I like to stick with the people I've subscribed to sometimes though. 

Ooh, I love when it's been colored. But, wait, so in Frieza's universe Goku didn't get his body back? And by "dead" did Chi-Chi mean gone because he permanently fused with Vegeta? And...Bulma misses her husband because she want's Vegeta back but he has to stay like that and she has to deal with it? Oh, ok, I get why Bra would be his full kid. Bra was born after Trunks...

Why? I think it was something like "I wanted to see how if felt to be Piccolo for a day".Maybe it's the fact that Krillin's extra short? But then again, Master Roshi would be put in that category too. Yep. Hmm...well, it's called ending I think it's the first ending they used for Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters. Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:53, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

But good for them, I guess it's the same feelings we got when new Dragon Ball returned after all these years. Think I've run into 4 or 5 irl or on the internet.

No problem. Arale splits the Earth in half,Arale knocks away asteroid/moon with a headbutt, Arale travels through all the planets in the Solar System via leaps, then shifts the Earth by jumping on it. Well actually, when Arale showed up in Dragon Ball Super, Beerus was the only one who could put a stop to her when she went rampant. Even Super Saiyan Blue Goku was having trouble keeping up with her power.

I quite like the Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume, which is similar to the outfit Xeno Goku wears from Dragon Ball Heroes. I'd also fancy a Kaioshin outfit. Farming is so annoying, but all the same, good luck with getting Android 18's outfit. Oh yeah, Xenoverse doesn't go past SSJ 2. Well at least it gave us female Super Saiyans, before Caulifla showed up. Think I once saw someone make a Zen'o in Xenoverse to fight against Goku Black. Tyrant Lancer is still in Xenoverse 2, but only in DLC though. Doesn't look like they'll change that until Xenoverse 3, if that's going to be a thing. Apparently Xenoverse 2 had its final DLC released.

Okay, looks like I have a fair bit of explaining. In Frieza's universe, Vegeta was killed by Krillin on Earth by Yajirobe's sword before Goku could stop him. As a result, the Z-fighters and Nail had to deal with Frieza and his soldiers without Vegeta. This caused them to lose the overall fight, as Frieza ended up killing everyone after he had the Dragon Balls duped from him. Goku doesn't show up to Namek until days after everyone is dead, and only finds Nail surviving due to his regeneration. He and Nail then decide to attack a planet that serves as Frieza's capital, which is where they encountered the Ginyu Force (Frieza never called them in). Frieza later shows up himself and Goku lasts up until Frieza's final form but never acquired the Super Saiyan so he loses. Ginyu took the blame for Frieza's capital being in ruins and Frieza killed him, but not before Ginyu switched out of his dying body. Hence Multiverse kept everyone guessing who Ginyu was disguised as in the tournament.

By "dead" Chi-Chi meant Goku dying at the hands of Cell, so he wasn't around during the 6 year gap when Gohan and Goten grew up. So since Vegito was close enough to Vegeta, he mostly stayed with Bulma but came over to visit Chi-Chi every now and then. Yep, and that's how we got overpowered Mary Sue Son Bra that everyone keeps hating on.

Oh wow. How did Piccolo agree to letting Krillin have his clothes? Krillin's shorter than short though, he actually seems to have shrunk during Super. At one point he was about shoulder height for 18 but now he's waist height. Oh, then maybe I skipped the endings. They never aired in my country so I streamed them. Can't quite remember what I did since it was a good while ago. --Stryzzar (talk) 15:47, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, I totally understand how nostalgia feels. For some odd reason, I get it more when I listen to music though. You know more than me then.

^-^ Buy, yeah...the toonforce is REAL.

The Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume's cool but I think I like Xeno Goku's outfit better. Man, I wish my character could have that... Kaioshin outfits are also cool. I like Chronoa's off the shoulder dress thing she's got going on. Thanks. Oh, well. At least we get two SS forms. But, yeah, I did like that. I'm pretty sure most of us did since we've been waiting for a female Super Saiyan for the longest. How in the world did they make Zeno...? Boo, I can never seem to get the DLC packs. Oh ok, I didn't know. If there is gonna be a Xenoverse 3, I wonder what the storyline's gonna be...

Thank goodness. I was SO confused. In terms of how everything went down...Frieza's universe sucks but the Ginyu thing does add in some mystery so I like that. But he must be in the body of someone that was there in Frieza's capital. That's interesting. I'm glad they added that in. 

Ok, got it. I feel bad for Bulma and Chi-Chi though... Yep. But I do like how she's the total opposite of Multiverse's GT version of Bra. In that one chapter, they were both thinking "Get a life" because technically both of their lives are centered around one thing with the GT version's being mainly about boys and shopping and the one in Vegito's universe about training. 

I watched part of the Gohan vs Broly fight and skipped to the part where Krillin showed. He said that he was dying to try on Piccolo outfit but he didn't explain how. I think Piccolo just used his clothes beam on Krillin, I did somewhat notice that. If he's only waist height to 18 then he's way shorter than Goku now. Maybe you did, because a lot of people do that and a lot of videos take out ending songs (and in some cases openings). Wait, what country are you in? Yuri Rozu (talk) 02:56, June 28, 2017 (UTC)

Music can get me nostalgic too, but I usually get it from scenes and characters.

When ToonForce battle, RIP logic and common sense. Wow, I didn't realize it went all weird with the scroll textbox.

Xeno Goku's outfit is amazing, I honestly wish GT Goku had that instead of the blue one. Chronoa's dress had me wondering for ages, it's so weird but so cool. I think I've seen one irl version of off-shoulder dresses once before. I wish the Chronoa and Kaioshins in general were a playable race in Xenoverse, if Dragon Ball Heroes can do it I don't see why Xeno can't. Though Xenoverse 1 was a bit lazy with Super Saiyan hair and it only turns gold without the spiking. Not sure if Xenoverse 2 fixed that. Hmm, not sure, I think it was a mod and not just customization. They might have taken a short character like Kid Gohan and stuck a large head like Fat Buu on, before recoloring and changing features. Yeah DLC is a cash grab and really annoying. I just YT them so I don't have to buy them. Well since it's Xenoverse, obviously something is changing history again. But what if the player can decide on the changes to history, like changing a major event in history to drastically alter the Dragon Ball timeline, say making Goku survive the fight with Raditz, or letting Krillin kill Vegeta.

Most universes aside from the main one, Vegito's universe, Gast Carcolh, and the Kais, had one of the villains winning against the heroes, so pretty much all of them suck for the heroes. Zen Buu is the only one which had a sort of bittersweet ending. I won't spoil the reveal on who Ginyu is hiding as since you've started reading it again.

I actually like Son Bra at first, including that scene where she was compared with U18 Bra. But they kept giving her too much attention, and there's the really controversial fight she had with King Cold that annoyed everyone.

Okay, guess it's just one of those weird movie jokes. Kind of like Piccolo and Vegeta with the "not until the fish jumps" joke. Clothes beam xD! If he keeps shrinking like that soon he'll be shorter than Gregory. I live in Australia. Unless I wasn't aware of it, DB Kai never aired here. --Stryzzar (talk) 05:04, June 28, 2017 (UTC)

I see.

Yep. Oh, I didn't even notice that. 

Yeah, it is but I think I'm ok with GT Goku having the blue gi. I've always thought the dress was really pretty. I've seen them in real life on a few occasions but I see pictures of anime girls wearing them too. But usually they look like this Yeah, me too. The Kaioshins can look really cool and interesting, especially Shin with his spiky mohawk like hair do and Chronoa. When Xenoverse first came out, I was wondering the same thing about androids. I noticed the Super Saiyan thing. Oh...well, that makes sense. Yeah, I'll just do the same thing. Well, yeah, DB Xenoverse has been revolved around the whole changing history thing. That's interesting. Then if we mess up, we'll have to deal with the consequences of changing the outcomes of certain events. 

I'll agree with you on that. Ok. I'll tell you what I think when I read it.

She was cool. Oh, so it was King Cold that she fought. Hmm, I'll make sure to read that one.

Haha, yeah, probably. I loved that one! Ok, that was most likely an exaggeration. Gregory is one of the smallest living things in the DB universe. Oh, wow, I had no idea. I live in the U.S. I don't know why they wouldn't air it. That's weird... Yuri Rozu (talk) 23:28, June 28, 2017 (UTC)

I always felt orange or red suits Goku better as a color. I liked it better when he switched from his original blue gi to his turtle school one in Dragon Ball too. Oh, interesting. Though that one has shoulder straps, Chronoa's one has a more perplexing way of not falling off. I really liked this custom character of Chronoa and reenacted the scene of her defeating Demigra eons ago. Mohawks are godly! I still don't understand why Androids haven't been added, they would be a very easy race to make, unless they're having difficulty with Cell. A YTber actually suggested that was the path Xenoverse 2 should have taken, as the trailers kept suggesting "you decide the outcome", but Xenoverse 2 was still pretty restrictive in player influence on story. Butterfly effect games are still very rare and ones that get made are very impressive.

Okay, enjoy!

Ignoring the fact that techniques and abilities keep coming out of nowhere, the fight is drawn quite well with so much detail.

They also did Goku being punched in the balls by Super 13 which became memetic. Movies can getaway with things that don't make it into the main continuity. Well they should gather the Dragon Balls and wish for Krillin stop shrinking then. He's about to hit the height he was when he was a kid. They don't air a lot of stuff here, or airing it much much later. We didn't get Teen Titans until 10 years after it originally aired. Legend of Korra came on the screen years after as well. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:19, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

Those colors do suit Goku better though. That, I agree with. Yeah, it's like gravity doesn't her and the off the shoulder part just stays up no matter what. Wow, that sounds cool! Did they have their Chronoa fight in a certain style or what? Lol. Well, yeah, that's understandable. Cell would be somewhat hard to make in the game but couldn't they have just put out androids like 16, 17, 18 and then update it with Cell-type androids later? That's interesting. I didn't know Xenoverse 2 was like that. Ooh, I like games like those. Heavy Rain and Life is Strange are so cool! The consequences of your actions can be as simple as not having a photo to turn in for class or as dangerous as getting murdered by a crazy dude! 


There's no denying that. The people who make DB Multiverse do a very good job.

Oh, geez. I know that had to hurt. I'm pretty sure that, along with any other time him or Vegeta's got punched there, was made into a meme/joke concerning Goten and Trunks.  Yeah, the same goes with tv mini series too, I think. Oh goodness I can imagine it now. As everyone's trying to make the wish, Krillins gonna be going around saying things like "I'm not that short!" and "I'm not shrinking!" What in the world? That's crazy.

(Also, do you know how archiving works? I'm so confused...  Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:08, June 29, 2017 (UTC))

The color contrast becomes very important when Goku's evil twin, Goku Black shows up. Goku always has bright colors in the red-yellow spectrum, aside from his Kamehameha I guess. It's her Kaioshin power, gravity doesn't effect her. See for yourself. Have you seen the Dragon Ball Heroes Android Avatars? Nimu, Nico, Genome. The latter two are particular impressive, Nico looks like a female Android 19 while Genome looks like a Cell Jr. with Imperfect or Perfect form. It shouldn't be too hard for Xenoverse to do something like that given how much extensive character optimization there already is. It wasn't like that, but the trailers made it sound like it would be like that. So people were hoping it actually was. Yes, Life is Strange is a good example. One of the most famous games is Until Dawn where all your actions have ramifications and can lead to characters permanently dying.

Multiverse is right up there with TeamFourStar as some topnotch fanmade Dragon Ball works.

Gonna need a lot of senzu beans to heal up his Gotens :P TFS milks those jokes for every cent it's worth. In Super Android 13 Abridged they actually made it so that Super 13 punching Goku erased Goten from existence xD. Which mini series, you mean Kai? And Goku's like "huh who said that? Krillin is that you? Are you a ghost or something?" It's gradually improving, but if I want to see practically anything as soon as the rest of the world does, then I have to stream it myself online. The only exception is certain shows which are fast-tracked, but those are a lot rarer especially for animated shows.

From how I understand it is, you take the delete all the content of the page, then you take the hyperlink of the last revision from the history] and keep that as a permanent link on your current page. For instance, if you were archiving from your last edit, the link would be this, while you click "Newer edit →" to see the revision made from when I submitted this. --Stryzzar (talk) 15:32, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah and Goku Black wears...well, black/dark gray. Aside from his normal Kamehameha, There was that one time when his 10x Kamehameha was red. Haha and his Kaio-Ken was red too. Oh wow, that looks cool. And apparently Chronoa uses the Kamehameha. But, yeah, I've seen them. I actually love a majority of the character designs.  I guees you're right. Well, that kinda sucks then but ok. Oh yeah, I like that game too. I haven't seen the entire playthrough of Until Dawn but I have watched enough to know about the antagonist and that your choices determine your fate. 


It's SUPER funny though. His "Gotens" have been through a lot. At that part, I was just dying with laughter. When I saw the original movie, I was already like "Wait, did Super Android 13 punch Goku where I think he punched him?" TFS took it farther and made it better comedy-wise. Oh, no. I'm talking about this mini series about real life stuff. It stopped airing some time in May. I noticed what you did there with the ghost thing lol. Well, that's good. Hmm...I wonder why it's like that for animated fast track shows...

Thanks. I think I'm just gonna leave my page how it is though. It's easier that way. Yuri Rozu (talk) 21:56, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

How creative a name for him, (Future Bulma's idea). I always thought that was interesting how 10x Kamehameha turns red to match his red aura, even when SSG Goku's Kamehameha didn't change despite his red aura. According to that video Chronoa invented the Kamehameha! Or maybe it's a time loop where Chronoa learned it from the future, then took it to the past where Roshi would hear about it and derive it. The only designs I don't like is Erito because he's just a Saiyan Android 17. It's a very cinematic game, I don't have it myself but watching others play it is an experience in itself.

Way before TFS, some person compiled a video of having Super 13 punch Goku's balls consecutively 10 times. When I first saw it I wasn't sure it was intentional, but now I'm convinced he really was trying to hit Goku there. Vegeta finally got back at Goku by seeing him get hit in the dick :P Hmm, well safe to say I've never seen it then. I think our channels need to buy the rights to air them, and for some reason that takes forever. Sometimes they don't buy them until the show has long stopped airing, probably because it's cheaper then.

And I messed up the links in my last reply... I really should check before publishing. Okay, if you're fine with it. Also, wow we've been talking here for a month now! --Stryzzar (talk) 04:53, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

Well, his color scheme is different from Goku's...and he's also freaking evil. I knew there was one Kamehameha variation that was red so I searched it and I found 10x Kamehameha. For Goku they're usually bluish-white so I admit that it's weird how one his Kamehameha waves is red. ...That's certainly interesting. If that did happen, then DB would've had the past, present, future, timeline thing before we even got to DBZ. Basically. Erito has an ok base form design to me. I don't hate it...but I don't love it either. I think he looks pretty cool as a Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 though. I don't really like Fen until she gets the class-ups. Other than that, I think I'm ok with all the characters. I think my favorites are ForteFroze, and Wairu. Note, Beat, and Zen are cool too though. Yeah, same. I heard that it even has some of those typical moments in horror movies. 

Well geez. Even though they say there's no such thing as a "fair fight" I'd still say that was a low blow. Yep. Both of them both know how it feels to get hit in the private parts. Oh. Well, I see. It makes sense but it sucks for people who actually want to watch it when it first comes out.

Wow, that's funny. It doesn't even feel like a month. Yuri Rozu (talk) 12:06, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

Naming a character after a color though, must be Red Ribbon army callbacks. Have you seen TFS's Dragon Ball Super shorts? They made fun of his name with Goku being confused why he was called Black. I found out about 10x Kamehameha very early in my Dragon Ball experience, due to my friend introducing me to Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and straight away SSJ4 Goku. In fact I think SSJ4 Goku was one of the first DB characters I saw. For a while I thought the color had something to do with the "level of power" or the form they were in, but that no longer seems to be the case. Well Frieza got retroactively added in before Goku even arrived on Earth for the Bardock movie. That's the thing with time travel, your future could be my past even though we are talking in the present. Yeah his SSJ forms look alright, just don't like his base. They could have made a Saiyan avatar that resembled Vegeta, but they went with 17 of all characters. Yeah I don't like Fen's hair for base, it looks like combed down Super Saiyan hair. Definitely looks better after class up. I wonder how Kaioshin "forms" even work. That's an understatement, it's pretty much a big buffet platter of every horror movie cliche to ever exist.

BA DUM TSS! They should have made that a special attack from 13 in the games, it was just too good! Yeah I know, if you want to watch TV shows on time then this country probably isn't best to live in.

I'm clutzy like that. Same, June went by so quickly it's scary. What happened to all the time? Who stole it? --Stryzzar (talk) 10:56, July 1, 2017 (UTC)

It's possible. Oh, no, I haven't. I didn't even know that they made DB Super shorts... Well, that sounds like something that could really happen. Of couurse Goku would get confused, especially if he doesn't know that there's another look a like version of him. Whoa, that's crazy! But I guess it kinda makes sense that you found out about SS4 Goku and his 10x Kamehameha because GT was the last series of DB at the time. Budokai Tenkaichi wow. That's one of the earlier DB games. I don't even think I can remember my first DB character... It might have been Goku in the Saiyan Saga. Characters just seem to have random colors unless they're like Goku and they use Kaio Ken which makes their aura red. Haha, time travel can pretty complicated but I understand. I don't know why they made a saiyan that looks like 17 but they have one that looks like Vegeta though...well and Raditz all at the same time. He's Basaku. Yep. I don't even know. That idea seems kinda interesting though. Geez. Well, that's a whole lot of cliche then.

Lol. I don't think anyone would expect that. But I heard Australia's pretty cool though. What's it like there besides the late tv show airings?

I think everyone's clutzy sometimes. I know. The months and years go by faster than you expect them to. It kinda sucks... Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:05, July 1, 2017 (UTC)

Here. They had a few more featuring Zamasu, Beerus, and Whis, but I can't show them yet without spoiling the actual series. I did briefly watch the original DragonBall back when I was 6 yrs old, but at that point I didn't know what it was or that it had a connection to Super Saiyans and all that. My first DB character overall is still Kid Goku during the Red Ribbon Saga, very shortly followed by General Blue and Arale. Yep, I found out about SSJ4 and Gogeta before I knew about Gohan and Piccolo. The games tend to color code the kis with SSJs getting yellow, Frieza getting purple, and Buu getting pink, but that's about as far as it goes. Oh yeah, Basaku does have Vegeta's widow's peak and eyes. Well idk, give him Kid Gohan's mullet then perhaps? Can be both scary and cheesy at the same time due to how much was crammed in.

Well right now it's freezing cold, any colder and it might actually snow (which has never happened around here before). We do have local shows, but they're mostly restricted to live action dramas, very few animated or the less-reality live-action fictions. All those tend to get exported from overseas.

Time trolls. It goes by fast when you're short on time but crawls at a snail's pace when you want it to pass. --Stryzzar (talk) 22:53, July 1, 2017 (UTC)

Aw, well, ok. I see. You were young and the original the DB probably just didn't look like the one you were used to seeing. Wait, a sec. That means you've liked Arale for pretty long time. Haha, wow. It sounds so crazy because they hardly ever show Gogeta or SS4 but you learned about them first instead of main characters that they show in pretty much every episode. It wasn't until at least 7th or 8th grade year for me to learn about the GT stuff. And while you had already seen General Blue at such a young age, I was a preteen learning about him and thinking "Why does this dude have psychic powers?!" I didn't know that... I didn't get my first DB related game until Xenoverse 1. Yep. Oh, I loved it when Gohan had the mullet. I didn't know that's what it was called but I still loved it. He looked so cool trying to go Super Saiyan in the Hyperbolic Time Champer with Goku! Yeah, I agree. But sometimes I can't help but think about how dumb horror movie characters can be sometimes...

I guess I'm just used to thinking "Australia's hot". I'm actually somewhat shocked. Oversea stuff, cool. action dramas?! If those are the ones I'm thinking about, then I'd love to see them!

That's so freaking true. It's like you can have the longest 10 minutes ever but an hour can go by without even noticing a thing. Yuri Rozu (talk) 10:58, July 2, 2017 (UTC)

Well that's because I didn't get to see the actual DB/DBZ story until I was 14. When I was shown that game I was like 9-10 I think. I put two and two together after I went through the whole Dragon Ball story from start to end. Yeah I guess it does, but I didn't know she was that overpowered back then, probably because she wasn't that overpowered back then. It is funny, when I was going through Dragon Ball I was like, "where's Vegeta? why hasn't he showed up yet?" (I did see SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta). Oh wow, that came out really late. I've had some goes playing DB games since the PS2. I think it's called a mullet. I wish they'd give adult Gohan that hair back, he looks way better with that rather than the Yamcha lookalike hair. Gohan was the original Super Saiyan 3! That's another cliche, horror film character stereotypes. You've got the nerd, cheerleader, jock, hero, detective, and final girl. The first three on that list will always die early due to not being savvy in a horror scenario, the final girl always lives to the end and is the one to beat the villain/monster.

Lol, I'm not surprised. Our winters still aren't as cold as US, while our summers are way-way hotter. But we still have a winter. By dramas I mean like soaps of some fiction about everyday life or something. We've got a few of those going on.

Classtime or lecture, the minute hand on a clock seems to stop moving altogether. But when you play a game, it's already midnight when it feels like you only just started. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:52, July 2, 2017 (UTC)

I see. Yeah, you're right she wasn't. The last time I saw her, I remember her being being pretty fast and still pretty strong but not as strong as the crazy huge toonforce powers she has now. Haha. When I watched DB, it actually got me wondering what would happen if Vegeta had shown up in the original DB. Yeah, I know. And the only ones I knew before learning about the Budokai Tenkaichi series were Battle of Z and this other one that has to do with Future Trunks. (I forgot the exact name.) I have no issue with his current hair but I did love the other one while it lasted. Yeah, technically, appearance wise. If Gohan still had that mullet-ish hair and THEN got SS3, his hair would be so ridiculously long. Yep, that's true. Then there's the one where a guy and a girl are making out or whatever and then the killer finds them. They either die immediately or not long after. 

You guys are kinda lucky when it comes to winter. And if summers in Australia are hotter than U.S. summers then it'd probably be close to unbearable for me. I love summer but it can get way too hot sometimes... Oh, ok. I don't think I'd watch too many of those then. 

Man, the way time moves can be so annoying...but also kinda sad when you realize that your time has run out for certain things. Yuri Rozu (talk) 14:05, July 2, 2017 (UTC)

She felt just strong enough to trounce normal humans and even Goku, but nothing close to God powers. Arale seems to be as "strong as she needs to be" which is the primary rule of toonforce. Well Vegeta was as strong as Raditz when he was a kid. Considering how badly Raditz was stomping Goku and Piccolo when their power levels were already in the hundreds, Vegeta would just kill everyone the second he showed up. There was another one I can't remember the name of that came out before Budokai, one that was like a sidefighter and the Kamehamehas were yellow in color. I don't mind his hair itself, but it's just associated with nerdy wuss Gohan. He was more badass when he had the other hairstyle. Like when Raditz got Super Saiyan 3 in DBH. Yeah the make-out couple always get killed early, I think they're sometimes the jock and cheerleader.

The summers are sometimes unbearable for me and I grew up here. I prefer the cold tbh.

Ikr, the time on some things can't ever be restored. --Stryzzar (talk) 08:09, July 3, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, ok. I can definitely see that. And it makes sense considering the things Arale's done and Saitama's crazy one punching powers. That explains why in one of those Bardock movies Vegeta was shown beating up some Saibamen when he was little and how he was way stronger than Raditz when he came to Earth... Yeah, I'm glad Vegeta didn't show up sooner than he did. The one you were talking about might be called Dragon Ball Sagas, Super Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors, or maybe Buu's Fury. I got the last two from this  Also, I just remembered the one with Future Trunks. It was called Dragon Ball GT Final Bout and it had some interactions between Present Trunks and Future Trunks I think. Ok, I understand. Haha, I wouldn't say he's a wuss though. But nerdy? That's a definite yeah. I agree. It would've looked so cool when he managed to control the Super Saiyan form. Dang...that hair though! That looks cool! But SS3 Nappa... looks freaking ridiculous... Yep. The scene from Friday the 13th was kinda weird though. Jason killed the couple while they were both still in the bed. 

I don't like it too hot but I don't like it when it's cold either. To be more specific, I love the days when it's not hot or cold and then it's windy. Humid air is pretty nice too.

Yeah. Once that time's gone you can't get it back. That's what makes me pretty sad sometimes though. It just reminds me of people who were my friends or of my relatives that I can't see anymore. All I'm left with are memories that make me wanna see them again. I bet a lot of people wish they could rewind time or get more of it. Yuri Rozu (talk) 11:41, July 3, 2017 (UTC)

Early Arale probably could have been a better match for Saitama. That's actually the indication on how strong Kid Vegeta is. Vegeta and Nappa did say the Saibamen were equal to Raditz's powerlevel. "That's right, he was so weak we could grow Raditzes." They might have nerfed him a bit, or it'd be interesting if he showed up during the King Piccolo saga, where Oozaru empowered Goku, King Piccolo, and maybe even Kami took him on. Although Vegeta probably wouldn't be a kid by that point in time since he's older than Goku by a few years. Not Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors, the one I played was a PS2 game. It might have been Super Dragon Ball Z, though that game doesn't seem to have the SSJ4 in it. Dragon Ball Sagas doesn't seem to go into GT so I don't think it's that one. There might be a chance it was Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, but can't say for certain. Meh, whatever it was, it was really old. Oh that's cool. There was another one called Raging Blast which had a mission where Future meets Present Trunks.

Okay, maybe a wimp then? I'm referring to how he keeps slacking his training and got weaker than his kid self from during the fight against Cell. When Goku turns SSJ3, he could have been like, "now I look like Gohan did before I cut his hair". They went with the Rapunzel look after all xD. Yep I've seen that one, I would have Nappa would have grown hair rather than it just being his beard. Jason is pretty brutal like that, suddenly appearing in from the dark to stab at the helpless victim.

Well of course I like the temperature just right, but if given a choice between hot and cold, I'd go for the latter.

I think everyone thinks of that at some point. There's always something in life we want to revisit or redo. -- Stryzzar (talk) 05:34, July 4, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah. She can do so much stuff now so DB Arale would probably be better. Who said that? Was it Nappa? Fpr some reason, I can REALLY see him saying that. But, yeah, compared to the people now, that would be INSANELY weak. Yep, basically they just made more versions of Raditz appear. It's possible. Yeah, Vegeta was born 5 years before Goku. When I went to the DBZ Budokai page, it said that in the trivia section so it just might be it. Raging Blast sounds interesting. I love when they have the thing where a future version of a character interacts with their past selves or vice versa. That's why I really liked this moment

Wimp sounds a bit better. I know what you mean though. That kinda got on nerves. I mean, really. At that time, Gohan was stronger when he was 11 than when he was married with kids. It bugged me but I felt so bad for him when Frieza basically tortured him by shooting seemingly countless holes in his body. Yep. Haha, yeah. That's kinda how I picked it. I agree. This Super Saiyan beard looks funny but weird all at the same time. Yep. Some of his most brutal attacks include punching a persons head off and making someones eyes pop out of their head. 

Haha, yeah. Despite how unbearable heat can be, I think I'd go with that. It's either sweat or shiver. I'd just sit in front of a fan and drink water. 

Yeah. I always have moments like that. Like if I do something embarrassing or bad, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to do it. But then I find myself thinking "Everyone makes mistakes. I'm glad that I just so happened to learn from them". Yuri Rozu (talk) 16:15, July 4, 2017 (UTC)

I can picture it now, Arale fires N'Cha cannon, Saitama Serious Punches. Queue a view of the Earth from space, *HUGE EXPLOSION* TFS Vegeta said that, lol. Though even if Vegeta did show up there, Toriyama would find a way for the heroes to not die, otherwise there'd be no story. There's some fanart I found which was quite funny. Me too, I loved that scene. There are these cutscenes in games where Future Gohan interacts with other characters. In Budokai 3, if Future Gohan meets Goku, Goku will say "what is it Gohan? You looks sad, what's wrong?" then when he wins he says "stand tall Gohan, you will have to protect everyone in the future", which was very heartwarming. There's a lot of funny moments if you have younger versions of characters fight older versions, like Kid Goku fights adult Goku, or GT Kid Goku fights Kid Chichi.

Well at least Gohan's finally strong again, with his Ultimate form being in the same league as SSB Goku. Oh man, Frieza was even more of a dick in DBS than in the movie, they amped up everything that was unlikable about him. At least he's being played slightly more humorously since his return in the Universe Survival Arc. Really? I didn't even know about the eyeball popping thing. Okay I saw it on YT, that looks so fake it's not even scary tbh.

Are you a swimmer? Despite growing up in this country, I'm actually quite a weak swimmer tbh, but lots of people cool off that way.

But there are some instances where I do get tired of hearing "so you learn from it and it won't happen again". Because there are times when the price they come at is too high. It'd be so nice to have a time machine. When people ask me what kind of superpower I'd want, I always say "time manipulation", so I can undo any mistake I make. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:20, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

       The Earth...CANNOT HANDLE THE TOONFORCE!!! Haha, well, I can see Vegeta saying that too. You're right and alot of people wouldn't like that. We would've missed out on some of the coolest moments in DB history. Raditz is standing there thinking "Stupid Kakarot... How dare he copy my style!?" I found it so adorable. (You should've seen the comments.) I kinda liked Present Trunks better as a baby. Nice! I really like those lines! I can see why. Adult Goku would see that he's changed alot over time and GT Goku would be thinking "That's Chi-Chi when she was a kid!" or something like that. Imagine if it was Kid Vegeta and Adult Vegeta. "IS THAT ME BETTER THAN ME?!"

Yes, the fact that Gohan's stronger now is just awesome! Gohan has so much potential so I'm glad that he starting back training. Yep, they did a pretty good job at it. Frieza's sadism in that scene was really high. Yeah. Comedy seems to somehow make a villain... better. For example, TFS made me like Cell a bit more. Frieza was funny too but there's nothing TFS can do for him. I've seen the Friday the 13th movies so many times that there's no way for it to be scary anymore. I'm so used to Jason. But maybe with some better effects it would be more likely to scare people. Also, have you seen Friday the 13th Part 9? Ugh, that's one of the worst ones. I wouldn't call it scary... It was more weird or creepy when I first saw it.

Nope, I can't swim. I plan on learning how to though.

Yeah, I know what you mean. But let's say that we do time machines. What if we mess up other things to go back and fix some mistakes. Would it be worth it? It would be a good power to have but there's so many other powers that I wish I had too. There's just so many good ones that it would be hard to choose if we even could. Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:19, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

They need a ToonForce Earth to fight on. Yeah, Vegeta does love to mock, though that line may have been a bit wittier than canon Vegeta. Goku: "If you don't like it, you can always come fight me for it. If you're strong enough that is." Baby Trunks is cute, and apparently looked really mean and angry. In the manga Bulma was like "at least I know you'll grow up to be hot, I was so worried, you look like such a mean baby." Their lines were Z Goku saying "you look just like I did when I was a kid", while GT Goku says "huh? Chichi you got small too?" Hmm, perhaps "Father? No wait, someone else." "That's because I'm you. Vegeta the Prince of all Saiyans!" I think in Xenoverse, when GT Goku meets Gohan, he actually pretended to be Goten, which was interesting.

There's a headcanon that Gohan's Ultimate power was a sort of equivalent of God-ki. That might be true now. I think I always liked Cell, with his concept and his creepiness. Though his tendency to mass murder did make it harder to like him. Still TFS Frieza had some very memorable scenes and quotables lines, I loved the one where he asks God to strike him, to which a lightning bolt does hit him and does nothing to which he's like "HA! Nice try jackass, next time give it your A-game!" Like Frieza is calling God a jackass xD Jason goes to Hell? I haven't seen it but know all about it and everything that happens in it. Yeah it was very negatively received. Still not as bad as Jason-X in my opinion.

Ah, that's fine. In my country we're taught to swim since the age of 6. I can make sure I won't drown, but won't be winning any races.

I guess you're right, I'll leave time travel to Time Lords and Doc Brown. People say stuff like telekinesis and flight, but with time powers I could theoretically beat anyone. --Stryzzar (talk) 01:04, July 6, 2017 (UTC)

A toonforce Earth would be able to handle basically any type of attack. Yeah, I remember his syaing something else. It was probably something similar to "These Saibamen have a power level equal to Raditz's." Ah, the lines full of pride. It's cool to have some of those sometimes. Haha, yeah, he did but he had the had the cutest little happy faces and even cuter angry/determined faces. I really loved the part when he was trying to walk. Of course Bulma would say that.I'm so glad you told me the lines! These scenarios that they have are cool!

I guess technically the can say that because of the level of power Gohan's at now. Cell has been my favorite villain for a while now but it all started back when I watch DBZ Kai. TFS just made him funnier and creepier. Eh, I guess it's more of a "villain you love/like to hate" type of thing. I don't "like" him because, you know, he's evil, kills people, and etc.The same goes with Majin Buu (any/all evil forms). He did so many things but I still like the character in some way. I agree that he had some memorable moments but I've just never really been a Frieza person. Out of the 3 main villains in DBZ, Frieza comes in last place with first being Cell and Majin Buu being second. I do remember laughing when Frieza said that though. Yep, that one. I don't like it. But, uh, I actually like Jason X better than Part 9. Personally I found Jason Goes to Hell kinda...dumb. In the entire movie the only parts I like where at the beginning and the end. I mean, how does it go from Jason being a undead serial killer to a demon going inside people's bodies and making them kill people only for the demon to get passed around? And Jason X is just Jason Voorhees in space with some crazy technology surrounding them. I will admit that the ending to Jason X was pretty interesting and funny in a way.

You guys are lucky. At least when you're in water, you won't sink...

Wow, Doc Brown, ok. I had absolutely no idea who that was at first. You're also right about that. Before they even hit you, you can just rewind time to before the fight even started or matter of fact even prevent it from happening in the first place. Yuri Rozu (talk) 04:33, July 6, 2017 (UTC)

ToonForce Earth can explode, but still have large intact fragments with all inhabitants on it. Then they can use a lasso to rope the fragments back together, then patch it back with glue before the ToonForce Earth heals itself. In TFS or in canon? In TFS did something like using Raditz as a unit for measuring powerlevel on their scouters I think. Before there was Yamcha, Raditz was the victim of all weak jokes. Baby Trunks walking was one of the more interesting fillers, kind of reminds me of when I helped my brother to walk when he was that age. There's also adult Goku meets Kid Chichi where she goes "Goku, how did you get so big?", on that note, pretty much all of Kid Chichi and the Son family interactions are funny.

Maybe that Ultimate stuff was pseudo God-ki rather than Gohan's actual hidden potential. How much potential could he have after Guru already unlocked it? I understand, you don't like villains in general for all the evil things they do. That's fair enough. I was once like that too, but I changed my view a little as I got older since I know they're not real so can sometimes have fun watching the villains. But yes, that's a good way to put it with "love to hate". Yeah, it was weird how Jason gets that parasite power after spending so long as a zombie serial killer. I just hated Jason X because it didn't even feel like a slasher anymore, it was so silly with the futuristic tech and a clear sign they were running out of ideas.

I still wouldn't venture out into the open ocean though.

Yeah, Doctor Who and Back to the Future. It'd be like playing a video game, each time you make a mistake, you just reload from a save point and start again until you get it right. Or I could go even further back and stop them from being born or something. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:55, July 6, 2017 (UTC)

I saw something similar to that in a TV show... That's Toonforce Earth logic though. Haha, wait, they'd need a huge glue bottle for that. Oh, in canon. Raditz was one of the weakest villains so I can understand that. That's also why I get the reason for people making Yamcha jokes. Yeah, I agree. Ok, that sounds adorable. Moments like that are always so memorable. My little sister just started randomly walking out of nowhere and everyone was just shocked. Haha, I believe that. 

I guess. But that was during the Frieza Saga though. Maybe, at that point, he didn't have as much potential but as he got older and kept fighting and training he gained more of it? Ok, now that I think about it, I might view DB villains differently from other villains... With some other shows I usually start out like that but, based on how the character is developed, I find them interesting. Plus, DB was one of the first anime I watched and I kinda have the same/similar opinion that I had when I first watched it. There are exceptions though because some of the characters have changed for the better but still. For example, I still view Frieza as basically the Hitler of DBZ because of the hatred for certain races and the whole genocide thing. But after watching shows like Psycho Pass, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Majin, Death Note and etc, I can't help but feel more interested in the villains. (Man, I hope I don't sound like a hypocrite or anything.) Yeah, like Jason is supposed to be a boy who supposedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake but came back to take revenge for his mother's death. Yes, he comes back like a zombie over and over again, but I don't think anyone was expecting some weird parasite demon to be in Part 9. At least it paved the way for a better movie called Freddy vs Jason. Hmm...I never really looked at as silly... But I guess I see what you mean. Now, that's definitely what was going on though. After 9 other Jason movies they were probably stumped and then someone thought of the idea to put him in space. He went from Camp Crystal Lake, to Manhattan, to several people's bodies, and to space in Jason X and then to Springwood in Freddy vs Jason. 

Oh, heck no. That would be awful.

Oh for goodnes sake. I freaking saw all Back to the Future movies and I still forgot about him. I'm not much of a Doctor Who fan though. I saw an episode and thought it was interesting. Yeah, but that's so repetitive. I think depending on how bad the outcome is, a person could go insane from seeing too many bad ends. Whoa, that's a lot. But then again, if we had powers like those then some of history's worst events wouldn't have happened...or at least it would've been delayed or something. Yuri Rozu (talk) 20:29, July 6, 2017 (UTC)

I'm sure some cartoon did something like that. Ah, I think I remember now, though Vegeta didn't add the burn in like TFS did. At least TFS did a better job at remember him, while everyone in canon has forgotten about him. Was a long time ago though, he's all grown up now. It's dialogue like that which makes me want to see how GT would have been if Chichi got turned into a kid.

Hmm, not sure, from the very first saga it was implied Gohan had impossibly high potential, so that he was able to go from a powerlevel of 1 to 1000 something in one burst of anger. I always thought the Ultimate thing kind of came out of nowhere, as no other character ever had that. Was expecting Gohan to get SSJ3 or a stronger SSJ2 when Elder Kai unlocked his potential. Interesting way to look at it. For me if the villains can have a certain grace and finesse to their evil, pulling it off like a skill or art in being evil, then I might want to see more of them. I hate villains only if they become annoying to me. I can sort of understand why they brought him back the first or second time, but it became really ridiculous afterwards. What the hell even is he after the parasite worm thing? He was a revenant originally, but now he's like a xenomorph facehugger from Alien or something (don't google that if you're squeamish). Another reason I didn't like "Jason X" is "Jason Goes to Hell" set it up like that was the end, but he's back yet again. Granted that was Freddy's fault, but still. Slashers and sci-fi do not go together. The franchise in general seemed to go down hill after Part III.

Not to mention so many nasties out there in the sea if you wander too far.

Lol, his name might slip the mind at times, but his face probably won't. Fair enough. The current Doctor Who seasons suck, they were much better years back. That's like the Butterfly Effect, trying to play God and create the best ending, but something always ends up going wrong. Threatening to stop someone from being born is often something time travelling villains will say. Still there's a bit of theory behind this, something colloquially termed the "kill Hitler" paradox. Essentially, if we try to stop Hitler from causing the holocaust and starting WWII, that means it would never happen in the present day which would give us no reason to go back to stop him in the first place, hence starting the loop all over again. There's also the fact that something we do could end up making the NAZIs win WWII, as there was a lot hanging in the balance during those times. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:44, July 7, 2017 (UTC)

TFS seems to add in the burns a lot but that's part of what makes it funny. Yeah. They tend to forget some of the earlier villains though. One example from the same arc would be Nappa. No one really mentions him anything more. Oh, ok. I kinda thought of him as a little kid when you brought him up. Along with Goku or just by herself? But, yeah, I get you. It's interesting to look into different scenarios and concepts. '

Yeah, I remember. Raditz was even shocked. I mean, maybe a little. Around this time, I don't think we knew 100% what Old Kai was capable of. The way they did it, it was just another technique or whatever that he had and decided to bring up because of how big the issue with Buu was. Technically, didn't he get that already? During the Majin Buu Saga, his Ultimate form was at least stronger than SS3 Gotenks. And, according to this Daizenshuu thing, Gohan's potential is "bottomless". This is probably why he's managed to get so strong at certain moments during the series. But then there's the half saiyan thing which is supposedly the reason for Gohan's immense potential. And that's not the only anime where I've seen half-breeds become stronger than the full blooded ones... Finesse and grace, huh? I don't think I pay too much attention to that. I do like the complex way of thinking of some villains though. It actually makes me try to see how they could think that way. You know, try to see it from their point of view? I also find it interesting how villains are apathetic or weirdly sympathetic in a way. Annoying villains suck. Basically, it's just waiting for them to get defeated. My only real problem is with Jason Goes to Hell/ The Final Friday. I didn't really mind all the times he came back because I just liked seeing more Jason but it did raise questions... As of now, I don't even know. The Friday the 13th wiki says he's a "undead and unstoppable killing machine" with "supernatural and demonic things involved with him". Yeah. (Also, over the years, I've gotten less squeamish so it didn't bother me when I looked it up. Plus, I saw it in the Alien: Isolation video game, I'm pretty sure.) Yeah, I know. The last they could've done was fix the order of the last few movies so it would make a bit more sense. I mean...maybe it could work... It kinda depends. 

Yeah. And sharks are almost always the first deadly sea animal people think about. 

Oh wow, really? Well, I just kinda heard it was good show in general. They weren't exactly clear with the "when". I just know that it's some dude who I'm pretty sure has a partner who goes around doing stuff that has to do with this Tardis thing and time travel. Yeah, and when that happens, it almost always sucks for the hero in one way or another. Yep. On Gravity Falls, there was this guy who was a time traveler. I think his name was Baldin... When it comes to stuff like that, it should REALLY just be left alone. Imagine if we ending up losing. There's a possibility that things could look pretty bad. Yuri Rozu (talk) 14:19, July 7, 2017 (UTC)

Long overdue reply here. Been out both these days, sorry. Nappa actually has a bigger legacy than Raditz. He returned in GT where Vegeta kills him again. TFS also did a really good of keeping him around.

Well unless Guru's unlock potential wasn't perfect and Elder Kai knew a more advanced version to unleash all of it. That makes me wonder what would happen if Guru had unlocked all of it on Namek, then Gohan would have been able to kill Frieza himself. What I mean is this is a form exclusive only to Gohan and he got his "stamina problem free" version after Super Saiyan 3 was introduced and was billed as the level after Super Saiyan 2. So where exactly does Gohan's version fit along the line? Of course this is before God forms got introduced which made things even more confusing. I get that Gohan's power on its own was always meant to have huge potential, I just mean the form. For instance, Light Yagami, he's clearly evil, but it's not hard to root for him because of the sheer brilliance of his plans. I get villains are evil and what they do is wrong, but they also display great intelligence, skill, and power which I sometimes can't help but appreciate when watching from behind the safety of the fourth wall. I don't mind the concept of him coming back, but they really milked that slasher for every cent its worth. Jason Goes to Hell could probably work if they took out the demon worm thing, or at least explain how that could have existed to begin with. There was something about Jason being cursed I think? Maybe that's how he got all his supernatural ability. Ah ok, it unsettled me the first time I saw them bursting out of chests. Well personally I wish they never went into Jason X. That was also the last film to bomb so they had to end the franchise until the reboot.

Before the sharks you'd probably have to worry about jellyfish first.

As a whole it's a successful show, with a huge influence on pop culture. It's been going on for 50 years, back from the days of black-and-white TV. That's the thing though, due to the long run of the history, they keep casting new actors to play the main character, the Doctor. Basically in-universe, whenever he dies, he can regenerate himself to heal but also changes his personality and what he looks like. There have been 12 (technically 13) Doctors to have appeared on screens. The Twelfth Doctor, the current one, has been a bit controversial compared to his predecessors and the show is in a bit of a rut at the moment. Blendin I think you mean. I've been meaning to watch Gravity Falls for quite some time but kept putting it off. So maybe it isn't wise to mess with time after all, but won't stop some people from trying. --Stryzzar (talk) 08:50, July 9, 2017 (UTC)

It's no problem! Ok, yeah, you're right about that. I totally forgot Nappa coming back in DBGT. 

It could be either... Well, if all of Gohan's potential was unlocked, Goku wouldn't have needed to turn Super Saiyan. I remember Gohan using Masenko on Frieza while they were having that little fight. During this point, like you said, he would've defeated Frieza, Krillin wouldn't have died, Namek most likely wouldn't have exploded, and the time it took to get the Dragon Balls would've decreased. Oh...ok. I'm actually not sure because I never saw Gohan's Ultimate form as the level after SS2. Hmm...but would it kinda be similar to when Future Trunks used his Third Grade Super Saiyan from which was slow because of the muscle mass? SS2 came right after and it was a faster and stronger version of Super Saiyan that Trunks used. But, like I said, I don't know. They both do come after SS2... But, yeah, I understand you. I know. I saw Light as a person with a good idea but with a bad way of doing it. It just kept me wondering what each side was gonna do. I do agree that those qualities can make a pretty good villain, if you know what I mean. Yeah, they pretty much did. A lot of stuff was done with it. Yeah, because learning more about Jason would be cool...and we wouldn't have to look at a parasitic demon worm jumping from body to body after a certain period of time. Oh, the "death curse"? Basically, it's just the fact that Jason keeps coming back no matter what. But then again, in Part 4 a lot of us thought he was dead and then in Part 6 (Jason Lives) he comes back because of lightning. Around the time I was just being introduced to them, Alien movies used to almost always freak me out. And when I was little, I used to be scared of The Blob... I 'll agree with you on the bomb part. It seems like the ratings for the Jason movies never got above a 6 or 60%. (This, along with other movie ratings, is starting to make me think I have somewhat bad taste in movies. Haha.) 

I was thinking about jellyfish... This may sound dumb to you but out of pure curiousity, I touched the head of a jelly fish when I went to an aquarium. One of my friends, yelled because they said it was "slimey" or something like that.

Whoa, it's cool that the show managed to last for so long. What do you mean by "controversial"? Oh yeah, I mean Blendin. (The funny thing is that his last name's Blandin.) I used to watch Gravity Falls a lot. I've seen most of the episodes, I just don't know how the show ended because I didn't get a chance to see the last few. Yeah, you're right. There will always be that one person (or maybe people) that will do something they know they probably shouldn't be messing with. Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:19, July 9, 2017 (UTC)

Ok cool. Raditz never got any mention anywhere aside from a cameo of flying out of hell. For someone related to him, Goku has done an amazing job of completely forgetting about him.

Only major change to the timeline is Goku would never have learned the Instant Transmission, Frieza may not have come to Earth, Future Trunks might also show up at a different point in time. Well Ultimate form obviously isn't directly after SSJ2, but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the Super Saiyan line. Also, what would happen if Goku taught Gohan to turn SSJ3? Would both be accessible to him? Third Grade is more a modified version of original Super Saiyan, the same form but having the power concentrated on muscle and strength. While SSJ2 was a true transformation. There's another one in DBS that Trunks gets which also came out of nowhere, Super Saiyan Anger seems to be the current name (it's had at least 4 different names already with no official-official name yet). Some shows also need villains to keep it entertaining, otherwise the heroes have no challenge and it'd be boring. So long as the villain makes things fun and entertaining, I could end up liking them.

Yeah the worm made no sense at all. If Jason had a cursed artifact or made a deal with the devil, than that might have explained it. Ah I see, just Jason's curse of always returning. The resurrections got a little ridiculous afterwards, where any random electricity brings him back. Apparently his corpse doesn't decay inbetween the prolonged periods he's dead either. Same, the original Alien movie terrified me when I first saw them at 6 or 7 (I think). Took me well over a decade to work up the courage to see them again. I never saw the Blob onscreen, but I can confidently say it would have terrified me.

Well with ratings, there's the viewer's opinions and the reviewers's opinions. These two groups don't always match. Reviewers are generally considered professionals and mark stuff harsher, but just because they hate a movie doesn't mean the film isn't popular. Having said that, if the reviewers score a film well, that's probably a good sign for the film.

Nah it doesn't sound silly. From what I remember they don't feel very jelly-y and more solid. Many different kinds of jellyfish though, so others might feel different. The ones in the aquarium are obviously safe to touch, but in the wild best to stay away from all kinds of jellyfish.

Like there were a number of things done that got very divided views. The Doctor is accompanied by companions, and the one he had back then was considered a screenhog who took away too much attention from the Doctor, while being involved in tedious romantic plot with another character. I did some reading, GravityFalls feels like a show I would really love to watch. I will check it out quite soon. That's when they will start introducing Time Police to stop those messing with time and space. --Stryzzar (talk) 05:16, July 10, 2017 (UTC)

^-^ Yeah, I agree. But doesn't Toriyama have that problem as well? He introduces lots of characters but then forgets about some of them or doesn't bother to bring them back. The again, some characters are just introduces for that saga only...

Wait,  if Goku didn't learn Instant Transmission, wouldn't the planet have blown up when Cell was gonna explode? Or would that Gohan have killed him before it got to that point...? Frieza coming to Earth might have stayed the same though because they still could've found Frieza and put him that healing tank and give him replacement body parts. That's depending on how bad Gohan beat him up. The Future Trunks thing is possible too. But if this doesn't change his arrival time, he'll still arrive before Frieza and meet Goku along with the others instead of waiting on him the way they did in the canon timeline. Then Goku would probably defeat Frieza again. But if he drags the fight out for too long, Trunks just might cut it short. After that, he still might have his talk with Goku but his stay in the past would've probably been shortened. Nope, it doesn't. It's more like a transformation that's an equivalence of the SS3 form. Maybe it's just off to the side somewhere and then they just put the SS forms in order? Hmm...I think so. Gohan was still able to use SS and SS2 while he still had his Ultimate form so why not SS3? Yeah. Man, a form like Third Grade SS is just useless unless the opponent's super slow and the person using the form just so happened to still remain faster. Second and Third Grade Super Saiyan were basically "sub" transformations under the original SS form. Ok, isn't Super Saiyan Anger technically a transformation anyone can use? Any Saiyan with SS2 or above can get angry and make them stronger. Did Trunks just go into his Strengthened SS2 and then get mad? Yeah. I like fighting/action anime so if there's no enemy, who are the heroes gonna fight?

Pretty much. I just looked at the quote at the top of the Jason Voorhees page. It lists his abilities too. Nope, though he does get covered in maggots which look kinda nasty. Yeah, like, Aliens jumping on people's face and coming out of bodies isn't exactly the prettiest sight too see... And neither is a pink blob glob that you see pulling in people... Ever since then, I've kinda stayed away from the Alien movies and The Blob. 

Yeah, tell me about it. I know, I just find it crazy how almost every movie (at least ones I could think of) except The Conjuring and kinda Sinister, and Insidious were rated horribly. You're right. They must've done a very good job with the movie if the critics can rate them high.

I think the one I touched was kinda squishy and a very light color like pink or white. Yeah, that's what I was thinking so I just went ahead and did it before we had to move onto the other sea creatures. But I ever see a jellyfish (which I most likely won't because I don't go near oceans or other large bodies of water) I'm definitely staying away from it. I don't need any extra pain in my life. Or possible death which could end it...

Ok, the screenhog thing I understand but why relationship? If they're just gonna make it tedious then why even include it? Yep, you'll really love it if you like mysteries. And even then, somebody's gonna find a way around them. Yuri Rozu (talk) 12:20, July 10, 2017 (UTC)

Oh yeah totally, but a lot of the time he's just forgetful. He is really old by now. It's kind of a fandom in-joke to make fun of Toriyama's forgetfulness.

That's a good point. But I think we can go further back then that. Without instant transmission, Tien and Piccolo would probably be killed by Semiperfect Cell. Also Dende would never have been brought over, unless they decided to travel to New Namek in a space ship and extend the plot by another year. Hell, if Gohan killed Frieza that early, Goku might not even have turned Super Saiyan until much later. I guess Frieza could have survived that. The reason he didn't die the first time was Goku was in a hurry and blasted him without checking he was dead. It's also possible that Goku contracted the virus on Yadrat, so if Frieza was beaten then Goku would never have gone there, acquired the heart virus, and probably would be teleported to Earth. Though Future Trunks would likely still come back, as 17 and 18 would target Goku alone and probably kill him since SSJ wasn't as strong as them at that point.

Except Ultimate has no ki drain issue and is far stronger than SSJ3, as evidenced by Gohan stomping Super Buu, who was evenly matched with SSJ3 Gotenks. I just don't get why Gohan didn't get SSJ3 from the potential unlock, or at the very least a golden haired one. Couldn't he have had a "mastered" SSJ2/3 or something? Yeah it has to be off to the side. Then again, everything after SSJ3 seems to be off to the side. SSJ4, the God forms, and Trunks's one are all a big jumble. Hmm, Third Grade could be used for something that only requires strength, like lifting up a falling building or something. Both Multiverse and Super had Trunks rapidly shift between Third Grade and SSJ or SSJ2 to catch Vegeta off guard. Super Saiyan Rage/Anger (I'm just going to call it "Super Trunks", which was the original name it had in the anime), theoretically could be accessed by anyone, but only Trunks has displayed it before. What's puzzling about it is the form seems to be a hybrid of the gold Super Saiyan line and the blue God forms. Super Trunks has a double aura of gold and blue ki, while his strength pretty much matches SSB in that state. MasakoX suggested that Super Trunks could be a "missing link" between the gold forms and SSB. Goku and Vegeta probably acquire it under the right conditions, but they already have SSB so don't need to. Some think it's similar to the Quake of Fury, the thing where SSJ2 Vegeta got really angry when Beerus hit Bulma so that he became momentarily stronger than Goku. Actually Strengthened Super Saiyan 2 is a different thing that only exists in the manga, Trunks got that instead and had it from the start where it was stronger than Goku's SSJ3. Exactly, at times we need villains to give the heroes something to do and keep them interesting.

Guess brutal slasher serial killer should just stay that way. It's the formula that worked for so long, and changing it up just spells trouble. I didn't really like Little Shop of Horrors with the sentient plant that ate people. The one that really unsettled me was the Paranormal Activity franchise, those gave me trouble sleeping when they came out. Well it's a critics job to be negative. They generally score mindless action quite low and give points to deep plot, creativity, and character handling. Conjuring was done exceptionally well though so kind of deserves the score (which btw was based on a true story).

I'm not really a jellyfish expert so I wouldn't know from that description, lol. I'm pretty sure their top epidermis are safe to touch, its the tentacles that are venomous and deadly. Those can even sting and kill if the jellyfish is dead or separated from their tentacles. That's a good approach, if uncertain stay away. If you do see one that's blue in color, definitely get away from it, they're blue bottles and are lethally dangerous.

That I don't know. Maybe they were trying something new? Basically she had a sort of affection towards the Doctor in the previous season and regeneration, but he didn't really return the feelings. So they might have been trying to give her more purpose by giving her a pointless love interest. It didn't work out and her boyfriend died at the end of the season where they then act like he never existed. I do love mysteries. Wow, they have cryptids and paranormal cases and everything. --Stryzzar (talk) 17:10, July 11, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, I know. I don't blame him for it though. Imagine having to keep up with such a large amount of characters...

What moment was that with Tien, Piccolo, and Semi Perfect Cell? If the plot would've been you think some of it might have been filler? You're right because by then Frieza would've already been defeated. But that would also set Goku back since after the Frieza Saga they pretty much started to improve with the Super Saiyan form. And if he didn't achieve Super Saiyan, there wouldn't be anything to improve on or at least not until later. Oh yeah, that's true. I see... I thought how Goku got the heart virus was still somewhat of it mystery... Yep. The moment Goku and Future Trunks met wouldn't have been as awesome because in canon they were both Super Saiyans.

Yeah, there is that. But I don't know... He could have... Maybe when Old Kai unlocked Gohan's potential, it just came out as...a power up of some sort instead of just Super Saiyan. Like, when saiyans use the SS transformation they use it to increase their power. But with Gohan, he techincally didn't need the transformation because his potential was unlocked. That's just me assuming though... Basically. The Gods could be in their own category but they also kinda have the option to remain in the SS category too. SSG and SSB certainly do have significant differences because of the God ki though. I agree. That seems interesting how he's in one form one moment and then in another form the next. Ok. Yeah, I noticed how that form seemed so off. That kinda what it seems like... It's gold and but then matched maybe that is what Trunks has. I think it kinda is because anger plays a pretty big factor with both of the forms. Achieving the very first Super Saiyan form involves anger as well... Ok, I see. Yep.

What in the world...? I haven't seen that but it seems like they got that idea from the Venus Flytrap. Darn, I haven't seen any movie from the Paranormal Activity series but I really want to. I'm guessing it was pretty scary. Yeah, I understand why they do that. I know. I actually loved the Conjuring. I'm into supernatural movies.

Haha, I know. I was pretty vague anyway. Yeah. The unknown can freaking kill a person. Blue jellyfish... Geez, those are the weirdest looking jelly fish I've ever seen. That's in pictures, of course. 

Maybe but it seems like it kinda failed... Did she have a purpose in the show to begin with? I get that the character died but there should at some moments where the person they were closest to remembers them. Mysteries and theories are really cool to me. For an assignment, I had to look at Amelia Earhart theories.That was one assignment I actually loved doing. I pretty much just provided evidence saying why this could or couldn't happen. As of now, it seems the theory I supported the most isn't actually what happened. What they're leading toward now, definitely seems possible though. Have you seen the most recent documentary on her? Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:26, July 11, 2017 (UTC)

He should check the wiki like Christopher Sabat does (I think).

When Imperfect Cell blasted a hole in Piccolo's chest, and Tien had kikoho-ed himself to near-death. Goku instant transmissioned over and took them back to Kami's Lookout for some senzu. Maybe, there was always filler in Z to stretch out episodes. I wonder what would make Goku turn Super Saiyan since he didn't have Krillin to die to make him angry. Maybe he could change when the Androids killed one of his friends? Yamcha maybe? It wasn't stated where exactly. But since none of the other Z-fighters got the heart virus on Namek, I don't see where else he could have got it from. Unless Goku contracted the virus in space. Yeah the two Super Saiyans meeting was awesome. Goku also had that overpowered ability of sensing "evil" in ki somehow.

Yes, but if that's the case I always thought even if his "base" or whatever was that strong, wouldn't turning Super Saiyan on top of that still make it stronger still? Like it would have helped in the fight with Buutenks. Dragon Ball Super also seems to imply that Ultimate is above Super Saiyan. During the scene Gohan went SSJ2, before Piccolo told him to tap into Ultimate, which made it seem like its higher up. I'd really wish Super Trunks was like a branch between the God forms and the golden Super Saiyan line. It'd not only make more sense in Trunks getting the form, but also explain how Vegeta managed to get SSB in RoF. Trunks must take after Vegeta being a prodigy in how he's naturally so incredibly strong, must be those Saiyan elite genes. It is anger alright, but I was a bit ticked they called it "Super Saiyan Rage/Anger" when there already two SSJ forms that were activated by anger. It's not like this is the first time it happened.

Yeah I think it was an alien Venus Flytrap or something. Those Paranormal films never have happy endings, and it's the realism of it with the "found footage recordings" that really creep me out. I like Supernatural stuff too, but only if they don't get too scary.

Blue bottles they're called. They ensnare prey in their tentacles and then digest them, very nasty things.

Oh she had a purpose alright. The initial problem was too much purpose to the point where her plot outshines the Doctors, but once that ended, it was like they didn't know what to do with her but still kept her around. I remember Amelia Earhart, most agreed her plane ran out of fuel or maybe she encountered a storm. Those missing ones are quite like the Bermuda Triangle or the Mary Celeste. No I don't think so, haven't checked out Amelia Earhart in quite a while. --Stryzzar (talk) 06:41, July 12, 2017 (UTC)

Yep! I think some other sources call the DB wiki unreliable but I don't think so. Everything I've loooked at on here has been correct so far.

Ok, I'm familiar with the Tien part but I had to look up the Piccolo fight because the only thing that came to mind when I thought "Imperfect Cell vs Piccolo" was the time when Imperfect Cell drained energy from Piccolo's arm only for him to rip it off and regenerate a new one. Yeah, like the trip to Namek with Kid Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma. Possibly but it wouldn't have anywhere near as good as Goku's canon SS transformation scene. In order for him to turn Super Saiyan, Yamcha would have to actually die after Dr. Gero impaled him with his bare hand. I see what you mean. Goku did end up at a strange planet. Yeah! But that seems like an ability that should automatically come with ki sense. And besides, people/characters sometimes give off this vibe of some sort. You can just tell that they're up to no good...or, with other characters, doing good. 

...Yeah. I get what you mean... But technically it is a higher least to SS2 and SS3... If you compare SS to the Ultimate form though, it's just "power up/transformation vs potential". You're right. It would make more sense. But would Super Trunks be put close to Saiyan Beyond God? Haha, yeah. I'm so glad Trunks didn't turn out like one of the versions from Multiverse... If he was the son of Yamcha instead of Vegeta, we wouldn't have the awesome Trunks we have today... Then we have False Super Saiyan (I like this name better than Pseudo Super Saiyan) which is triggered by pure anger/frustration and desperation. 

I had always heard of the movie but I never knew it had to do with a man eating plant. I know. Having to deal with crazy stuff like haunted houses, dolls, and items and just the fact that a demon has found itself attached to you is very creepy. But I have to admit that I love those types of movies and tv shows. I guess I have my limit though. I've always wanted to watch the Exorcist movies but I have a feeling that I might get creeped out a little. I've only seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose and that mainly had to do with a female lawyer defending the priest who did the exorcism. 

Well... They're interesting little creatures, I'll them that.

Despite barely even watching the show, I don't like that. Why didn't they just plan out everything first...? Yeah, that's the most popular one called the Crash and Sink theory where they think she crashed into ocean. I haven't heard any theories about her encountering a storm though. The theories I know range from her being captured by the Japanese because they thought she was spy to her taken on the identity of a woman named Irene Bolam. The Bermuda Triangle's also very mysterious. In one documentary I watched, this guy interviewed someone who survived being in the Bermuda Triangle. They mentioned some "electronic fog: theory. I've never heard of Mary Celeste but I did a bit of research. Apparently, a waterspout or a seaquake was the reason for its disappearance. Ok. Basically they just found new evidence. It seems like they've been collecting evidence for so long now... Yuri Rozu (talk) 14:19, July 12, 2017 (UTC)

The pages are a bit messy with grammar sometimes, but the information is accumulated by many fans from every Dragon Ball media out there all in one place.

Yeah, Piccolo never fought Semiperfect Cell, but he did wash up after Cell became Semiperfect. I always wondered if Cell was able to transform just by absorbing enough life forms that weren't the Androids. Piccolo at that point was equal in strength to 17, so if Cell absorbed him would he change? I never watched the anime parts of that, in the manga there was still stuff like Gohan and Krillin mental training, while Bulma walks around in her underwear. I do remember some Namek filler of Bulma and frog-Ginyu, which was a bit tacky with how frog-Bulma was able to conveniently hop over to Gohan so he could swap her back with Ginyu. Very true, Krillin's death was so emotional and Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation was so epic. I'm kind of glad that played out the way it did. Yeah Yamcha wouldn't leave as much impact. It was also the fact that Frieza killed Krillin just to spite Goku, nearly killed Piccolo, and tried to kill Gohan. Goku's previous hostility with Frieza just accumulated his anger to rage breaking point. With Dr. Gero the conflict wasn't as personal with Goku so he wouldn't have been as angered. There's only one other instant when Goku gets that angry, which happens in the Future Trunks Saga. How much have you seen, I don't want to spoil anything major? Idk, most of the characters simply sense the size of the ki. Only Namekians and Gods were able to detect "malice" and "evil". Goku has the "sense evil" on-and-off, but the way he was able to tell Trunks was good from his ki, while he was in space was really pushing it. He could even tell Trunks wouldn't try to slash him when he swung his sword.

So that might mean Gohan bypassed SSJ3, just like Gotenks bypassed SSJ2. Speaking of which, I wonder what would happen if Goten or Trunks had their potential unlocked. From the looks of it Super Trunks is just a hair breadth away from Super Saiyan Blue, which itself is above Saiyan Beyond God. So yes, I think so. But DBS Future Trunks is OP as hell, even before he got the new transformation he was able to fight Black and Zamasu with just his normal SSJ2 (not "Strengthened-" as that doesn't exist in the anime). That would be extremely weird. As much of a crack ship Vegeta and Bulma was, I cannot picture Trunks ever not being the son of the Prince of all Saiyans. Ah damn I forgot about that one. In my defense, that one's not canon.

I think I saw a bunch of parodies of talking venus flytraps before I actually looked into the original source. Creepy dolls are the worst, I kind of have an irrational fear of them. I don't think you could pay me to watch Chucky. With the Paranormal series it's that whole "it could happen to anyone" vibe they give off. It doesn't feel like a movie and more like a documentary due to the hand recordings. I do love the supernatural genre, including the TV show called Supernatural. But I'm a bit selective with horror. Though I have no problem with slashers or zombie apocalypse films. I see Exorcist was based off an already successful novel, so yeah it was likely to be a hit. I'm not sure at this point if that one would scare me.

Well lots of fans say it's because they were trying to make her a "version 2.0" of a previous companion who was the fan favorite, but it just didn't pan out. I liked her when she still had the mysterious plot on who she was, but once that ended she overstayed her welcome.

Actually scratch what I said, I think I got that confused with another incident. No storm associated with Amelia Earhart. I don't think either of those are true, because they would have been able to find some traces of her if that was the case. The only place where one can truly vanish without a trace is over the ocean. Really? Well nothing happened to him during the Bermuda Triangle right? I mean he didn't disappear and reappear? The common theories for Bermuda Triangle are weather, some kind of weird magnetic natural phenomena in the region, alien abductions, Atlantis, or portal to another dimension. It's most likely the first two I think, which caused the several disappearances in a short time period. Wow, all this reminds me of when you and I were talking all the "weird mysteries" back on that old SSGSS4 thread. Actually the Mary Celeste didn't disappear, its crew did. They found the ship drifting with no one onboard. I did see theories of a waterspout I think. Wow, I guess mystery hunters never give up on these cases throughout history. --Stryzzar (talk) 16:16, July 12, 2017


I mean, Cell should be the same since Piccolo was equal to Android 17 in power at the time. But, who knows? Maybe he would've looked different? Yeah, I remember seeing that. Kai didn't have filler (or at least most of it was taken out) so this is starting to make me wonder about what I did before I watched DBZ for the Majin Buu Saga... Wait, I'm pretty sure in DB Super Bulma brought up that filler part of her and Captain Ginyu despite it being filler. Yeah, that was a combination of several events while the Yamcha thing would only be one. Um...I think I was just about to enter the Copy Vegeta Saga... Yeah, I know, that's bad. I've been watching episodes on TV but those are just Frieza episodes which we technically saw in RoF already. I'm gonna try to watch them online sometime. It is pretty on and off with Goku... I mean, it kinda depends on Goku's distance from Earth when he did the ki thing. He can already sense ki from far away if the power level's high enough but I can't really say anything about the "sensing good or bad" tpart of that. Now, I think it was more normal when Goku actually got to Earth. Maybe when Future Trunks swung his sword, it was more like being able to tell what his intent was?

Technically, yeah. I mean, they'd be able to access it at any time pretty much. But if they were to fuse, whoever got the potential unlock/unleashed would have to lower their power level so the fusion dance would work. Then maybe after they've become Gotenks, they could use it. Alright. I saw some clips of that, I think. I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere around the internet but I never really thought about it. I pretty much just said "Ok, cool" and then continued searching the internet for stuff. I know. Future Trunks is awesome and if he was the son of Yamcha, we wouldn't have our Super Saiyan swordsman which would make me pretty me upset. It was pretty crazy hearing it at first. But, at times, they can be pretty funny together. I know but I figured I'd mention it since it still fit the category.

What the heck? Shows actually have parodies of that? Creepy dolls are, well, creepy. I wouldn't call it irrational but I do understand. Watching Chucky's like watching one of your favorite toys/childhood toys come to life and try to kill the people around you and take your body. That would sound crazy, scary, or at least weird to a lot of people. Yeah. And of course no one wants to be haunted or possessed by a spirit. That would be pure agony for the person and their family. Wow, I used to love watching Supernatural. I unintentionally stopped watching it though and now I have no idea where I left off. I don't think I'm very selective or picky though. The movie just has to seem like it would be good. Of course, if it's boring I don't want to watch it. Like, one time, I watched this movie and I gave it way more time than I should have. It didn't get interesting until the last 20 or 30 minutes and the movie was at least an hour long. Slashers and zombie movies are cool. But when it comes to zombie movies, I've mainly seen George A Romero films, a few Resident Evil ones, and some others. Wow. I think at one point it was called one of the scariest movies ever.

Oh, ok. Supposedly, they found a freckle cream jar and some bits of scrap metal somewhere. Here's an articletalking about the more recent evidence if you wanna read it. The guy, Bruce Gernon, said that he flew into some eletronic fog and experienced a time warp because he seemed to have traveled 100 miles in a very short period of time. He also mentioned this huge cloud changing shape and getting darker. The rest of what Gernon said is in this article. I've heard all those theories but less about the Atlantis one. Man, I totally forgot about Atlantis. The first two do seem more realistic but who knows? The world's a crazy place with tons of mysteries that have been left unsolved. Haha, I thought this seemed familiar. Oh... Oops. Well, at least I didn't overlook the theory. be honest, anything could've happened. Nope, at least not all of them. Some are still making shows and looking into the kidnapping of JonBenet Ramsey and the death of Natalee Holloway. Yuri Rozu (talk) 12:25, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

Rather than try and kill Piccolo, Cell could have just absorbed him since he was low on stamina and not dodging like 17 was. Cell with Piccolo absorbed would look awesome or freaky. Yeah Kai was mostly the true to the original filler-less version. Really? In the dub though right? I haven't seen the dub of Super yet aside from a bit of BoG. Like Goku never really ended up hating Cell or Vegeta, despite everything they did. In DBZ, there really isn't anyone who Goku hates more than Frieza. Okay no worries then. They brought that up in Super in that Goku wasn't able to sense evil from Zamasu, while Beerus could. But I guess that might play into the "can't sense godly ki" thing. They never really commented on Frieza's ki being evil I think only on how huge it was. He did learn how to sense ki from across the galaxy as part of his Instant Transmission training I think. In the manga Goku clearly said he didn’t sense malice from Trunks so knew he was going to stop, but I don’t recall that ever being brought up again.

Unless they both got their potential unlocked. But then again if one of them got unlocked potential, he'd be so powerful they might not need to fuse. Guess the writers figured the solution to making periphery characters relevant again is to just overpower them to match Goku and Vegeta. But since it's Future Trunks, I'll let it slide. Trunks deserves to be badass after everything he's gone through. Lol. There's just so much to love about Future Trunks and him having Saiyan heritage plays so heavily into it. He makes his debut by dicing Frieza! If that's not badass I don’t know what is. It does sorta make sense that the Saiyan Prince would end up marrying into the richest family on Earth, kind of a crossing of royalty of species in a sense.

I've seen at least 3 sentient/talking venus flytrap that parody Little Shop of Horrors, all of them in cartoons though. I can't remember from when it started, but I don't really like being in the same room as one even irl. It's those blank eyes but still somewhat human resemblance. I guess I never really had a doll as a toy, but I would be really unsettled if they made a horror movie with a killer teddy bear (Five Nights At Freddy's doesn't count). Half of the real life cases of being possessed or haunted actually require a psychiatrist or doctor rather than an exorcist, but some of them do seem to be genuine. I've been watching Supernatural on and off, last I saw they had introduced God and God's sister the Darkness. Yeah I'm not too into monsters and horror just for the sake of it, it needs to have a story too. Resident Evil is one favorite franchises. Also watched a bit of Walking Dead and some of Romero's films. Nah, not even close to the scariest movie ever. I have my own opinion on scariest film ever.

I read the article. Ah one of those, not very solid evidence. These old photos can draw numerous interpretations. But it's still something I guess. Oh wow, that Bermuda triangle one is incredible. I really don't know what to make of that. Time-warp huh? So that has something to do with the other disappearances maybe? Okay, looked up other theories there are ones that the Triangle is a rift in space-time. The Atlantis theory is that the ancient sunken city was situated in the Triangle. In accordance, this version of Atlantis was supposed to have extremely advanced technology which was still active and did something to the planes and boats. And here we are a year later at it again, guess we just can't help ourselves xD Well of course not everyone I mean, but certain enthusiasts. There's still people looking for Nessie, Bigfoot, or the Mothman. Ah, but those two are somewhat less out-there than other weird stuff. --Stryzzar (talk) 09:46, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

That's true. Or maybe you could say...awesomely freaky? Yeah, it was dubbed. I saw it on Toonami. I guess it can be good (or maybe bad) to include simiar scenes from the movie in the anime. I know. Cell saw Goku more as an interesting opponent and Vegeta's pretty much just his rival unlike Frieza who despises Goku because he defeated him. The fact that Goku's a Saiyan didn't help that either. They probably could. I guess if you can't sense God ki in the first place, then you can't sense the evil in it either. Yeah, same. I think Krillin might've said something about Frieza's power level when he was with Gohan. I mean, basically, yeah. When he uses Instant Transmission, he usually looks for a source of power before going there. Why couldn't they just have it one way or another instead of Goku having the ability sometimes but then not having it other times...?

Yeah, but that also depends on the villain. That's what it seems like. Haha, yeah, agreed. That was one thing I was wondering about once Future Trunks went back to his timeline in DBZ. I thought "Will he ever comeback to the original timeline? And, if so, will he get stronger?" Now, seeing him get stronger forms such as SS3 in DB Heroes and a form so close to SSB makes me happy. Without Vegeta, wouldn't have saiyan Trunks. He had one of the most awesome entrances I've ever seen for a character. Yeah, I see what you mean. Royalty meets rich family.

Oh, ok. But still, I think you've probably seen more than me when it comes to horror movies. Not once in my life have I seen a movie like Little Shop of Horrors...and I don't plan to either. No man eating plant monsters for me. It's the "creepiness in the eyes" thing, huh? I don't blame you. I thought they did... Idk maybe it was just some angry bear from a movie evil toys... But I'm guessing FNAF isn't scary to you? Ok, apparently that is true. That's weird. I've never heard of psychiatrist being there for a possessed person... But then again I guess they would be the people who diagnose some of them as epileptic, psychotic, or schizophrenic or something... I'm behind that, I think. The last time I watched it, Castiel forgot who he was or something like that. Well, of course it has to have a story. That's apart of what makes a movie good. Cool! I always liked how Milla Jovovich played the main character. (I almost gave her Ultear's last name, yikes.) I absolutely love the Walking Dead! I can't wait for it to come on again. Ooh, what do you the scariest movie is?

Yeah, I know. That could literally be anyone in that picture. It's possible. I always heard stories of bad or turbulent weather in the Bermuda Triangle. But if it's a time warp...where did they go? Well, that's funny because I heard of a place that's like that. Supposedly someone saw that they were in the same location but the people around them changed and wore older looking outfits along with some other stuff. I'd heard of Atlantis before but I never thought of it's possible connection to the Bermuda Triangle. I probably wouldn't have thought of that because when I think Atlantis I don't think of advanced technology. I usually end up thinking about Machu Picchu... Haha, well, mysteries are just so interesting so it's cool to talk about them with people. Yeah. Some people are just drawn to mysteries and a lot wish they could solve them...including the usual cryptid mystery. Those are said to be normal-ish. The further you investigate, the crazier and creepier things you'll find. Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:00, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

LOL! That's interesting they'd bring that up. I heard that Super was supposed to follow the Kai continuity. Guess fillers are canon enough then. You're gonna like what TFS did with Goku and Cell :P It just goes to show how despicable Frieza is when he's able to fill the all-loving hero with so much hatred and rage. Not even Buu went that far, though he came close. Now that I think back, Goku took out his rage on Nappa rather than Vegeta, which I guess makes sense since Nappa was the one who killed the Z-fighters. Hmm, but even so every other instant they comment on a villain's ki-signature, but no other time did Goku comment on how good or evil the ki feels. Yeah, Krillin feeling Frieza for the first time gave him the shivers.

True, it wouldn't help against Buu with someone absorbed, or Beerus. Feels bad that he had to return like this though, with his timeline in even worse a state. I was honestly expecting Trunks to get SSJ3 or maybe SSB (when I saw his blue hair anyway). Didn't think they'd throw in another Super Saiyan form. IMO, Trunks pulls off SSJ3 better than Goku does. That flash step where Frieza's entire army drops dead. To think Goku was so close to getting together with Bulma if ChiChi hadn't shown up at the Tournament (she was crushing on Goku already).

Probably, I am a fair bit older. Fair enough. Yeah, and the slightly lifelike-ness but not quite there feel to them. Oh yeah, I think you're right. Well I sure as hell am not watching them. FNAF got me the first time with the jump scares, but that's pretty much all they are, jump scares. Can only get you so much before you get used to them. I watched a documentary type thing where a real life exorcist says a lot of the clients who come in actually need counselling. He actually checks if they have a legit haunting and doesn't scam people. I actually came across a girl who said she was haunted by her dead boyfriend or something, we ended up persuading her to go speak to a counselor. I've been watching it Supernatural on and off, so I think I may have missed that bit. Yeah Alice is pretty awesome, a true badass action heroine. Ultear from Fairy Tail? xD Michonne is another one of my favorite zombie apocalypse heroines, just watching her slice up walkers is so satisfying. I'm really behind on TWD though, haven't seen it since 2014 where I got too busy with studies to catch it on TV. In my personal opinion it's Human Centipede (if you don't know what that is, I would recommend you don't look it up. You cannot unsee it).

There are people who have rationalized that the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is no higher rate than any other place in the world, but they did occur at a high rate within a certain time period. Idk, transported to the future? Maybe they'll turn up in another 20 or 50 something years and be stranded in a new time era. Weird, like relativity gone wild. I doubt Atlantis is in the triangle. It's nowhere near Ancient Greece, which is far more likely of where it's located. I had and am still having a lot of fun talking about them with you. If I ever get tired of my current line of work, I could take up cryptid hunting (and probably get myself killed in the process, lol). --Stryzzar (talk) 16:28, July 15, 2017 (UTC)

Whoa, really? why? Yeah. Any villain who can do that, has to be a total monster. But, wait, you mean the newest episode of DB Abridged? They made so many innuendos and made it seem like Cell actually likes Goku. You're right about that. Nappa did so much to them. Thinking about it now, he didn't. Usually Goku notes the power level and strength of his opponents and even the evil things they've done. Ok, I thought so.

Definitely not. Neither Goten nor Trunks would be enough to defeat Buu, especially if it's just the potential unlock. And if it's not enough for Buu, there's no chance for it to work against Beerus. Yeah. It seems like Future Trunks has the most tragedy dumped on him. His whole timeline is literally just death, destruction, maybe some fear,  and a LOT of sadness. I wasn't really sure. I thought he was gonna be strong but I was so confused about that blue hair. I just concluded that it was so his hair would match Bulma's. DBS came up with SS Rose so I wasn't sure what to expect. I guess. In some pictures, the forehead isn't so noticeable. He looks pretty cool with the long hair though. Oh yeah, that too. "Wait for it." Man, that was cool. I can't see Goku and Bulma. As friends, cool but once I try to think of them together as a couple it just doesn't work. Thank goodness for Chi-Chi.

Some are a lot like mini people so to see it like that can be creepy. Yeah...we both have movies that we prefer not to watch. Same. Now, if I watch FNAF videos I'm just sitting there hoping for the jumpscare to happen just to see the youtuber's reaction. Well, it's good that he doesn't scam and that he actually does what he's supposed to do. (I'm not saying that a lot of them don't, I'm just saying.) Wow. I don't think it's too uncommon, especially if it's right after the person passed away. Someone I knew also had an experience like that. Maybe. Yeah, I love when characters are super awesome. Yeah, her. I guess I mixed them up because both their last names end with "vich". Swords (and other weapons) have always interested me so it's cool to see other characters use them. Wow, ok. I'm guessing that was around...season 4. Too late, I already looked it up. I'd seen the title before so when I looked it up, I actually recognized one of the pictures. It looks pretty...well, crazy weird.

Based on what I looked up, the very first incident happened either somewhere around 1492 or 1800. 12 incidents occurred between the 1940's and the 1960's. The rest were pretty much just scattered everywhere like a few in the early 1800's, two in the 1920's, and some in the 2000's. Probably. But I was also wondering if they'd end up in the same time period or would every single person be transported to a different one. Yeah. Hmm...that's really interesting because I always pictured Atlantian( I'm just gonna call them that...) people and things somewhat similar to Greek or Roman things without any reason at all. Haha, yay, thanks! It's fun talking about them with you too! That's fine... That last bit probably isn't a good idea though... Aw, what am I saying, count me in! (Joke for days!) Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:59, July 15, 2017 (UTC)

Something about using Kai voice actors and more following the changes that Kai makes that sometimes ignores Z fillers, though that last part might not be true anymore. Oh you've seen it? It's not really implied anymore, it's made fully clear Cell feels. He and Goku are pretty much flirting with each other. It's just like Goku's one-time mind reading power, where his hand on Krillin's head and sees his memories.

They might have a chance against Fat Buu though. Badass aside, Future Trunks is just a guy that makes you want to go up to and give a hug to. There was a joke around here when Trunks was shown holding a canister containing blue liquid, that the liquid was blue hair dye (it was actually time machine fuel). It just goes with the fact he has already been shown with long hair and he looks more recognizable as Trunks than Goku does, or that's my opinion at least. We're like getting new Super Saiyan forms like almost every saga now. I guess there was the age gap, while Goku and Chichi are closer to each other in age.

Yeah the Let's Plays can be pretty funny. One of my favorite ones was this YTber called iHasCupquake who after playing through it had an animation made of her in the game with her Let's Play narration over the top of it. I won't ever be able to understand the logic behind what they do, but so long as it works and brings some peace to some poor individuals, then props to him. I should take a look at Fairy Tail before my semester starts. Same, blades are so badass. It's basically body horror, one of the most disturbing kinds of horror out there.

Whoa really? I wasn't aware of the 1492 incident. I did some searching and that was during Christopher Columbus's voyage. Wow, weird stuff happened there even back then. Yes, the several incidents in the 1900s was what drew attention to this place. However statisticians have emphasied that the rate of disappearance in the triangle isn't higher than any other place in the world, as well as the fact that planes and boats pass by the area all the time without encountering weird stuff. So whatever is happening there, it doesn't happen all the time. Probably different time periods, since they didn't all end up at the same time as the guy in the article. That would be pretty accurate, Atlantis is an alleged Ancient Greek city described in texts. Though these days Atlantean is often used as a term used to describe the fictional population that reside in the underwater Atlantis and evolved into merpeople. I'll take precautions. Cool, though I don't want you getting hurt over something I did. --Stryzzar (talk) 07:07, July 17, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, alright. Yeah, they might've just changed their minds on that. TFS made Cell so freaking creepy. It's funny but still creepy and weird. Cell seems to think that he and Goku have a relationship of some sort. I wouldn't be surprised if he yelled something like "I always like Goku better!" to Gohan as he's finishing him off. Oh yeah...that thing. Does Goku have any other one time powers? 

Hmm... maybe. They probably wouldn't get beat up too bad. If I could, I would. Haha, blue hair dye. Oh well, realistically that is what people do to change their hair color... Maybe a bit more recognizable. Seeing the new forms are cool. I wonder what they're going to do with the newer ones... Yeah. When Goku as 14 (or maybe 12?) Chi-Chi was...something. I just know Bulma had to have been older than Goku. 

Oh, I used to watch her! I don't think I saw her play FNAF though. I mainly watched her play Gang Beasts and Sims 4 or whatever. I watched Markiplier's playthrough. He calls himself the FNAF king. Yeah, at least the people have been able to get some help. Fairy Tail's another one of my favorite anime. It has...idk maybe around 220-250 episodes. I wish I had a sword... Body horror can be gross in movies sometimes. It's not as bad in anime like Tokyo Ghoul.

Yeah, I wasn't aware of that either. It sounds pretty crazy. So I guess the Bermuda Triangle became popular for how weird the disappearances are, not how many there are. Right. Just imagine one guy ending up in the 1700's and then some other person ending up in the 1920's. Whoa. At the time, I hadn't even known that... I wonder why I thought of Atlantis like that... Yeah, mermen and mermaids. Well, I figured that I'd take part of what you said as joke. Was I wrong about that or should I have been semi-serious? Yuri Rozu (talk) 17:41, July 17, 2017 (UTC)

I will have to watch the dub eventually just to see what they've done, I've already heard the dub has done a good job of throwing in jokes like "Super Saiyan Please". It's also a sharp contrast with TFS Frieza, Frieza will say a bunch of funny stuff and do something creepy, while Cell does a whole stretch of creepy stuff then says something funny. Perfect Cell seems to have gone back to just being mostly funny though. It's to the point where Cell seems to get sexual pleasure from fighting Goku, they actually kept making innuendos where the word "sex" was substituted with the word "fight". Or Cell could say something like "and unlike you, I actually appreciate what our daddy gave to us." Goku technically is Cell's father/uncle/genetic material so... Hmm, well in the Frieza Saga he was able to fire two Kamehamehas in spherical form and had them staying there immobile before Goku commanded them to fly at Frieza. I've never seen him do that before.

Super Saiyan Trunks and Goten were able to even the odds a bit when Majin Vegeta was getting walloped by him. Now that I think about it, if they just thought any of the Buus as a team rather than one-on-one they would have fared much better. Me too, he's just so sad all the time. It's not too late to give Trunks the happiness he deserves Toriyama! Except what they seemed to do was retcon Trunks hair color so that he apparently had blue hair even in Z (a flashback to History of Trunks showed him with blue hair). Heh, there's already another one on the way, Goku (or someone) seems to be getting a new Super Saiyan form in the Universe Survival Saga. He was 12 back then, he said he was 14 because he didn't know how to count properly until Master Roshi taught him. Bulma was 16 when she first met Goku, and Chi-Chi was 12-14-ish maybe? She was taller than Goku as a kid so she may have been a bit older.

I really loved her Notice Me Senpai - Yandere Simulator Animated video, listened to that one so many times. I haven't watched her that much though, I only found her last year I think. Before her I used to watch Pewdiepie a bit. I never really saw Markiplier, I know everyone's obsessed by him but I always found him kind of annoying. A machete would probably be my weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse, or if I can't get that then maybe a butcher knife. Definitely not as bad in anime or anything animated, but can still be gross sometimes.

That and the several disappearances that occurred in a short time period (perhaps the time portal reopened that year :P) We also might not ever know about them. As depending on how time travel works, if they're in the past and made changes then we would already be feeling those changes today. Like imagine if one of the Bermuda victims was responsible for starting WWII or something. Greek sounding name maybe? Yeah I got it was a joke, I was mostly joking too. But I did add a small tone of seriousness at the end. Nah, don't worry about it, it's fine. We're gonna capture the Loch Ness Monster you and I :P --Stryzzar (talk) 09:05, July 18, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, the dub's pretty good. Wait, "Super Saiyan Please"? I don't know if I've heard that... True. Frieza wasn't as creepy as Cell. But now whenever Cell says something, I have to prepare myself for his intense creepiness. Yeah, those innuendos was the main source of my laughter. That's what would make it so funny to hear him say that! Ooh, that just made me think of something! If Cell quoted one of the lines from a song called Super Psycho Love, I'd probably die of laughter. Oh yeah, you remember Goku said "Are you saying I should take my clothes off?" Right, I have seen him do that either... Has Goku used the feet Kamehameha more than once? I think that would be a pretty useful move. Of course, Goku does know how to fly, but it can be used in other scenarios as well.

Was this a bit before Vegeta knocked them out? But, yeah, fighting as a team does increase their chances of winning. Yeah, I know. Trunks is like the Kaneki of DBZ when it comes to tragic backstory/life. would make sense for them to do that. Thhey just wanna act as if his hair's always been blue. I did like his purple hair better but I'm fine with blue haired Trunks too. Interesting... Maybe it'll be an opponent so it won't be as easy for Goku? Well, ok, that's expected. Bulma looked 16. Yeah, Chi-Chi and Goku were around the same age so that's a good age range to put her in. 

I watched it. It's really funny! Jaiden Animations did a pretty good job on it. Oh, I'd always heard of her but I only started watching her in like 2015-2016 though. I might start back... I've only seen one Pewdiepie video and that was when he was playing a video or something. I kinda felt that way about Markiplier too but he grew on me. I pretty much just binge watched his FNAF playthrough and watched him play some other games like Misao and that mirror room illusion game. Some of my favorite youtubers are KubzScouts, LaurenZSide, and The Anime Man. I'd take pretty much any blade weapon but I'd be happy to have a sword. I'd have to know how to wield it properly first or it might break or something... Yeah. Heck, just seeing Pinhead in Hellraiser use to freak me out a little when I was younger. Seeing some body horror in movies just might scare me or even gross me out.

Perhaps. Maybe each time it's open completely, that's when the disappearances happen in a short amount of time. And the incidents that seem like outliers in terms of the date of the disappearances happened when it was only partially open or temporarily opened? Like, for example, the incidents that occurred in the 1940's happened only 1-2 years after the previous one only because the portal was open. Then we have gaps such as the one that happened in 2007 and then the next one that happened in 2015. There wasn't much activity between those two years because the portal wasn't open. Wow. This's getting crazier and crazier. What if they're just stuck in the past and unable to doing but continue living their lives in a new era? Yeah, maybe. Haha, alright! We can be a mystery solving duo! Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:47, July 18, 2017 (UTC)

Goku said it to Beerus when trying to get him to stop blowing up the Earth, with that line becoming a meme. Like TFS keeps portraying Cell as a sexual predator, who uses the word "absorb" in place of "rape". He was remarking that the way 18 was dressed was her begging to be absorbed. Perfect Cell dials down the creep factor and is just back to being mostly funny like Frieza. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Cell ends up in a love triangle with Goku and VegetaChi-Chi. Lol, they probably will have Cell quote lines from similar song. Oh damn, I forgot Goku said that line, it does ring a bell though. I don't think Goku has ever used the feet Kamehameha again, because like you said he was mostly using that to substitute flying. There's also the fact that Goku stopped taking off his shoes after training with King Kai. Man, teenage Goku was the smartest version of Goku with so many creative usages of techniques. The fillers also gave Goku telekinesis, which Vegeta also had, but both have been forgotten.

Yes, it was when Vegeta was wrapped up in a piece of Buu's stomach, so Trunks kicked Buu away while Goten freed Vegeta. It's that damned Saiyan pride that allowed Buu to cause so much trouble to begin with. Ah Tokyo Ghoul again, I'm sure both them are very misfortune individuals. I would have been alright with his blue hair, if it weren't for the fact that Present Trunks still has purple hair. No idea at this point, it won't be showing up for a while. Right now Goku is not struggling so he has no need. But my guess is he may use it against Jiren, the one guy confirmed to be far stronger than Goku. I could never get over how age inappropriate Chi-Chi's outfit was though. What the hell Toriyama?

I actually downloaded the song and listened to it for a while. Ah, I seemed to have missed out on her peak of popularity. I like how she's funny, but mostly calm and doesn't scream random stuff like a lot of other gamer YTbers do. These days the only YTber I'm regularly keeping up to date with is TeamFourStar, MasakoX, and ToonSandwich. I used to watch Smosh before they went downhill and Screwattack before their vids kept pissing me off. For Let's Plays I don't really stick to one YTber and just go for whoever has it up. True, inexperience can make the weapon harmful to self too. I'm just not a fan of the genre in general.

If that's the case they should test for any strange electromagnetic radiation in the area to determine any anomalies, though testing in such conditions would be very hard. Perhaps, like the guy from the article he only drifted to the edge of the time warp and zipped ahead. I'm surprised though that he didn't think of the possibility he teleported rather than time traveled, it was a visually impairing cloud so who could tell if the landscape underneath changed. Something like that, there might also be a factor of sometimes they just don't fly into the actual portal and miss it. That actually happened in Doctor Who with a monster called the Weeping Angels that zap people back in time and they live out their whole lives in the past. Yas! We'd be like the agents from the X-Files taking on all the weird cases in the world. --Stryzzar (talk) 06:22, July 19, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, ok. Wow, I guess it's that easy for something to become a meme. Oh, geez... No wonder it felt so weird hearing him talk sometimes. But in that case, I might have actually missed it. I think I was actually confused when I heard him say that because I remember thinking something similar to "How is she asking for it?" Haha. Maybe it could be a love square? "Who will Goku choose? Will he choose his wife, his rival, his enemy? On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!" I admit that teenage Goku was pretty smart. Do you think it was replaced with kiai? Both techniques let the user move items or people without touching them. Kiai has more of a force with it though and with telekinesis you move things with your mind, not energy. 

Ok, that's what I thought. It kinda shocked me when Vegeta knocked out Trunks. And the fact that Goten started hitting on him and yelling at him just added something to that moment, especially when he said "How can you do that to your own son?" or something like that. I understood why he did it. I just could help but to be shocked, at least momentarily. I know, when I first watched the Buu Saga, Vegeta and Goku's fight got on my nerves. Don't get wrong, it was good fight, but the fact Vegeta knew he would be giving Majin Buu energy just so he could get a rematch with Goku and fight for his pride was so irritating. I actually got mad at Vegeta but then when he used Final Explosion... Yep, they are. They even have memes(I guess you can call the that.) talking about giving Kaneki the happiness he deserves. I know, right? I'm fine with the change of hair color 100% but they leave Present Trunks' hair purple? Like, why? If they were gonna do that, they should've given Present Trunks blue hair and let Future Trunks keep his purple hair. Right, they bring out more forms when the characters are having trouble with their opponents. Eh...not the best character I've seen but alright. I know. I mean, why the heck was she walking around wearing a bikini?

Cool! I actually don't know when her peak was though. Yeah, from what I remember she usually is calm. It can be so funny to see them yelling at the game though. I've never heard of MasakoX or ToonSandwich. I've heard of Smosh but I just never bothered to watch him and I only saw...maybe 3 ScrewAttack videos but then I left them alone after I saw Erza vs Zoro. It's not that I don't agree with the outcome, I just don't know much about Zoro... Oh wow. Well, for me, it just depends. If none of the youtubers I watch have a lets play of the game I'm looking for, then I'll just go for any other youtuber. That's actually how I found Nukem Dukem and Super Saiyan Paul because I was looking for DB Xenoverse playthroughs. Yeah. I'll watch it in some movies and anime...or tv shows if they have body horror ones.

They should but it would probably take a while if they're not even sure if they can do it. It's possible. If I were in his situation, I would've kept my options open because I mainly have no idea what I'm dealing with. That's another thing. It makes me wonder just how big the actual portal would be though. That would be pretty sad though if you think about it. You're glad to be alive but you have to live your life around people you don't even know and in a different setting. But, of course, that depends on how far back in they past they send you. I thought Weeping Angels were statues of some sort... Well, nevermind, I looked them up... I guess that automatically makes us like different versions of Mulder and Scully.  Dun dun dun dun dun...dun. *X-Files music* Lol. Yuri Rozu (talk)

All it takes for people to like something and start quoting it everywhere, it helps if its simple and easy to remember. Yeah, it was interesting that for a satirical comedy they make a character even more creepy. Android/Cell Saga took a very different approach by having them stay true to the story. LOL. Goku did actually get confused in believing Vegeta has feelings for him before Vegeta exits the HTC. Hmm, perhaps. A Kiai is firing invisible energy, so I guess that same invisible energy could be used to move stuff.

I always interpreted that as Vegeta giving an act of tough love to get the kids away from the danger, as opposed to Goku who got the kids right in the middle of the danger. Vegeta has a worse track record, with how he let Cell reach his Perfect form too. At least hybrid Saiyans are exempt from this challenge seeking pride. Farewell proud warrior. Goku and Vegeta are probably the most notorious examples of 'we could have avoided this plot' in fiction. It's good that Kameki got some happiness. Plot hole right there, unless either F.Trunks or P.Trunks really did dye their hair at some point. Yeah Jiren is from Universe 11 and I don't really like most of their designs, other universes have far more interesting characters. Not just wearing a bikini, but running around fighting in a bikini. She has even less protection than normally dressed characters.

I don't really know either, but I noticed YT comments saying there was a point she used to be good and it's not anymore. MasakoX is the guy who voices Goku and Gohan for TeamFourStar. He's been doing a lot of side stuff on his channel like reviewing DBS and giving his theories on the series, he also has a Let's Play called "Goku's Gonna Show You" where he plays games in-character as Goku. ToonSandwich is just a channel which keeps making animated parodies of movie trailers, like all the superhero ones we've had lately. Have not seen that one. But what made me quit is they keep making the fights extremely anticlimactic and sometimes they're biased. Oh sweet, I just go for whoever comes out first on google or TFS's Let's Play, where their custom characters became so popular they received a following and lots of fanart.

No rush, it's not like the weirdness is going anywhere. I don't know how'd I respond, but I probably wouldn't fly through a large storm cloud in a plane to begin with. Always the possibility it varies and fluctuates over time. I'd probably find a way to cryogenically freeze myself or something so I could go back to my time. They are statues but they're also alive, rock form is the ultimate defense. I loved watching that show when it occasionally replays, though we'd both be like Mulder with the wild conspiracy theories rather than the more normal Scully. --Stryzzar (talk) 11:28, July 20, 2017 (UTC)

Yep, just like "It's over 9000!" It's like "Oh, we're not just gonna make it funny, we're gonna make it creepy too!" Haha, they did a pretty good job. I love how Goku's combination of stupidity and naivety can make DBZ so funny. Gohan moved a car with it and Shin the Supreme Kai used it against Buu but it only knocked him back a bit. 

Future Gohan used that on Trunks as well. Oh yeah, Goku also took a risk by putting Gohan against Cell. Even Piccolo went against it. Again, I understand what he was trying to do but it was...risky. Oh, definitely. He let 2 of the 3 main villains in DBZ either become more of a threat or come into existence in the first place. Yeah, thank goodness. True. He gets some happiness... Most of the time, his life's tragedy after tragedy. I'm pretty sure it's more of a "outside of the show" problem. The designs for Universe 11 do kinda suck... Bikini's aren't made for battle. I don't even get why she'd wear one. Or why Toriyama thought her design like that anyway.

Really? Huh, then, I might actually go see for myself. Oh yeah, I saw that when I went to MasakoX's channel. I've been meaning to watch some Goku Lets Plays. I started with the Krillin ones first. Ok, I see. Hmm...and by biased I'm pretty sure you mean making their favorite character win... I thought they actually did research and stuff to make the outcome of the fight reasonable. Whoa, that's cool! I might try making my own custom character... I mean, extra ones of course. 

Right. A lot of people don't wanna take that chance. Ok, that just makes it unpredictable then which would make the people who didn't encounter anything pretty lucky. I heard about Weeping Angels from somewhere before but I don't know where. I just don't remember them having the ability to send people into the past though. Yeah, I watched some episodes. I don't think I've ever seen a complete season, just random episodes. True. With theories like ours, it would be hard to call either of us skeptics. Yuri Rozu (talk) 14:15, July 20, 2017 (UTC)

The most famous line from the show that one. Props to the FUNimation cast for doing that. There are fans who complain they're not as good as the Jap VAs, but they keep making it far funnier than the original. Goku's dumbness cranked up is so hilarious. Sean Schemmel's Goku is actually a lot smarter than Masako Nozawa's Goku in general as well as a bit more noble. I do remember Supreme Kai using it, Frieza and Goku used it during the Namek Saga too.

Oh that's right, Future Gohan did. Parenting 101, Piccolo is not pleased :P Lol, the only one Vegeta wasn't to blame for was Frieza, though SSJ Goku took his place in letting him power up to max, not that it did Frieza any good. Seems like a really grey story for Kaneki as a whole. Yeah, Bulma actually said Future Trunks always had blue hair. Universe 9 had a lot of interesting designs, but they're all gone now... Kid Chi-Chi was overall meant to parody Ultraman with her helmet that fires a laser, but apparently that means dressing sexily as well. She also kept her outfit throughout Dragon Ball until the final saga.

In XV1 they made a male Majin who's really fat, short, and grey who they called Dumplin, and they ended up making it canon that Dumplin is the TFS version of Mr. Popo's younger self. Then in XV2, they made a female Majin called Puddin who's the daughter of Dumplin and Towa. They came up with all this through their game narrations. Goku's ones are really funny, he plays a lot of browser games too. I heard of the Krillin ones but haven't seen them yet, I know Vegeta makes Krillin play scary games. They usually do research, but they tend to exaggerate evidence or take it out of context, the most notorious one being the Goku vs. Superman battles. Superman might be able to beat Goku, but NOT for the reasons they said he would. In the rematch, they pretty much ignored everything Goku could do and just said "Superman is limitless, so Goku loses no matter how strong he is." Good luck with that :) I've seen a lot of creative custom characters on youtube.

Only those with no choice or daredevils would be taking that risk. When dealing with the unknown and something we can't understand, there has to be a lot of guess work. Hmm, well the weeping angels are referenced in quite a few places, there was a scary game called "SCP - Containment Breach" that has the monster using a near-identical mechanic. You kind of need to see the episode to remember that. They had a rerun of all classic X-Files in my country last year I think so I caught up with most of them. It's fun to be the wild theorists though. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:20, July 21, 2017 (UTC)

Yep, and I love it. I'm actually glad Funimation did what they did. Eh, I've heard Goku's Japanese voice a few times before. Masako Nozawa does a good job but the voice just doesn't fit Goku. Well, that's how I feel at least. Or maybe I'm just super used to Sean Schemmel and the Goku voiced by him. I'm not too surprised about that though since they clearly changed certain parts in the anime. I barely even remember Goku and Frieza using it during their battle...

Yeah, sometimes the best thing to do may not seem like it at first. It only makes sense. Piccolo is like Gohan's 2nd dad after all. Agreed. Pretty much. Wow, ok then. At least they tried to change the fact that Future Trunks' hair was originally purple. But most of us know that his hair wasn't blue at first. Oh yeah, I heard about that. I somewhat spoiled myself but oh well. At least I know. Hop looked pretty cool. Now that you mention it, I see what he was doing. It's alot though. Yeah, until she switched it out for the cheongsam during the tournament she fought Goku. That was actually my favorite Chi-Chi outift. 

Haha, they actually looked pretty nice. It's hard to imagine a younger version of Mr. Popo with Towa of all people though. When I get that chance, I'll definitely watch the Goku ones. Yeah, they're pretty funny. He plays games like Outlast, Slender, and etc. Ok, I see. Well, I did a bit of research myself. Apparently Ki/Chi/Psi can harm Superman and high pitched noises can be used to gain the upper hand on him just like how it worked on Lord Slug. Also the DC wiki says that he can fly at speeds faster than light but all Goku needs to do is just use Instant Transmission or Instantaneous Movement. But then again, I guess Superman can use his Super Breath to freeze Goku or something. But seriously, what the heck did they say about Saitama then? Some of his capabilities are unknown so who knows. Thanks. I've only seen a few on youtube. 

Right. I mean, technically that's all we can do unless we managed to find out or figure out something. Oh, I've heard of that. I think I only saw one video on it though. I meant that wherever I saw them before, I don't remember them having that ability. Whoa. That's a lot of episodes. Most likely, you know more than me about it. Agreed. I love theorizing. Certain cases in particular really interest me though. Yuri Rozu (talk) 14:24, July 21, 2017 (UTC)

Ah yeah, that's because for some reason when Toei moved onto Z, they decided to keep all the VAs who voiced the same characters in Dragon Ball. That's all the kids with female VAs now voicing grown male characters, rather than recasting like most studios. That's why Krillin and Yajirobe have highpitched voices too. I like both Masako and Sean, they both bring something to the table. Masako captures Goku's childishness and Sean emphasises his badass. Oh, Goku used a kiai to create a grave to bury Vegeta, then later on Frieza and Goku both exchange consecutive kiais.

Overall Piccolo's a better dad than both Goku and Vegeta, and a pretty good grandparent to Pan as well. I don't really see the point in changing it to begin with though? Did the blue work better for lighting in the darkened future? Oh crap, did I spoil it for you? I'm sorry. :( It would have been nice to find out more about Hop and Sorrel. I've been playing Dokkan Battle lately and something I found amusing was Kid Chi-Chi is actually the "evolved" variant of adult Chi-Chi. Basically they're saying she was stronger back when she was younger. Yeah I overall like teen Chi-Chi (that's what I'm calling her) too, she also had her hair down back then.

That's supposedly the explanation on why TFS Popo is so strong, because he's not a djinn, he's a majin/demon god in disguise. I have seen some of the Slender one, I always thought "damn Vegeta, making the wimpiest DBZ character play all those scary games?" Whenever Slenderman gets him they made Popo's eyes appear onscreen xD Screwattack said that ki wasn't "magical" so wouldn't harm him more than any normal attack would, but I don't know that's their interpretation. That's one issue I had, they seemed to forget that Goku could teleport, in Part 2 Superman killed Goku because he didn't want the Earth to be destroyed, but Goku could have just teleported them elsewhere. Goku could also always destroy the sun to take out Superman's power source, which would weaken him over time. I don't think they've done Saitama yet.

That's how a lot of science works, formulate a hypothesis and test it out. I think my friend showed me Markiplier playing that one. Ah, fair enough. Yeah probably, I generally read this stuff up once I get into it, including X-Files. When I find someone else who likes doing so, I tend to go a bit crazy with the theories. xD --Stryzzar (talk) 07:14, July 22, 2017 (UTC)

I see. I mean, realistically, when people get older, their voices change. Recasting would've helped the case of "grown ups sounding like little kids" thing. I don't think I've ever heard Krillin and Yajirobe in Japanese before now... (I just watched a video.) They are high pitched...or at least higher than I expected. Ok, I can see that. Goku does sound like a kid when Masako voices him. He seems a bit more silly. Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up.

Yeah, he's more responsible and doesn't take that many risks. He doesn't ignore Gohan or Pan either. I know. I mean, Future Trunks has always had hair that wasn't the same color as Bulmas and they decide to change it during DB Super? Oh no, that's no spoiler at all. We both know that his timeline isn't exactly the happiest of times. Agreed. Huh? Oh wow. I'm pretty sure Chi Chi got stronger as she got older. (I wanted to play Dokkan Battle...but all it does is show a loading screen...) Yeah. I think it's cool how the both of them are fighters and then they got married. 

What...? Uh, ok, I never once considered TFS Popo a Majin or Demon God. I see him the same way I see canon Mr Popo...when it comes to race though. TFS Popo and canon Popo seem totally different. Haha, I love how they include Mr. Popo. From what I see, it wouldn't even matter if ki wasn't considered magical. Superman apparently has a weakness to ki itself, not just magic. Wow. How did they forget about Goku's teleportation abilities? Yeah, seriously. There are tons of planets to go to. True but that would be doing a lot. I mean, it's the sun. Hmm...I'll definitely be watching that one to see what they say.

Right, it's trial and error until you finally figure it out. Did it have to do with some weird mist or gas? Same. That's totally fine. One time, I freaking went on a research and evidence collecting spree. I even took notes. Yuri Rozu (talk) 09:57, July 22, 2017 (UTC)

Sorry for replying late again, I was really sick yesterday.

Recasting is what other animes usually do too. I guess Toei didn't want the existing cast to lose their job, even though Masako still voiced Gohan and Goten. Like in Detective Conan, the main character has a different voice for the same character as a kid and a teenager. The idea for Goku was he's still a kid even in his older age, reinforced by Vegeta saying for Saiyans he and Goku are still considered young. No problem.

An interesting twist as Piccolo originally kidnapped Gohan to train him because he said Goku was too soft to train his son. But after Piccolo grows to really love Gohan, he's demonstrates more care than Goku did. I guess Bulma's hair isn't consistent between the manga and anime either (her hair was purple in the manga), maybe that has something to do with F.Trunks' color change. Oh okay then, I get a bit paranoid about spoiling others. Basically in Dokkan Battle you get character cards to show which character you can use, and for many characters you can "awaken" them into stronger versions of themselves, usually by changing them to a stronger transformation. But with Chi-Chi they had her adult self getting awakened to kid self. I think it's because her kid self had special attacks while her adult self doesn't.

Ikr? It was weird for me at first too. It's playing with the joke that in DBZA, everyone is terrified of Popo and he seems to be stronger than everyone else. Lol, they definitely are. They had one scene with Blue Popo who acted more like canon Popo, before TFS Popo absorbed him. Although in Super, abridged Popo seems to have momentraily appeared. Oh really? Screwattack said seems to think the opposite, but I guess they could have been wrong about that too. Like teleportation would have made so much sense at many points in the fight, but Goku never does so. Prepare to get annoyed afterwards, there are a few other Goku vs. Superman ones floating around that are done far better.

Though educated guesses are better to start off with. I meant the SCP – Containment Breach one. Oh cool, what research were you doing? --Stryzzar (talk) 12:34, July 24, 2017 (UTC)

It's ok. I'm gonna guess you're feeling better? 

Yeah. I thought about that too. It can be hard to fire people, especially if they've done such a good job in the past. Oh, Detective Conan. I didn't know they did that. Hmm...ok. I never thought about it like that. Goku acts like a kid anyway sometimes so that makes sense.

I know, that's so crazy. Most people wouldn't expect for the kidnapper to actually bond with the person they kidnapped. It really says something if the person who kidnapped you cares more for you than your own dad. Yeah, it is. Sometimes her hair looks more blue while other times it looks more green. Her hair was also purple in Path to Power. Yeah, it's a movie but I wonder if they made her hair purple to try to make it seem more like the manga... That's probably it. Understandable. Alright, I had played a game like that. I understand the concept but just because Kid Chi-Chi had more special attacks than adult Chi-Chi doesn't mean that she's the stronger version. In that one part of DB, Chi-Chi had the Bansho Fan. I don't know if that counts as special though because it's just fan but it did have some sort of power. 

Yeah, he has this...mysterious thing going on. Wait, they put in blue Mr. Popo? Wow...Well, that was unexpected. I didn't think anything DBA related would show up in DB Super. I just went to the Superman page on the DC wiki. Goku can be smart during a fight. Goku would've used teleportation at least ONCE. I'm not surprised. ScrewAttack managed to forget (or take into consideration) some of Goku's abilities. 

Yep. I end up using trial and error or the "input and try it" method a lot especially when it comes to certain types of math. Ok, ew. I haven't played it myself but I think I recognize one of those things from the game... Or it was something worse that I'm confusing it with. Idk. Ok, you might think I'm weird for this. I while back, I did a lot of looking into the Zodiac Killer. And more recently, I've been doing psychology related research. Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:02, July 24, 2017 (UTC)

Not fully healed, but well enough to type these long replies again.

Well of course they wouldn't "fire" them, just their contract would end until they get recast. But I think it's more to do with the Toei DB cast feeling like a close family and they don't want the team to change. Detective Conan had the plot that the teenaged protagonist got deaged into a kid at the start of the series, and so he gets 2 VAs. Trope called Kid Hero All Grown Up, Aang and Goku are the two most well known examples.

Surprisingly common actually, in some cases it's stockholm syndrome. Though a different case0 here, since Piccolo was the one who changed for the better, rather than Gohan becoming irrational and feeling close to his captor. Yes, Bulma's purple hair in Path to Power was definitely because of the manga. Many DBZ games tend to only include Kid Chi-Chi over adult Chi-Chi, due to adult Chi-Chi not having enough moves to go by. I know, which is why I still find it funny Dokkan Battle did that.

It was in a side video, not the main series where they were promoting Youmacon. It's like Toei has been watching TFS and started putting elements in. Apparently Hit and Zamasu nearly said "Kaio-what?" Ooh, good find Yuri! Screwattack completely missed that one, I didn't realize DC comics specifically brought up chi/ki in regards to Superman. At the very least Goku would have used teleportation when Supes says "I's rather not destroy the planet this time" so Goku should have said "then let's take this fight somewhere else"

Ah ok, math sometimes can use trial and error but academically it's better to search it up first. It's a game trying a different mechanic to add in the fear factor by making the player feel "helpless". Nah, not at all. I did some research into several serial killers for a psychology assignment, two of which were a bit unsettling to read about. One of them was the real life inspiration for Leatherface, while the other was a cannibal... --Stryzzar (talk) 06:03, July 25, 2017 (UTC)

Ok. At least you're health has improved.

Oh, yeah. That's understandable too. Heck, I'd probably feel the same way. I'd heard about that. But from this, I'm gonna assume that you've seen the anime. Do you know if it's good or not? I'm actually considering watching it... Yep. Haha, sometimes it feels like you've grown up with them. It can bring back memories to see them acting like their usual goofy selves. 

I've heard of that. I mean basically having Stockholm Syndrome is like saying "I know he kidnapped me but he did nothing wrong!" or "I love the person who abducted me! Don't arrest him!" Seriously, that's one weird condition to have. But...yeah, agreed. Cool, I thought so. She didn't fight much as an adult...but couldn't they have just made up some moves? Yeah, but that's also due to the fact that they actually went backwards with her going from adult to kid.

Oh, alright. Well...that's funny. But who were the people who took down DBA a while back? I love Kaio-What? It used to get me a lot. It still might. Thanks. I wouldn't have thought so either. I was shocked to even see them mention ki because I didn't think that was a type of power they'd bring into DC universe. Yeah, that's something Goku ends up doing. 

Yeah. I only use it for certain problems like the ones that involve equations where you have to find the missing term or whatever. Sometimes it's better to do what you're actually supposed to or you'll end up using a lot of time on one problem. Nice. I guess that must mean there's something in the game you can't control. Thank goodness. The one you read about who influenced Leatherface was most likely Ed Gein. One of the most well known cannibal murderers is Jeffrey Dahmer so he might be the cannibal you learned about. The things they did were disturbing and twisted. I do have an interest in them though, especially their mind states. A lot of serial killers seemed to have had bad childhoods...but of course that doesn't justify their actions. Yuri Rozu (talk) 11:27, July 25, 2017 (UTC)


I did watch the anime for a while, but it's really long. The anime is almost as old as I am, so I have never made it to the end. I'd recommend the sub over the dub, they keep leaving out information in the dub which makes you (the viewer) trying to solve the case harder. Never grow up Goku!

Something in the victim's mind snaps and suddenly the captive falls in love with their captor. Lifted that line from a James Bond film. Well trauma can do some pretty weird things. They probably could have, but for some like the Tenkaichi games they chose not to. Dokkan Battle is different because they only have one Special Attack per card. So characters that don't usually fight like Bulma can even join in with an attack like "Bazooka" or something. Yep, a very odd choice to regress her to a kid too.

That wasn't Toei I think, it was YT's automated system according to this. I hope they keep that joke when Goku goes Kaio-ken against Pikkon or something. It hasn't popped up very often, but I have seen the occasional mention. It's very different from how it's displayed in DB though, but still something that undermines Screwattack's entire argument.

Ah ok, fair enough. SCP has a blink mechanic, where you are forced to regularly blink, during which the monster will move towards you. It's like in Slender, FNAF, and Amnesia where you can't actually fight the monster but only run, distract, or hide from it. In Amnesia there's a similar thing called an Insanity Meter, which makes it harder still. Yes it was Ed Gein, I just wasn't sure if you had heard of him. Actually the guy I studied was Fritz Haarmann, one of his reports included a very graphic description of what he did to the victims after killing them which was deeply deeply disturbing. What you're doing is called psychological profiling, finding out common behaviors and reasonings between killers. --Stryzzar (talk) 15:59, July 25, 2017 (UTC)


I see... I thought the anime stopped but apparently, it's 862 episodes and that number's only going to increase. Alright, note taken. I defintely don't want that. I like attempting to solve the cases. I don't think he will no matter how long it's been. 

James Bond, huh? Ok. Right. There's all sorts of disorders/syndromes caused from trauma. Yeah. I'm gonna do a comparison here... Does Dokkan battle also have one type of normal attack and in order to activate the special attack you need to click something that appears on the card? That's cool. At least they did something for those types of characters. Agreed.

Ok, thanks for showing me that. What in the world happened that got it marked as "spam" though? Me too. It's pretty good. Really? What makes it different? Yep. 

I saw that pop up but I didn't know that once you did the monster attacked you. Alright, I'm starting to get a little bit of an Outlast vibe from it too. The insanity meter sounds pretty interesting but also kinda realistic in a way too, especially with the "standing in torture rooms" thing and the fact that Daniel has a fear of the dark and he's forced to be surrounded by darkness with an exception of a lantern. I heard about him a while ago but I don't think ever heard of Fritz Haarmann. I actually went to go read some articles. You're definitely right about that... So, that's what it's called... I find myself doing that a lot. Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:02, July 26, 2017 (UTC)

I believe it's still trying to compete with Pokemon on who will get the record of longest running anime of all time. I also don't like the dub voices and the name changes, they changed "Shinichi" to "Jimmy" which was really irritating. That's our Goku :)

Yeah, he was once explaining the condition to a girl who had it. Aside from Stockholm, PTSD is also a really common one. Sort of, except all characters have the same normal attacks (series of punches/kicks, a Continuous Energy Bullet attack, or a just stream of ki). Even characters who can't use ki will have access to those, while non-flying characters have jetpacks. The game mechanic is all characters have a ki meter, and you need to collect "ki spheres" (basically those colored spheres) to fill it up. Once the meter is filled a special attack will be launched.

No problem. Not sure but I recall if enough trolls flag the videos they may get redlisted by YT and taken down. Speaking of which, they had MasakoX voice Goku in the DeathBattle video and Superman actually said "Kaio-what?" during their fight as well. For starters, characters don't fire ki blasts and beams like they do in Dragon Ball, it's more like ki is used to augment physical ability to perform high jumps or letting it radiate out in a shockwave. Dragon Ball characters use ki much more creatively and with more versatility.

Only when you're out of the monster's line of sight. So if you turn around or move behind a wall, the monster can move too until you look at it again. I remember Outlast terrified me when I first saw the game, one of the scariest games I had ever come across. And yes, it plays into that whole "helplessness" against the threats in the game. The whole premise of being in a psychiatric institute of murderers that were experimented on is unsettling enough as it is. If his Insanity Meter fills up then he will start screaming which alerts nearby monsters. One of the most terrifying things about Amnesia is if you encounter a monster they pretty much never stop chasing you until you hide, lock a door, or distract them. Yep, honestly that guy might be worse than Hitler on the level of monstrosities he did. For forensic psychology specifically it's criminal profiling. I did that a bit too for a while, tried to discern things from people just by looking at them. --Stryzzar (talk) 07:16, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Oh yeah, Pokemon has been around for a while. Detective Conan aired in 1996 while Pokemon aired later in 1997. Pokemon has 962 episodes as a now though. Wow, of all the names to give him, they chose Jimmy... I can see why you say it's irritating. Yeah! 

Ok, got it. Yep, I've heard of that one. I've done a bit of research on PTSD too. From what I know, people who have PTSD have had some sort of trauma. It can range from soldiers who witness death on the battlefield to people who grew up in bad environments. Oh, alright. Even if the character doesn't fight in the show they're still totally able to be used to attack. I was just wondering about that part because it reminds me of an app I played for a while called Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers or something like that. It's kinda like Dokkan Battle but with FT characters and the way you activate the special attacks are a bit different. Instead of collecting ki spheres you collect little magic things from defeating enemies. It fills up the circle in the corner of any character's card and once it's full then you can use the special attack. Also, most or all characters has different basic moves. 

^-^ Who flags videos just for the fun of it though? Haha, wow. It least they added that funny bit in there. Ok, I kinda thought that would be the case. I mean, I've never seen any DC characters using Kamehameha like attacks. I  just know them for having crazy powers and abilities. Yeah. Also, apparently ki usage has a bigger effect on DC characters than it does on DB characters... 

That puts a little pressure on the player. Outlast used to surprise me and gross me out, especially The Groom from Outlast Whistleblower... Geez, he's one messed up dude... Yeah, true. Well, that's one reason to keep your sanity up. Note taken. I'm gonna see if I can get this game. Amnesia seems pretty cool. I'm gonna need to know some stuff to help me with it. They're both terrible people who were murderers. Hitler's was on a much larger scale though. Criminal profiling, got it. I've always wanted to be to do that with people. As of now, I can just look at what serial killers have in common the most noticeable things about certain mental disorders. Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:31, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Honestly both animes have gone on for too long and have been running out of ideas for ages. At least when Dragon Ball came back after all these years it went and did something really different, rather than reusing the same formula. There's also the fact that Conan's dub voice sounds girlier than girls his age.

PTSD can be really anything that's traumatic, the soldier variant is typically known as “shell-shocked” as they can perceive ordinary things as gunshots or bombs. It's a bit similar to video games featuring Hercule, where he throws bombs in place of firing ki blasts. Oh? Is FT Dragon Slayer also a mobile game? The smaller touch screen will typically have a simpler game mechanic than console games, due to it being cheaper and easier for the mobile device to handle. But you're right, that does sound very similar to Dokkan Battle.

Trolls do. LittleKuriboh (voice of Frieza in TFS and the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged), constantly had that problem with his account getting suspended. He once took a stab at the trolls in an episode by having Kaiba say “I’m busy flagging YouTube videos to compensate for the fact I have an extremely small penis.” Ki also has a very different nature to the offensive energy in DB, despite using the same name. DC has plenty of energy attacks but I guess they decided to keep those separate from ki and Kamehamehas.

As far as jumpscares go, Outlast was one of the most intense ones I've seen. Oh geez, the Groom is like a stalker/rapist/serial killer all rolled into one. Like it's enough that you as the player can get scared and effect your gameplay, but when the in-game character an get scared too that spells a lot of trouble. While I'm at it, the Amnesia also features invisible monsters like the Shadow and water monsters, which can only be seen by ripples they make. True, but the way I see it Hitler was just lucky to be in a position of power, that guy managed to have a bodycount in the hundreds with only one person helping him. Hitler also never dehumanised himself to that extent where he'd consume human flesh. Watching various detective shows like Sherlock have helped me hone my observation skills a bit. Picking out the very fine details that can draw major conclusions. --Stryzzar (talk) 23:34, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

When a show's been on for so long, it's easy to run out out of ideas. Yeah, you're right. They added new characters, expanded on the "different universe" thing, and came up with some nice storylines. Huh...? Ok then. Wow.

Yeah, I just gave a few examples. Well, that's a new one. I had no idea they used that phrase like that. Yep. It is but I used to have an older version of it. Now, the older version is nowhere to be found and the newer version is under a different name. Usually, it'll pop up if you type Fairy Tail but if not, then try Dragon Guild Battle. Yeah and besides, lots of people don't really like games with hard or irritating controls. I have a feeling more people play Dokkan Battle though. 

Of course, they're trolls. I just don't get how people can be so childish and do things like that for no reason at all. I didn't know Little Kuriboh had that problem. But, oh well, the trolls know who they are. I gotta admit that it's pretty funny. Yeah, probably so it can just be different from shows/anime that also involve the usage of ki. 

Hmm... Agreed. Yeah, he's freaking creepy. He's way worse than The Doctor from Outlast 1 who cut the protagonist's fingers off. Yep, hopefully I won't throw my remote or something and then Daniel just happens to be scared/going insane and then screams which attracts a monster. I may have come across some stuff about them. Now, I'm gonna have to pay extra attention. That's also true but whoa...wait did you say hundreds? Haarmann himself wasn't even sure how many people he killed. Where'd that come from? Some sites say 24+ or more than 27. The closest I found was that it was somewhere between 50 and 70. (Sorry if it seems like I'm trying to be too exact or specific.) Hitler was certainly the reason for the genocide of Jews during the 1940's but you're right. He never did anything like cannibalism or those other horrible things that Fritz did to his victims. I've never seen Sherlock but I can certainly see why. Yep, even the most minor things can lead to uncovering something big. Yuri Rozu (talk) 12:44, July 28, 2017 (UTC)

In the case of Pokemon they do have the excuse that they're basing it off the games (which are different with each release), but Ash has pretty much given all he can. Quite a few wish they had gone with the Yu-Gi-Oh approach and replaced the protagonist like the games do. I mean granted what Super is doing isn't for everyone, but it's trying to be original at least.

I think I first came across the term in a novel we learned at school set in WWII. I saw some screenshots of the game while searching, you're right that it does give a similar feel to Dokkan Battle. These free to play games usually ride the success of a new series/film, it was made to commemorate and accompany the airing of DBS if I'm not mistaken.

Usually trolls are losers in real life who come online and make others miserable so they can feel big and powerful. He's been suspended so many times it's got a section on his page. The main depictions of "Dragon Ball ki usage" is Dragon Ball and Streetfighter. Other animes have vastly different ki interpretations. Naruto uses it as a more mystical application rather than simply projectile energy blasts. Ranma 1/2 ties the ki to emotions rather than stamina and doesn't blast it as often as DBZ. While Fist of the North Star seems to go with the "using ki to augment physical abilities" approach but also capable of Kamehameha-type things.

Doctor Trager? He was already creepy enough as is, I thought normal mad scientists were bad but a psychopathic one that has been experimented on... Best not to play it alone. From what I know, Amnesia is an easier experience than Outlast. The encounters with dangers are a lot rarer as a whole. It's possible I'm not remembering right since I did that report in 2009. However, from what I can recollect, as time passed he gained the nerve to take more risks and so did his victim count. When he first started it was about 20 or so victims in a year, by the time he was caught it was one per week. I'd say it was at least a good hundred or so young boys that were tragically ended by him. The river/creek where he dumped the remains was chock full of skulls and bones, so it was a staggering high amount. Don't get me wrong, Hitler is a horrible horrible excuse of a human being who the history would be better off if he never existed. But the only reason I'll place Haarmann is, Hitler did what he did not for himself but for (what he believes) the greater good of his country. Haarmann knew fully well what he did was evil at its highest, and he appeared to take glee in the level of a crime he could commit while still getting away with it. He even seemed entertained at how horrified the cops that were interviewing him looked during his confession. While the holocaust probably wouldn't have happened without Hitler, some action would still have likely been taken against the Jews in WWII. Hitler didn't create the hatred of the Jews, he just stoked the fire. Sherlock is just your typical mystery/detective drama series, but where the detective has a massive attitude problem. Here's a scene where he deduced John Watson's entire life from very tiny details. --Stryzzar (talk) 09:41, July 29, 2017 (UTC)

Alright, wow. I didn't know they were basing it off the games now. I found something called Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Generations. I'm pretty sure you meant those, right? I guess they just figured that people would want to see more of Ash and his friends. Yeah, but Super isn't for eveyone in general. Some DB fans don't actually like DB Super because of the animation or whatever. 

Interesting. But I guess that does make sense considering the fact that the term was coined during WW1. (I looked it up.) Yeah. I know that onced I finished Fairy Tail, I wanted to see if they had a game. Hmm...ok. I remember Dokkan Battle being out for a while. 

...They suck. I don't really know what else to say about them at the moment. I see. It's too bad that he's had to deal with stuff like that. Yeah, I'm definitely aware of those, especially Street Fighter and you told me about Ranma 1/2 earlier. I've always kinda been unsure when it came to Naruto and it's Ninjutsu stuff. It's funny that you mentioned Fist of the North Star because I looked it up yesterday when I remembered a friend telling me about and I was curious if they used ki as well. They have the Hokuto Gosho Ha and the Hokuto Ensho Ha which made me think of Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. 

Yeah, him. I didn't know his name at first... But, yeah...he freaking tortures people. Oh, really? I thought it would be more difficult. Ok, I had no idea. That makes it even worse though. Geez... Alright, I can agree with that. Haarmann described his crimes being a result of his "rabid sexual passion" which makes it more disturbing than it already is. True. I don't think it would've been as bad though. I'm aware. What he did was horrible but to say that he started the hatred of Jews... It wouldn't be correct. I know, I just haven't seen it. The closest I've gotten to Sherlock was seeing bits of that CBS show called Elementary. That...was really cool. I'm gonna try to take my observation skills to the next level. Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:18, July 30, 2017 (UTC)

Actually I meant the main Pokemon anime, which is simply titled "Pokemon". Pokemon Origins and Generations are a side anime series that are a "truer adaptation of the source material. Basically most animes are based off mangas as the source, but Pokemon used the game as a source. The main Pokemon anime changed so much, like replacing the main protagonist, Red, with Ash. Ash is pretty much a completely different character, as Red is far more competent, smarter, and badass, while Ash is a stuffup and always has to develop over the course of a series. Many people like Origins/Generations due to focusing on Red instead of Ash and the story line being closer to the games. Yeah, Super has it's fair share of problems that they're working to fix. But I still can see it getting redeemed eventually.

Oh was it? I didn't know that. I think I'll stick to Dokkan for now, my phone's memory can't really fit anymore apps for the time being. Dokkan actually came out a few weeks after the first episode of Super aired, both in July of 2015.

Idiots like that are always out there, just got to know how to deal with them. They do use a different term in Naruto, substituting chi/ki with chakra (which was apparently an error on the author's part). I have not actually seen Fist of the North Star yet, but only read about it here and there. Hmm, I guess poses are similar but effect a little different. I don't see any drilling effect from the attack.

Outlast sure did there research in creating their crazies. Some of the most deranged psychopaths of all time in that asylum. Well you can wander around for a fair while before encountering a monster, usually one of the zombie-like Gatherer things. Oh yep, he was also a homosexual predator who would sexually assault his victims before biting down on their neck during the act and killing them. Things that would have been different, Nazis might not have risen in power under Hitler's dictatorship, and Germany may not have invaded as many neutral European countries in Hitler's hunger for power. It's not a very long series but definitely worth checking out, has a lot of clever little things strewn about to wow the viewer. --Stryzzar (talk) 14:42, July 30, 2017 (UTC)

(I would have responded earlier but I literally slept the day away...)

Oh, ok, got it. It's kinda like this one anime series I finished not long ago called Danganronpa. The video games did come out first but the anime is based on the video games despite there being a manga. I had no idea Red came first. I found a lot of pictures on the internet and I must say that he looks way cooler than Ash. I don't know much about Ash because I haven't watched Pokemon for years but I see. They could've just wanted a character that's easy to show development with but I don't know. I don't get why they took out Red and then put in Ash. Understandable. I'd probably like it too if I were a Pokemon fan.

Yeah. I just saw it when I looked up the term. Ok, that's fine. I've kinda been having similar issues with my own phone. Wow... Ok. That seems like it was so long ago despite it only being 2 years ago.

Yep. Yeah, definitely an error there. Chi/ki does have to do with the seven chakras but it shouldn't be used as another name for energy. Same here. But for some reason, whenever I think of Fist of the North star, I think of Toriko and JoJo Bizarre Adventures which I also haven't seen. For me, it was just how it looked. When I was on the Fist of the North Star wiki, I read that it can drain all the blood from a person but I didn't see anything about any drill type effects. 

Agreed. Some characters can be a little weird...while some others are crazy lunatics. Oh, ok. Well, I guess that'll give me some time to get used to things before monsters start trying to attack me. Yeah, I heard that about him too. His thing for neck biting got him the name Vampire of Hanover. What's interesting is that if you look up "Vampire of Germany" you'll see both Haarmann and Peter Kurten who both happen to have similar names because of their crimes. And, you know what? I'll throw in another person. Carl Grossman (there's a weird symbol in his last name so I'm spelling it this way) was on the same level as Haarmann or maybe even worse. I believe they all inspired a filmed called M which probably stands for monster(s). Hitler was part of that too but who knows who we could've gotten instead of Hitler. Only 13 episodes...alright. I'll watch it. Yuri Rozu (talk) 06:42, July 31, 2017 (UTC)

It's okay. My college sem has resumed, so I probably won't be able to respond to these as frequently.

I have heard a lot about Danganronpa with lots of my friends trying to get me into it, but haven't gotten around to checking it out yet. It does seem like something I'd enjoy though. Ash is supposed to be the anime counterpart of Red, but really the only thing they have in common is their hats. Red did end up getting a Pikachu though because of Ash. He's far more cooler than Ash, Red is supposed to a legendary trainer who ended up becoming Champion of the region. Wanting to develop a character is fine and all, but the problem is they sometimes keep dumbing him up so they can develop him again. It would be better to just replace him with another protagonist.

DBS still feels like a recent thing, even though stuff like Super Saiyan Blue and Beerus feel like they've been around forever. Now that I think back, it really wasn't that long ago when I saw Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F.

But by the time he realized his mistake it was too late to change. Whenever I see Fist of the North Star I just think Bruce Lee tbh. They also seem to deal with Future Trunks timeline style apocalypses.

Amnesia doesn't tend to employ jumpscares. You can always hear tell tale sounds whenever there's a nasty up ahead. But once something does lock on to you, don't stop running until reaching a safezone like a room with a door or a table to hide under. I do remember the vampire thing when I did research on him. Ah yep, searched both those guys up. Have to agree Großmann was just as bad if not worse than Haarmann. I also saw where you got Haarmann's bodycount from, I'm surprised it's that low based on the casestudy I checked. But from the looks of it Großmann went even further than he did. Possibly, I have no idea if they inspired that film. There were a lot of good Germans though, before WWII ended there were several assassination attempts on Hitler by German rebel figures. Then there's hypothetical scenarios on what would happen in the NAZIs won WWII, how would the world be different today? --Stryzzar (talk) 01:32, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

Thanks. Oh, ok. Well, good luck!

I finished up Danganronpa somewhere between mid and late July. It's really good but at one point I was confused because it jumped from Danganronpa the Animation to Danganranpa 3 Side: Future (with Side: Despair and Side: Hope right after). But there's no Danganronpa 2 technically when it comes to the anime. I don't understand how Ash was supposed to be a counterpart but...ok. That's cool. I actually do like Pikachu. Yep, definitely cooler. At least with new protagonists you can make them different from each other and develop them in different ways. It's better than thinking "I thought he learned from this already..." or something similar.

Yeah. When did you see it? I remember watching both movies on the internet so I know that I had to wait a while in order for me to watch it.

Oh well,  I guess. At least he realized he made the mistake. Wow, haha, Bruce Lee is the last person I would've thought of. Yeah, I remember reading someone about some big event that occurred.

Ok. Yep. Oh, I mainly used Wikipedia as a source but I also used the numbers from a few different ones. It said that Grossman could possibly have had 100+ victims and since Haarmanns numbers seemed to be all over the place (with his statement saying 50-70 victims and actually charging him on 24-27 of them) I just kept an open mind. Who the heck knows how many exact victims they each had? M is supposed to be this old German film made in 1931 I think based on some murderers. I'm not surprised. Not all Germans (or people in general for that matter) are crazed people like Kurten, Haarmann, and Grossman. I found one where it said that Chicago was blown up and they overcome the Nazi's. I've seen a small bit of the "Nazi warfare tech" in a horror movie but they mixed in a little bit of supernatural stuff too. Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:20, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

No problem. I can probably still do a reply most days though.

I like the very diverse cast of characters and that how it's not really obvious who's going to come out on top. Ah ok, sequel naming confusion. Danga 2 might pop up later at some point. Ash is like Red's stand-in. It's obvious in that Red's Rival, Blue, got changed to Gary (who actually does have a lot of resemblance physically and personality wise). I still like Pikachu, despite people whining about the excessive focus it gets. Most of the game protagonist's of later generations do show up, as Ash's companion, but only the females and as a supporting protagonist. But Ash himself always sticks around. Exactly, Ash could easily depart the show and return as an experienced veteran, but his learning journey has been done already.

Umm, Battle of Gods I saw in 2014. Resurrection ‘F’ in late 2015 I think. I also saw them on the internet rather than in the cinemas. I wasn't really actively involved in the DB internet fandom until September 2015, and took even longer to watch Dragon Ball Super. I actually skipped over the movie remakes, saw U6 saga in bits and pieces, and started watching consecutively from Copy-Vegeta to end of Future Trunks arc. Been doing the watching Universe Survival arc in pieces again.

Doesn't matter too much these days, the Naruto fans don't care and it does sort of separate the more mystically used chakra for the physically used ki. It's just Kenshiro's physical appearance really gives off the Bruce Lee vibe. It was the aftermath of a nuclear war I think.

Aight then, well it can be safely said they're both monsters who killed a staggering high number of people. With Haarmann it's also the fact that he only targeted young boys, who had their whole lives ahead of them before they were cut short by him. I searched M on Wikipedia, but I didn't come across any cannibalism so I wasn't sure. A few years back there was a film called Valkeryie which showed the final assassination attempt on Hitler. There's a decent video game series called Wolfenstein which centers on if the NAZIs won WWII and deals with German rebels fighting against the world power. --Stryzzar (talk) 04:50, August 2, 2017 (UTC)

^-^  Ok!

I know, I love that about it! Yeah, I had to go to the Danganronpa wiki in order to fill in some of the gaps. Most things made sense or were either talked about later. It's just that when certain characters brought up certain things, I didn't bother to wait and just went to look it up. To be honest, I don't know. I thought Danganronpa 3 Side: Hope was the end to the series but I heard about a new DR game coming out. Maybe they'll turn that into a spin off anime or something... Yeah, I do see the physical resemblances despite the changes. I always thought it was cute how he would say "Pika...!" Excessive? Hmm... I don't know... I used to watch Pokemon when I was a kid and I don't remember too much attention being put on Pikachu besides the fact that Ash uses him and Team Rocket wants him. That's fine, but why only the females? Yep and already so many times. 

Ok. I say it was worth the wait. Same, but I joined the wiki a few months before you which, to be honest, sounds really weird to me. Man, I've been saying that I'm gonna catch up with DB Super for the longest... (I started out watching for updates with DBS on this DB Google Plus group.) I will eventually but I don't know how long eventually will be. It's like I seem to remember every other anime I said that I'm gonna watch but DB Super. I mean, I freaking finished Pupa a few days ago. Yes, it was really short but I didn't actually plan on watching yet. I just did. (And, believe or not, each episode is less than 10 minutes long.) You're still doing better than me when it comes to watching Super though.

Yeah. Hmm...maybe in the face a bit... Ok, you were right. It was a nuclear war. 

Yep. That is unfortunate though. Oh, alright. Valkyrie, huh? I haven't heard that word being used a lot and it wasn't until recently when I found out the meaning of the word. The title actually somewhat fits the movie. Wolfenstein seems interesting. It's in the "good-ok" range when it comes to video game ratings. Apparently, the first game came out in 1984... I wasn't expecting that. Yuri Rozu (talk) 16:50, August 2, 2017 (UTC)

I don't know all the characters yet, but for now Ibuki seems to be my favorite. That could all change once I start watching it. Fair enough, I can be like that too with watching certain shows. DR may be destined to be a cash cow franchise soon and if that's the case then the games will keep coming so long as they're popular.

It's because every series, Ash will leave his old team of Pokémon behind at Professor Oak's (where Pokémon are stored), except for Pikachu who always stays with him. But that alone isn't too much of an issue. The issue is due to his mascot status from the anime, Pikachu is heavily hyped up in the games, constantly getting new promotional changes (like cosplay Pikachu that can dress up in outfits, or Pikachu getting an exclusive item called a Light Ball that powers up Pikachu moves). Now this would be fine and all, except for the fact that in the games Pikachu is a very weak Pokémon (only Pikachu's speed is noteworthy). So the games basically keep heavily encouraging players to use an overall not very useful Pokémon. This also means that a lot of other Pokémon get neglected due to the overfocus on Pikachu.

Well I did have a wikia account long before I joined DB wiki, just didn't partake in discussions here at that stage. It's fine, no rush. I was very reluctant to get into DBS for a long time, due to all the controversial things like a blue haired Super Saiyan. Lol, there are a long long list of animes that I planned on watching but never got round to. I never heard of Pupa before now. Wow it seems very dark and intense.

I think I came across the anime name before, but what really made me search up Fist of the North Star was when Kenshiro was in TFS's Cell vs. Video. xD

Valkyrie was the name given to the operation of assassinating Hitler. They had planned out everything, but just got unlucky that they weren't successful. The bomb they planted in the room got knocked over, so it blasted at an angle that wasn't lethal. Yeah it's one of those franchises that has been going on for quite a while. The new ones have very immersive graphics. –Stryzzar (talk) 12:27, August 3, 2017 (UTC)

I like her character design but I can't really say anything else about her. I mean, I finished the series not too long ago but I already forgot Ibuki was even her name.  I really like the protagonists for DR the Animation and DR 3 Side: Despair though. Other than them, my favs are Kyoko Kirigiri and Seiko Kimura. It's possible. So far, the games have been doing pretty good. 

Oh, ok, I see. I bet people were disappointed. Why hype up a character but then have them barely be of any use to the player? I get that Pikachu's the mascot and all but there's way more Pokemon besides him. 

Ok. Well, my first wiki was the DB one though and then I went on to other wikis (mainly for other anime). When I first made my account, I think I jumped straight into the discussions. I didn't really have an issue with DB Super, it's just that I didn't know any good sites to watch it on at first. I will admit that SSB, formerly known as SSGSS, was kinda weird to look at and think about at first but I got used to. Then it was only the name that bugged me because of how repetitive it was. (I'm glad we settled on a simpler name.) Same. I keep adding anime to my list but I either don't end up watching them until much later, take long breaks between episodes, or discontinue it because it's too long or for some other reason. I came across Pupa when I searched "anime like Tokyo Ghoul". I had already seen some of them like Deadman Wonderland and Parasyte but Pupa interested me because of the similar-ish theme. People say the manga's better but I did kinda like the anime. But, like I said before, each episode is less than 10 minutes long and it may seem somewhat confusing. At times, it did get kinda irritating or weird because the sister would always say "Onii-Chan"...over and over again...

Haha, of course. 

Yeah, but I was also referring to valkryie in mythology but now that I go back and look at it, I didn't get the right definition... I had made a comparision between what I thought valkryies did and the high risks that Stauffenberg and the others took. Definitely unlucky. They went through all that just for a mistake to happen and mess everything up. From what I saw, the graphics for Wolfenstein seem pretty good. Yuri Rozu (talk) 17:46, August 3, 2017 (UTC)  

Damn, really sorry. This time the late reply wasn't my fault. My home's modem stopped working so I'm stuck without internet over the weekend.

I kinda liked her personality too, but fair enough. Kyoko is pretty interesting from what I can tell. Still a lot I don't know about the series until I properly get into it though.

Well Light Ball does increase Pikachu's Special Attack stats, but by then it was sort of a case of too little too late. It also didn't increase Pikachu's durability so he still goes down quite easily. Anime Pikachu is a entirely different case though. He's supposed to be one of a kind type Pikachu who is strong enough to take down Legendary Pokémon (sort of Pokémon equivalent of demigods). Thing is though Japan loves Pikachu, so the Pikachu focus likely won't be leaving.

I did visit this wiki a fair bit, mainly to check information on the articles. In fact I may have edited without an account, back when that was allowed. Though once I came on the wiki with this account I did jump on the forum threads quite quickly. DB Super as a whole took a while to grow on me, and even now it's had a lot of ups and downs. If anything, Future Trunks arc won me over and restored my faith that they can still make decent Dragon Ball stories. Lol, now that you brought that up my very first forum post I made was complaining about the name “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan”. That was back before I even knew they renamed it Super Saiyan Blue. It's easier if I watch it on TV, so I don't have to keep the list in mind and search it up and just watch whatever is on. They have some really dark themes like hunger for flesh, viruses, and cannibalism. It does have some interesting ideas though.


Nah it's okay. I think they named the Operation Valkyrie after the mythological meaning. Valkyrie was also a protocol that was to occur if in the event that Hitler was assassinated. They originally thought he was, so they executed the protocol only for Hitler himself to announce he was still alive. Weaponry is futuristic enough too even in the new regime. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:11, August 5, 2017 (UTC)

It's ok. I have problems like that too so I understand. ^-^ 

It's not that I dislike her or anything though. Yep, I think she's cool. That's fine. I hope you enjoy Danganronpa!

Light Ball? When was that implemented? Ok, the special attacks increase...but what's the point if Pikachu loses so early because of low durability?  Wait, what makes Ash's Pikachu different from any other Pikachu in the series?'re probably right about that.

I kinda remember wanting to edit things but not being able to. I was pretty happy when I actually made an account though. Of course, I did go on the wiki for information purposes as well. Being able to discuss and debate things was pretty cool for me since I don't really do that in public a whole lot. I can agree with that since a lot of series do. I'm glad the Future Trunks Arc has done that for you. DB Super's gained some criticism and hate but I still like the series nonetheless. Oh wow, haha. I didn't know that. Did we talk on that forum post? A lot of the anime I wanna watch doesn't come on TV. Usually, it's anime I don't wanna watch, or have already seen. And I don't like jumping into the middle of random anime... If I did, I'd probably be watching Hunter X Hunter, Ghost in the Shell, and Naruto Shippuden. "Keep a list in mind"... Haha, well, I actually do kinda do that with the anime I plan on watching. I have a long list and a shorter mental list. That's the thing, I love watching dark anime and reading dark manga. Well, I mean psychological too though. 

Maybe...? I was just trying to form connections... Really? Wow. Well, that was an automatic let down. Thinking that the nightmare was over only for the nightmare itself to show its face once again... Yeah, that's how it seems when it comes to the weapons. The LasterKraftWerk thing is one heck of a weapon. 

Seems like it'll stay that way until Tuesday. At least I can reply from campus.

Okay, I see. Thank you :) I really do intend to get into this one.

Basically they started including items held by Pokemon that can buff up stats. Light Ball is a Pikachu exclusive item which seems to be there to make Pikachu less useless. True, but its Speed stat is still very high so he can still dodge and evade even if he goes down easy. Still despite that Pikachus aren't very good to use in PvP. Ash's Pikachu is like a one-of-a-kind powerhouse prodigy, just unbelievably strong for his species. Hasn't really been elaborated past that, except he's unique.

First edits are a nice feeling. Back then I didn't want to make an account until I had to, but now I don't know what I'd do without my account xD. I usually visit a wiki for information first off, then later might join in the discussions with the fandom there. I'm still probably going to be on-off with Super though, I'm divided on my feelings for the current arc. You had commented on that thread before, but I don't think we spoke directly. We didn't properly speak until after a bit later. Lol, it's how I saw first saw Sword Art Online. But yeah, I don't really do that anymore since I barely watch TV in general these days. Guess I will be watching that stuff on the internet then. Yeah, dark stuff can be exciting, I'm sure you picked that up from me too after what we've been talking :P

The film does acknowledge Hitler's eventual defeat even if they weren't the ones to do so. Their families also weren't killed and relocated under new identities, apparently. Ooh, I think I've seen the LaserKraftWerk before, really cool laser cutter/drill thing. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:14, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

Well, Tuesday isn't that far away. It'll be fine. But one thing I think I should bring up is the fact that my schedule changed. I'll be replying a bit later than I usually do now. 

Haha, no problem! ^~^ 

At least he's not completely useless and the player can still use him if they want. It wouldn't be a good idea because, as you said, they're not good for PvP battles but Pikachu still has a little something... Oh, ok. I was kinda thinking it had to do with something else I came across a few days ago. 

Yep! I loved being able to contribute to something. Wait, you had to? Why? I feel the same though. A while ago, I was going crazy because I couldn't change my password. I did though but it was a ridculously long process for me to finally do it. Yeah, but that's only some wikis. Sometimes I find myself on wikis that're kinda that's no fun. I like editing but that's usually all I do on them. Oh, the Universe Survival Arc. What's been going on? You can spoil me a little. Oh yeah, right. Same but only a bit. I said this earlier but I changed the channel because I had to walk in on the wrong scene. I dropped off TV too but mainly because I spen most of my time doing other things on my computer or phone. I started watching TV a little once I found out about the anime coming on Toonami. I found a pretty good anime site. Before that, I used the Funimation website but even that one got on my nerves a little. Haha, maybe? When I was first getting into anime, I was still stuck on Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball but a friend of mine told me about Elfen Lied and School Days. I watched Elfen Lied but...I heard some messed up stuff about School Days. It might be a while before I watch it. 

Oh, so that means they mentioned Hitler's suicide. Well, that's good. At least they left the families alone. Yeah, it is. The way it's designed makes it look heavier than the average gun though. Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:55, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

It's alright. Honestly, you'll likely still reply earlier than me.

But nonetheless opinions about him extremely divided. Fans find him cute, haters find him weak and over focused. There are plenty of fan theories on why Ash's Pikachu is so strong. A popular one is he ate a Light Ball before meeting Ash.

Ah well, years back you were allowed to edit and contribute without an account as an unregistered user. However many wikis turned off that function, usually because of vandalism. Vandals are easier to stop when an account needs to be made each time. Never changed my wikia password before, but I can imagine if it's anything like changing my username (which I have done before). Yep, seen plenty of those, not really good for socializing. Okay, well there a number of issues with that saga. Firstly there's a serious problem with power scaling. Characters supposed to be weak since we last saw them, like Android 17, Good Buu, and Gohan, have all jumped to Super Saiyan Blue tier with no explanation. While it is understandable they want to give minor characters a time to shine, they really could have justified it better. Secondly, Goku is portrayed very unsympathetically this time round. The entire tournament and by extension the stakes of Universes being destroyed, were his fault. He was also given a chance to remove the "destroy a losing universe" rule if he just threw a match, but his pride was still more important. Thirdly, the first half of the saga dragged on a lot. The "gathering the warriors" part took up far too many episodes. There's also weird picks for the team (Master Roshi over Goten and Trunks), Zen-o going from cute to threatening, and too many new characters with too little exploration.

Fair enough. Don't even have Toonami in my country, lol. Animeheaven, that does look like a good place to watch anime. Thanks for the link, I may very well use that one. My first anime was the original Dragon Ball back in 1999, along with Detective Conan, and Pokemon. Though I wasn't really an anime enthusiast until nearly a decade later. I do know a bit about Elfen Lied, quite deep but also one of the goriest animes I've seen.

It was at the end where they had some "eventually this and this happened" type text that are often seen in historical films. They did also throw some more mystical, fantasy elements into the games though. So not quite an actual simulation of if the NAZIs won the war. Though it does tease the thoughts that even if they did win, it wouldn't take very long for rebels to emerge to overthrow them. The world powers like UK, Russia, and later America wouldn't have gone down easy, so if the Japs hadn't involved America the war could drag on for many more years. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:18, August 8, 2017 (UTC)

Hmm, maybe.

I see. That's quite a difference. Oh wow, really? I didn't think they had theories on Pikachu. I was kinda starting to think it had something to do with a female Pikachu but I couldn't find where I first saw it.

Well, it needed to be done. Vandals can do some pretty weird...or bad stuff. I think one time I even fixed something a vandal did. Yeah, it was horrible. Nope, I just find myself adding pages of information. Ok. I thought at least Gohan would be justifiable since he trained. I have no idea how they did that with Android 17. We haven't seen him since the early-mid Cell Saga and now he's all super strong? What the heck happened to him? Majin Buu was strong but as time went on, he got lower and lower on the power scale. So far Android 17 and Majin Buu's power increase seems pretty weird. Oh yeah, I heard about that. I ready some episode summaries about how the Universal Survival Saga started in the first place. Ok, now that...seems familiar... I'm gonna sound like Bulma or maybe even Chi-Chi with this but come on. The Saiyan pride thing again? Oh for goodness sake... I mean, everyone could freaking die. But, Goku still chooses not to lose a fight? Smh. I didn't know it took that long. Ok, yeah, that I know about. I read about Zeno under the "personality" section... He's apparently slightly sadistic and remorseless. Wow. That's one heck of a character change. Ok, I understand that. seems like certain characters did exactly need exploration or development if you know what I mean. 

Oops... Well, I looked it up and apparently it stopped in 2006 which sucks. Cool! You started off pretty good then. DBZ Kai was my...4th anime, I think. My very first was either Pokemon or Bakugan and then followed by Yu-Gi-Oh. I took me like a year or two in order to get into a few anime and then after I watched Fairy Tail, I was pretty much in the whole, you know, fandom. Yeah, it's pretty gory. I watched it when I didn't like gory that much though. 

Oh yeah, ok. It seems that a lot of people who play the games don't mind. It's cool that they even decided to do that with the game. The war was already going on before America joined the war so, yeah. Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:24, August 8, 2017 (UTC)

Well internet is back, yay!

The devs actually acknowledged that in the last game, where Pikachu had a special Z-move with the tagline "Love Pikachu, dance with it. Hate Pikachu, throw it away" as the Z-move involved the player dancing with Pikachu before picking it up and throwing it at the enemy. Oh, Pokemon theories are so wild and endless, they're everywhere over the internet. A female Pikachu? Haven't heard of that. Ash's Pikachu is male, as female Pikachu's have a heart shaped indent on their tails.

Yep, it's just a feature that can be enabled by contacting wikia staff. Now that I think about it, I may have been guilty of nonconstructive edits years back when I had no account. My shameful past :/ Good on ya, I've done that a lot for other wikis, not so much this one though since the pages get made before I watch the episode.

Gohan's makes a bit more sense, but it's still a bit ridiculous. Goku actually went SSB Kaio-ken against Gohan, which was like Goku's ultimate trump card against Hit. The in-universe explanation for 17 was he kept training since the Cell Saga, and apparently the cybernetic side of him only acts as a power source so he can get stronger like biological beings too. Buu also trained and actually managed to make himself thin! But even so, training alone is still a longshot on the huge huge jump in power. Back in BoG, Goku made it sound like reaching God-tier could never be reached by traditional training. It's blatantly evident now as Goku's boredom and desire to fight stronger opponents, lead to trillions of lives being lost. One of the Universe 9 Wolf fighters made a bet with Zen-o that if he beat Goku in an exhibition match, then Zen-o would drop the "destroy the universe" penalty, which Zen-o agreed to. The sadist thing is still heavily up for debate at the moment, I'm sure you've seen that discussion on threads. Some say Zen-o is above mortal comprehension and he can't be expected to feel sympathy to mortals anymore than we do to bugs. While others are saying Zen-o is the most sociopathic monstrous character in the entire series. Personally I'm with the former for now. I do, they introduced all these new characters, and many of them we don't even get to see fight before they are knocked out of the ring. They mainly focus on Universe 7, 6 (and that's only Kale, Caulifla, and Hit), and 11 (mostly Jiren and Toppo).

Oh. Well that's a pity. I took a long break from anime during elementary school before picking it up in highschool, along with beginning to read manga. I vaguely know about Bakugan, never properly saw it though. I didn't really get into Yu-Gi-Oh until I saw Yugioh the Abridged Series then started watching the original. I mean I found it gory even after seeing Hellsing, which is very gory in its own right. Still quite a phenomenal anime though.

There's one thing people like more than killing Nazis, it's killing Nazi zombies. Which can be found infesting lots of games. -- Stryzzar (talk) 13:23, August 9, 2017 (UTC)


Wow. That's one crazy name for a special attack though. I see... Ok, out of curiosity, I looked up some Pokemon theories. One said that there was a Pokemon war and another said that Ash's been in a coma for the entire series and that it was just him dreaming. Oh yeah, I saw that on the Pokemon wiki. I just thought that there was some connection between a female Pikachu and the power that Ash's Pikachu has. 

Yep, wiki staff. Well, even if you did, there's no changing the past. You're not doing it now so that's good. Whoa, a lot? How often do you come across that type of stuff? I barely even find stuff like that. 

Really? Goku hasn't used Kaio-Ken in a while. I'm glad that Good Buu managed to get stronger alon with Android 17 but I do see what you mean. Goku and Vegeta trained with Beerus and Whis, a God of Destruction and an Angel, to get where they are now and then Buu and Android 17 just get stronger through regular training? Goku most likely is right about what he said so their increase in power still shouldn't have even happened in the first place. And that's what makes it bad. Goku's BOREDOM of all things caused people to die. Good job, Goku. Well, based off what I've read on Zeno's page and an article on sociopaths, he actually does seem to be sociopathic or semi-sociopathic at the very least. Yep, they just...died. I mean, getting to know more about the other universes would be pretty cool. 

Yeah. That's a long break. I started reading manga only last year, I think with my first one being the Fairy Tail manga. I used to watch it when I was little. I barely remember a thing about Bakugan other than the fact that the characters battle with originally spherical objects that turn into things. Yeah, that says something. I really like Elfen Lied but it's gore may be too much for some people. I love the references to certain art pieces in the anime.

Nazi...zombies? That sounds oddly familiar... Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:58, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, I may have confused you. The attack name is "Catastro-Pika", the other one was the tagline used to promote the move in a trailer. Those are... definitely not canon. Funny you brought that up, I've actually seen the "character has been in coma for whole series" theory pop up for a number of TV shows, usually ones people don't like. None that I know of for Ash's Pikachu and female Pikachus.

Back then I added some pointless trivia points xD From my own experiences I know those can be tricky on what counts and what doesn't count for new users. Ah well googling something will link to a variety of wikis, which may or may not be dead. Happens from time-to-time.

There were some people speculating that Goku can use the perfect ki-control of SSB Kaio-ken to match Gohan's power exactly, but it's left too vague at this point. So yeah, the jumps in power could have been handled a lot better. This is just like when in the Namek Saga where Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan struggled against Recoome, before the dead Z-fighters went and kicked the Ginyu Force's asses on King Kai's planet. Super Saiyan Blue is also becoming less and less special, which is building up to that new form Goku is probably going to get.

That's true from a normal mortal viewpoint, but the argument is that Zen-o sees things from a different perspective and any individual mortal lives don't mean anything to him. There's a character called Doctor Manhattan, who was once a normal human who became an near literal god due to an experimental accident. At first he got dragged into service of the government to better humanity, help them win wars, and serve as an inspirational figure. However, soon people became less appreciative of him, and he even got bombarded with false accusations that he gave cancer to people he was close to. So Dr. Manhattan got fed up with humanity and all its problems, then went to live on the moon by himself. He did however let his former human girlfriend visit. At that point, the Earth was on the brink of nuclear war and she begged him to help out. Manhattan's answer "all of humanity can cease to exist, and the rest of the universe would carry on like nothing had happened." So that's the moral point conveyed, one can believe God is always watching out for us, but God can just as easily not care what happens. That's what I think is going on with Zen-o, he sees every individual each of the universes as germs or ants, because from his position they might as well be that. Goku may be the only exception because he's Zen-o's first and only friend.

I did have plenty of other things to occupy my time then. Although it was much harder to watch anime back when I was a kid. In those days we still had dial-up internet and many streaming sites didn't exist, heck YouTube hadn't even been launched back then. Ah, that's why you're so familiar with Fairy Tail. I may have mentioned my first manga was Ranma 1/2. Quick read of Wikipedia, Bakugan sounds very Yugioh-ish, so I guess I can see why people like it. Lucy/Nyu is quite an intersting character, as well as the invisible arms power. I might watch a bit of it if I can find the time.

Aside from Wolfenstein, most obvious example of that is Call of Duty. There's also Zombie Army Trilogy, which is really loved. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:55, August 10, 2017 (UTC)

Oops, ok. That doesn't sound weird at all. Well, if you say so... I have too. I just can't name them because I haven't seen them in a while. Ok, then. Maybe I'll stumbled across it again.

Haha, alright. Yeah, I know. That reminds me of how I found the MPD Psycho wiki. I just looked it up and then I just saw it. 

Maybe, I'm not sure. On Gohan's page, it said that his power rivaled Goku so if he manages to get something like another power boost then he could possibly defeat Gohan. I agree since certain things just aren't adding up. Yeah, I forgot all about that but it doesn't sound right either. Yamcha vs Recoome at that time just doesn't even sound right considering that they all had trouble with Saiyans... (He was still blown up by a Saibaman at the time so...yeah.) That tends to happens to Super Saiyan forms once another one's made. 

Ok, yeah. Dr Manhattan is comparable to Zeno. Despite his godly or higher being point of view of the universes, it's still easy to understand in way. It's like "There's so many other universes out there, it won't matter if one get's destroyed." For someone like him, it would be easy for him to be a God of Destruction. That also means he'll do almost anything though so that's a definite problem. Do you think the fact that he sees Goku as a friend could come in handy? Like, maybe to actually save a universe? 

Well, that's good but...whoa. Thinking about it know, I do understand that. Yeah, but I ended up watching the anime of Fairy Tail first. After the Fairy Tail anime had took a break, I went to the manga so I could continue the story. Um...maybe. But that's cool though because you got to see more of the art style of the creator of Inuyasha. It is kinda like Yu-Gi-Oh in a way. My reasoning for liking Yu-Gi-Oh might have been because of Bakugan. Yeah, I agree. Her character in the anime seems pretty different compared to how she looked on one of the manga covers. That's cool. You find yourself liking the anime opening. It's not hype but it just sounds really pretty. 

No wonder it sounded familiar. I just wasn't sure since I never found out which Call of Duty game had the Nazi zombies in it. Oh, I've never heard of that. And it wasn't released too long ago either... Yuri Rozu (talk) 02:37, August 11, 2017 (UTC)

Usually for any show that's really old and ended a long time ago.

Yep, I can imagine.

That's the thing, his power didn't really rival Goku's until Universe Survival Arc. Just a bit of training with Mr. Piccolo and he shoots all the way to the training with Whis that Goku got. So yeah, Super solved the problem of neglecting side characters, but at the cost of not justifying why they became stronger in such short time periods.

Yep, now you get where I'm coming from. I'm hoping Zen-o does turn out to be like this and not the sadist mass murderer that some people are calling him. There's also the fact that he overall thinks and behaves like a child, so can be difficult to reason with. I was really hoping Goku being Zen-o's friend would come up again, Goku was going to talk to Zen-o but Whis cautioned against it.

Yeah, I feel so old sometimes. I started streaming anime online in 2008 I think and did so on and off since then. Lol, I didn't get into Inuyasha until a fair while afterwards. I still only seem to like classic Yu-Gi-Oh, the sequels lack the appeal. Okay, I've got to properly watch Elfen Lied at some point.

5 COD games have NAZI zombies in it: Listed under the COD section. They're not the main storyline, always a side co-op thing though. Yeah that was is fairly new, saw a review for it a few years back. --Stryzzar (talk) 00:11, August 12, 2017 (UTC)


I know. Since reaching a level of power like that required training from Whis and Beerus, Gohan shouldn't have the power he has now just from training with Piccolo. They fixed one problem but they got another. But couldn't they have just made it to where all of them trained a bit with Whis and/or Beerus before the tournament? Training with Whis and Beerus in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber would've also been better... And it would've made a bit more sense. 

If Zeno's godly point of view is the reason for his actions then...ok. He'd be more understandable if he were like that. But some of his actions do seem sadistic. I mean, most people wouldn't laugh while getting rid of a universe or play a game that involves destroying planets. One person I can think of though is Frieza who had a smile on his face as he blew up Planet Vegeta. But he's also sadistic. So, his behavior is actually comparable to Frieza's who's known for his sadistic nature. If he isn't (at least slightly) then how would they explain his reactions? Yeah, I read that about him. It would make sense if it were to come up. I'm not sure how'd he react if Goku did actually go to talk to him. Zeno is said to be tolerant and flexible but then he's just remorseless and dangerous so...yeah...

You're not the only one. I feel old too. That funny because I started watching anime around that time. Haha, well, I guess at that point you didn't know that. Out of the 6 Yu-Gi-Oh series, I've seen the most of GX and then Duel Monsters. For GX, I found out there was a season 4 a while ago but I doubt I'll ever watch it and for Duel Monsters I'm not sure how far I got. Based on the summaries for each season, I know I've seen them. I just get the feeling I stopped somewhere after a long the way maybe a bit after season 4. The rest were pretty...meh. Zexal was alright. I don't what to say about Arc-V or VRAINS since I haven't seen them. Yep! And the good thing is that the opening doesn't really spoil anything so you can listen to it whenever you want to. I wasn't expecting that. I just thought it was one of them. I knew it was more of a side thing. I've never heard of a Call of Duty game with the main story being about Nazi zombies. (What's funny is that after seeing Hellsing at the bottom and reading about some Nazi group, I almost said Nazi vampires.) Zombie Army Trilogy...has a zombie Adolf Hitler. Wow. I'm still kinda shocked about that despite the fact that we're talking about Nazi zombies... Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:41, August 12, 2017 (UTC)

That's actually a really good idea. Have Gohan be trained by Whis at least for the tournament. Thought that happened with Future Trunks before he debuted, but sadly he didn't get it either. I'm not sure Beerus and Whis know about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Now that I think about it, Earth gets all this fancy mystical stuff like the Time Chambers, Senzu Beans, Dragon Balls, and Ultra Divine Water.

Except the way he's drawn isn't laughing evilly like Frieza does and more like he's giggling when a child finds something funny. My opinion, I think he's comparable to Majin Buu who thought killing populations was the right way to have fun before Hercule taught him it was wrong. Right now the fandom is in heavy disagreement over whether Zen-o is evil or not, it all boils down to if Zen-o's mind can be changed into seeing killing is wrong.

Nah you're still young, you're under 18 right? I saw a tiny bit of GX and caught the occasional episode of Zexal on TV. I'm unable to follow the plot of Zexal at all, something about another dimension and astral projections. Don't know about ARC-V either except some people really like it. I saw the opening on YT, I meant the actual series which I would give a try.

Lol, COD is known for being silly but I don't think they'll go so far as to make zombies the main focus. Ultimately it's a war game shooter, not a survival horror. I guess they could make a spinoff that does have zombies as the main focus, but unlikely though. Haha, well the ghouls in Hellsing kind of are analogous to zombies, but yes they did have the NAZIs as the enemy in that series. If occult magic did exist, Hitler probably would use it to turn the tides of WWII. He was actually a demon first before he got defeated and reverted to a zombie state. --Stryzzar (talk) 04:50, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

Ok...looks like I was wrong. I won't be able to reply sometimes. I'm really sorry for replying this late.

Thanks. I mean, it would only make sense. The fighters of Universe 7 are pretty ok with Beerus and Whis so they could've trained them before the tournament...unless they disagreed for some reason. Wait, for Future Trunks you mean training? They probably don't... But what if the had their own version of the Hyberbolic Time Chamber? Haha, that's Dragon Ball's version of Earth for you though. 

Yeah, but it's still not right either way. I can see your point of view as well. He is childish like Majin Buu but I think Majin Buu was more playful than him. He really didn't know killing was wrong while with Zeno it seems a bit more like he doesn't care about the killing he does. Maybe Goku will do it? 

I am but my birthday's coming up and I can't help but feel a little old with each one. GX I saw on the internet while, yeah, Zexal actually was on TV. I haven't seen Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal in so long though so I if I tried to pick it up I'd be confused. The beginning wasn't actually too hard for me to follow. Well, Yuma's...whatever or...sidekick I guess is Astral... Well, I'm not shock. Someone's gonna like it. Oh, I didn't know you saw the opening on youtube, Ok.

And that's why it makes sense that their recent game is Call of Duty WW2. The main series always consists of war/battle zone type shooting game similar to Battlefield. I do kinda doubt it... Maybe they'll do something unexpected down the line though. That's freaking crazy. I would've NEVER guessed that Hellsing would involve Nazi's. Probably, that dude's crazy so...yeah. ...Wow. I'm even more shocked. Yuri Rozu (talk) 12:39, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

It's no problem at all. Though I was a bit worried something happened to you.

Yeah totally. Kami actually did it back in the Saiyan Saga. While initially only Goku was allowed to train with Kami, after seeing the other Z-fighters and the threat posed by the Saiyans, all of them were invited to train on the Lookout. It would have made a nice callback if they had the other Z-fighters train with Whis. Yes, I thought the reason F.Trunks had hit Goku's level was because he got training from deities like Shin or Whis. In the manga he did train with Shin, but it was the same training Gohan got in the Buu Saga, so shouldn’t have been enough to push him to SSB level. At least now we know it wasn't Trunks who was the problm, just power scaling in general is out of whack. Wouldn't surprise me Beerus' planet has something like that considering Whis can rewind time. Like not even Namek had half the stuff Earth did, though they did have more advanced technology and multiple suns. If only all those villains trying to destroy Earth knew about how many treasures it had.

Oh it's definitely not "right" in the usual sense, I'm just trying to understand why Zen-o is like that in the first place without chalking it up to "someone as evil as Frieza ruling the multiverse". Well yes, he's not as ignorant as Buu, but he's not knowledgeable either. When Goku paid him a visit in the Future Trunks Saga, Zen-o kept asking Goku whether his actions were appropriate, suggesting Zen-o was not familiar with customs like manners and the whole right or wrong thing. In fact, Zen-o didn't even know what a tournament was before seeing the Universe 6-7 Tournament. I really hope Goku does, before all the Universes are destroyed.

Oh awesome! I'll be sure to wish you happy birthday on the day. When is it? But yes, I totally get where you're coming from. Honestly I don't feel my age, spiritually I still feel like I'm 18-ish. I remember they had duellist from classic Yu-Gi-Oh all grown up, like an adult Yugi running into Jaden, or Kaiba running the Duel Academy and to show off his ego had a monster named after him called Kaibaman. I also saw the final battle where Jaden went back in time to challenge a younger Yugi. I saw it in bits and pieces. There was a guy named Shark coming from the race from the other dimension. They also have this thing called summoning numbers? Eh, I missed too much to follow what's going on. Actually had a friend quite obsessed with it and was a huge shipper of a ship in ARC-V. Elfen Lied does look like a really great anime that I would enjoy, so I do intend to watch it.

Though now that I think about it, I wouldn't put it above them to make a War set in the future that features a zombie apocalypse, so that it'd be like World War Z or something. CoD actually had a game with George Romero himself being featured as a zombie. Yep, main CoD and Battlefield are pretty much clones. But Battlefield always gets received much better for some reason. The main antagonistic organization in Hellsing is Millennium, a splinter faction that originated from the NAZIs. They've also been responsible for supernatural experimentation, such as creating vampires that made ghouls which wouldn't all die off when the head vampire was killed. Then there's the Catholic Church, who are rivals to the Hellsing Organization, who created Alucard's antithesis, a priest named Alexander Anderson who was grafted with a regenerator and can recover bullet wounds to the head. So yeah, lots of crazy mix of supernatural and technological wonders in Hellsing. Stryzzar (talk) 20:35, August 16, 2017 (UTC)

I didn't mean to make you worry. Some stuff just came up. 

Oh yeah, you're right. It would've been nice if they did do that. Wait...Shin? As in, the Supreme Kai with purple skin and the white mohawk? Ok...I looked it up. Apparently Shin did get stronger so I see why Future Trunks would train with him...but training with Beerus definitely would've made more sense. Hopefully, the power scale thing gets fixed. I'm not sure how though... I know. And plus, I don't think they ever explored Beerus' entire planet so who knows what extra stuff could be on there. Yeah, Namek was different and had it's own set of Dragon Balls but Earth definitely has more. It seems like a lot of the villains who even try to destroy Earth don't think much about what's on Earth as far as the more magical aspects. Hellsing seems like one heck of an anime. It's definitely more than what I expected.

It's really close. It's on August 31st. When's yours? ...Oh my goodness. I don't know what made me think you actually were 18... I feel years younger as well though. Yeah, I know. I'm glad they mentioned some of the old cast. I heard about that happening. I need to watch it. There was a guy named Shark in Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal but I'm pretty sure he just went to Yuma's school and was the villain for the first arc/saga or whatever. Kite, as far as I know, was more of a main villain. I think... Yeah, they do. They have XYZ cards, I believe so anyway, and then they have special number cards. Yuma has one called Number 39: Utopia. I know, same here. Arc-V ships? Wow. It might be between the main characters. Ok!

Maybe. I'm pretty sure it'll be fine as long as they stick to the "war shooter game" area. Whoa... That's freaking cool! He's like the godfather or progenitor of zombies movies. Wow, really? Hmm...that's interesting.  I compared the ratings for their latest games and, yeah, that's what I saw. I don't have much experience with COD or Battlefield though. I've played a little of Battlefield Hardline and a bit of COD Ghosts but that's it. I found an article  talking about why Battlefield's better though in case you want to read it. Yeah, I read about them. Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:49, August 16, 2017 (UTC)

No worries. Just glad you're okay :)

Yeah, Universe 7's Supreme Kai got named Shin quite recently. The manga explained that Supreme Kais typically get addressed by title and not name. Actually that was Future Shin who Future Trunks trained with, Trunks became Shin's apprentice. Lol, maybe they justify how all the characters suddenly jumped. Let's see, Android 17 got an upgrade offscreen and got augmented with God-ki, while Buu absorbed a God of Destruction from another timeline :P I'd love to see more of Beerus' Planet, it's got even more weird stuff that the Sacred Kai World. This seems to contribute to the "Earth is the Center of the Universe" conspiracy theory existing in Dragon Ball.

Ooh, easy to remember date. I'll be really disappointed in myself if I forget. Mine is 6th of June. Haha, I did mention I was in college right? This is actually my 5th year there, and I'm 24 years old. I can guess why, I still act like a teenager xD A fair few people have thought I was younger. Oh I see, Shark felt like a Kaiba type character, where he's antagonistic but still a sorta ally to the protagonist. Thank you for explaining that! I think I finally get the number thing now. Found it, it was a Yuya and Zuzu ship. These Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist names sure are creative huh.

Yeah, that's the formula that works. Despite the haters, CoD is still a cash cow franchise. IKR? The man hiself provided the voice. I was so surprised they did that, but it's really awesome! Oh nic article. Yes, now I remember. Battlefield games in terms of mechanics, graphics, equipment, and maps. But probably one of the most fundamental reasons is the CoD community is deemed very toxic. Hellsing was just an anime that liked to defy traditions, which made it really stand out, an antihero protagonist who is so savage and destructive but also so fun. --Stryzzar (talk) 07:07, August 17, 2017 (UTC)


Oh, I see. Well, that was also kinda seen in the anime. We knew about King Kai but then the others were mainly referred to as South Supreme Kai, West Kai, or something like that. Oh yeah, duh. Silly me. Haha. With off screen things you kinda just accept it and sometimes complain about how it should've been on screen. From another But wait... What if Majin Buu absorbed Future Zeno? I would as well. Beerus' planet is kinda like a "open area" just in case they want to add something. I don't even know... Just where is Earth in the DB Universe? Like, location wise though...

It wouldn't really matter to me if you did. It's no big deal. Oh, well, happy late birthday! Lol, yeah, you did... It's just that I heard 18 was the starting age for people in college but I knew you weren't just starting and I kinda just gave you that age anyway since I wasn't sure. I mean, I wouldn't have guessed that you were I can see why some others have thought that. As of now, I have no idea what Shark is to Yuma. No prob! Oh, ok, I've seen those two characters. What's funny is that all the Yu-Gi-Oh main protagonists have names that begin with Y except for Jaden from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. His last name starts with a Y though.

Yep. I know. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield are. That makes it even cooler. Yeah, I wouldn't have expected that. But...what does the community have to do with the game itself? Yes, they buy the games and play them but just that doesn't determine whether it's better or not. Besides, the creators can't exactly help the fact that certain people just happen to get into their games. Different's good, especially when it has to do with the story and/or the characters. But, as of now, when it comes to specific characters, I only know Alucard and Seras. Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:41, August 17, 2017 (UTC)

So yeah, we both have lives offline and we both have to prioritize, so it's no issue if you answer a little late.

I guess his name was retroactively revealed in a sense, after so long when he was called "Supreme Kai". Lol, no issue. Then that would mean he's... Zen Buu (from Dragon Ball Multiverse)! *GASP* Beerus' Planet would make a great location to visit in a future Xenoverse game.

I'm still going to try ^_^ Thank you! I thought I did say my age on a thread once, one where many users here were confessing how old they were with quite a few older than me. From what I saw, Shark sometimes teams up with Yuma, but overall he's too hostile for them to be called friends exactly. There's actually meaning behind that. In Japanese the kanji for "Yūjō" means "friendship" which is the first bit of the names for Yugi and Jonouchi (Joey's Jap name). Yep, for Jaden his surname got it instead.

You'd be surprised how many games get flack for the community, World of Warcraft got that criticism too. While it's true the community isn't directly the dev's fault, there are some things from the games that influence. A community tends to be toxic when there's something divisive, so the fans will aggressively clash with the haters. It's no secret that CoD has a lot of problems, but there's also the very vocal fanbase defending it. There's also the matter that CoD's mechanics encourages players to be jerks with troll mechanics, combine that with the fact there are lots of immature kids playing the game, all in all, not a very friendly place to hang out sometimes. Fair enough, those two are the main ones. There was one side character who really intrigued me, Schrödinger, he's a werecat working for Millennium that has some degree of reality warping with his powers being based on "I think, therefore I am". --Stryzzar (talk) 02:33, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

Ok. ^-^ 

Yeah. Cool! Hold up, you said "Zen Buu"... It sounds familiar but I don't know if I've reached that point yet. Haha, I agree. Beerus' planet looks very nice so it would probably be a close second to the Supreme Kai's planet for me.

Alright. No problemo! Wow...I might not have been on that one. Oh, ok. I guess you could say that Shark's kinda in that "Vegeta stage". Of course... I should've known it was something like that. I had no idea Jonouchi was Joey's Japanese last name. I only knew his Japanese first name. So basically, the characters all fit into the "Y" thing.

Hmm, I didn't know that. I never knew World of Warcraft was supposedly like that. Alright, that's true with lots of things. Huh? Troll mechanics? Um...just what exactly in Call of Duty has that? Well, yeah, there's no doubt about that. Wow, I can see why. He is interesting. But he is kinda OP though. Yuri Rozu (talk) 02:12, August 19, 2017 (UTC)

Zen Buu is the Super Buu who absorbed everyone in his universe (including Vegeta, Goku, and Bulma). Not surprising since they're both the planets of deities. Now that you mention it, we didn't get to see much of the Sacred Kai World now did we?

Fair enough. The DB fandom as a whole seems so old, we've got people in their 30s and 40s coming back to watch DBS. Which is why I sort of felt Shark was Kaiba-ish, but yeah definitely an antihero like Vegeta. Lol. Yeah the dub had a lot of confusing name changes. I don't know how Honda managed to turn into Tristan, or Anzu to Tea.

I heard from my friend that the WoW community had become toxic, or I think it was WoW. Well I'm not clear on the details but there's one gameplay which seems to encourage friendly fire, while there's also the mics which lead to a lot of flaming. There's an infamous CoD prank where a guy taped his brother playing CoD swearing and arguing with another user, then the guy went on and joined a game with him and played the recording back. The brother basically flamed with the recording of himself for ages. Yeah he's OP, thankfully he doesn't actively fight a lot and is more used as a messenger. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:46, August 19, 2017 (UTC)

Ok, I see. That Buu did some things that the main storyline Buu didn't. Yep. We saw some of it closer to the end of the Majin Buu Saga and it was on DB Xenoverse but that's pretty much it. 

I mean, that's what happens when you make an anime in the mid-late 1980's and still keep making more and more content for it. Well, at least Shark isn't really bad to Yuma anyone compared to the beginning of the series. Oh my freaking goodness... Honda...? Wow, that name doesn't Tristan. I'm aware of Tea's name originally being Anzu though. Her Japanese name fits her more than Tristan's does. Those are some crazy name changes. I wonder what was the reason for choosing those English names for them...

Wow, ok. Which one's next? The community for Wizards 101? Oh, ok, friendly fire. Well, even though it shouldn't be encouraged, at least some of those were mistakes. That makee sense but that can pretty much happen with any game where the mic can be used. Oops... I may have disregarded that. I think it popped up when I was doing a little Call of Duty research. It sounds pretty funny though. Hmm...why though? He's so strong yet he's only a messenger? I would love to be able to learn just how he got his powers. Yuri Rozu (talk) 00:34, August 20, 2017 (UTC)

I do like Zen Buu a lot, he's really entertaining, being a combination of evil, clever, and fun loving. I think it was also in flashbacks during Kid Buu's first reign of terror before the other Supreme Kais got killed or absorbed.

Indeed, the kid fanbase back then has all grown up by now. People are coming back for nostalgia and closure. Yeah, they do need the main characters to firmly be on the side of good eventually. The only semblance is he has an alliterative name going from "H. H." to "T. T.", but byfar one of the most random dub name changes. Yeah I guess, since Anzu means apricot which sort of relates to tea and garden.

Although hostility is much more likelier for game genres that involve violence and killing. CoD is particularly notorious due to the size of the community. Yeah, I heard it from my friend a few years ago as one of the funniest troll incidents related to CoD. On a meta-level, because if Schrodinger fights than the story would be over as soon as he showed up. He's too OP to fight. He's also saved up as a final trump card. His power origins are never fully explained, but there are remarks made on how his powers work, like if Schrodinger no longer believes himself to exist he would cease to. So implied, he may have been whipped up in a lab somehow. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:26, August 20, 2017 (UTC)

Well, I can agree with you there. Fun loving has always been one of Buu's trait so of course he kept it. Oh yeah, you're right. They showed some quick fight scenes between Majin Buu and the Supreme Kais.

Yep. I mean, even Vegeta went to the good side eventually. He did kinda go backwards and forwards on the hero scale during the Majin Buu Saga though. Right, Hiroto Honda to Tristan Taylor. ...I didn't know that's what Anzu meant... It kinda relates. At least it's not SUPER out of the blue.

I get it. You don't really see people doing stuff like that for some other video games. The larger the community, the more often you're going to see it. The dude's freaking talking to himself and he doesn't even know it... I have to agree with you! Ok, yeah. Then we wouldn't get to see anything very interesting because Shrodinger would use his OP ability. That's most likely the way he got his powers. His abilities are really interesting but just how they managed to create him (if they even did) is a mystery. They'd have to link his thoughts/beliefs to his body in such a way that it enables him to basically regenerate when he's hurt or be perfectly fine just moments after getting mortally wounded. Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:29, August 21, 2017 (UTC)

After that he became an antihero of sorts. Not straight up evil, but not good either. He does both good and evil depending on what he feels like. Poor West Supreme Kai, first named character to chronologically die.

Vegeta slid through the entire antihero spectrum. Few characters have done that before. Yep, thanks to Babidi he reverted to his former evil self, but he managed to overpower that with his pride and his desire to protect something other than himself. I remembered Anzu was some kind of fruit, but had to check which one it was.

Exactly, the larger the community, the more versatile the people there, good and bad. He's handy in that he can get into hard to access places while it doesn't matter if he gets killed because he just restores himself afterwards. Well the clue to his power origins is what he represents. His name and his cat like appearance is a reference to Schrödinger's cat, a thought experiment used to explain a paradox present in quantum physics. A cat with a vial of poison that will break at an unknown time, so the cat can be both dead or alive simultaneously. So likely, his powers are tied to quantum mechanics, in that he can be "nowhere and everywhere" at the same time. Stryzzar (talk) 01:39, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

Hmm...I see. He's something alright. So, I'm guessing he's like "I gonna go help these guys just because" and then later he's just like "I'm bored so I'm gonna blow up some things"? When I was first watching the Majin Buu Saga, I was actually really sad that her character died because I liked her character design. I think that might've been my only reason at the time but, from what I know, she was also kinda energetic and funny.

I think that's pretty cool though. Vegeta went from being a big villain in the Saiyan Saga, someone you definitely needed to watch out for in most of the Frieza Saga, the prideful and extra risky Saiyan prince in the Cell Saga, and then the somewhat shocking selfless hero in the Majin Buu Saga. Despite not even being the same definition of good as the other Z Fighters, he still found himself helping them. Thinking about it now...I can't actually think of any characters that have done that. I thought about Piccolo but after the Saiyan Saga he was pretty much good. He never went backwards like Vegeta did. Even though Vegeta's pride was what caused Majin Buu to be brought into existence, it did come in handy. Haha, I wouldn't have known that to begin with.

Yep, that's exactly how the world is too. There's lots of people so you're gonna run into the some good ones...and some bad ones whether you like it or not. Oh yeah, that experiment. I'm actually still trying to fully understand it. So, because the fate of the cat is unknown, it's both alive and(or) dead? Since that's what his name and powers are based off of...most likely. The "nowhere and everywhere" thing is what contributes to the god status of some characters though. Yuri Rozu (talk) 16:43, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

Exactly like that. He'll do whatever so long as he's entertained. Yeah me too, she's really cute. She has quite a huge following for such a minor character with barely a line of dialogue. Guess Chronoa's the next best thing for a female Kai. Her stealing South Supreme Kai's lunch was quite cute.

Before becoming an outright hero, I think Android Saga Vegeta's antihero phase was my favorite. Where he was the "devil they needed". But Vegeta sacrificing himself for his loved ones was definitely one of the most iconic Dragon Ball moments of all time. Yeah Piccolo was rather quick to reform. It helps he wasn't as evil as Vegeta to begin with, as well as having Gohan to help him along. It took Vegeta to lose Future Trunks to have his full heel realization.

We just gotta be wary on how to handle those kinds of people. What Schrodinger's cat was meant to show was that like a characteristic of quantum physics, we could not possibly know a state until we checked it. The cat could be both alive or dead at the same time, until we opened the box and checked if the poison had killed it. Yeah, Schrodinger isn't quite a god, but he outright defies several laws of reality. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:25, August 23, 2017 (UTC)

Now that's what I call extreme boredom. He's willing to do anything good or not. Haha, yeah. Wow, she does? I had no idea. It's crazy...but cool! Yeah, pretty much. The Supreme Kai of Time's the only other female Kai that's still alive other than East Kai. I loved that part. It's funny.

He was cool during the Android Saga. I like the fight Vegeta had with Android 18 despite him losing. I'm not exactly sure what mine would be though... Maybe Majin Buu Saga Vegeta... I agree. The former cold villain sacrifices himself for the sake of the people he cares about. Another big Vegeta moment might be when Vegeta cried in the Frieza Saga. Sure, it wasn't as big but most people wouldn't have expected a person like Vegeta to cry. Plus, that was Vegeta's first death. Yeah. If Piccolo was as evil as Vegeta, I really doubt he would've helped Goku in the fight against Raditz nor would he have trained Gohan. And Gohan was basically the reason for Piccolo's transition over from bad to good. Yep. That was also pretty unfortunate though because it took the death of his own son. It was kinda a "You don't miss them until you lose them" type of moment.

Agreed. Oh, ok. Thank you for the explanation. The whole thing does seem pretty simple now... We can definitely agree on that. I was also thinking of another anime character whose state in general applied to being everywhere but also nowhere. least somewhat... Yuri Rozu (talk) 02:08, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

Chaotic Neutral I think that's called. According to tvtropes, yep seems she does. I always wondered if every universe had a Supreme Kai of Time or if Chronoa is the only one. Though of course she was introduced before the concept of other universes.

Future Gohan called him difficult but proud, and very strong. So long as he had the motivation of getting stronger than Kakarot, he'd stay allied to the heroes. Yeah, Buu Saga Vegeta was pretty cool too. Pity he wasn't around for most of the time until the Fusion Saga. Oh yeah that one, I didn't think much about it back then but yeah you're right it was pretty special. Another one was Majin Vegeta's speech to Goku on how he was always better than him, during their fight before Buu got released. Piccolo had already gotten less evil by the time Raditz showed up, with Kami's comment that he was no longer a demon clan since Raditz's soul made it into the afterlife. Hmm, well he may have helped Goku out due to a common threat. Vegeta did side with the Z-fighters against the Ginyu Force and later Frieza. It did shock Vegeta into a state of goodness, by the time of DBS, Vegeta seems to drift around being good but mean, to being selfless.

Quantum mechanics as a whole is a lot more complicated obviously, but that's the rough idea on cat scenario. Oh? I wouldn't be surprised if another anime did do a similar concept. Do you remember who it was? --Stryzzar (talk) 04:14, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

Oh yes, he's definitely Chaotic Neutral. More specifically, he'd be apart of the Hedonist section of Chaotic Neutral. I'm actually kinda glad. Even the super minor characters can get some love! Lol. Yeah, that's true... To be honest, it could go either way... She could easily just be the only Supreme Kai of Time but then again they could also treat it like the "multiple Gods of Destruction" thing. 

Those few words really do describe Vegeta. Yeah, that's always been Vegeta thing. "I will surpass you, Kakarot!" But when Goku died during the Cell Games I'm pretty sure I heard Vegeta say he wasn't going to fight anymore. I know. King Yemma was basically forced to bring him back because he knew Vegeta would be able to helped with the Majin Buu situation. I was really shocked when I first saw it. But after that, I ended up forgetting about it because, you know, it was way back in the Frieza Saga. Oh yeah, that speech. I agree. But sometimes, I just can't help but shake my head and think "You idiot..." Ok, maybe. At the time, I didn't include the fact that Piccolo's really intelligent and that he's less stubborn than Vegeta. But even Vegeta knew that at times he couldn't just act alone. Yeah... Vegeta's got the good hero qualities but one thing that's never really been his thing is know, extra nice. In DB Super, I love how when Bulma kissed him Vegeta got a little flustered and said something like "You know I don't like your sneak attacks!"

Yeah, I know... I don't know if I'm ever going to get more into besides the Schrodinger's Cat experiment... Well, the powers aren't the same but after a certain incident a character was forced into being nowhere and everywhere. It was like she no longer existed and everyone forgot about her but she was still out there acting as a Godlike being...everywhere. Her name's Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica. Yuri Rozu (talk) 19:57, August 26, 2017 (UTC)

Ah yep, hedonism as in pleasure seeking. Sounds about right. Characters like that are called ensemble darkhorses. Character who are meant to be minor but rack up a huge fan following, and sometimes if they're popular enough they get promoted to a more major role (Vegeta, Future Trunks, Broly, Bardock) Although in a Xenoverse 2 cutscene from the Future Trunks Saga DLC, Zamasu seems to imply that the Time Nest is the single one out there.

He said that? Hmm. Well he still kept up his training though. By that point I think Vegeta would have volunteered for the sake of his loved ones, given he sacrificed himself to try take out Buu the first time. That's very true, Piccolo's intellect certainly helps. Once Piccolo didn't have world domination as his priority, he became a master strategist. Vegeta is considered a fighting genius too, but one thing that puts him down a peg is Piccolo won't let pride get in the way of his goals. Lol, that was funny. By the time of Super, Vegeta has pretty much admitted he needs Kakarot around to keep getting stronger.

Don't worry, no one would expect you to. I barely have a fraction of an understanding of how all that works. Oh wow, that does sound like that everywhere and nowhere thing. I have seen a bit of Madoka Magica on occasion, has some interesting themes from what I've heard. --Stryzzar (talk) 07:54, August 27, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah. Oh... I haven't heard that phrase before. Well, that's cool. But...that's gonna be pretty hard to do for West Supreme Kai since she was killed by Kid Buu. Unless they add her in a video game or something, that is. Hmm, I see. I guess the Time Nest is just one little area in a vast universe...or universes... 

I think so... Ok, he did. It says so in the very last line under the personality section in case you wanted to check it out. It might have been a bit before or after he said goodbye to Future Trunks at the end of the Cell Games Saga though because I don't he said it right after Goku died. Yeah, he did. If he's willing to make himself explode just to get rid of Majin Buu, then there's no reason why he wouldn't... Yep, that's what makes Piccolo so useful. It's the fact that he's strong and smart. You're right, I can't leave out Vegeta. It's definitely his pride alright. That's one of Vegeta's faults. He has. I watched an episode a few days ago where he said it. I guess he's ok with saying it now. 

Haha, just imagine all the complex aspects of quantum physics. No more for me! But, yeah. Madoka Magica's good too and it was actually my first magical girl anime. It's kinda dark and sad. One character irritated me because of the decision they made. It was one of those situations where something obvious was right in front of them but they failed to see it so they just went with something else. I've felt bad for almost every single character... Yuri Rozu (talk) 21:13, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

Not a very common word actually. Yeah, it won't happen for her since she wasn't even created by Toriyama (I think), she's not that significant to the plot, and (most importantly) she's likely been forgotten by the creators. But on that note, I can see the possibility of Chronoa becoming canon. She'd actually be a really nice addition to the anime with her fun personality.

Ah yep you're right. Was on Vegeta's page and saw that perma linked overhead video that Fandom/Wikia has now embedded on there. Oh that's interesting, I do remember Vegeta giving a short speech about his respect to Goku and Gohan right after Gohan beat Cell though. Though he was really eager to get back into fighting once Goku came back for a day. Even Goku is considered smart when it comes to fighting, even if he's a complete idiot at everything else... But Vegeta and Piccolo are deemed prodigies since they were strong for their species immediately, while Goku started off extremely weak. Even if Piccolo can't quite catch up with the Saiyan Gods' raw power, he can always make up for it with his brains. I only recall he became strategic after he became a good guy, as when he was evil he was just as maniacal and destructive as Vegeta, although maybe a bit more patient. Vegeta and Piccolo though still has to be one of the funniest interactions between two DB characters.

I did a little of that in one subject during my first year of college, and honestly it made my head hurt. I haven't really followed a magical girl anime the whole way through, but watch snippets of them. But yes, Madoka is pretty dark for a Magical Girl anime. I don't think Sailor Moon ever got that dark, though Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha may have gone close. What was the character's name? --Stryzzar (talk) 06:14, August 30, 2017 (UTC)

I see... Yeah. And there's basically no point in bringing back a character that isn't very important. We haven't seen that much of her but the only reason she was even brought up was because she, along with the other Supreme Kais, fought Buu. When you haven't seen a character in so long, they're easy to forget about. If Toriyama forgot about Launch, then he (or whoever came up with her character) has definitely forgotten about West Supreme Kai. I mean, why not? We already have regular Kais, Supreme Kais, Gods of Destruction, and Zeno who's a king so there's no harm in adding in Chronoa. Her personality is cool. She can both serious and funny and I like that. 

Oh yeah, those quick little summary videos. I think that was when he said it. Goku being dead was a reason for him saying that he would no longer fight so Goku coming back would be the thing that makes him go back on his word. Goku's able to find out the weaknesses of his opponent sometimes and he'll use some type of strategy during his fights as well. When he was fighting Cell, he managed to blow off his upper body with a Kamehameha. Cell would've been dead if he didn't have Piccolo's regeneration. Yeah, Vegeta was the strong prince of all Saiyans and Piccolo was strong when he was...actually I don't know. He was young but I'm not all that sure about how Namekian years work. Anyway, yeah, brains are just as important as brawn. I can't remember all that much either to be honest. I remember him fighting a teenage Goku, basically torturing him by blasting a hole in his chest and then stepping on it, and he used his giant form. Wait, even then Goku used intelligence against Piccolo. I believe Goku flipped over giant Piccolo because he was somewhat careless with the way he was using it. Possibly...I'm not sure. Both Piccolo and Vegeta kinda have a similar demeanor but I think that shows a bit more in DBZ than in DB Super. But it's because of the way they are that makes their interactions with each other (and other characters) so funny. 

I can see why. I kinda dislike doing that with anime because I either end up forgetting them, being unsure if I even watched it in the first place, not wanting to watch them as much anymore, and other things. I definitely agree with you. I haven't seen Sailor Moon yet but, from what I know, the darkest the anime has ever gotten was probably possession. I've kinda heard of that one. MG Lyrical Nanoha might have been one of those anime where I saw the Japanese translation of the name and thought "What? Is this related to Madoka Magica?" (Both of them begin with 'Mahou Shoujo' and at the time I didn't even bother to look into it nor think about the meaning of the first two words.) That magical girl anime includes themes such as death and insanity so I think you're right. Oh, the character? His name's Kyousuke Kamijo. Should I explain or are you already aware of what he did? Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:16, August 30, 2017 (UTC)

Though there is the off-chance Toei could remember her as an Easter egg. They also had Grand Supreme Kai appear in Dokkan Battle for part of the storyline and as a playable character, while South Supreme Kai showed up in Dragon Ball Heroes. Granted both of them mainly appeared so Buu could absorb them. Yep, Launch was Toriyama's work. However I recall part of the reason she was written out was her gimmick of her hair turning blonde, which was deemed too similar to Super Saiyan and the risk of it getting confusing. Only thing keeping her from getting brought in is Toei seems to ignore Xenoverse and lots of expanded universe. But then again they did make Final Kamehameha and an equivalent of LSSJ canon, so who knows?

I think Future Vegeta has a period of devastation over Goku's death as well, but I don't think he vowed not to fight. So I guess that means Vegeta spent all that time training on the off chance he would fight Goku again. Piccolo was the reincarnation of the Demon King and one of the strongest fighter Namekians even before assimilation. He's also the only one aside from Slug to gain the status of Super Namek. Goku as a kid and teenager was actually really smart in general, even though he was uneducated. Whenever he learned something new he'd be quick to use it in battle. Adult Goku's non-combat intelligence really took a hit though, maybe because of all the hits to his head xD. Oh that was because Goku was able to use Piccolo's size and weight against him, since he's accustomed to fighting much larger enemies as a kid. But yes, even in that battle Roshi commented how smart Goku was by using the Feet Kamehameha to free up his hands. It's like Vegeta treats everyone likc trash, while Piccolo is the only one with the guts and the power to stand up to the arrogant prince. Hence those two are always bickering. TFS also pointed out that ironically, despite them always being at each other's necks, they've never actually fought before.

I wouldn't do that for an anime I seriously intend to get into, just for ones I want to get a feel for but not sure if I want to watch yet. But if I do end up liking it, I'll watch it properly or read the manga or something to get the whole story. Lol, I think I got Magical Lyrical Nanoha confused with Madoka Magica confused when I first heard of them too xD. Ohh, I did read about Kyousuke being a character who got hate on a forum. I'm not sure which incident you're referring to though.

In case you didn't see this, Happy Birthday! Scroll down to the bottom of your page. ;) --Stryzzar (talk) 06:16, August 31, 2017 (UTC)

Well, I guess I can't rule it out completely. I wasn't aware of the easter eggs in Dokkan Battle and DB Heroes. (I think it's funny how Grand Supreme Kai resembles Majin Buu though.) Yeah. Oh, right...that was part of it. I don't really think it would've been confusing though. Launch's hair turns yellow when she sneezes and she takes on another personality/identity. The Super Saiyan transformation is acquired through a combination of loss, sadness, and anger or even training and provides an increase in power. Plus, Super Saiyan hair is always spikey and Launch's hair is just straight and blonde. Since they added in Final Kamehameha, it could be possible. 

Yeah, but I think it might have been worse for Future Vegeta though since in that timeline Goku died from the heart virus. He fought anyway though and that's why he ended up dying along with a majority of the other Z Fighters. I guess so. Yep and at the time there were some pretty strong Namekians that Goku had to face before as a kid. That's what kinda makes it unexpected and funny though. He's tactical...but he can be an idiot. Haha, maybe. That can do something to you. Oh yeah. Kid Goku was always a little shorty. His ability to use his head during battle is something that comes in handy. If he wasn't combat intelligent in anyway we'd probably find ourselves yelling "Think, Goku, think!" The Feet Kamehameha actually shocked me when I first saw him use it. Are there any other crazy techniques that allow the user to shoot out ki in interesting ways? Standing up to Vegeta seems like a very Piccolo thing to do. Since they're on the same side there wouldn't be a reason for it. Besides, I really doubt Piccolo would even consider going at it with Vegeta unless he thought it was necessary.

I know. I got you. I don't know about the manga because I haven't read it but I do suggest watching the anime. Madoka Magica: Rebellion might explain the ending to the anime a bit more though. The first two movies just sum up anime I think. Haha, ok. I see I'm not the only one who's done that. I don't blame them for hating on his character. Basically, Sayaka and her friend had a crush on Kyousuke but he ended up accepting the feelings of Hitomi (Sayaka's friend). Sayaka went through because of him though...

Haha, I saw it! Yuri Rozu (talk) 01:46, September 1, 2017 (UTC)

Ikr? Pink skin and everything. Buu was also designed first, which makes it even weirder. Even so, still funny to joke that Launch is the original Super Saiyan ^^ Although in Xenoverse if your character is a Saiyan and you wear the Launch wig, it turns blonde in the same fashion as a Super Saiyan does. Initially I lost hope for that when Trunks returned to Super and created several inconsistencies with Xenoverse, such as the taboo of time travel, but then Xenoverse indicated the Future Trunks Saga happened before Xenoverse (at least from Trunks perspective).

Absolutely, Future Vegeta was like "damn you Kakarot, how dare you go and die like that?" Future Vegeta also never had the benefit of making peace with Goku and the other Z-fighters. You mean King Piccolo and his children? They were strong compared to Goku, but weak by Namekian standards due to the fact King Piccolo wasn't a warrior class Namekian. That's why Piccolo Jr. was stronger than his father even when he was 3 years old. Toriyama loves to use the "size matters not" approach. I guess he could always be intelligent in other ways if he wasn't a fighting genius, it'd make for a different story though. Maybe he'd end up like Naruto who was a slow learner when it came to combat :P If you mean shooting out ki from other parts of the body, I can't think of any atm. They usually use hands, mouth, eyes, and once the antennae for Piccolo. There may be a racial thing to with Vegeta seeing Namekians as below him, while Piccolo wants to keep Vegeta in check. Correct, Piccolo is smart enough to not engage Vegeta and put the planet at stake unless really necessary. Though he did step in when Vegeta was beating up Gohan and told Vegeta to back off.

Okay, maybe I could download and watch it while traveling to college. I'm doing that with One Punch Man atm. Oh yeah that, I did see that but didn't know that was what you meant. Yeah love interests often end up being controversial because they give unnecessary drama and trouble to the main character when they probably already have enough to deal with.

Oh sweet! Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Did you like your presents? --Stryzzar (talk) 09:37, September 2, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, I know. Haha, she is in a way. Well, we wouldn't want it looking weird whenever we choose to use Super Saiyan. Wait....before? Um...ok. I guess they did it that way so they'd be able to travel back into the past and alter that timeline. 

Oh right, I remember that. It was too early for it happen. The androids appeared and then they just killed them. At that point, Vegeta was still somewhat questionable. Yeah, them. They were apart of the "Demon" Clan. Technically, Piccolo's been classified as all three of the Namekian types at some point in the series. I do understand though. Kid Piccolo showed signs of great strength. Yep, but I love them. Vegeta's shorter than Goku but he's around the same strength as him and then there's Krillin who's one of the strongest humans. Agreed. Goku's made some pretty risky decisions... I don't know if he would've even considered doing those things if he were different. But then again, I guess at certain times he didn't have a choice... Well, I didn't know that about Naruto but I can see it since the series starts when he's a kid.  Oh yeah, antenna. That reminded me of Majin Buu's candy beam. In the early Saiyan Saga, it did seem similar to how Vegeta viewed the low class Saiyans. He may have been a little surprised at the time to see a Namekian but I did sense a feeling of superiority coming from him. Piccolo's pretty rational and Vegeta can do some rash things so...yeah. He has a limit. Piccolo was definitely upset when Goku sent Gohan out there to fight Cell and he thought that he would be causing the death of his own son.

Ok. Whoa, wait a sec. You said One Punch Man? I thought you saw that already. Oh, the Madoka Magica movies? Yep. But Kyousuke was actually part of the reason why Sayaka ended up in her position. He was in a pretty bad condition and she sacrificed things for him so he could recover. I actually shipped them for a while but I'm not sure as of now. I might rewatch it.

They're awesome! But I'm pretty sure a lot of people would consider the stuff I got things they wouldn't want for their birthday. I'm a bit of a booknerd and I'm kinda the same with manga. So, yeah, that's what I got. Books and manga! Yuri Rozu (talk) 20:19, September 2, 2017 (UTC)

I could honestly imagine Launch showing up in Super and either Goku or Vegeta wondering if she's a Saiyan. Like Xeno Trunks in the Time Nest has memories of the Future Trunks Saga, which is weird since his hair turned back to purple...

I think Trunks said that Future Vegeta was the reason why the Androids went and hunted all of the Z-fighters because he was able to give them more fun. Still King Piccolo maxed out at 260, while the Namekian warriors on Namek were said to be 3000, while Nail was 42,000. Piccolo was 300-400 when he fought Raditz which was much stronger than his father despite his age. Though they did explain Piccolo was held back since he wasn't whole. Well it depends if you count King Piccolo and Piccolo Jr. as the same person, if so then yes he has been Dragon Clan and Warrior Clan. Demon Clan isn't technically a "true" Namekian clan, it's a clan that's a state of evilness in numerous species and not just Namekians. The trend continued with Frieza being shorter than Goku, Kid Buu, and now Zen'o who's pint-sized. In a sense Goku is Naruto's grandfather, as Naruto is heavily inspired by Goku, even down to the color schemes. The early parts of Naruto really mirrored Dragon Ball with a kid training in martial arts. The way I saw it, Vegeta will look down upon every non-Saiyan and Kakarot. Oh yep, that was the point where Piccolo started being a better dad than Goku was.

I saw like 2 episodes of OPM at a friend's house, now I'm doing the proper watch through because I found I liked it then. (Yeah, it took me this long to get round to it). No I haven't seen the movies, I meant read about the love interesting thing. Well that was an act of true love's devotion.

Sweet! Lol, I would be pretty happy getting those. Although I don't really buy manga, I read online or in the library. But still glad you were happy with what you got! :) --Stryzzar (talk) 05:47, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

That would be more likely to happen with Vegeta though since I'm pretty sure he hasn't even met Launch. If it were Goku, then he would have either forgotten her...or couldn't recognize her because it's been such a long time since he's seen her. I see. The change of hair color is weird. I mean, they could have just kept his hair color same. Just because Super decided to change his hair color and include an old DBZ scene with his hair blue instead of purple, didn't mean Dragon Ball Xenoverse had to do the same. 

Well, that certainly sounds like Future Android 17 and 18. Wow, you're right. Only 260 though...? Man, I must be used to looking at higher numbers than those. Yeah. He did get a power boost when he merged with Kami. I kinda just looked at the fact that King Piccolo spit Piccolo Jr out. In a way, that makes the Piccolo we know the son of King Piccolo. But I tend to view them separately, not as the same...despite the fact that Piccolo is technically his reincarnate... Oops...when I typed that I was only thinking about King Piccolo and his children. When I went to the wiki page, Lord Slug also had a so called Demon Clan but it consisted of other races. I wasn't aware of the fact that the term "Demon Clan" can also be used for other species. I just thought they were called, you know, evil and that the other term was for Namekians only. Yeah. In cases like those, most people don't seem to consider the smaller or shorter person a threat until they start kicking some butt. Agreed. I think it's safe to say that Dragon Ball has inspired lots of anime though. Oh yeah, duh. Didn't he have this thing where he'd say something about humans as well? Also, he does consider that Saiyans to be a superior race... He has a lot of pride about his Saiyan heritage. Yep. That's kinda a shame though...

Haha, ok. I had just assumed you had watched it already. Oh, alright. Right. Sayaka was a good enough person (and a strong enough individual) to put so much on the line for Kyousuke.

Cool! I usually do the same when it comes to manga but I just wanted to have some physical copies. Thanks! Yuri Rozu (talk) 08:50, September 5, 2017 (UTC)

Although Goku could go "wait Launch, all this time you were a Super Saiyan too?" The blue hair dye must have worn off by the time Trunks joined the Time Patrol :P

In a way its better that they were so childish because their desire to stay entertained made them prolong destroying humanity. Lol, remember the days when 9000 was considered high? I personally see King Piccolo as Piccolo Jr's father. In fact I think Kami referred to King Piccolo as his 'parent'. But yeah, Piccolo Jr himself has never really been Dragon Clan even though his father and his fuse were. By the time of Z, Piccolo had stopped belonging to the Demon Clan which was apparent from the fact that Raditz's soul made it to the afterlife. It was stated in DB that those killed by demons couldn't traverse to the afterlife and would wander around in limbo. Yep, Luffy and Boros were based off Goku too. One of his quotes was "being forced to work with humans, Namekians, and Kakarot." Even after turning good he's still takes pride in being a Saiyan but doesn't seem to discriminate anymore.

And now I've finished OPM, lol. I forgot how short the series was. I did end up like Mumen Rider after all ^^ Well that was very bold of Sayaka, hope she finds happiness somewhere down the line.

Fair enough. It is useful to have hardcopies for certain things. –Stryzzar (talk) 13:24, September 6, 2017 (UTC)

Haha, yep. That would be pretty funny...and face palm worthy as well. Oh my goodness... I guess at that point he just wanted to try a new look. Lol. 

You're right. They only thing Dr. Gero wanted them to do was kill Goku and since he was already dead they just made the Earth their playground. Yeah, those were the early DB days. Wow, you do? Well, I'm pretty he has but I just don't think of them like that... At least, not really. Usually, when I think about Piccolo, I'll end up thinking about Nail or Kami occasionally... It's like I'm aware of their relationship but I hardly ever associate them. I know, the only reason he can even be considered apart of the Dragon Clan is because of Kami and King Piccolo. Really? Then that's what happened to Krillin when he was killed by Tambourine in DB? Luffy, ok but Boros? Wow, I actually didn't see that coming. Yeah...that definitely shows it. It's ok for Vegeta to do that though. 

Alright. Haha, I believ One Punch Man is currently only 12 episodes in. I've been hearing that it might have a season 2 though. Cool! I like him because he's a pretty determined character. Um...happiness? That word's barely used when it comes to that series...

Yep. I also thought that it would be cool for me to finally have some anime merchandise. Other than that, I have a Kaneki Ken jacket. Yuri Rozu (talk) 18:40, September 7, 2017 (UTC)

I wish TFS has made that joke. Dying his hair would still make more sense than the retcon of his hair always being blue.

That's what happens with a childish being with too much power is taught that evil is the way to have fun, Majin Buu had the same mentality going. Yep, I mean just because he's reincarnate doesn't mean he's the same person, more like an identical offspring that inherited everything. In one of the Tenkaichi games, if King Piccolo and Piccolo fight, King Piccolo actually refers to him as "son". Yeah, Korin said Krillin, Chiaotzu, Roshi and all those killed by King Piccolo and his children wouldnt be able to make it to the afterlife. Boros is an affectionate parody of DBZ in general. Spiky hair that gets bigger when he powers up, a super mode that gives him an aura, seeking stronger opponents to battle, and ki blasts. He also takes aspects of Piccolo (pointy ears, regeneration) and Frieza (space overlord, traveling on a ship). Vegeta's pride and ego is part of his charm.

It would be nice to get a season 2. The manga is still going on after all, it'd be nice to get more fleshed out characters like Zombieman and Garou. Yeah same, it's his unrelenting heroic resolve, despite being so weak he never backs down. Oh oops. Well maybe finding someone else that returns her feelings then?

Oh nice! Maybe it'd come in handy for a cosplay? --Stryzzar (talk) 23:11, September 8, 2017 (UTC)

Me too. They always make things so funny! It would... We all know that Future Trunks' hair wasn't always like that. 

Yeah, that describes Majin Buu completely. That's how you get individuals with a twisted sense of fun that show no remorse at all. Agreed. They're just identical. Oh, I didn't know that. It's cool that they give characters certain dialogue lines depending on who they fight. I wonder what Vegito and Gogeta would say if they had to fight each other... Hmm, ok. That's weird. I don't ever remember Kami saying that. But, oh well, I guess I forgot. I see. I probably should've noticed that. He's definitely one heck of a character though. Personality wise, meh. His character design looks kinda cool though. 

Definitely! Wait, so...they have a webcomic and a manga? I've heard of Garou a little and I didn't even know Zombieman was a character that even existed. I've only gotten as far as episode 12 and I don't know how far that would put me if I was to go to the manga/webcomic. But...I did do a bit of research. Apparently, Zombiman was shown in the anime and Garou was too a little. Yep, that's why I like him! Haha, maybe that's why I like Genos more than Saitama. He tries so hard but he gets beat up a lot only for Saitama to rescue him and everyone else. Should I say it? It might spoil Sayaka for you....

Haha, yeah, it would. I've just been wearing it as a normal jacket though. I don't think many people knew it was Kaneki jacket. Yuri Rozu (talk) 20:55, September 9, 2017 (UTC)

The real question now is, what will happen to Present Trunks' hair once he reaches Future Trunks' age?

Until Mr. Satan was the first person brave enough to tell him otherwise. Though it did come as a surprise on how easy it was to change Buu's mind. One of the best parts of those games (aside from the combat) is the hypothetical character interaction. In Xeno 2, they said "I always wondered which produced the better fusion; the Dance, or the Earrings?" I might be going by the manga then. Well it's mentioned here that Demon clan Namekians could stop souls from entering the afterlife. Was kind of funny how a DBZ tribute character was the final boss, just to emphasize on the tier that Saitama was in.

I think the webcomics was the original then the manga got adapted later on. I take it you haven't seen the OPM OVA? They're anime original footage that expands on a lot of characters. Zombieman gets a lot more focus in this one: (It got uploaded in two parts and there's some overlap). The funny thing with Saiyama is One (the author) intended him to be a very generic, background less average guy who happens to be insanely strong. While Genos is extremely complicated and fleshed out. I think at this point my fav character is Tatsumaki though. Yeah go ahead, it'll be ages before I get round to seeing it.

Ah yep, the whole attire might be required for that. Lots of cosplayers actually use everyday items to begin with. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:37, September 10, 2017 (UTC)

Um...maybe he'll keep it the same? 

Yeah. Despite the fact that Hercule doesn't really do anything most of the time, I will give him credit for that. Most people would've just ran away. Oh yeah, another good thing Hercule was help Goku and Vegeta when they were in the Sacred World of Kais. I mean, Majin Buu's like a kid. It's kinda easy to influence them. He may be a little stubborn at times but I don't really think he wants to anything bad. I see. Well, who wouldn't wonder about that? Oops... I must've missed it. Yeah, it is. Saitama is pretty DB level though.

Oh, ok. Nope, I wasn't even aware that they had an OVA. I end up forgetting all about them or I find out a while after I finish the anime. Oh yeah, I heard about that. He's an average guy with not so much backstory surrounded by interesting characters...that he just happens to be stronger than. Right, Tatsumaki. I like her power (the same goes for Fubuki as well) but she is somewhat annoying. It's kinda funny though. Ok, well, Sayaka's dead. Her death is caused by literal darkness and corruption inside of her. 

Kinda. The outfit doesn't require very much. I have the jacket and I have a lot of pair of black pants already... The only thing left would be to get yellow and black shoes but I don't care too much for the color yellow. I've already cosplayed once (kinda) but it was difficult because I couldn't get the exact outfit. I struggled just to find a picture of the character with both a shirt and pants since they're almost always seen with no shirt. Haha. I guess that's what I get for trying to cosplay as an anime guy. Yuri Rozu (talk) 01:54, September 13, 2017 (UTC)

Probably, lol. Though I meant it'd show if Trunks' hair color change is genetic, cosmetic, or just weirdness.

That may have been when I stopped hating him, though I still didn't like that joke of where he always ended up as the winner. He's a lot more tolerable in Super though where he's become a more normal supporting character rather than the over lucky champion. The mind of an impulsive child with godlike strength and a desire to relieve boredom. Complete chaos. But thankfully he did have an innocence and could be taught the correct way. (It's the earrings). Hence why he always gets pitted against Goku in hypothetical fight threads.

I sort of found out by accident, lol. But the OPM OVA tends to focus on the side characters away from Saitama. In the clip that I linked, that scene was actually a parody of Detective Conan as Child Emperor's VA also voices Conan. But his lack of character is made up for how funny he and the series is in general. Well I don't always like whining characters, but the way it's done with Tatsumaki just makes it really cute and hilarious. She's also the only character aside from Saitama who gets reverted to being drawn in a more cartoony style. Oh wow, you're right that was very deep information. Guess that show really is deeply depressing.

Well you're almost there if you do choose to go with it. I haven't really cosplayed as an anime character before, I did once do a (poorly done) cosplay of Doctor Who. For the future I have thought of either doing an L or Kirito cosplay. Your cosplay would have been fine, I once saw a guy cosplaying as Optimus Prime by literally wearing several cardboard boxes that weren't even painted (the only reason you could tell what it was, he had written "Optimus Prime" in marker on the front). --Stryzzar (talk) 06:26, September 15, 2017 (UTC)

Haha, well, I think it's just weirdness. 

Yeah, same. I never really liked how he took the credit for defeating Cell but I guess it did help Gohan out. He probably didn't want all that attention anyway. Agreed. I just love how Hercule went from being the guy who said that Goku and his friends use flashy tricks to helping them and then being apart of the family. Right, it was pretty bad when Majin Buu was going around killing people and/or turning them into candy. It would be an interesting fight. 

Lol. I was the same way but for Noragami...and Fairy Tail. But for Fairy Tail, I read one of the omakes and didn't even know the OVA was out. It's cool that they give other characters the spotlight. Wait, huh...? Well, I didn't expect that. Sometimes it works...and sometimes it doesn't. I'm glad that it worked in case. Yeah, One Punch Man can go from being simple to extremely detailed within seconds. Also, I see people ship her with Saitama... I don't get it at all...

Yep. Hey, you mentioned that there were different Doctors in Doctor Who one time, right? Which one did you cosplay as? Nice, that sounds cool. You can be the intellectual crime solver or the supposed "chick magnet" swordsman. Cosplaying as a robot has tobe pretty hard to do. At least they tried a little though. Yuri Rozu (talk) 23:51, September 16, 2017 (UTC)

Like the joke that he'd always win was like an inverse of how Yamcha would always lose first at Tournaments. There'd be no way it could realistically happen except because Toriyama made it so. It's really nice he's providing financial help to Goku's family since Goku's day job doesn't pay that well. If you're interested, there's a fanmade vid of Gogeta vs. Vegito which is pretty cool:

OVAs are pretty hard to find. They don't get released along with the main series and you have to dig them out, I didn't even know they existed for years after I started. They have a very different feel to the main series, there's one with Genos and Fubuki on a train with a bomb, where Genos tries to stop the train while Fubuki gets all the passengers off, all with no Saitama around.

The Eleventh Doctor. I found a coat that had a similar coloration and made a bowtie out of necktie. People could actually tell what I was dressed at without me saying so. Good thing about L is all of his clothes are easy to find. Kirito a little harder, but still easier than say Goku. Lol yep, Kirito and his unwanted harem. Well they could have at least painted the boxes or added some shiny material on to make it look more metallic. --Stryzzar (talk) 01:51, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

Yep and one is clearly way stronger than the other so...yeah. Oh well, poor Yamcha. You're right. Yeah, he might as well put it to good use. It's cool. For a second, I thought they were gonna make SS4 Gogeta win. 

I guess I was pretty lucky then. I think I first found out about OVAs when I was watching this anime called Highschool of the Dead. All of the episodes were on youtube and I just stumbled across the OVa. So, out of curiosity, I looked up what they were. I haven't seen that many though since I end up forgetting that they even exist. I have to agree with you. I don't mind if they spend time on other characters but...there were two OVAs that made me think "What did I just watch?" and "What's the point of this?" Genos and Fubuki are two characters I thought I would've never seen together. I wonder why it was those two...

Your cosplay sounds successful to me. Yeah, you gotta love the easy cosplays. Definitely. For Goku, you'd need to look for and then but a whole new outfit but for Kirito you could just end up only needing the long jacket and sword. It would've made the cosplay look better. Maybe they didn't want to do much for it? Yuri Rozu (talk) 17:36, September 20, 2017 (UTC)

It'd be fun to see Yamcha fight Mr. Satan in a tournament. If Yamcha wins it will avert before gags. Yeah that guy has other videos where he explains why he thinks characters are strong as they are, and he clearly thinks SSB is above SSJ4.

Yep, I think I found them on YT too. Though I may not have known what they were at the time and thought they were just normal episodes. Really? What series was it? I guess OVAs can be different to the point where they are weird though. I also noticed I skipped the reply with the Saitama Tatsumaki shipping. Well it's because shippers often will seek to pair protagonists with any female characters that appear, and since OPM has a shortage on girls... yeah. Maybe because they're two of the saner characters comparatively speaking?

Thank you. Well I guess it was passable, but I still wouldn't be winning any contests, lol. Orange gis are hard to come by, unless you pay an extremely high price to get them custom made. A black longcoat much easier to come by, but would still need customizing for the stitching on them. Hmm yeah, let's go with that. If his goal was to be funny, well I certainly laughed when I saw it. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:11, September 22, 2017 (UTC)

(I kinda lost track of time... Sorry again.)

I think so too. Both of them are pretty unlucky when it comes to fighting...especially Yamcha when he fought Kami in DB. Power wise, Yamcha would win but there's almost always something that gets in the way of him actually winning. If Hercule miraculously wins, Yamcha won't ever hear the end of it. I mean, he's already a meme or whatever. Yeah, I know. I've never really compared SSB to SS4 but I think he's right when it comes to which form is stronger.

That's why...I'm glad we have youtube! Yeah, it's easy to think that. Well, the 1st one was for an anime that I mentioned earlier called Highschool of the Dead. A friend of mine had recommended the anime and I loved it. But then I found the OVA... It was funny but so freaking ridiculous because of the things the characters were doing. I probably should've expected that though since it was an ecchi anime... And the other one was for this vampire anime called Diabolik Lovers. Again, I loved that as well (with an exception of some things) but the OVA didn't really tell or show me anything new so I didn't get the purpose of it. Trust me, they can get REALLY weird. Oh...ok. I guess they don't really have to have a very good reason to ship people. I mean, I'm a shipper too when it comes to some anime couples but I don't ship anyone in OPM. Hmm...I guess. 

^_^ I wouldn't either so you don't have anything to worry about. Lol. Yeah, I mean, orange isn't exactly how gis are normally colored... Or you could go to one of theose sites that offers cosplay outfits... I've just seen them on the internet. I don't know the exact name but I know Amazon has some of that stuff. Maybe that was his purpose... Yuri Rozu (talk) 20:30, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

It's alright, we both have commitments offline.

Though maybe it's Yamcha's smaller power disparity compared to the Saiyans that could have him win. People kept thinking the Saiyans were so overpowered that they were fake, but Yamcha pull off a fight that looked more realistic against Hercule. Oh btw, have you heard of the Yamcha spin-off manga where Yamcha is actually badass? Like he manages to keep up with Goku way past the Saiyan Saga. Ah yep, the Yamcha Saibaman death meme xD Getting killed by the weakest character possible. The way I see it is the SSB form itself should be stronger, but SSJ4 Gogeta may have an edge due to his base being far-far higher due to the time skip. But I still agree with the result.

What did people ever do before YT came about in 2005? Oh that's right, they watched TV :P OH WOW, Highschool of the Dead looks awesome! It's exactly my kind of series, I'll have a watch of it later. But yeah I understand, OVAs weren't made by the original author so the plot can diverge to something extremely different. They probably feel like they can mess around in OVAs since it's not the official storyline. Trust me, there have been even more crazier reasons for characters being shipped. Saitama and Tatsumaki have at least talked, but I've seen ships between characters for making EYE-CONTACT.

Umm, yay? xD Pretty sure someone attempting would have to get orange cloth and make the gi from scratch, or hire someone else to make it for them. Ah yeah, I've seen some of those from googling. Way too pricey IMO, I don't have that kind of money. Well I can at least do better than him :P --Stryzzar (talk) 00:54, September 28, 2017 (UTC)


Maybe...? Huh? I mean, I guess... That's crazy! Yamcha, one of the most insignificant characters in the DB series, has a spin off manga? Well, I certainly didn't expect that. Past the Saiyan Saga, huh? Wow, ok! I just read the summary for it and it seems really interesting! I'm reading a lot of other manga right now but I'm gonna make sure to find the time to read it if and when it get translated to English. But man, I bet ALOT of people would be mad if they got reborn as Yamcha for goodness sake. Yeah. Poor Yamcha. I agree. SSB is stronger than SS4. But then they gave SSB to Vegito and SS4 to Gogeta like they did in GT. They both have some interesting moves that could come in handy or possibly give the other the advantage. Also, their minds might effect the battle as well. Vegito's more serious than Gogeta who likes to joke around.

Yeah, good old TV. Really? Oh, well, you do like some of the zombie stuff so I get that. It's known for it's crazy cleavage physics though. Yep. I will admit that the HOTD OVA was pretty funny though despite the large amounts of fanservice and weirdness. The characters should have more of a connection... I mean, if you ship people who have just made eye contact, then you can ship most protagonists with antagonists. Some people do that with Danganronpa... I dislike the ship between the first anime's main character and the true enemy because it doesn't make sense but also because of what they represent. 

It seems like it would take a lot to make a gil from scratch so I think a lot of people would get it made for them unless...they're the Ultimate Cosplayer. (I capitalized those on purpose. Haha! REFERENCES!) Hey, I don't either. That's why I try to do the easier cosplays. Same. I don't think I'd have enough courage to walk outside with cardboard boxes on as my cosplay outfit. Yuri Rozu (talk) 23:44, September 30, 2017 (UTC)

Maybe I was just being weird. I just meant the tendency of Hercule to call any of the more impressive fighters "fake", like saying Perfect Cell and Goku had explosives or special effects. Like the top fighters fight so fast normals can't even see them. Yamcha could anticipate this and fight more 'normally' so the audience doesn't call him fake. Yeah the story ended at the Cell Games and I think they skipped the Namekian Saga, although Yamcha does go to Namek by himself to get his potential unlocked. It is pretty funny how someone with prior knowledge can heavily exploit the power ups in DB. I kind of like how Vegito and Gogeta both have their own thing that the other doesn't have. Well Vegito likes to troll as well, he messed with Buu for a long time to anger him so he'd be absorbed.

Yep you remember, lol. Cleavage physics huh. Fanservice like that is kind of a staple for animes these days, I think can handle it. Well it's more about them going "wouldn't it be cool if X and Y got together" rather than any actual likelihood of the ship happening. Although sometimes the ship could legit happen too. You mean Junko?

Well for those with the skill, a stitching machine and patience is all that's needed. A friend of mine made her own cosplay costume that she made entirely herself (I forgot what character it was though). Ah yep, Tsumugi. I actually wouldn't have picked up on the reference if you hadn't pointed it out xD No costume would honestly be better than cardboard boxes. I went to Comic Con last year without a costume and there were plenty just dressed casually. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:57, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, nope. You weren't being weird at all. For some reason, I just didn't think about Hercule and the opinions of his fans when you said that. I see what you're saying though. Obviously Hercule, well, past Hercule and his fans would think that any techniques that produce energy or light are fake. Yamcha may be weak but he's still stronger than Hercule even without the usage of ki. Yeah, I think it's cool. It funny just reading an article on it and imagining all the stuff he could do to change the outcome. I agree. I love Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha and Vegito's Spirit Sword attack. Haha, yep. But I still think Gogeta's more silly. Vegito may have toyed with Buu but at least he didn't use a fake Kamehameha during a serious battle. 

Yeah. You're right but I don't get why so many anime has it. I mean, I guess it really is "fanservice" but it's not exactly needed. I can understand that. One person I talked to online said that they shipped Natsu and Juvia from Fairy Tail because it would be cool since Juvia has water powers and Natsu's a Fire Dragon Slayer. I get it...but I can't ship it. It's kinda interesting though. Some of them could. There are some ships that I refuse to ship though. For example, Komahina (a Danganronpa ship). Yeah, some people ship Makoto Naegi and Junko Enoshima when they're enemies. Danganronpa's all about hope vs despair and they're on opposite sides of the hope-despair scale.

It's cool to make your own outfits. I have tried anything with sewing machines yet but I'm kinda decent at sewing by hand. Haha, well, Tsumugi also makes her own outfits. Right. Even if you don't dress up, it can still be pretty fun! Yuri Rozu ([[User talk:Yuri Rozu|talk]]) 21:59, October 3, 2017 (UTC)

Crap, I forgot to reply. Sorry.

Hercule might be the first person that Yamcha could successfully pull the Wolf Fang Fist on, as even the first time he used it on Goku he just got back up right afterwards. Also Yamcha might be weak by Saiyan standards, but he's still one of the strongest people on Earth and could probably blow up the world with a tenth of his power by now. With that story, Yamcha could even use the Dragon Balls to wish himself to King Kai's planet or something. Yeah the Bluff Kamehameha was just weird. Where did he even get the confetti from after fusing? The trolling enemies aspect always seems to come from Vegeta, for both fusions.

Definitely not needed, but they know it'll still make the number of viewers go up, especially for the male audience perverts. Believe me, I've seen far weirder ships than Saitama and Tatsumaki. Those two wouldn't even fall under a "crack-ship". A crack ship is one that is so impossibly weird and cringey that it would never occur in canon, something random like shipping Frieza and Chichi (not a real life example, I don't ship it). I may have come across that one before, guess it's because they're fan favorite characters and people think they'd make a power couple, even if they represent opposite things.

Well I'm certain you'd be better at me, I'm terrible with stitching. Tsugumi is pretty good, she could be a Chameleon. Agreed, it's definitely fun. The dressing up and acting out a character is fun too. --Stryzzar (talk) 07:33, October 7, 2017 (UTC)

Haha, it's ok. No big deal.

Yeah, you're right about that. Wolf Fang Fist is an attack that usually either hasn't worked or is barely even used anymore. Using it to beat Hercule in a fight could make it feel more like Yamcha's signature move again. Yeah, he's weak alright but he can still be useful in some cases. He may not be anywhere near Goku or Vegeta level, but he is still in the group of strongest humans on Earth. I'm still not sure where exactly that would put him though... Yep, especially since I think he did something similar to get himself to Namek. The confetti shouldn't have been able to form along with his ki. He's no Piccolo for sure so he didn't just materialize it. Vegeta is known for toying with his opponents. Goku's playfulness definitely adds to it though.

Eh, oh well, I guess. It doesn't bother me very much. What's funny is that there's "reverse" fanservice or female fanservice as well. Hmm...let me think of a character or two... Oh right, these guys Crack ships are terrible... I know...Frieza X Chi-Chi is one of the craziest and most impossible ships ever. Oh, really? Meh...I feel like I'm kinda picky with Danganronpa ships. Power couple or not, that ship's a no go for me.

I just practice at random times. One time, I just did it because I was bored. She's cool. She'd probably be something that's more anime based since it seems like she's always making references. Yeah, I actually thought about that! Well, I probably will go to a anime convention or comicon eventually but the "acting out the character" thing sounds interesting. I was thinking about giving voice acting a shot but it would be more for fun though. Yuri Rozu (talk) 10:09, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

Aside from that one time Gotenks used it I think. It's a decent technique, just that it gets used by someone out of his league. The baseball episode of Super revealed Yamcha used his martial arts to excel at baseball, including using the Wolf Fang Fist to pitch. Though I still don't really like that episode personally. I'd probably put him under Krillin and Tien, but above Chiaotzu and Master Roshi. Although it's debatable now considering how much stronger Roshi got in Super. Heck, he could even free Elder Kai from the Z-sword and have his full potential unlocked. Although he'd need to be strong enough to pull it to begin with... It feels similar to how Gotenks had a card with his attack names in his jacket. I wonder if certain items can stay after fusion? Maybe Goku took some confetti and hid it in his gi because it was pretty?

Then there's fan-disservice which also involves similar scenes but done in a way to repulse viewers. LOL, yep going shirtless is common fanservice too. On Arrow, Oliver Queen pretty much goes shirtless once an episode to show off how ripped he is xD A canon ship that came close to being a crack ship is Kid Trunks and Kid Mai, like the implications considering how old Mai chronologically is. Fair enough, I can't see it ever Makoto and Junko ever happening but it's still funny to read about it among fans.

Oh nice, I should get back into it once I'm on my break. Yeah true, I guess "cosplaying" is a more Japanese thing. Ooh, voice acting is really fun. I've been at it for years and have gotten quite good at it. Have a long list of voices I can do, with several of them being DB voices. --Stryzzar (talk) 01:52, October 12, 2017 (UTC)

Oh yeah, right. I totally forgot Gotenks used it. I think it was in a movie... He probably figured that he might as well use it for something since he doesn't really fight anymore. Yamcha's definitely stronger than Chiaotzu. Geez... Well, I probably should've expected that. I didn't think Master Roshi would eventually reach a point where he could be stronger than Yamcha. Now, I actually kinda want Yamcha to fight someone. Gohan was barely able to pull it so I don't know if Yamcha will be able to. He'd have to do a lot of training after getting his potential unlocked on Namek. But, since he knows what's going to happen, he could suggest testing out the sword earlier and then, once it breaks, he could ask to get his potential unleashed along with Gohan. Yeah, I guess since the note stayed. I mean, only the individuals are fusing (and sometimes the outfits). So...maybe? 

Yep, especially those scenes where it's a certain person in a bathing suit. Haha, it can be kinda funny. Yeah...I don't ship it. Future Trunks and Future Mai is way more likely than Present Trunks and Mai. Technically, isn't she around 40? Well, I guess so. It would be one of the most extreme cases of "opposites attract" ever. 

Oh, so you've done them before... Cool! Maybe? I've seen some awesome cosplays and a lot of the cosplayers just happen to be Asian. (I'm not gonna say Japanese because, you know, I'm not actually 100% sure.) Wow. I don't think I'd be able to do many characters from Dragon Ball. Videl and Bulma, maybe but I feel like I'd be terrible at any others. Yuri Rozu (talk) 16:13, October 15, 2017 (UTC)  

It was "Yo Return of Son Goku and Friends", the one with Vegeta's brother, Tarble. Yamcha would still be weak but skilled, in that he knows a fair few handy techniques. I do feel it's a shame his Spirit Ball went to waste, that was actually a really cool technique. At this point I'm not certain if Roshi is stronger than Yamcha. But it's clear that Roshi is stronger than most Frieza Force soldiers, and Roshi kept training even when Yamcha had stopped. He might be at Ginyu Force level right now. There was a reoccurring joke in the fandom that Yamcha could be useful in the Tournament of Power, by fighting the strongest character (Jiren) and getting easily killed which would lead to them being disqualified xD. Even Gohan had to go Super Saiyan, while both he and Goku felt the sword was very heavy (after Goku's gravity weight training at King Kai's). He would probably be best off tagging along with Gohan and helping to break the sword. Like in games where Future Trunks fuses, his sword always stays behind.

Like if it isn't a pretty girl and a middle aged man, then that would be fan disservice. I thought Mai was at least 20-30 back when Goku was a kid, and it's been like 30-ish years since then. Future Mai would chronologically be even older, by maybe 10 years. "Til death do us apart" as in till Junko kills Makoto in his sleep :P

Oh, stitching a costume from scratch? No I haven't. Occasionally tried stitching before but not very good at it. Usually Japanese :P Well guess what? I actually am Asian. Not Jap though, lol. I could probably do: Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta (sometimes), Future Trunks, Frieza, Cell, Buu and maybe some others here and there. There's so many dubs which I've had a shot at imitating, but personally prefer the TFS versions.--Stryzzar (talk) 22:53, October 16, 2017 (UTC)

I almost forgot about that one. Yeah, you're right. I like Spirit Ball too because he could control where it went. Now that I think about it, there are some other attacks that're kinda similar. Right, because Roshi did fight some of them while Yamcha stayed behind. Oh wow. Every once in a while, I end up hearing about Jiren. I heard he was a bid deal but I wasn't actually sure if he was the strongest opponent in the tournament.... Geez. Well, I guess that just means Yamcha's back to being the butt of everyone's jokes. It's not like he wasn't already though. Yep. That means if Yamcha were to even attempt to pick up the sword after it was pulled out, he'd probably fall face flat on the ground or he wouldn't be able to lift it at all. Wait, doesn't Future Trunks have a scabbard/sheath? Why don't they just use that to carry the sword on their back? If he fused via the Fusion Dance, then I can see why because they usually have that certain outfit once they've fused. 

Yeah. Well, I'm kinda off. I'm just gonna assume she was in her mid 20's in DB since she looked pretty young. What's crazy is that I keeping thinking Future Mai is younger than Present Mai despite the fact that Present Mai's the one who's a little kid now. Junko would probably do that. She seems like the type of person to let herself fall in love with someone only to kill them later either indirectly or directly. Then she'd probably say "Oh, the despair! My dear Makoto has died!" She's one crazy character alright...

Whoa, ok, I didn't expect that.'re Asian and live in Australia? Haha, that's funny because I know a youtuber who's half Asian and half Australian! (He's Japanese.) The TFS voices are cool, kinda different sounding, but fit the characters so I can understand that. I've only heard two different versions of the DB characters' voices and those are the regular ones and TFS. Which other dubs did you try? Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:45, October 20, 2017 (UTC)

The only time I've ever seen it used successfully is in games, where Yamcha makes the ball hammer an enemy multiple times without them dodging. Makes me wonder what a difference Roshi helping out on Z would make, as Z always made him look so weak. Although the reason he was chosen for ToP was his experience and his versatility in techniques. Beerus even came to respect him for carrying the team so much despite his elderly age. Jiren outclasses everyone so badly it's like freaking Buu vs Krillin. I don't think even Goku Black was this much of a threat. The jokes still amuse me though, even if they're a fair bit exaggerated. Not much choice if even the show treats him like a joke though. Lol, he'd need a senzu bean after trying to lift that sword. Yeah the sheath stays with them when they fused into Future Gohanks.

Like her age in GT would be at least her age in the Future Trunks Saga, 60 something maybe. I didn't like it at first, but now I'm kinda glad she got deaged. It made her more likable as a character who tired to do good, rather than the pathetic villain she was before. Lol, would she at least have a "my God what have I done?" moment? Her despair catchphrase is really funny though, I've seen it being spammed as memes before.

Most people don't seem to expect it xD Yep I am, I was born here though. Oh really, who is it? I actually find some of them less annoying than canon and done better, like the TFS Ginyu voice or TFS Frieza (compared to Linda Young's version). Mainly FUNimation's voices like Christopher Sabat. I did try a few Jap ones but I can only say a character name or something. --Stryzzar (talk) 11:46, October 22, 2017 (UTC)

Geez, 5 days... kinda makes sense considering the fact that Yamcha seems to be the unluckiest DB character ever and the fact that it's a video so you're actually making your chosen character do it. Yeah, they did. I don't think Roshi would've helped much in DBZ. He can help now in DBS because he found the time to train. Yep. One of those techniques is deadly though. I heard Roshi recently used the Evil Containment Wave. Is it true?, really? That's pretty freaking bad. Agreed. Yamcha's just gonna have to keep being the butt of the jokes until they get tired of it. Definitely. Oh, ok.

Yeah, it should be. I went to Future Mai's wiki page so I think so. You're right. I guess it makes the Future Mai and Fututre Trunks ship kinda weird though since she's still technically 60. Emperor Pilaf, Mai and Shu are definitely at the bottom when it comes to being villains. I'm not sure. I actually heard something somewhat similar happened in Junko's past so...maybe. I'm pretty sure it was in a light novel. Which one? It is the one where she says the word despair at least three times?

Haha, that's cool though. It was so unexpected. Have you ever heard of The Anime Man? I think he's pretty funny. I can see why. I never found the original voices annoying but Frieza's voice really made me question if he had a gender or not. (This was when I first started watching DBZ.) Oh, I see. Well, at least you can do a little. I probably wouldn't be able to do that. Voicing them in Japanese would sound bad if I did it. Yuri Rozu (talk) 15:33, October 27, 2017 (UTC)

It's fine. I didn't do much better myself this time round, lol.

Yep, although there was that time he sort of used it successfully to knock falling debris away (also in Yo! Return of Son Goku and Friends). Well I think it was implied he had kept training off screen, because he was so strong all of a sudden in RoF. That is correct, in fact he used it three times if I remember correctly. The technique seems to have been upgraded so it now not only works on demons. Right now everyone is wondering how they're going to beat Jiren. They'll never get tired of it so long as people keep memeing it.

What was Toriyama thinking? Future Mai would certainly not have been my first pick for the Future Trunks Saga tritagonist. But then again I wouldn't have deaged them to begin with. In fact, why did Porunga even revive them since Vegeta's wish only included good guys? Yah, they were joke villains who served no threat whatsoever. Well that would explain why she's so messed up. There's a light novel? Oh, maybe it wasn't a catchphrase, I might be getting confused with something else...

I hadn't heard of him before now, looked him up. Wow, his accent is so strong, way more than mine xD. Linda's Frieza just seemed less intimidating than other versions, and yes the gender confusion thing. Yeah, my Masako Nozowa is still pretty appalling. --Stryzzar (talk) 22:52, October 30, 2017 (UTC)

Nope, I still did worse. Happy Late Halloween though if you celebrate it.

Oh, ok. I didn't actually watch that one so I only know about a few things that happened in it.Oh right, he did handle some Frieza force soldiers.Ok, wow. I didn't think we'd ever see that technique again. Man, what the heck? I'm over here still wondering about Hit and then this guy Jiren shows up... Yeah, I'm curious. I can't wait to catch up. I'm still in the Universe 6 Tournament Saga. But...speaking of "how"...I wonder when Goku and Vegeta will use fusion again... Yeah, those Yamcha memes are pretty funny to look at so they won't die down for a while. 

I'm not sure. How would you have picked? I mean, Future Mai wasn't bad but I don't know about the rest of them. They weren't exactly the most evil villains. They're kinda just a source of comedy. They made me laugh a lot when I watched the original DB. Yep. They have several. Some of them include the basckstories of certain characters and one of them just happened to be about Junko. The crazy thing is, I think when you first read it, you don't know it's Junko. She looks and acts differently. She has catchphrases but I'm just not sure which one you're talking about. There's one where she says "Despair into Tomorrow! Despair into your memories! Despair into nothingness!"

Haha, really? I don't think I payed much attention to the accent. I might not have noticed it. Eh, I guess. I just listened to a comparison of someone of the people who voiced Frieza. Chris Ayres voiced Frieza better to me. What's funny is that Linda's sounded a bit like man while Chris' sounded a bit like a woman. Masako Nozawa has an interesting sound when it comes to voicing Goku. Appalling? I've never heard you but it can't sound that bad. Yuri Rozu (talk) 22:09, November 4, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you, we semi celebrate it. It's not really an "official" holiday, but in some parts kids still dress up and go trick or treating. Though I actually missed all that since by the time I got home it was past 9PM, lol. Btw, congrats on hitting 3000 edits!

I didn't really watch it from start to end, just a few stray clips on YT. It actually appeared earlier than that in the Future Trunks Saga too. Goku, Hit, and Jiren are all the aces of their universes, but Jiren towers above all. Though Goku and Hit both put up really impressive fights too. Have you made it past Copy-Vegeta yet? There's a chance Goku and Vegeta might fuse in the tournament, but speaking of which we now have a new fusion character with this one being a girl! Yamcha will die before the memes do :P

Any of the more serious characters throughout DB. Maybe Future Upa or Future Namu. They were alright in DB back when everything was silly, but I got a bit annoyed at them in Super and how they seem over focused. Oh nice! I'll have to take a look at that once I properly get into DR. Oh? So they developed her character from someone very different. It might be that. I've just seen "Despair" being spammed around a lot which has something to do with Junko.

Chris Ayres makes Frieza sound sophisticated, cruel, and menacing all at once. Linda's Frieza, idk just sounded weird especially for Second Form Frieza. Good thing Chris made it through his surgery unharmed. I've only tried to say things like "Bejita" and "Beerus-sama", lol. I'll hae to play it back to myself to be sure, but it just sounds kinda fake atm. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:14, November 7, 2017 (UTC)

No problem. ^-^ Wow, I didn't know that. I see. Thanks! 

Oh, ok. Well, I guess it is ok for him to use it now since it can work on other people. Is it stil dangerous to use though? In DB, I think the attack did a number on him. I may have seen a picture or two of him around the internet...People are really curious about him. Haha, yeah, I know. I saw that episode. Hit's time skip ability is really useful when used right. Nope. That doesn't happen until a few more episodes. Oh, right, Kefla. I've heard about her too. Did Kale and Caulifla fuse? the fusion character someone else and Kefla's a different person? Lol. Most likely. 

Future Upa would've been cool! He's one of the DB characters that I really miss. I would've been ok with Nam too. Seeing him and Goku meet again would be nice. They were kinda meh to me. I was alright with seeing them. The Pilaf Gang back in DB was funny. But it was them that caused Goku's tail to get cut off and that changed things. Yeah. I forgot the guy's name though. I think it was Yasuke. But, yeah, it also has a bit to do with her constant boredom which causes her to just change personas. Well, ok. that I think about it, that might have been something she said in one of the the DR games. 

I agree. Linda still did better than some of the other people who voiced Frieza though. Huh? He had surgery? Oh, the double bi-pass one? Haha, occasionally, I find myself doing that as well. This is an overused line but...practice makes perfect. Or, at least, practice makes...better. Yuri Rozu (talk) 08:58, November 13, 2017 (UTC)

And in case you’re wondering, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all. :P You’re welcome :)

He's toughened himself up so that it no longer kills him in one go, but prolonged usage of it still puts a lot of strain on him. His teammates were telling him to stop using it as if he did one more time it probably would have killed him. Yup, Goku's got a new rival and this one isn't going down easy. Hit has actually made several other variations of Time-Skip, including one he uses as a trump card on Jiren. Ah ok, I think I know where you're at. Are you watching the dub or the sub by the way? I think the dub has caught up to U6 Saga by now? Hit’s being voiced by Matt Mercer which is pretty awesome. Correct, Kale and Caulifla fused to form Kefla! They used Potara though, which for some reason isn't banned from the Tournament. She’s absurdly powerful, completely wrecking SSB Goku. Jiren might actually wake up for this.

There were a lot of interesting DB characters that were just pushed to the side and forgotten. I don't understand why Goku and co, never flew down to the bottom of Korin Sanctuary to visit. They were on the Lookout pretty much half the time anyway. Upa had a cameo appearance in the Buu Saga to give energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb as well as in GT where SSJ4 Goku teleports him and everyone away. Given how strong Bora was without any proper training, Upa could have been pretty impressive if he stuck with the Z-fighters. Yeah they were alright in DB as they fit with the silly tone of the show back then, but they seem out of place when things get more serious later on. The show just gets a great deal sillier whenever they show up. Wasn't it Yamcha and Grandpa Gohan who cut Goku's tail off? Yasuke huh, interesting. I’ll look into that. Thanks ^^ All I know is that it's kinda memetic.

I've only heard Chris, Linda, and Ryusei Nakao his Japanese VA so I probably haven't had much else to compare with. Yeah I think so, there were lots of fears for his life. He had to get replaced for one (I think) episode of dubbing Super. Indeed, though sometimes I should also know my limits xD --Stryzzar (talk) 22:24, November 16, 2017 (UTC)

Sorry... Ok, I'm glad you told me. I was actually just about to do that.

Oh, ok, I see. Well, I guess he can't depend on that too much. Yeah, that only makes sense. He improved his technique during his fight with Goku so I can see him making different versions as a precaution. Is it just me or does Jiren look kinda...bland. To me, he just looks like some buff alien. I'm watching the dub. The last episode showed Zeno when he announced that another tournament would be held. Matt Mercer...he sounds familiar... Yeah, I knew it! He voiced Levi from Attack on Titan and Silver Fullbuster from Fairy Tail! That's very freaking interesting. I thought so. Man, I saw some questions about her and I just kept avoiding them so I wouldn't get spoiled. Wow, using fusion seems like something that would be prohibited. Of course... Maybe we'll see Goku and Vegeta fuse again to beat her. Wait, you said "wake up". Why is he in some sleeping state? that in spoiler territory?

Yeah, I know. That's the least they could do since they haven't seen them in so long. A few others had cameos as well. I know one of them was Android 17... Yeah. Also, now that I think about it, Upa should be an adult by now. He'd probably be useful for something but you are right. Whenever I think of Upa, I always get reminded of that funny scene when Krillin thought Upa was a girl. Yep. But, I think Goku went into Great Ape form because of them. Yamcha and Grandpa Gohan did cut his tail off though. No problem. ^-^ Haha, well, "Sore wa chigau yo" is also a meme. Or maybe it's in the process of becoming one...

Oh... The one I really didn't like was the Ocean Dub. Well, I'm glad he got better. But, did you hear about Hiromi Tsuru, Bulma's Japanese voice actress? That's also an option. Lol. Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:45, November 21, 2017 (UTC)  

Hey it's no problem. Never had it before so I don't really miss out if to know what I mean. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

He was still very useful in the Tournament and eliminated a lot of opponents. Beerus even compliments him and said he more than did enough carrying for the team despite his age. Lol, I think I mentioned above that most of U11's designs were kind of generic. Jiren would be based off a Grey Alien with his style of pupil-less eyes. His appeal definitely comes from his power. Both his fights with Goku and Hit are amazing. Ah ok, back when Zen-o was cute and adored, before he divided the fanbase xD. Yep, he's kinda well known among the dub VA community and he should be able to pull off a convincing Hit. Oh crap, did I spoil it? I'm sorry. Well... I probably shouldnt say any more cuz spoilers :| Oh basically Jiren had a habit of just sitting there meditating until someone he deems worthy shows up. Otherwise all the small fry aren't worth his time and he'll leave them for his team.

Well we actually got 17 back on a more long term basis now. Ah yep, he was only a few years younger than Goku so he was probably an adult by the start of Z. Lol, I remember that scene, made even funnier by the fact Goku was naked at the time xD. Ah true enough, I guess. They had no idea about his Great Ape form though. It kinda is, "You've got that wrong".

Ah ok, I have not personally heard that Frieza. I did actually :( We had this thread showing the news. --Stryzzar (talk) 04:35, November 25, 2017 (UTC)

I see. Also, thank you! Happy December, I guess!

Well, I guess the old geezer deserves some praise. They made him useful. Yeah, I think you did. I probably didn't remember when I first typed that. Yep, that's what he reminded me of. I guess I could call Jiren a "Lavender". (Ok...bad joke.) Oh, right. I can't wait to see that fight. Yeah, Zeno's still "good" at this point. I'm not sure when he starts acting how he usually does. I agree. No. As soon as I saw the name Kefla, I assumed it was Kale and Caulifla. I got a tiny bit spoiled by the internet because I hadn't even known that she existed at first. You just confirmed what I already thought so...nope.You didn't spoil me. Oh, ok. Well, he seems like that kinda person...from what little I've concluded. 

Nice! I actually kinda missed him. Yeah, you're right about that. And right now, Goku's Nevermind. I just remembered that! Oh man, those crazy DB moments. They didn't...but they were still kinda involved in it. I think it's still somewhat of a new meme unlike the "omae wa mou shinderu" one from Fist of the North Star. Yuri Rozu (talk) 05:08, December 2, 2017 (UTC)

Lol, thanks. U.S. has so many holidays back to back though.

Yep, and not in a fanservicey out of nowhere way either. He uses skills and techniques that he has already been established as having. A lavender? I don't quite get the joke, even after googling. They made it an hour long special I think, and is probably the most epic thing from the current arc. Technically he has always acted the same way but just hadn't been in situations that show off his less pleasant side. Lol, I guess the name wasn't too hard to guess who the fusees were. For the sake of the story if he were to actively participate all the time, then Universe 7 would have already lost.

I may have mentioned above that 17 also got a huge jump in power pretty much like everyone else that returned. DB was actually really perverted despite being targeted at a younger audience xD But nonetheless I loved Kid Goku (probably even more than adult Goku). True enough. Oh, you started watching Fist of the North Star? --Stryzzar (talk) 12:12, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

No prob. ^-^ I guess we do. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas aren't too far apart.

Right, that's also good. Haha, sorry. Well, since Jiren looks like the Grey alien, I called him a lavender because of his light purple color. (I attempted to make a color pun.) An hour long? Wow, now I'm really hyped. Ok, I see. That makese sense...but how does Goku feeling about Zeno now? His feelings must've changed after seeing what he did. No, it wasn't. I like the name though. I didn't think about it that way. You're right though... No wonder they made him like that.

Yeah, I remember you saying something like that. It was. I was honestly surprised when I first started watching it. Hmm...I'd say it's about a tie for me. Kid Goku was pretty funny at times but I love adult Goku just as much. Not yet... I know a bit about it and I just happened to see the meme in a youtube video. Yuri Rozu (talk) 08:29, December 11, 2017 (UTC)

Speaking of which Christmas is right around the corner. If there's one thing I'm looking forward to its the week long Christmas break where there won't be any 6am starts.

Oh I see now, lol. I guess lavender does have a sort of grey-purple tinge to it. Oops, I checked it was 45 minutes not an hour. But the bottom line is it's a two-parter special and much more epic than the usual episodes. Well Goku was shocked and he wanted to talk Zen-o out of it, but Beerus and Whis instructed him not to under the fear that would anger Zen-o and cause him to wipe Goku out, though personally I think Zen-o would listen to Goku or at least hear him out without any aggression. She mostly seems to have Caulifla's personality though, which imo is the better half of her. "Story Breaker Power" is what he'd be called.

For me a lot of Kid Goku's humor came from his complete naivety and lack of knowledge about everything, but at the same time he was a quick learner. While adult Goku isn't smart, he does have a degree of common sense. Z also kept having a trend of "Goku absent for most of the saga for some reason" where his friends would hvea to fight the bad guys and get killed or injured, until the very end where Goku shows up to fight the boss. Whereas in DB he was the main hero who didn't have to keep getting sidelined. --Stryzzar (talk) 09:11, December 15, 2017 (UTC)

Yep, it sure is. I love Christmas break.

Yeah, I didn't think about that at the time. Commercials and stuff... It must be good if it's a two part special. As of now, I just entered the Copy Vegeta Saga so I'm not too far behind. I really can't wait until they show the Future Trunks and Universe Survival Sagas on TV. Considering that Zeno actually likes Goku, I agree. He wouldn't hurt him. Kale's pretty shy and lacks confidence while Caulifla's the opposite... I'm guessing that whenever Kale takes the spotlight there's a possibility of something bad happening. Haha, yeah.

That was one thing I really liked about Kid Goku but sometimes I just couldn't help but facepalm at how crazy some of the situations were. Yeah, adult Goku definitely has that. I've seen some people bring that up. Now that I think about it, DBZ did do that, especially in the Frieza Saga. DB didn't have some of the characters that DBZ did so I guess that happened so the other characters could at least fight a little. Also, it may have been for the sake of surprising the viewer...but I'm sure a lot of people caught on to it. Yuri Rozu (talk) 13:31, December 21, 2017 (UTC)  

Even if it's a busy one for me, lol

Most exciting thing in the saga I'd say, well along with Hit vs. Jiren, and Kefla. Ooh nice! Did you hear that for the dub, they got Brian Drummond (the one who did the original "OVER 9000") to voice Copy-Vegeta? I'm curious about Zamasu's English voice, it was kind of eh in Xenoverse 2 where he sounded like an old man, so I'm hoping they improved it. Though time is running out on that as the Tournament of Power has nearly ended. Yeah, if Kale loses control and goes berserk that is. Good thing Caulifla was in the driver's seat then.

Haha, Kid Goku wasn't really built for society, a wild child half his life. Super has averted that and given the spotlight back to Goku, but often at the cost of the periphery characters. They seem to have trouble balancing and sharing it equally with everyone. It was the DBZ formula basically, only the Majin Buu Saga broke the trend a little with Goku being around near the start, but still ended up fulfilling it by the Kid Buu Saga. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:57, December 24, 2017 (UTC)

Happy New Year! Sorry about replying super late. My internet went out for a while and I wasn't able to do anything.

No, I didn't hear about that. I just assumed that Christopther Sabat was stilll Vegeta. I guess he's just doing Piccolo and Yamcha now though. Zamasu sounded like that? I didn't get very far in Xenoverse 2 so I haven't heard his voice yet. Right, she does do that. You're right about that then.

Yeah. It's no wonder why he did the things he did. I agree. Certain characters hang around like Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks but some other ones don't get very much time on screen. It's something that doesn't like it would be difficult to do...but it still happens anyway. Yep. Goku almost always defeats the major villain himself (of course with the exception of Gohan that one time). Somewhere around the middle of the Majin Buu Saga was when people started wondering about Gotenks and Ultimate/Mystic Gohan. It added some spice to the saga but it may have been a bit of a let down for some people. Yuri Rozu (talk) 20:04, January 4, 2018 (UTC)

It's okay, I figured this time of year would be hard to answer. Happy New Year!

Oops, sorry I mistyped that! I meant Brian Drummond voiced Copy-Vegeta (the purple Vegeta clone), while Sabbat is voicing the main Vegeta. They brought both Vegetas onscreen together. So sorry for the confusion. There were rumors Zamasu was voiced by James Marsters (who played Piccolo in Dragon Ball Evolution), but that's never been confirmed, although the voice does match though. He appeared in a DLC which is probably why you haven't seen him, here he is:

It didn't help that anyone who couldn't turn Super Saiyan was no longer helpful in battle by the Majin Buu Saga, even though Piccolo still managed to stay important despite being less powerful. Even with Gohan vs. Cell, Goku was still absent for most of the Saga and got to fight Perfect Cell as the final boss, while being crucial in the defeat of Cell (teleporting him away and giving Gohan energy). Well in fairness, Toriyama intended to have Gohan and later Goten replace Goku as the protagonist, but the fandom reaction was negative so the mantle was given back to Goku. --Stryzzar (talk) 00:35, January 5, 2018 (UTC)

Oh, it's ok. That is pretty cool though. I did recognize Drummond's voice a bit. I think I've just gotten super used to hearing Christopher Sabat's voice so much. Whoa, that's...interesting. I see. Yeah, that's why. I haven't gotten a single DLC for a game (unless they were included for free and I forgot about them). I can see why you said that about Zamasu's voice. It's not too good... 

Yeah, I know. At the time, the Super Saiyans were the strongest so they were the ones who ended up fighting the most. Piccolo was important for reasons other than fighting Majin Buu himself. There was Goku's heart condition and then more time was spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. I heard about that. To be honest, I'm not very surprised about it. I wouldn't have had a problem with Gohan and Goten replacing Goku (even though I would've missed him a bit). I guess to a lot of people it just wouldn't have been the same without Goku. Yuri Rozu (talk) 00:12, January 10, 2018 (UTC)

9 days late. Sorry super busy last week and then I just forgot.

I always thought that Drummond seemed more suited to the younger Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga, but Sabat fits the older maturer Vegeta. Anyway update on that, seems like James Marsters isn't voicing Zamasu for the anime at least, it's some guy named David Gray who I've never heard of. Hopefully his Zamasu sounds better.

Even after he couldn't fight the villain, Piccolo stayed around to be a mentor and a strategist. Buu absorbed him just for his brains. Although Piccolo did have assimilation as his own thing which allowed him to keep up with the Saiyans for a while. At least in the Cell Saga Goku did show up to teleport Piccolo and Tien away, he did a bit more than usual. Goku felt like he was resigning into a mentor/veteran role in Buu Saga, but it didn't stick. Personally while I'd have loved the younger Gohan as the protagonist, Buu Saga Gohan just wasn't as appealing with the Great Saiyaman thing. Goten I think didn't have enough development to feel like his own character, he was either a Goku clone or Trunks' best friend. --Stryzzar (talk) 23:10, January 18, 2018 (UTC)

It's fine. I didn't do any better.

Hmm...I guess you could say that. Both voices work for Vegeta, that's for sure. When he was younger, he was all "evil" but, as he got older, he changed but still remained a bit distant. As of now, he's calmer and Sabat does a good job of showing this. Yeah, I haven't heard of him either. (Then again, I mainly know the more popular ones.) I don't think it'll sound too bad though...

Yep. Piccolo was there to teach Trunks and Goten the fusion dance and even gave them some extra time to train. Also, Piccolo's plan (blowing up the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber) would've worked (had Super Buu not created an opening in the dimension) since I don't think Buu had picked up on Goku's Instant Transmission thing yet. And, even if he had, he wouldn't be able to sense anyone's energy and get out. So, yeah, Piccolo definitely managed to remain important. If there was anything Buu didn't have, it was intelligence (and patience). Yeah, I liked that. Piccolo was able to fight both Imperfect Cell and Android 17 and I enjoyed both of them (even though I liked his fight with Android 17 more). I agree. In the Buu Saga, a lot of other people got to do the fighting. I gotta admit that Great Saiyaman Gohan was a tiny bit cringy. But, other than the Great Saiyaman thing, the Gohan at that point was still cool. I just preferred to see him fighting, not doing Ginyu Force inspired poses, haha. Ok, I can see what you mean by that. He has a personality that's consistent but there's not much to it. Yuri Rozu (talk) 06:27, January 31, 2018 (UTC)

And I might have to make this a habit. Getting so little time to come online lately.

Sabat does really well at showing Vegeta's gruff side of not wanting to be a goody-goody hero even if he is one these days. But Drummond captured the more cackling kill everyone Vegeta, which is all the more reason he works as the evil Copy-Vegeta. One thing I know for sure is the FUNimation VAs have better voice directions for the anime than they did for Xenoverse 2, as Sean was never told how to properly voice Goku Black, making him sound like he was a raspy chain-smoker, while in the anime he's a more normal sounding "evil Goku".

Lol, I remember Piccolo blowing up the door was Gotenks' fault in the first place for screwing around and making him think they were doomed. Poor Piccolo having to be stuck with mentor duty for the most difficult students in the series. Yeah, Buu hadn't learned how to teleport, only Kid Buu picked that up from watching Shin's Kai Kai technique. If only Piccolo had assimilated one more time than he could maybe fight against Fat Buu, though not with Dende obviously. I did like how Gohan had joined Goku and Vegeta as the three mighty Saiyans who surpassed the Gods (Shin not Beerus) at that point. Yeah Goten never really got a chance to be on his own with his own story arc like Gohan had, so he never had a chance to be fleshed out. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:19, February 6, 2018 (UTC)

Well, now I feel like I've doing terrible at a lot of things... I haven't been doing what I usually do and now I pretty much spend my time occupied with work. (Also, I forgot for a while. Sorry...)

Agreed. Right, I never really thought about that. Voice directions do matter... The voice actor might not know what to do if the directions aren't very good. The evil Goku voice fits Goku Black. He reminds me of Turles. I'm sure that Sean probably voiced him too. Well, maybe... I'm not sure. (It's been a while since I last watched the Tree of Might. It was at least 2 or 3 years ago.) Also, wow. A "raspy chain smoker". Haha, I don't know what they sound like but it sure doesn't seem like it would fit Goku Black.

Yeah, it was. Gotenks can honestly be very irritating at times, especially if it's your first time watching. When Piccolo assimilated the second time, he was as strong or almost as strong as a Super Saiyan, right? I'm not sure if Piccolo would be strong enough if he did a third time. It's possible though depending on how much of an increase it is. And it may have happened if there was another Namekian besides Dende on Earth. I liked that too. I love seeing Gohan fight but that hasn't happened in the saga I'm watching. (I started watching the Future Trunks Saga and I'm pretty excited for the next episode.) Right. DBS is supposed to be ending sometime in March so I don't know if that'll ever happen with Goten... Yuri Rozu (talk) 10:28, March 3, 2018 (UTC)

Hey it's alright. We all have lives offline. I didn't do any better this time round. Been flat out burned out these past 2 weeks.

Anyway update on that. It appears David Grey is still James Marsters using a pseudonym. For Xenoverse 2 he was credited as "Sam Majesters" which is literally an anagram of his name. Although his voice work is substantially better for the anime, likely because the anime has better voice directors than the game did. According to the wiki article, Sean never voice Turles. It's probably because Tree of Might was released before Sean got cast by FUNimation as Goku. Well Xenoverse Goku Black kinda sounded like Super Saiyan 4 Goku but even lower.

He's powerful and can be funny, but he jeopardises people's safety even worse than Goku does. After Piccolo fused with Kami he actually overshot Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan Vegeta had trouble against Android 18, but Piccolo was equally as strong as 17 (who is supposed to be stronger than 18). There were two Universe 6 Namekians in the Tournament of Power who actually mass fused with many Namekians to get to their level of strength. Don't worry Gohan goes back to his prime in the Universal Survival arc. There was a scene for the return of Ultimate Gohan, with many 30 yr old fans saying they shed tears after seeing that scene. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:22, March 21, 2018 (UTC)


sorry I didn't reply I had a feeling I was messing up and forgetting something, Im not well lately or at all and ya I use to go to yugioh wikia when they had the yugioh chat, hope ur ok--Legacyhunters (talk) 08:42, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

i left you a message on yugioh wikia, do you got a facebook or something to chat in real time or skype?Legacyhunters (talk) 04:35, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Yuri!

Happy Birthday Yuri

Pan is here to wish you a Happy Birthday too!

Hope you're enjoying your day Birthday Girl! May you get whatever present you wished for. Thought I'd leave this as a separate reply. Here's a little something I threw together. :) --Stryzzar (talk) 04:00, August 31, 2017 (UTC)

Yay, you remembered! Thank you! I had my little party a few hours ago and it was actually pretty fun! Yuri Rozu (talk) 00:06, September 1, 2017 (UTC)


u ok ?Legacyhunters (talk) 23:53, November 14, 2017 (UTC)


Hey no worries, I figured as much. Truth be told I've been so busy myself for the past year or so. In fact I just finished my course at the end of May and just waiting on results now, with the months leading up to that being particularly hectic.

In fact you didn't have to feel any obligation to reply. It was just a conversation for fun, not like homework or anything. If you do feel up for having a chat some time, just shoot me a message and I'll answer if I'm online. Anyway just glad to hear from you again and hope you've been well :) --Stryzzar (talk) 08:57, June 19, 2018 (UTC)

Sweet as, good job! If you had messaged me any time after April I probably wouldn't have been able to respond anyway xD

Yep, it's LLENN. Really loving the show and have been watching new episodes as they come out. Ever since Dragon Ball Super ended it left a bit of a void and I found it with SAOA:GGO, with the new episodes airing on the same day as DB did. --Stryzzar (talk) 09:37, June 19, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah she's insanely popular right now, she's not just badass but she's also cute, funny, and has a well thought out backstory. Apparently she ranked #2 in a poll for this year's new animes. Though it's not the end of DB yet, aside from the movie at the end of this year, there's going to be an DB anime series based on Dragon Ball Heroes in July. It will adapt Xenoverse and other side-canon material including Fu, Android 21, and Future Trunks returning, and also we'll be getting Super Saiyan 4 vs. Super Saiyan Blue! Here's one of the trailers: --Stryzzar (talk) 13:32, June 19, 2018 (UTC)

Cool, it's totally worth checking out. It's one of the most positively received animes I've seen in a long time, with almost no complaints or criticism. You're probably aware it's a spinoff of SAO and is in the same shared universe. Though everyone is saying GGO is better than the original by miles (which I actually agree). DBH was long overdue for an anime, I remember so many fans asking they make a series of it ever since we had the first trailers. Fans want a series of 'What If' scenarios and Heroes gives just that. Given that they're adapting the Xenoverse timeline this might turn out better than Super, imo anyway. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:49, June 20, 2018 (UTC)

Haha, yep I've seen a few of those. Personally I'm actually one of those who likes Kirito, but for the moment LLENN is just done better. I do get the criticism towards SAO, even though I personally enjoyed it, but once again GGO is praised for removing SAO's flaws.

New preview for episode 1 came out yesterday and looks interesting. If not for anything else, I want to see SS4 vs SSB. --Stryzzar (talk) 05:33, June 22, 2018 (UTC)

Haha, one of the main criticisms I see for Kirito (aside from his overpoweredness) is that his personality is pretty bland. This is one that I don't quite agree with, as I feel like people who say that only scratched the surface and didn't properly look at his character as a whole. For starters, he loves delving into existential philosophy e.g. "what makes us human?" "what's so different about virtual data and the real world?" and he has a bit of a socially clueless side to him that puts him in funny situations. Though the main appeal to SAO (for me at least) is the premise and setting, the whole living inside a video game as if it was real. Having said that there are parts that are not done right, such as the rape part that I think we talked about a while ago, that would be the second half of Season 1 which nearly everyone hated.

Nice to have SS4 in HD after all these years. I'm also wondering how all this will mesh with DB's canon, I mean obviously it's a separate continuity to the main story line, but now that DBH is an anime they can potentially incorporate everything DB related. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:42, June 26, 2018 (UTC)

Well to be fair he literally is a self-insert, the author Reki Kawahara is stated to have made Kirito the elite gamer that he wanted to but never could be. Though honestly wish fulfillment characters aren't necessarily a bad thing, nearly all stories with a hero and villains are this to some degree, it's all a part of making the viewers seeing themselves as the character, and is why Kirito does have a lots of fans despite the very vocal hatred. Though they're doing something different with season 3 though which adapts the best arc in the source material and may change some haters opinion on him. Yeah like making items appear and disappear just by tapping buttons, or having streamlined physics defying motions. Uh huh, after the first arc ends which is when they escape from the actual "SAO" game, I like to ignore those episodes up until Season 2.

Yeah true, Xenoverse loved piling the movie villains into canon story lines and brushing it all off as alternate timelines. I've also wished Chronoa could be introduced into canon, but having her in an anime is the next best thing. --Stryzzar (talk) 05:25, June 28, 2018 (UTC)

Like I'm pretty sure Goku counts as a wish fulfillment character, kids all around the world have wanted to do a Kamehameha or turn Super Saiyan. It's one of the reasons why DB became so insanely popular. I mean I won't say Kirito is perfect, he's not, I myself could come up with quite a few ways to improve him. But if people are going to say he's the worst anime character ever, that simply isn't true, not by a longshot. Whatever the case I'm looking forward to Season 3, even if Kirito himself doesn't get redeemed, I'm fairly the show as a whole will based on the LN story line. In regards to his overpoweredness, it probably wouldn't be an issue in any other show, but it became a problem in SAO because the initial appeal is "anyone could die at any time" which is negated when the protagonist is an invincible hero. Ah yep, SAO is the first one and the one the series is most famous for, ALO is the replacement game with fairies and magic, GGO is the gun one and the least focused until the spinoff. Speaking of which Alternative GGO just aired its last episode today, that series was a lot of fun as a whole.

Lol, I could barely follow the Fu DLC story line which made things so confusing. But if it means having Cell fight Broly or Zamasu as a mentor, then hey I'm not complaining. DB doesn't have a lot of female characters, but the ones that do appear are quite memorable, with Chronoa being a good example. She might also be fighting in this series, if they're following DBH that means she has that Kaioshin supermode where she ages into an adult and gets a halo on her back. --Stryzzar (talk) 12:15, July 1, 2018 (UTC)

Not even exaggerating here, people have written essays on why Kirito is the worst anime character in existence. Lol, just bringing up his name anywhere triggers people. Wait really? Was it titled "SAO Alicization"? That's the name of season 3. Im surprised MAL has that for a season that isn't even out yet. Not the LNs, but I have read some of the manga, a spin-off series titled "SAO Progressive". It takes place in early Season 1 inbetween the 2 year time skip that the anime did, and shows Kirito and Asuna before they got together and slowly builds up to their actual relationship. One way they could have fixed that was not having Kirito as the main character, so that he could stay strong without it distorting the tension of the death game. I saw some people propose that it would be better if they had an ensemble cast rather than one sight protagonist, like an in-game guild. Correct, that's plot armor. Nearly every character has it, but it needs to be handled carefully to not make too apparent. Not really, GGO is a shooter game while SAO is a fantasy game, they were intentionally made to have different gameplay styles. I've actually been getting into a lot of new animes this past month, so much I never checked out before.

They just kept jumping all over the timeline to sagas they had already visited and redoing events that had already occurred in Xenoverse. It gets a little hard to keep track of after a while. I always found the Kais as the concept of a race of God's to be interesting, and especially Chronoa since she's in charge of time. Here this one. --Stryzzar (talk) 15:07, July 2, 2018 (UTC)

Lol, well those two things go hand in hand, he's why SAO is so divisive to begin with. Ah ok I see, I haven't used MAL a lot before. Well actually an ensemble cast means that there's a rotating protagonist, as in not any one character can be called the main protagonist but instead each main cast member takes turns of having the story focus shift to them. There's actually a lot of interesting supporting SAO characters that people want to see more of. Like the plot armor is made less apparent if the hero is more prone to failing, at least on the first try, before they have to rethink and make another attempt. It not only makes the hero seem less invincible and overpowered, but makes the villain seem more threatening. Dragon Ball is pretty good at doing that as the villain is often allowed to go as far as possible with their evil plan up just short of having the final victory; such as Cell attaining his final form, Buu killing everyone on Earth, not to mention Zamasu. I've checked out about 10 different animes recently, some of them quite new some of them a little older. Ones that I've really liked include DanMachi, No Game No Life, Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, and KonoSuba.

Thanks to Fu the timeline has been reset even more than Towa and Demigra did, and the twist with the DLC is you're allowed to keep the changes that Fu made. I find Angels interesting too, a little surprised that they sort of outranked Gods, but they're still kind of cool. I noticed I didn't link that right, sorry about that it was because I typed the reply on my phone. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:22, July 4, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I got introduced to it a little while ago as a way to check out ratings and viewer opinions, and helps to decide whether or not an anime is worth watching or not. Nah it's alright, I only know all these terms because I'm on tvtropes a lot. Most of the main cast and Kirito's in-game party are comprised of girls that all make up his harem. Sinon is one I particularly like, she actually debuted in the GGO arc and was the one who introduced that game. Zamasu actually raised the stakes to the highest they've ever been as he's the only one who caused irreversible damage, definitely brought back the shock effect which had been mitigated for quite a while with Dragon Balls to wish everyone back.

Ah yep, "Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon" is the official full name but since it's such an annoyingly long title fans tend to shorten it to DanMachi which is an abbreviated version of the Japanese name. That one is probably my favorite out of the new ones I've seen, really balances humor, action, and likable characters well. I already marathoned Season 1 and am waiting on Season 2 which will be out this year.

The day that ever calls for Whis needing to fight, the universe is pretty screwed. Anyway, you probably saw from the threads that the first episode already aired. Was really short and overall not too satisfying, but for now it's just started. I usually use the computer but didn't have access to it at the time I typed that reply. --Stryzzar (talk) 13:09, July 6, 2018 (UTC)

I have yet to make an account, though I did do something like that for Crunchyroll since I wanted to comment on a forum. Fair enough, I edit pages quite a bit there too much like a wiki. Lol, it's ironic that nickname stuck with him as compared to other harems his one is pretty tame, the girls don't really fight over him like in most harems as he's only ever with Asuna. She's basically a calm, stoic, sniper girl, who gets ticked off at Kirito a lot (tsundere incoming) and is characterised by a traumatic past. People like her because she's a strong female lead who isn't defined by having feelings for Kirito (like several other girls are). Yes that's correct, for some reason Kirito's GGO avatar looks very girly and everyone including Sinon mistook him for a girl, not helped by Kirito going along with it because he thought it'd make things easier at the time. Zamasu was definitely the first DB Super villain who had me on the edge of the seat the whole time and wondering just how he'd be defeated, only Buu had that kind of threat level for me.

Lol, from what I read "In Another World With My Smartphone" is another one of those trapped in another world light novel protagonists. You're right, there is a trend of Japanese works just putting whole sentences as the title. Not just a new season but a movie too.

Short as in the episode length was 8 minutes as opposed to the usual 25-ish. You can see it here: This was a livestream of the episode replayed over and over. Also we got an update on the Dragon Ball movie, it's Broly, and this time he's canon. Toriyama is retconning the past Broly movies and redoing his entire origins from scratch. --Stryzzar (talk) 10:21, July 11, 2018 (UTC)

Heh lol, well I sorta found it by accident while googling and one topic I just wanted to leave my two cents on. For the moment I don't think it'd be worthwhile for me to pay the fees though because there aren't enough series that I watch to get the money value. Well I find tvtropes it useful for the 'less objective' facts that wikis tend to avoid, like themes and fandom opinions. Yep, one thing that Kirito and Asuna's relationship did that stands out among couples is they don't waste time with any 'will they or won't they' relationship drama and just have them get together without the hassle. Although some people did say that made it rushed, but Progressive amended that by showing what they were like in the 2 years of them getting to know each other before they fell in love. Haha yep, there's a lot of those moments with Kirito, where he somehow (accidentally or intentionally) riles up the female protagonist of the arc and gets a red handprint on his face. Yeah GGO Kirito usually gets nicknamed "Kiriko" by fans which later got used by the franchise too, I found that whole he looks like a girl thing kinda funny. Speaking of which the Season 3 trailer got released... and the comments immediately got flooded with hate xD

Copy-Vegeta would have been really meh if it wasn't for the fact that Brian Drummond voiced him in the dub. I was actually a little angry over what they did with the Evil Containment Wave as it ended up being a complete time waste. And the ending was so dour, made Trunks' already heavily abused timeline feel thoroughly expendable. Plus it just felt dumb that Trunks and Mai went back to a copy timeline Whis made, they should have just stayed in the present.

Danmachi has only just started they've got a long way still to go.

Speaking of which Episode 2 just aired: It's so much better than episode 1 as the fights feel like REAL fights rather than whatever that SSB Goku and SS4 Goku thing was. Like everything Broly that we knew before never happened, this will be the canon version of Broly who can be thought of as a different character almost even though he's based on the movie version. He even got a (slightly) new design. --Stryzzar (talk) 03:00, July 17, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah those are on the YMMV pages which will show stuff like is the series popular or not, which characters are liked or hated, what aspects have made the fanbase unhappy. Stuff like that. Ah yep, for Kirito there are a few girls with crushes on him but either they don't advance further since they see he's already taken, or Kirito pretends to be oblivious to their love so he doesn't hurt their feelings by rejecting them. Really the only reason why it's even considered a harem is because most of his friends are girls rather than the girls being potential suitors. I think they've actually made jokes in-universe about Kirito having a harem but he always gets shocked by this idea. Well even with the really fast paced anime arc, they did evidently know each other for quite a while as they were more like rivals for quite a while due to being the two strongest players in the game. People just say them falling in love seemed out-of-the-blue, although they do provide very strong implications on exactly when and what it is that made Asuna fall in love with Kirito. No rush, only when you feel ready, I've still have so many things I've put off. But yeah, SAO did give many plenty of lol moments. In Japanese the "-ko" suffix is often for female names, so it's a pretty handy way to girl-ify a boy's name in a gender-bender situation. From the trailer alone I have pretty high hopes. Yeah some people just hate on in it for the sake of hating on it, it's sort of become a meme to hate SAO these past years. Others hate on it to trigger SAO fans because getting them angry is funny apparently.

I mean I'm glad they still remembered stuff from all the way back in DB, but they could have made it a little more relevant. If they did capture Zamasu and had Goku Black destroy the jar then that would have been a bit less anticlimactic then "oh welp, Goku forgot". I guess since they never intended for the heroes to win, they went wild with the methods of trying to defeat the villains. What Whis did just felt like: if you were going to end up doing that what was even the point of going to all that trouble anyway? Plus it's not even the same timeline since there's two Trunks and Mais, and what's even the point of recreating a post-apocalyptic timeline where everyone was mostly dead anyway? I'd still prefer that Trunks comes back to the present and stays there, as a future with two Trunks doesn't seem right at all.

For one, this Broly seems to be working for Frieza before he rebelled. They also got rid of his bling and replaced it with more worn out savage clothing which IMO fits him better. --Stryzzar (talk) 02:47, July 25, 2018 (UTC)

Oh yeah, I've heard of that one. Been gaining a lot of hype this year, especially Zero Two from what I've heard (who btw is voiced by Asuna). So yeah while Kirito does play the super powered lady magnet part, his harem isn't really a true harem, it's more like a "rejected women's club" as some people have called it. Same, if there's one thing I can confidently say is SAO has made me laugh so many times. Eh, I guess didn't really make it clear. So the light novels are a collection of short stories that don't really occur in order, but the anime tried to order them into one flowing story, however this results in a lot of weird timeskips like a year passing inbetween an episode. In-universe Kirito and Asuna had gotten to know each other during the first year of SAO, but on a meta level the anime skipped over a lot of that so it looks like they fell in love and got married over 3 episodes. The when Asuna fell in love explanation also occurred after they got together (the scene itself was from a previous episode, but Asuna explains what the scene meant in a flashback that happens afterwards). So to the less patient viewer it looks like a really rushed relationship. The Progressive spin-off is what covers in detail what Kirito and Asuna were up to before getting together, but that hasn't been adapted to anime yet. Even better when it got memed to "Kiriko is best girl!" Like the thing with SAO is it's not so much that it's bad but because it's popular and therefore overrated. Regardless of how it started, people just like to pile on the hate because it's just what is considered 'cool'. Some of them I do find a bit amusing like this one. Yeah no just anime, stuff like Twilight and Transformers gets the same treatment.

They did bring in Potara which was another nice callback, only for that time limit thing to make it pointless too. Same, I prefer Xeno Trunks over what Super did to him (but then again they might be the same Trunks now). A very downer and depressing saga, even if it was suspenseful and exciting. They just wanted to make once bad guy with permanent consequences and Trunks timeline was expendable enough to be the victim.

Well also he's far more stronger now too, being able to clash with SSB and Golden Frieza. For a Legendary Super Saiyan I think they introduced him too early so that he went up against the heroes when they weren't that strong. --Stryzzar (talk) 06:26, August 1, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah even though she's usually associated with a teenage tsundere girl voice, she's actually pretty versatile and can go all over the vocal spectrum. Ah ok the dub, I didn't realize it had been dubbed yet. These days I usually watch the sub becomes it comes first and then I just get used to the voices and stay clear of the sub :/ I've seen a lot of detractors admit that if Progressive did get adapted then they'd be up for changing their opinions. Heh, that's not even the whole of it, there was a mobile game from a while back where they had Kiriko dress up in all sorts of girly costumes. I guess Transformers is another one of those half-half-s, where it has a pretty dedicated fanbase but an equally dedicated hatebase which beats on it especially among film critics. Twilight was never really for me to begin with, speaking of which that takes me back to a few years ago on this wiki when we were bashing Twilight on the forums.

Though the DLC seems to suggest that Xeno Trunks has the memories of DB Super Trunks... somehow. But hey, at least he's at peace with himself and having fun. Ah yeah, a well-intentioned extremist, which can be among the most dangerous of villains since they believe what they are doing is righteous. Though it kind of falls flat when Zamasu comes off as a racist trying to remake the universe in his own image. I feel the same, the arc wasn't perfect but I still enjoyed it and probably the best arc in Super.

It's also consistent with the strength level of Kale who was fighting SSB Goku. At the time of her introduction it seemed like Kale was far far stronger than Broly, but now we got a different Broly who matches up to her. --Stryzzar (talk) 16:31, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

I admit I'm a bit of a weeb when it comes to voice preference. Usually use the Japanese voices as the standard and then measure the dub to it, the Japanese VAs often seem to put more energy and emotion into the voices. Though there are examples of dub voices that are really good too, for instance DBZ's dub might be better than the Japanese sub for quite a few characters. Logical solution when a harem protagonist acquires enough girls to make him into a girl too, not the first time it's happened actually. I guess so, though even other series aimed at girls don't get nearly as much hate as Twilight. There's something that makes Twilight stand out, which I'm not sure what it is.

Like at end of the Future Trunks Saga DLC, Xeno Trunks in the Time Nest approaches and calls the whole thing "my crime for changing history". There was a theory that since Whis creating a copy of the timeline created a second F.Trunks, then one of them went on to become Xeno Trunks. For me Black and Zamasu are very "love to hate" villains, they're so awful but they're also so cool. I want them to get what's coming to them for evil thing they've done, but also want to see what they will do next before their eventual defeat. Having flawed logic tends to happen when a character gets a god complex. If I remember correctly a lot of fans wanted Present Zamasu to learn about what he did in the future and to turn over a new leaf, but that never happened. Though Zamasu can serve as a mentor in Xenoverse 2, which is the only instance where you can be on the same team as him.

The trailers also show Frieza getting involved with him which should be interesting. We never got to see what Frieza's reaction to the true Legendary Super Saiyan that he feared was back in the old Broly films. --Stryzzar (talk) 11:17, August 24, 2018 (UTC)

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