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Okay big man I put in the archive. Lol all that was on the page was two on NG's sigs, a few of mine and just a page full of Kaio XD I let you off this time because we are mates and you didn't need the 20 sections for you ;D I actually really like a big talk page, 100 sections is when I archive. I usually really look forward to archiving but this time I don't really want to because I absolutely love this archive picture :(. BTW I really like this picture alot, do you want it bigger or smaller or anything?

Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1-

People think you are socks because you are both like identical. Oh okay then, so short and sharp would be your motto? It's fine if it's under 20 for you, just don't come asking at anything much less than today alright xD yeh I like all the others but this one is defs the best, not meaning to diss the others in any way shape or form. The pure fact for this one here is that it is nice and big, not DBZ but original characters based off what she thinks of me and what she looks like, it is also colored. The only person who kind of also had these things was Kotsu and his was too small for an archive of mine. Oh okay, so just keep the size as it is or like you can change it if you want? Now... my turn to host some song time of something I have recently found and loved, gold.

Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1-

Sorry about this late-ish reply man, I had like 20,000 tabs open earlier and just got back now. Yeh I want to keep the pic but it is kind of a thing that you need to change archive pictures isn't it? Well you have alot more in common than anhone else on this wiki that is for sure. Its from the song Levels by Avicii. Avicii went and made the proper film clip for the song Good Feeling by Flo Rida and turned it into an almost completely techno song. Well 10 hours of that song for me isn't too bad xP Again for that one too much voice, for the japanese ones I will only like them if they have little or even better, no voice. I will rebut with my good friend and dog I would love to own, Bullforce. It is mainly a clip but I really like the music, listen to it now almost every time I go for a run :D Yeh I know haha.

BardockGoku TalkGoku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1-

Oh wow, it was really fast then, really fast ._. Yeh that is what I used to really look forward too, now I have found like the perfect archive picture, maybe I could just pull an SSJ2AJB and let my talk get to like over 150 sections? XD Okay adios amigo.

Giran-psd61142Barku is Beast!Maraikoh

~Pizuya's Cell, you know the rest~

Depends on where you are. I only made it to the 3rd gym before putting the game on hold, so I'm not sure if there are multiple areas different from Emerald. Match Call isn't reliable enough to use for trainer battles, so your best bet would be the last route possible to get to I guess. You don't have access to a lot of areas GOOD for training (ex. Victory Road).

Flan & Koishi mix? It does make sense, and it even sounds decent~ I found another vocal here, it's actually in English. Which is surprising because the circle, refer to title, usually does Japanese stuff (as we both should know). Pretty nice actually~ At first I like it, but not a lot. After listening for a while I started loving it... wonder why?

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Yeah, I have no idea why they'd hesitate to put in some kind of versus seeker; really stupid of them. I unfortunately can't think of anywhere to grind. I wonder if the 8th gym will require even more grinding... 7th in Emerald is psychic, yeah? 8th is Water/Ice, so you may not have too much trouble there I would imagine (considering your party).

The beginning honestly reminded me of Legend of Zelda. More specifically Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time... Even though it's in English, took me a while to recognize the lyrics. I am digging the blue hair~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Dear Go- 90? For a gym? Have fun with the Elite for, and oh, Sakuya... that's all I really have to say. Good luck to ye~

Nah, I think I'll just do World Link and the new Puppet Play. IF anything super new comes out I may do that as well. By super new I mean something like Gen 4/5 hack (which will be nearly impossible for someone to accomplish anyway) or something like World Link including TH13/14 (when it comes out) characters. Like, not really a Pokemon world, it's own made up world.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

That was done by =Neutral=. Even though it doesn't say it, I noticed the "nazz-can". That duder works for Neutral~ Not that bad, considering I don't love the theme to begin with. Neutral rarely fails anyway though... This was done by DtE, for no apparent reason.

Yeah, I never ended up having to apply the patch to the game myself. I got the game with the patch and everything else, but it was prepatched for me. The torrent I got it from went down looooong ago (remember when I tried getting you the same one?). I unfortunately don't know what the problem would be this time, sorry. Maybe ask on TH wiki forums?

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Ah, that's good. I wanted to look her up but thought I wouldn't find anything due to "that". I'll be sure to check her out at some point then~ Mind letting me know where I can hear his new voice? I have yet to hear it.

EDIT: I can go on chat whenever if you want. Just let me know, in fact, I may just be on for no apparent reason.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~In A Night When Her Sorrow Resounds Around~

This was actually really nice, in my opinion. There isn't much screaming, and when there is, it's in the background. Mind you, I'm used to the screaming in Foreground Eclipse songs~ One of my favourite circles now, if not, my favourite.

Miku Hatsune? Like, the Vocaloid Miku Hatsune?! That is... odd. Shame she replaced Sakuya, but it's cool to see her in the game. Just wish she replaced someone else instead. As for the name, Eirin's is pronounced Erin (like any other Erin, there's just another I there for no reason). However, you pronounce it with more of an A (like, how you say "the letter A"). Kinda like Ay-rin. As for Shou, it's pronounced like Show (Ex. Television show). Most "ou" words are just pronounce like a normal O.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Not all of FGE's music has screaming in it, but the majority of them do. I myself like the ones without it more, but I don't mind the ones that have low amounts of it. If it's 60% or more screaming I tend to go "no". New mic? No longer using the built-in one? Wish I had a new mic... my built-in one is terrible in every way.

Well, should be interesting to see her~ I'm not a huge Vocaloid fan, but I do like Miku, so should be interesting. Hope to still see Sakuya though. No problem.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~response to an earlier message~ I think I've linked most of the ones without screaming at some point in the past at one point or another. I'll see what I can find though, even if you have seen them.

That format of text makes it hard to read, but I have succeeded. That's World Link, yeah? I'm assuming most of those backups will be used in Puppet Play as well. My team hasn't changed at all, but I'll take one last look before we begin~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

She is pretty awesome sauce~ I don't LOVE her theme, but I do like it. probably in the top 30.

As for THMM and my status, well, I haven't been able to record a single bit of commentary in 2 weeks. So I have a feeling you'll be able to get through Merry just in time for me to get caught up if you start soon. How is THME for you at the moment? Like, where are you? And the nicknames, I'm guessing: Sanae', Shizuha/Minoriko(?), Yukari(?), Letty, N/A, Remilia.' N/A meaning I have no idea. Ironic I put N/A under Unknown...

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

That's a... good thing? Maybe? Seems like it will be a good 5-7 parts before completion, but I still think you'll have enough time to get THMM done, seeing how lazy my brother is... irritating. Very irritating. One of the Aki sisters, hmm? I'm going to say Shizuha, simply because I like her more... As for Unknown, that one's a mystery. I'll see her eventually. Should be interesting~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I have one last guess as to who unknown is; for whatever reason I think Koishi, but I doubt it. After that guess I'll just wait and see who it is. Dusk = Rumia I am assuming? As for THMPP, Achiya hasn't updated the site since I last checked, I check at least once or twice a week. So, she should be updating the status of it soon. As of right now she says she "can't estimate when the alpha (final) version will be done". it won't take TOO long though, considering how much is done (from what I've seen). Good luck in Emerald~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~Crazy Berry~

Dem vocals. Looks like I was a bit off then, I am now assuming Dusk is Kaguya, hmm? Anyway, I'm done guessing; otherwise I'd get all the characters out there. I only named it Merry Ver. English because, at the time, I realized there were no English versions of the game uploaded. After doing mine I noticed 2 other LP's of the English version. So for yours, I wouldn't bother adding it in the title, unless you want to. Just maybe in the description or tags.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Already heard it about a week ago and recorded it~ Doesn't hurt to hear it again though, yeah? My only issue was the the climax played only once, and a bit at the end. nevertheless, it was still epic, not to mention the title. Anything like Now, Until the Moment You Die or Sariel's other theme Let's All Die Together is just awesome title wise. Good luck with the Lv. 60's there~ I don't hate Kaguya, but I don't like her. She has a brilliant theme, but that's all she has for me, really. Her outfit is decent too I suppose... doesn't change the fact she's kind of a dick (poor Mokou and her father).

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Eirin in THMM or THMWL? In World Link she is on Route 119 (Hoenn) and Route 3 (Kanto). In Merry, she has to be given to you through trade if i can remember. You can't find her anywhere and I can't recall where you get her. I'm almost certain it's through trading though. I see you have given a song, from last time. One of those themes, Eirin's, that I have to add into my top 15... but what to replace?

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I'm on chat now if you want to join. I'll respond to the rest of your message there~

^ Just to save space, I starting a knew message here. My internet has been dropping like crazy as of late, so it's unlikely I'll be online for sometime. Either that or I'll be on & off from time to time. Apparently it's supposed to be solved by Monday, but companies always tell you stuff like that. Anyway, if possible I'll go on chat again tonight, I'll see how that goes.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I have to catch up on your videos then~ Though that is fairly disappointing, at least Sakuya is there and is challenging. Miku taking her place, hmmm... I'll likely just wait until you get around to it. As for Merry version, you already used Reisen and are reserving Sanae for something else, ya? Stuck with Alice then, have fun~ Just don't get too attached to her... she is pretty powerful later on though, I would know. Idea...?

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I'll check that shortly, if I have the time to... school makes me sad. Anyway, I see now. Sanae is in Merry and you have to fight Alice. Well, at least you don't have a disadvantage like I had with Reisen~ Up to you about the name there, I'll most likely just use Rena again for WL when I get to it. Good, I don't have to use that tanuki then! (Extra stage boss from TH13). Just message me your team for THMPP whenever possible. My team will just be a TH13 party then, excluding the starter.

In other news, I FINALLY got around to reading the Reisen and Tewi manga Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, and I must say, it's hilarious. The first 5 chapters just focus on Eientei, but later Keine, Reimu, Mokou, and a bunch of other characters show up and whatnot. I suggest reading it at some point, if you have it (which i think you do...?) Reading it may be awkward. You read the right column and downwards then move onto the left column and go from there. It's pretty long, 30 chapters. I'm on 13 (Suwako makes an appearance~)

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Took me about 15 minutes or more, so... it takes time. It is worth it, however. Merry will not make you level up like crazy, heck, I think I was overleveled a lot of the time. Ex. Fighting Giovanni was much easier than anticipated. As far as nicknames for Suwako... I'll have to get back to you on that, none come to mind.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~Deconstruction Star~

Keine... I think she should be higher on my list. That's fine, World Link was really the only one where I thought we shouldn't use something we already know all about. Any other THM game you can use whoever you want~ I will use her to her fullest. My favourites from TH13 are Kyouko, Seiga, and her after all.

That's a long list... my list for WL isn't nearly as long, no. And for THMPP I am definitely using the TH13 characters. At least, I'm hoping so. If they all appear at the end of the game, I will be very sad. My THMPP list isn't even planned out, as i don't know the locations of the TH13 chars. nor is it very long. I'll send my list for PP when I manage to think of nicknames... or if I do. I can think of some, but not all. Faith if for the Transient People > Sanae. Great song~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Yeah, it sometimes seems like they just changed the name of a type, but that's not necessarily true. Like, Miasma is basically Poison, yeah, but there are unique types like Beast and Heart. As for your question, I like how they did that. Psychic, in my opinion, was always a type with few moves, but they were all really good moves. With it being split into to types, the creator made it so each type has more moves but the same general feel Psychic moves had (Special Attack & Assist Moves). I would have never, not for a second, guessed Layla. As for Iku, Rose makes sense now~ Well, any hints as to who the newcomer will be? Or will that remain a mystery? I already know Suwako is one~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Yeah, it does take some getting used to (like how I used Reason against Heart on several different occasions... it's not very effective). I have some guesses, but I feel I've guessed enough, so I'll just let it be a surprise~ Also, I don't have school Friday (huzzah).

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

We have no school on Friday for the most hilarious reason ever, 4/20 (world-wide smoke weed day). I, of course, don't do that crap, but the schools decided this year that they don't want to deal with kids smoking illegal drugs on their property and coming into class like that, which I completely understand, I hate that oh so much. That's basically it. I COULD review my videos to see who I defeated with CAlice and find out who Mind is, but I'm lazy... perhaps I will look around a bit though~

As for the list, I'm assuming you mean characters, it's up to date and nothing has changed. What is your proposition? And, if possible, you could explain it on chat if you have the time (you have a meeting tomorrow, I'm not sure how long you'll be on). Just let me know what you want to do (chat or talk pages). Up to you~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I know, it's terrible, but it is indeed a thing. Anyway, if you're free tonight (in about an hour, 7pm for you) we can go on chat. If not, I'll message sometime tomorrow night. Well then, watching my own videos would be pointless if it's only 5/500 minutes... (500 is a VERY rough estimate).

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~Under the Name of the Divine Beast~

Considering she's a teacher, she's probably in her mid-late 20's... worth a shot. <- The song itself is "ok" but the lyrics are awesome sauce. Anyway, I'll be on chat a good hour from now (when I sent this message, 11pm my time). So you can do it now if you want or even come later. I'll be on a fair bit tonight, so no worries, come on whenever you want~ Yukari doesn't like you? Odd, she likes most people... that's why she trolls them... I think.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I also didn't find many Remis, but I certainly found more of then than Flandre. Just bad luck on your part~ I actually found more Remis than Sakuyas, believe it or not. The Power Plant is evil... Anyway, I'm on chat whenever you want to go on, or if you do anyway.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Well, hard to say. No doubt in my mind Flandre could beat Koishi, Remilia may struggle a bit, but I still think she'd win against Koishi. Satori on the other hand, she has the one of the most hax abilities ever. She can basically see her opponents moves ahead of time, so she has a huge advantage there. So, let's say Flandre beats Koishi, Satori beats Remilia, for the sake of simplifying things. Flandre vs Satori remains. Satori can certainly predict Flan's attacks, but Flandre has a huge speed advantage over Satori, so she may not be able to react in time. I think Flandre would win, but with some difficulty. Basically: Flan > Satori > Koishi >/= Remi (I think they're about even, though Koishi's ability gives her the advantage).

The reason I believe Flan can beat Koishi is because Koishi can manipulate the subconscious, but Flandre's mentality is already unstable as is and would likely be almost unaffected. This is just what I think though. So, in short, Remi & Flan win, but mostly thanks to Flan for being a relentless lunatic with no clear mindset and the speed of a banshee.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Ah, I see~ No problem. Anyway, I'm more with the vampires myself, but I do like both. Probably Flandre > Remi > Satori > Koishi. Satori and Koishi may not be in my top 15, but they're definitely in my 20s. As far as cuteness goes, I gotta say Flandre > Satori > Koishi > Remi.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~Dancing in the Moonlight~

As I always say, Draw the Emotional makes great stuff. Sorry for the late reply, I forgot i received a message from you and didn't reply. As far as recording goes, that's still in the air. I don't really have a clue as to when I'll be able to get back at it full-time. I would imagine by the beginning of May, maybe a bit after, i should be good. He's sent applications for jobs, so just waiting to see how that goes.

If you finish Merry and I'm still unavailable, you could start MMZ2 or another Metroid IF you want. If not, I won't stop you from soloing THMWL. I'll just do it later. Totally up to you, but I'll let you know when I'm good for recording~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Speaking of Sun Bros (I think I mentioned this before...) I made a newer character recently. Went in the Darkmoon Covenant to own up some guilty Dark Wraiths. I have the Darkmoon Blade Miracle and a +15 Murakumo, so it's pretty great. My original Character is a Dark Wraith though (yeah, yeah, hypocrite, etc. It is fun being a Dark Wraith though...). Anyway, enough of that, sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy then. I'll still try to get what I can done as fast as possible, thanks~

If you aren't busy, I may go on chat at the usual time again. If you're busy, don't worry. Also, that Kanako image is pretty badass (not that i like her, it just looks good).

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I've joined and tried each covenant, though a few there's nothing to really try out. My favourites would have to be Dark Wraith, Darkmoon Blade, Warrior of Sunlight, and Path of the Dragon. It's too hard to find people in PotD though, so I gave up on that. I have 1 female and 2 male characters myself.

I'll likely be on around 12am my time. see you then possibly. I haven't been on Danbooru or Konachan in a while. I should really get back on that soon.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Still dislikes you? What did you do now? As for the Yuyuko thing, I guess it's ok as long as they look fairly different and learn mostly different moves. The stats, seeing as it's A, will likely be different as well.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Ah, I see. I thought it was something else. Why did Hatate do nothing?! Anyway, yes, that's a lot different from what I thought it would be. That there is definitely a reference to Sephiroth from FFVII. Should be fun~ No worries on the reply, I just got back on the computer myself.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

It's easier than you think, believe me. Just had to put {{User:Kaioken x4}}. I forgot to had the /sig8 part and suddenly my profile is there. So In world Link you're going to have all the hags? Or is that Puppet Play? Hatate needs to spend more time with her bros... bad stuff will happen otherwise.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I see what you mean. You'll have used all the hags in your playthroughs. Hatate is quite the creeper... I find it hard to believe any of Gensokyo's citizens use the internet though (the youkai and other creatures I mean).

Thanks for that link, it will be VERY useful. Unfortunately, some attacks have yet to be listed, but it helps with some characters. I also get to see what they look like~ I am 100% sure we're screwed for linking. Only the GBA Link emulator can link. Problem with that emulator is it records like crap. Remember how much the videos were out of sync before? yeah, that will happen. If you're ok with that and having to deal with the sync issue, then be my guest and use GBA Link emulator. I know I won't be.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

~Surfing Wriggle? TANABATA~

One of the few vocals in the Wriggle comp. I liked (starts off a bit bad, but gets better~). Sucks for Nue, I actually kinda like her now. Not in the 15-20, but in 20 somewhere. As for trading with NPCs, you can do that no problem. trading with another REAL person, not gonna happen. As for moving over the data, that can be mildly dangerous, and a slow process, but if you want to do it, then I won't stop you~ It's a good idea, I just don't trust myself with that. I had to move my Blue data to the GBA Link thing once for a trade and corrupted the data. Of course, i was smart and made a backup before-hand, so it's good.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Though I'venever really listened to any of Tenshi's themes, that one was really good. I'll have to look around some more on that one. Recently I've been looking for some of Mystia's themes (deaf to All but the Song & Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird). There are actually some really good ones, my favourite being This One. The piano in the original is insane... almost as insane as in Plain Asia. Reminds me how I got into Touhou. My friends got me into it, but the first thing that happened was my friends ringtone being Night Bird. Good times~

Music aside, I can't recall exactly what level I was going to the Elite 4, but I was around the 50's. Leveling up is best done on the route before Pallet Town i find. There's a double battle and 2 or 3 trainers you can get with the Vs. Seeker in one area. Just save state until you get them all ready to battle. Also, Going to the Sevii Islands and completing that while training is good. What about Okuu? A dream? I also had a really weird dream... I don't even know how to describe. As for the sig below, I'm using it once and only once (probably). better left for the other wiki, just brought it here for reasons...?

Legendary Illusion Touhou - Shinki AV The Infinite Being

Well, I suppose Friday would be a good day for that then. I'll see what else I can find~

I'm still at that "I can't remember my dreams very often" stage. I have no idea why; some say it';s because of a lack of sleep... hmmm... I do remember some though. You're situation reminds me of something very very very familiar... Time for a Yume Nikki link (yes, this is relevant. Read the lyrics). Madotsuki wanted to sleep all the time, remember what happened!?

Any dream with Momiji is a good dream... unless she's being abused (to an extent...). My dream I may explain tomorrow as I have to sleep soon. I haven't used Okuu in 12.3, but my friend says she's the most overpowered. I'd have to disagree there though, she is great, but characters like Komachi & Alice who are really hard to use are best. Problem with them is getting good with them... Okuu is the best that's easier to use though~ I'm still a Yuyuko main. Nice job with the patch thar, should be much more enjoyable now.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

I've played as everyone in the fighters, but there a few I haven't played as recently (like, in a long time). I generally just play as Yuyuko, Marisa, Sakuya (I agree, she can be VERY cheap in the wrong hands), and Remi. As for your sleeping thing, I do recall this. Must suck sometimes, hmm? I wish I could sleep on command, but it takes me at the very least 20 minutes after laying down to do so.

I remember seeing something on Kanako, but I can't remember... if I can remember it I'll have to let you know. Tenshi, yeah. She's pretty much the only character that gives me any trouble on Lunatic. Mind you, she still isn't terrible. he fighters are generally easy. She can just be difficult sometimes... and Sakuya too (when the PC decides to spam, which is often). The fighters are pretty fun~ I really like being able to edit my own deck and whatnot.

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

If Tales of Vesperia doesn't come on PS3 I'll never have the chance to play it... dammit it Japan, why do you get it on both consoles!? I do remember the dream, I just got lazy and didn't write it in that reply. I'll explain tomorrow on chat to make things easier if possible. I'm only missing 1 spellcard for most characters. Some I have all of them, but the majority I'm only missing 1 (always 1...)

Darn wolf.

~Broken Moon~

Suika may not be the greatest character or anything, but her theme is one of the best. Ignore the fact the song is titled something other than Broken Moon; both this theme and Broken moon are VERY similar, like, almost the exact same.

It doesn't have a port, and that makes me sad... I've just seen hundreds of videos. Anyway, be on chat the usual time tonight. If you can't make it, no worries, just let me know~

Touhou - Momiji AV1 Momiji Inubashiri ~ The White Wolf Tengu

Wow, it's been forever.

Hey, Ghost, long time no type. ^.^ I just remembered I never really gave you a proper goodbye when you left, ( I thought you were taking a hiatus, so I didn't bother sending anything...) so heeeeere it goes! Just wanted to tell you I thought you were one of the funniest and most interesting users here, who was incredibly fun to talk with (even though I only understood 10% of your references, hehe. ^-^') And it was really awesome having you here while you were here. I also hope you're enjoying Touhou wiki, I'm sure you're doing a great job improving it over there. Well, that's all. Sorry for not giving a proper farewell earlier. Farewell~ -- Tumblr m295onHeyB1rqhlpfo1 1280(1)CookiePirateTalkContribsTumblr m295onHeyB1rqhlpfo1 1280 20:38, October 16, 2012 (UTC)

"Some" wikian you are!

Hey "Some" Ghost! Why don't you check out "Some" blog?

Troy Lesson (talk) 02:48, December 13, 2013 (UTC)


Hey Ghost! How's it going man, long time no talk. Was on chat for a bit and thought I should check in with ya. How have you been man, keeping good? Oh btw dont think I have forgotten about you, I do remember your awesome stories about seeing Ghosts and Zombies at the cemetrey where you worked xDGokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 08:43, August 24, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Ghost here's a question, do you use 9GAG? I've started using it since earlier this year and it totally seems like something you'd be into. Oh man I reckon I've grown up a lot since back in the day cos I dunno what it was but your response to the ghosts made me just crack up xD What care do you have man? I got my licence back in April bought myself a Ford Escape. Looking for work anywhere particular? I been working like very casual at a dog shelter/kennel, like where people leave their dogs when they go on holidays. Well pretty good this year, became really close mates with a mate who before this year we never hung out outside of school. Got kind of into a good friend group, I'm not really sure. Like got some people who I really like and they like me back, but then others who don't and others who I really don't know how they feel about me which kinda sucks cos I got left out of their schoolies group cos some of them just hate me :/ But it should be alright cos another good mate said I can jump in with him and his mates :), and they all smoke weed and do a bunch of drugs and I'm fairly clean when it comes to that mostly. Yeh besides that it's awesome, schools coming to an end and now I go on the next journey of my life! Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 12:26, September 24, 2014 (UTC)

Yeh sounds very similar, although it's kinda crossed the line from just using it when I'm bored to the point where me n my mate don't even call Geography class Geography, we just say we're going on 9GAG and we both know to grab our Geography folder haha. You strike me as someone who enjoys a good horror story, yes? Warhammer! Back when I was just a little guy I used to go into the gaming shops and watch some guys play that, I only did it cos the figures were cool tho. I'd loooooove to get into playing Warhammer, god some of those figures were cool. Do you play League of Legends? Pretty much a dog hotel and in the week a dog daycare. I only really like working on weekends tho, some of the weekday staff I don't think are really there for the animals. So you're in 10th grade!? Crap man, seriously I had you pegged for like early 20's haha.Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 20:49, October 8, 2014 (UTC)

Yeh unfortunately for me the joys of school our now over for Barku. No more sitting up the back on 9GAG, no more being able to have the rush of skipping class everyday, no more catching up with my cool mates everyday and talking about girls and football... but more sadly no more catching up with my better mates and talking about what level we got to on zombies on the weekend or how many hours we had played on our respected consoles (does PC count as a console), sad times. But at least the gaming doesnt stop haha, played a few good hours of zombies the last three nights with my mate, and we played a quick 32 races on mario kart. You play any of these? I saw a scary as truck gif on 9GAG a few days ago, ill try find the link for you. Screw that man, just as I was getting over, here ya go ;probably wont even make you flinch, i ws checking behind me every night as I walked down my corridor for the next week! Dawn of War looks pretty sick, say were you ever a Halo player? BTW my mate is buying a Nintendo 64 sometime soon! Ogres and Orks in warhammer are just pure awesomeness, love the orks! It is a pretty big game, I would definitely suggest thou give League another shot, or even give DOTA a shot. Infact, I guess you could say they are sort of like Warhammer in a way, im not really sure I just watch my mate play while I play Cabelas haha. Yeh I thought I saw a picture of you on Shak's blog a while ago. I must make haste.Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 13:37, October 27, 2014 (UTC)

Yeh man it took me a long time at school to realise that the 'popular' group or the jocks arent the people I like hanging out with, it's the weed smokers/hippies and the gamers/geeks id rather hold a convo with. Yeh maybe one day man, hell I've never had a girlfriend man so we're still on the same page there *together alone high five. With my favourite game being a 2005 cabelas game I can definitely second that before graphics in no way make a better game, they only enhance the feel. Problem is these days it seems game makers seem to be more graphics orientated rather than focusing on good gameplay and modes :( Yeh on the topic of scary shyt, there's a commercial on tv in Australia now advertising Resident Evil, now that chick climbing out of the blood is something that will keep you up at night. However I have never thought of any game to have scary gameplay as such. I'm definitely a team player, love playing co op. Actually I was wondering if I could get your advice on a few games, here's some that I am considering. Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, Portal 2, Army of Two and Medal of Honor. Anything you know of these would be much appreciate :D I'm trying to find some games with cool campaigns and missions, maybe even online play, especially looking for some FPS that have sick Co-Op missions that I could play with my mates over the next few months. Any recommendations of your own? BTW it's clear you're an XBOX man what else you game on? I've never tried racing games, I feel as though it would get boring very quickly. Gundam looks like such a geeks game! What category of game would Gundam fall into? Yeh man he's gonna get Super Smash Bros. on it! I just used to like looking at the figures haha. How would we have a game? Is there like a Video Game for warhammer!? Yeh don't wanna be overgamed xD. Alas!Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 15:27, October 29, 2014 (UTC)

Yeh man a small group is all you need. I still dont even have a solidified group and now that  I have ended school I probs wont ever. Yeh, its a retail store that started bringing out video games in early 2000's. Yep! Thats the one, its like a horror movie trailer :S. Yeh thats a cool concept I havent heard before, I can definitely see weak weapons and feeling helpless make for scary gameplay. Yeh thats actually such a good point haha. Yeh man well I went out and bought the ones I told you and I got Fallout 3. So far I havent played any just yet cos I am kinding waiting for a time to have a big gaming sesh (sesh= shortened word for session). Am really looking forward to playing Bioshock. Nah RPG's I dont reckon would be my thing, eh Ill try them out one day I guess, owrth giving them a shot at least. Yeh I had a look at Contagion and Armor Core n that but there werent any selling in Melbourne. Say, next year I'm thinking of travelling over to the United States and working there at the summer camps. What do you know about the summer camps over there? The friendship breaker haha, most of my mates who played it only played it as this one mates house whenever we all went over there they would all be stoned so there wasnt too much aggression there lol. Whats Steam? Yeh as I said, Warhammer = Cool Figurines for this guy over here. Yeh sorry If I seem a little dull, we just got a few household issues going on that got me a little down.Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 15:35, November 2, 2014 (UTC)

Yeh I'm not fussed, they're all going on schoolies, I got a few mates who are still hanging around Melbourne tho so that's good. My main issue is I'm going camping tomorrow with a few mates, gotta be up before 6 am and it's after 12 now and I can't sleep. I think it's because I'm so excited haha. Anyway here's my game updates. Bioshock was awesome, it was more cool than fun to play, Fallout I only played until I just got out of the underground bunker and met the black guy then chucked cos it was boring, which I have a feeling you're bot going to approve of. MW3 has been awesome playing online. I have only played a bit of Far Cry 3 and it looks like the story is gonna be sick! My main issue is when it comes to first person shooters I'm so used to Call Of Duty and everything else is so hard to adapt to. Yeh I've started with my Summer Camp application and holy shit it is taking a long time to fill out. Well with Smash Bros it does definitely get the emotions running high haha. You ever played Mario Golf? I think I'm still too much of a rookie to get too into Smash Bros. Nah man I'm dead serious I get so confused with Technical talk. So it's a downloadable game yeh? Well I'm hoping to get a Mac sometime soon, so I can download it then for sure! Just the issue is we don't have a proper working computer in the house that I have full access to.Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 13:24, November 19, 2014 (UTC)


Hey, Ghost! What's up? It's been a while, eh? So here's a quick thing: I finally got my PS3 fixed and I'm really interested in Blazblue. I remember you were the first guy to show me trailers and try to explain to me what it was, so you seem like the perfect guy to ask where I should start. What would you suggest? I have no idea, as so many of them have no numerical order in the name and all like a lot of fun. Thanks! PanchamSprite zps3ff63eedCookiePirate  Talk 02:47, April 27, 2015 (UTC)

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