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Please do not create categories like "loyal androids". Also, please refrain from tagging the androids as members of the red ribbon army. They aren't officials. They are units manufactured by the army's doctor. This doesn't affiliate them with the army as official members. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz.png PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3.gif 04:27, December 6, 2009 (UTC)

Please refrain from adding the very specific and useless categories or you will be blocked as a result. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz.png PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3.gif 04:48, December 6, 2009 (UTC)

On this topic, there is no speculation allowed on the site, including when categorizing characters. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 06:14, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

Future Warrior techniques

Since the section is getting too big, I made a separate page, List of learnable techniques in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, so add his techniques in this page. Yakon Render.pngSandubadearPui Pui Render.png 03:50, March 23, 2015 (UTC)

Categories (again)

Please do not create extremely specific categories. Creating a category for one particular video game is already too specific. Creating categories for items in one particular video game is way too specific. Creating multiple categories for each type of item in one game? Well, you get the picture. Please ask an admin before creating any new categories. Thank you. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 03:23, April 10, 2015 (UTC)


Don't add two refs if both say the same thing. thanks plz -- 100BBKXenoverse2.PNG 100x.Big.Bang.Kame.hame.ha.....talk.....contrib. 22:50, April 16, 2015 (UTC)


what's up with you adding dbxv info? Meshack (talk) 18:37, July 30, 2015 (UTC)

I have a request can you write a personality for lord slug on his wiki page

Hey there, i see you've been on the wiki a long time. (Even longer than me.) Strangley never recall seeing you though lol Good job on the edits. See yea around. --VegitoSS.pngVegito SSJ4.jpgSSJ4 Vegeta.jpgGoku,Vegeta,Gogeta,Vegito.jpgSupremegogetaGoku,Vegeta,Gogeta,Vegito.jpgSs4goku anime.jpgSs4GOGETA.jpgGogeta photo.jpg 19:20, December 1, 2016 (UTC)

What is your problem

What is your problem with the way Bardock and Future Gohan was on Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2)'s list of masters? Also if you had a problem with it bad enough you should have changed it after I added them same goes for the way the list was before the DLC masters where announced. At first I thought you was putting them in alphabetic order now I don't know what your doing.  Goku20  Talk  ULTRA DBZ  ULTRA POKEMON  16:49,12/20/2016 

Xenoverse 2

What's up with Xenoverse 2 xD. ~ Yon ~Want to join my army?Visit my talk page! 17:57, December 26, 2016 (UTC)

Spam on the Spirit Stab page

Look man, seriously why in the name of Kami, did you do this without permission in its talk page? Seriously, Divine Wrath: Purification or Final Kamehameha did not have this much speculation and I will tell you why. All of that anime and manga stuff you did is considered spam because you added info already told in the Spirit Sword page. Plus, this is not confirmed. Do you remember when Final Kamehameha was said to appear in the anime as that blast that made Super Buu temporaily naked? That was not true, and that was huge problem. We don't want this stuff to go to waste or end up like the Future Mai page when we thought she was 100% dead. No, just no. I'm giving you a day to notice this talk, and clean it up. Or I will clean it up. And go fix the Divine Wrath: Purification and Spiral of Condemnation page PLEASE! They has a big problem with info and if you could just add more info about them in appearances in video games that would be nice. That is called helping. SuperBen 1000000 (talk) 05:17, June 28, 2017 (UTC)

Oh come on dude, do you fail to understand the simplest of logic, It's Kafla man, Ka from Kale, and Fla from Califla make Kafla, how much more simple can it get.

Death of Super Shenron

Hi, I would like to signal you this discussion. I hope you will participate. Bye, Borticon (talk) 10:24, November 19, 2017 (UTC)

Finding the image or video for Fist Cannonball

Hello RalphBlade! Since you are basically doing my job but for video games I would like to ask for a favor of you. Please find the footage and image for Fist Cannonball, Kefla's ultimate attack in DB Heroes. I would ask DragonEmperor but currently I am on his bad side but need help finding it. You could create the page if you want to, would save me a lot of time that I need focusing on updating the Xeno stuff for all the chracters but if you don't, it's ok. Thanks. SuperBen 1000000 (talk) 06:58, November 20, 2017 (UTC)


Bargeta has pointed out to me that you have been adding some speculation and subjectivity on pages, please refrain from doing so where possible, as we are not meant to have large amounts of speculation on pages.--Neffyarious (talk) 18:15, April 13, 2018 (UTC)


Please refer to the rules of the wiki when uploading images pleasing refrain from naming images like a paragraph long.--Tuxedo12 (talk) 04:06, May 5, 2018 (UTC)

Xenoverse Categories

Stop creating categories for game screenshots there not actually needed. DragonEmeperor (talk) 21:00, July 4, 2018 (UTC)


I see you created Snei but did not add any info, where is this character from? --Neffyarious (talk) 12:52, August 21, 2019 (UTC)

He's probably not going to look at his talkpage and respond to the message because he does not communicate. Same reason why he was blocked from Zeldapedia due to lack of communication and not responding when other users send him messages. All the messages that were sent to him in his talkpage here he hasn't responded to so he is probably not going to respond to this one. Probably best to delete the page since we are not going to get an answer from him or maybe the page should be left as it is for now until we figure where this character is from so we can get the info for it and decide if it can stay or be added into another article. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 14:55, August 21, 2019 (UTC))

Drawing out Dormant Power

I see you added Super Saiyan 4 Variation to that page, Super Saiyan 3 does the same thing too according to the info given. They are each Potential Unleashed abilities, in that for the duration of the form the users current Full Potential is brought out. FlatZone (talk) 19:19, September 2, 2019 (UTC)

I think its already covered here though

https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Unlock_Potential#Variants FlatZone (talk) 19:21, September 2, 2019 (UTC)


If you continue to edit articles and don't communicate your ideas will result in a consequence. This is a community effort so all users who are editing in the frequency as you must communicate with others for other users to understand what is being put in articles if you want to continue editing here because we need to maintain order and organization here and we can't have one user that edits at the consistent frequency as you puts into articles what seems to be good information to not communicate with others because others may not know if you're putting in good or bad information if they don't recognize the information being put in so they will most likely revert it since you don’t communicate that is why it is important to communicate so this wiki would be more organized and others would understand what is being put in articles if you decide to communicate. If your edits get reverted and you disagree with it even you don’t want to communicate, just do it because it is for the better and we need to know if the information you add into articles are needed or not just for clarity purposes like for instance you put Legendary Super Saiyan in the Androids template and I don’t know why you added it there even though I know you have your reasons but I won’t be able to get your reason if you just don’t communicate. This is the same thing that got you blocked in Zeldapedia that might get you blocked here so I advise following this if you want to continue editing here. Do you know how many times users have to clean up after your edits because some of the information are actually bad for those who recognize it. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 22:03, October 20, 2019 (UTC))

You are blocked for 1 week due to not communicating. Next time communicate with others so they will know what is being put in articles especially since you have a reputation of adding high amounts of speculative and unnecessary text into articles so sometimes I'm not sure what you are putting in these are actually needed or true. When you come back, please communicate as it will do the better for this wiki and other users that are here. It is very useful for me to get your feedback if I don't agree with some your edits or very questionable ones and if I revert them that is why it is important to communicate and use the talkpages so we can discuss these things. All I just ask is you communicate your ideas with others better so people would know what is being put in articles especially since you have a reputation of adding highly unnecessary text into articles so sometimes if you put in information I am not sure about it ends getting reverted because you are not very trustworthy when adding information even some of the information in the articles you add seem legitimate but not always the case that is why it is important to communicate so others know that the information you are adding is not speculative, or any type of unnecessary text. So once your block ends, try to communicate with others better. It brings usefulness for everyone editing in this wiki especially at the frequency as you because you edit a lot despite not communicating. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 01:07, October 21, 2019 (UTC))

RaphBlade7 hasn't left a contribution on a User Talk page in the 10 years that he's been on here. I wouldn't expect much.Bullza (talk) 02:16, October 21, 2019 (UTC)

Guess so. But when he comes back I really hope this block gives him an incentive to always communicate with others while here because you can't edit in a community without communication that is why wikis are called communities for a reason. This is a place where everybody should share their knowledge and interact with people here in order for every user who is willing to contribute here to have better knowledge and understanding about a topic they so much love and it is always great to get feedback in cases of disagreements, questionable things, or needing of help so these things can be solved through discussions or talking with one another which are forms of communication. Since this was a famous issue that got him indefinitely in Zeldapedia, I guess I wouldn’t expect much either even when he comes after his block but I hope this block encourages him to communicate with others even though it is likely not going to happen. He also has a reputation of adding high amounts of speculative text and overfilling articles with text already mentioned in other articles as well as going too in depth to the point some of the texts that he puts in on articles are totally off-topic. Also the paragraphs that he writes are hardly written well that is why I have to take caution of his edits next time when he comes back. He is also possibly miscategorizing pages like he categorized the Candy article as being a transformation and I have no idea why he even decided to categorize that page under that although I know he has his reasons but because he doesn’t communicate I can’t get a reason and I'm forced to undo it due to no clarification but he may have been right. That is why it is important to clarify to other users about certain things they don’t understand. But like I said he doesn’t communicate at all so I wouldn’t expect much either after his block is over but I still hope this block teaches him to communicate with others if he wants to continue editing here. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 19:53, October 21, 2019 (UTC))

Dragon Ball Fusion Techniques

When you create the pages for the Dragon Ball Fusion techniques, do you mind uploading them with their images? (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 21:06, December 19, 2019 (UTC))

Getting Images for Fusions isn't as easy as it use to since Miiverse service ended though I'll do my best to see if I can get images of said techniques so please be patient. That's why I usually mark the article is in need for images just in case someone else can supply them.RaphBlade7 (talk) 21:18, December 19, 2019 (UTC)

Okay no problem now I understand, thank you for responding. Never thought in a million years you would respond so I’m kind of surprised you responded. But good to get your feedback. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 21:20, December 19, 2019 (UTC))

Spirit Control

Since when can Meta-Cooler use Spirit Control? (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 05:19, January 8, 2020 (UTC))

Never mind. I saw that he uses Instant Transmission which is part of Spirit Control. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 05:24, January 8, 2020 (UTC))

Glad you noticed that fact! RaphBlade7 (talk) 05:37, January 8, 2020 (UTC)

Vegeta's Xenoverse 2 Bio

Do you mind working on the explanation for Vegeta's bio in Xenoverse 2? I know you were for the most part responsible for adding that information for certain character's who appeared in Xenoverse 2 so I was wondering if you could do one for Vegeta since Vegeta is a major character and Bulma has one but for some reason Vegeta doesn't. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 00:19, January 15, 2020 (UTC))

I hope it will not be too much work for you as I know it would probably take you a long time to get that information in and write it down. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 00:23, January 15, 2020 (UTC))

I don't know if I'll be getting to it anytime soon as it's been a while since I played Xenoverse 2 and I've currently been playing Dokkan Battle and plan to pre-order Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot so I have no idea when I'd be able to get to it. Thanks for asking though.RaphBlade7 (talk) 00:34, January 15, 2020 (UTC)

No problem. Anytime you can do it then that would be fine. If no one can do it, I will try to work on it myself. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 00:37, January 15, 2020 (UTC))


Do you mind writing the personalities for the following characters?

(Sosuagwu17 (talk) 23:18, January 24, 2020 (UTC))

Kinda busy at the moment and it looks like it's gonna be a lot of work as (I haven't even gotten to Bonyu's training in Kakarot so her's would definitely have to wait) I'd have to do research on some of them then I'd have to come up with the best way to describe their personalities. Irico's would be troublesome as I'd have to read the Dragon Ball Super manga that I currently don't have (most of my knowledge of if comes from plot summaries and the few translated scans I've seen). Thanks for asking though. RaphBlade7 (talk) 23:48, January 24, 2020 (UTC)

Your writing

As much as we want to keep this site as professional looking as possible, do you mind proof reading your edits before publishing them because I have come across a lot of grammar issues and spelling errors when it comes to your edits and you seem to add speculation into articles non stop and we know as an wiki for official Dragon Ball wiki too mich speculation in articles is widely not accepted here so I would like to ask if you could stop adding huge amounts of speculation. and since you edit at a frequent pace I would like to ask you to fix any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors before publishing your edits and look through your edits for any grammar issues even after publishing them. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 22:39, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

You can make your own sandbox to check for any grammar errors or unnecessary details before you publish your edits or preview your edits for any errors in your edits as it would make it easier. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 22:43, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

I try to do my best to avoid spelling and any grammar mistakes in my edits but sometimes I have found that I mistyped a name or the stupid auto correct kicks in and gives the wrong word or spelling. I do my best to make sure words are spelled correctly though sometimes I rely on the spelling my spell check provides as it's a pain to check a dictionary every time I get to a word that I can't remember how to spell. Unlike most people I rarely use text messaging and tend to type/write normally when I text or use e-mail unlike most people, so my spelling and grammar are based upon what I learned in school (I graduated high school in 2004). I'm currently trying to tone down on the speculation in the articles I edit as I realize it's a bad habit I'm trying to break. If I notice an error after publishing I try and make sure to fix it. RaphBlade7 (talk) 22:59, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

No problem. If you are willing to fix that then it is okay. Wow Raphblade7 pretty cool that you graduated high school in 2004, you are definitely a lot older than I am as I just started entering elementary school that year starting Pre-K. You are probably older than many other users here currently editing. Were you on wikia editing during that time period? I imagine you were editing articles in wikipedia at that time since wikipedia was founded like around 2001 though that is just my guess. I'm assuming your in your 30's now, pretty crazy. I don't really imagine a 30 year old still editing articles about Dragon Ball. Wow you must be true fan of Dragon Ball if you have been around with Dragon Ball this long. I'm also assuming you had graduated college as well. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 00:04, January 31, 2020 (UTC))
You probably have more experience and knowledge about editing than I do since you have been around wikia way longer than I have despite me being an admin and you just a regular user. And even as an admin, there is still lots of things and certain coding systems that unfamiliar with due to not having enough experience with them and I'm assuming you are probably familiar with most of the coding systems in Wikia in general since I assume that you probably have been editing on wikia for at least a decade and probably familiar with some of the coding and tools used here. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 00:10, January 31, 2020 (UTC))

Well I can't really say when I started editing Wikia or Wikipedia articles though I believe I started sometime after high school though I can't be sure as like the series creator my memory isn't my strong suit but at least I remember the series details, LOL.RaphBlade7 (talk) 09:30, January 31, 2020 (UTC) I mean the years just keep passing on by and it's easy to forget when you start something in your life like when you start watching a show or start editing the Wikia of a show or video game you have a passion for. Heck just recently I saw my eldest cousin's two youngest kids at our maternal grandfather's (who we grandkids call Pop-Pop) funeral (he was a blind man and a preacher who lived a good long life and had dementia near the end so he's in a better place now) and couldn't believe how old they were (I can remember when they were just little babies). I told my cousin I can only imagine how old it makes her feel being their mother and a being the eldest among our Pop-Pop's grandkids. Well I am old enough to remember the late 80s as I was born in December of 1985 so I guess I am a lot older than most people on here. Kinda funny that Dragon Ball also started in the 80s (a lot of good shows did like two of my favorite shows as a kid The Real Ghostbusters and the original 1987 TMNT cartoon).RaphBlade7 (talk) 09:50, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah pretty crazy that you were born and around during the decade when Akira Toriyama created the Dragon Ball that all we fans now know and love to this day and I imagine you were following up on Dragon Ball probably even before I was born since I believe you have watched the show ever since you were a kid in the 90s and may seem like yesterday since you first watch the show so time does fly by really fast. Despite hearing about Dragon Ball as a kid, I never really got into Dragon Ball until my teen years as I was 17 when I first started watching the show and it grew to a passion there on to the point I even wanted to contribute here to this wiki to make it better so that's how I am here right now. I'm currently now 19 and despite having at least grasp an idea about what Dragon Ball is about, I still know that I don't have 100 percent knowledge about the series as there are a some concepts of Dragon Ball, and certain information that I am not aware of and few movies that I don't know or haven't watched with the same thing going with some of the OVA's of Dragon Ball that I've never watched due to not being noticeable enough and plenty of Dragon Ball games I don't have because I followed up with the series really recently and late than most fans of the series have probably followed up with series ever since they were kids. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 18:30, January 31, 2020 (UTC))

You'd think that but back then Dragon Ball was relatively unheard of and didn't really become big in the states until it started it's legendary run on Toonami which was my introduction to the DBZ anime. Back when I was a little kid, anime was not widely known in the US outside of a few people discovering it themselves without the internet and found it was different from the animation and cartoons they were used to. In fact one of the anime I actually saw as a kid on Nick Jr. I had no idea was made in Japan (it was a cute kid friendly anime with these Koalas from some other dimension that end up on Earth. It was different than other shows I watched but I was too young to realize it and only discovered it was a anime dub (back when they tended to be Americanized or ended up with an entirely new show like Voltron). The first anime I ever remember seeing that I knew was this thing from Japan called Anime was a nice little OVA called IRIA: Zeiram The Animation I saw late at night on the Sci-fi channel which was showing sci-fi anime OVAs (which I mistakenly thought were televised movies and not a OVA which I hadn't heard of because of the internet was still quite primitive) which I discovered years later was a prequel to a live action Japanese Sci-fi film called Zeiram which I thought was like a cross between a Godzilla type film (though with the monster being human sized) and Power Rangers (but like geared towards a much older audience) though the OVA was better as I is one of the few films I've seen that had an explosion in space that didn't make a sound during the scene which was both scientifically accurate and added to the emotional impact of the scene. Years later after becoming familiar with anime I found out the name of it thanks to the internet and that it was an OVA series which I eventually got on DVD as I wanted it for being not only a good OVA in general but due to its role I introducing me to it. I saw other anime on the Sci-fi channel as a kid at the same time that OVA caught my attention and saw commericals for various anime including that little infamous anime film Akira which ironically shares the name Akira with the creator of Dragon Ball, A few years ago I saw it when it aired on Toonami and I have to say I understand it's impact on pop culture though I'm glad I saw it later in life as when I first saw IRIA I was still a kid and definitely not in the age range for either film due to their violent content, but I had a habit of staying up on weekends and watching USA Network's USA Up All Night and was somewhat used to seeing films (some edited to for television) they tend to show only on late night TV.RaphBlade7 (talk) 20:28, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah, I feel you because being a kid myself and not having any idea what anime is back in the day until I got introduced to it in my teem years. I always thought that every show that I watched televised was made in America as I also live in the U.S. so as a kid I also assumed that all shows that aired in America was made in America when they spoke in English and I didn’t realize animes like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto or One Piece as I'd watch bits of them as child were Japanese television changed into the English for English audiences whether kids or adults.Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  05:55,2/2/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

To be honest I can't really remember when I started watching DBZ on Toonami but I do recall it starting in the Buu Era part of the story though then the Saiyan Saga started airing and I kept watching and by the time of the Frieza Saga I was totally hooked. However I think they only got to the Trunks Saga before they returned to the Buu Era and finished up. Fortunately I had Budokai story mode to fill in most of the story gaps (the major plot points at least though it did mess up my memory of the Vegeta Saga climax as I didn't remember the part of Great Ape Gohan vs Vegeta as Budokai ends the fight with Vegeta being defeated witb the Fusion Spirit Bomb but eventually I saw it again and never forget it. Eventually I saw the OG Dragon Ball anime on Toonami after DBZ sparked interest in that series. Eventually I learned of the two anime's manga origins and started collecting the Z portion to from 1 to volume 12 (the English localization which renamed it Dragon Ball Z so English fans didn't get confused by the whole Dragon Ball Z being the name give to the anime that covers the larger second half of the Dragon Ball manga. Eventually I also read scans of the first part of the Dragon Ball and how raunchy the manga was (the edits to the Dragon Ball anime televised airings on Toonami was a good call in my opinion as I could only imagine how ticked off some parents I the states would get heck even in Japan recently, Master Roshi's toned down antics towards Yurin in DBS sparked controversy despite him doing much worse in the original Dragon Ball showing how tastes have changed even in Japan) though to be honest I found the No Balls! and Sea Monkeys chapters hilarious when I read them even though I understand that some people today might not find those scenes with Bulma as humorous as I did (I still can't understand how she didn't realize she wasn't wearing any thing under the nightgown she was wearing, are they really the world's most comfortable pair of underwear that it feels like she's wearing nothing? Though it does have a messed up moral of sorts, if your going to panty flash someone make sure your wearing panties to flash or just make sure to leave the Capsule House wearing clean underwear). While I'll admit I like some aspects of DBGT, such as Super Saiyan 4, Baby, and Shadow Dragons, it was still a mess though. However you could still consider GT part of the Dragon Ball series (a non-canon one but still part of it).RaphBlade7 (talk) 20:28, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

I think that Kai was really the first type of DBZ that I have ever viewed and I really only watched glimpses of Goku's battle against Frieza during the Frieza Saga while it was still airing on Nicktoons but still didn’t remember much of the fight between as I wasn’t really interested in DBZ until I became interested in anime on my teen years and when I actually watched DBZ of course starting with DB so I can you know start from the beginning and understand the DB story in chronological perspective so things can make sense to me, I ended up actually liking the show and DBZ became at least my favorite or one of my favorite anime shows of all time. If it wasn’t for kids talking about anime that I was so interested in finding out about due to a lot them talking about them and me being like the only one that didn’t know about and my interest in finding out about this genre of animation didn’t click in, I would probably not be here at all.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  05:55,2/2/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

I've watched DBZ Kai, first on Nickoons before TOONAMI came back and started airing it. DBZ Kai is okay as it cuts a lot of filler though the scene of Frieza and the other villains in Hell watching Goku and Vegeta's fight against Kid Buu oddly got left in which is weird considering Resurrection F established it couldn't have happened (guess the film was still in development when the people at Toei animation did DB Kai (in Japan it's just called Dragon Ball Kai while the Funimation Dub version is called Dragon Ball Z Kai).) Personally I prefer the uncut TOONAMI version as Nickoons did way too many edits (not as bad as 4Kids Americanized edits to One Piece but they definitely reminded me of older censored dubs). When I first saw the original DBZ uncut I was amazed by all the blood that was in the original compared to the TV edits, however I feel it added some realism to the fight scenes and it is by no means excessive amounts of blood (trust me there are other anime that feature way more blood) as it was reasonable and based on the severity of the injuries (for example Raditz bleeds from the mouth after getting hit by the Full Nelson Special Beam Cannon which makes sense given his internal injuries). Ironically I think they might have toned down the blood for DB Kai in Japan due to changes in standards and practices (the DBZ anime started in the 89 and ended its run in the 96) between when DBZ was airing in Japan and when DB Kai was).RaphBlade7 (talk) 06:43, February 2, 2020 (UTC)

...That Which I Consider Worst Than DBGT (beside the game DBZ:Taiketsu)

However though I can tolerate GT and accept it as Toei animation trying to keep the series going the best they could without Toriyama's manga or ideas to guide them, the same cannot be said for the disaster that was Dragon Ball Devolution (I'm talking about DBE but I refuse to call it an Evolution as Devolution is far more appropriate). To date I HAVE NOT SEEN it beyond a few screenshots (haven't even watched the Nostalgia Critic's review). My reason is simple, OOZARU IS A TRANSFORMATION & SON GOKU IS A SAIYAN!!!! Even DBGT (and Taiketsu) got that part of the mythos correct (being a continuation of the DBZ anime helps and Taiketsu well it was based on DBZ in a horrible button mashing and clunky fighting game sort of way). But Devolution's writer who had no passion for the series or it's material and was just given the job of translating Dragon Ball into a live action film script, failed to get one of the key aspects of Goku's character (as the whole point of the film was to bring Dragon Ball to the big screen in live action and hopefully spawn a sequel that could cover the Z portion as they're plot was still in OG Dragon Ball territory). However they make the Great Ape a second character and what's worse is they missed a golden opportunity to have a Kaiju style Battle between Great Ape Goku and Great Namek Lord Piccolo which would have been something new for the film to do and would be relatively easy to do with CGI (heck I'd even settle for Toho style suits). Additionally the who OOZARU character calls everything we know about Goku's origins out the window and would make it difficult to right a film involving the Saiyans unless they made Goku as ancient as Lord Piccolo and OOZARU is supposed to be if OOZARU was just a manifestation of his former personality as Kakarot due to his Saiyan instincts causing it to manifest while in Great Ape form though that would require a writer who actually had a good understanding of the series mythos and enough imagination to make new interpretations work. I really don't care if the actors we're good or bsd, or if the fighting was any good, because at the end of the day the story was Dragon Ball in name only. The only good thing I will say about it is that it ticked off Akira Toriyama enough to comeback and show them how to make a real Dragon Ball film, Battle of Gods which was what eventually lead to Resurrection F and the canon Broly film as well as Dragon Ball Super. At least Devolution did lead to something positive (unlike Taiketsu which only had a decent Prima player's guide which I keep as evidence of its existence. Trust me Dragon Ball Z: Sagas was actually a decent game compared to Taiketsu).RaphBlade7 (talk) 21:23, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

Since the recent resurgence in Dragon Ball series films and looking back on the original DBZ films, I've come to the conclusion that making a live action Dragon Ball film isn't the right medium given Dragon Ball is heavily stylized and just getting certain character's hair right would be difficult if not impossible (especially Goku and don't get me started on Super Saiyan hair). Additionally any live action film today would have to rise above Devolution's tainted legacy and would likely be CGI heavy to get it to even remotely look like the series and would need a studio like Legendary Entertainment (given how the revived the idea of an American Godzilla film that did King of Monsters justice. The 98 Godzilla or simply Zilla going by Toho's renaming the first American Godzilla isn't bad, second if you count that awful cartoon with Godzooky. To be honest I'd take Scrappy-Doo over that thing... I mean his whole Puppy Power shtick was only really prevalent early on and he mellowed out in later Scooby-Doo shows and movies that followed his introduction. Anyway I actually like Zilla at first though as I got to see more Toho Godzilla I realized it didn't do the big guy right though if you treat it as a film where someone mistakes Zilla for the real deal then it's easier to look at the film as an experiment that failed to understand what made Godzilla well Godzilla, just like Devolution failed to get Goku and Oozaru right). I've come to the conclusion that certain anime just don't translate well into live action because their too well suited to anime and manga that getting the style and look down in live action film or series is very difficult without a good vision and budget behind it. Makes me think back to when I saw a mock trailer on the internet about a potential live action film some years before Devolution became a sad reality and I was actually excited by the idea of a live action Dragon Ball film and was bummed that it was just a trailer. When they started promoting Devolution before everyone knew it was terrible, I actually wanted to see it in theaters though I retrospect I'm glad I didn't and eventually read about its plot online and made the decision it wasn't worth seeing something that at the end of the day is even worse than Bio-Broly which is what I consider the worst animated DBZ film as at least that film knows the mythos and the clone has a Saiyan tail before he hit with Culture Fluid, as well as Krillin and Android 18's appearance).RaphBlade7 (talk) 22:03, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

Some people (though mainly Disney) these days seem to think that life action adaptions of animated works are the way forward. But the thing I like about anime is that unlike Western animation (until recently due to influences from anime and manga) and cartoons isn't bogged down by the old mentality that animation is a kids medium like it was when I was a kid. I remember an elderly lady my mother took care of and was like a surrogate grandmother, she had lots of video tapes but there was only one animated film All Dogs Go To Heaven which she let me borrow and eventually keep. All those movies and only one animated film which liked due to her love of dogs and presumably due to the quality of Bluth's work. I noticed growing up that most grown ups tended to stop watching cartoons or only watched those they had some nostalgia for or they found amusing (my Pop-Pop liked the Clifford cartoon on PBS and he couldn't even see the animation as apparently the dogs characters were what he liked). Now a day, anime and cartoons geared towards a wider or older audience are more common and easily accessible, and DBZ has fans both young and old outside of Japan. Though I guess I'm fortunate to be old enough to remember what it was like before anime like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and the behemoth that is Pokemon became part of pop culture. Though I will say this... THANK KAMI FOR TOONAMI! (cause it played an important role in bringing the series to the attention of myself and many others.) RaphBlade7 (talk) 22:44, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

I've never really watched Dragon Ball evolution so I can't really say my feelings toward but I have heard by other people that it is really bad so I may not bother watching it.Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  05:58,2/2/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Apparently Toriyama wasn't the only one connected to the series that thought it was bad, as Sonny Strait (Funimation VA for Krillin & Bardock) and Vic Mignogna (former Funimation VA for Broly & Butter) also criticized the film. It must be bad if people who work on the different parts of the series dislike it in addition to fans like myself. I also hear that Disney now has the rights to make a live action film since they acquired 20th Century Fox. However I don't know if they have any plans to actually make another live action Dragon Ball film nor if they plan to start from scratch or make a sequel to Devolution (a reboot film would be more likely considering how bad the first one was unless somebody thinks they can make the original sequel script which was canceled due to the poor box office and reception of DBE) work.RaphBlade7 (talk) 06:19, February 2, 2020 (UTC)

Thoughts on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

As I stated before, I'm currently playing Kakarot (when I'm not busy with playing Dokkan Battle on my first smartphone I got just last year) and I am loving every minute of it (though today I stumbled upon a bug/glitch that causes the mini map to disappear and makes the Area Map inaccessible though the World Map is accessible by going partially out of bounds and hitting Punch/Back Button or Circle for PS4 usrs, which forced me to load a previous save to restore then as I didn't want to risk saving the glitch, hope whatever triggered it gets patched).

I enjoy the Breath of the Wild-esque survival aspects such as fishing, hunting, and cooking. Additionally as I'm a sucker for games that feature encyclopedia-like articles that help expand the game's world and add additional information not found in the main narrative, I absolutely adore the Z Encyclopedia with its various entries on almost everything. I'm currently working on unlocking as many entries as they provide a lot of information about the game and the series. I have noticed some entries remained locked even after I've completed the requirements though I've found that if you save (auto-saves can be triggered by eating raw or cooked food dishes) and then reloading it which triggers the unlock properly. If that doesn't work then you probably haven't completed the requirements. Additionally certain character entries with Secrets of sections can be unlocked prematurely by completing the unlock requirements for the other sections which makes the main portion of the article readable (I've gotten Majin Buu Era Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Gohan doing this and I'm currently only on the Intermission after the Frieza Saga).

My only complaint is that several characters like Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha are support only when they could easily be made playable. Additionally despite bearing Goku's Saiyan name, you play as Gohan for most of it (though that's kinda of a given considering his prominence in the Z Era storylines) save for those points when Piccolo, Vegeta, and Goku become playable though that is to also be expected. Fortunately the second Intermission after the Frieza Saga introduces Party mechanics and is at a point where everyone is alive (though Goku is currently training on Yardrat). Then again they missed a golden opportunity to give us insight into Goku's Spirit Control training on Yardrat that allowed him to perform Instant Transmission and could give us a side location to visit as well as Yardrat Elder Pybara his video game debut.RaphBlade7 (talk) 20:18, February 9, 2020 (UTC)

Theory on why Goku used the Ginyu Force Attack Ball to go home instead of using Instant Transmissions

Speaking of Yardrat and Instant Transmission, I've come up with a theory to explain why Goku used the Attack Ball he escaped Namek in to go home to Earth when he could have in retrospect simply teleported home. It all centers around Bonyu's data within the space pod, as presumably it was discovered by the Yardrat when they repaired and Goku intrigued by it decided to fly the ship home to have Bulma and her father extract it as well as provide them with an intact state of the art Attack Ball (as the Ginyu Force models are likely top of the line like their Scouters) for further scientific study. Thus Bonyu data helps explain away a question that has been bugging me.

However I will address some other counter explainations I thought of:

  • The distance between the two planets was too far for Goku at the time - This one is quite plausible as Goku only utilizes it to travel to other planets like New Namek or King Kai's place in Other World during the Androids/Cell Era and had three years to improve upon its range. Given no Yardrat ever visit Earth before Dragon Ball Online it can be assumed the distance may be too great even for Yardrats that had fully mastered Instant Transmission.
  • No strong enough power signature to lock onto - Given the time period, it possible there was no one on Earth he could lock onto as while they're power levels were high they hadn't reached the level where they could be senses across space (Frieza and King Cold's could only be detected when they were near Earth's orbital zone). However he could have contacted King Kai and asked him to tell his friends and possibly Vegeta (who might have complied due to his desire to learn more about the Super Saiyan form) to power up as high as they could in order for him to get a lock on their location)..
  • He didn't think of it until he was already in the pod on his way home - Entirely plausible given Goku's personality. A likely scenario was Goku only realized he could use Instant Transmission to get to Earth due to King Cold's Spaceship being faster than the pod he was using and as we all know he planned to do it before Future Trunks mistakenly intervened and altered history by killing Frieza instead of Goku as had occured in his timeline. Goku coming up with it simply as a result of the Earth being danger also fits his character (in my opinion at least).RaphBlade7 (talk) 20:18, February 9, 2020 (UTC)

Mr. Shu

Do you mind doing an appearance explanation for Mr. Shu.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  02:33,3/1/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Thanks man. Appreciate the help.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  01:05,3/2/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif


Can you slow down with your edits? I'm trying to check all user contributions this week and with your editing rate it is kind of hard to see what other users including yourself are doing to the page as I am currently checking your edits therefore I would like to ask you to slow down on your editing speed and frequency a little more if can ask more so I can at least have breather while I am checking your edits including others thanks

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  00:24,3/6/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Sorry, but I've been playing World Mission and noticed that many articles are missing information regarding it. Additionally there was also some stuff from Dokkan Battle and Kakarot as well. I also just created an article today for the Royal Family Galick Gun (a combined Galick Gun performed by SSGSS Vegeta, Tarble, and King Vegeta) that discovered while playing World Mission. Just trying to contribute and didn't mean to cause you so much work. RaphBlade7 (talk) 00:41, March 6, 2020 (UTC)

No problem, just slow down on the editing rate because I need to check other users edits because your edits as well feel up the recent wiki activity and it is really hard to see what other users are doing to the pages if two users which are you and me are editing at a tremendous rate because I have to see what other users are doing to the pages including yourself are doing to the pages or else pages would possibly be messy if I am not there to check them because after all I an admin and I am here to ensure if pages are well kept after someone edits on them or people are not just adding misinfo and vandalizing pagesMini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  00:54,3/6/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

And despite your frequent editing, based on your contributions, it doesn't really seem that you have checked or reverted an edits from anybody else that seems rather conflicitng, misinformative or just blatant vandalism and I have seen you edit on pages that have been kind of messed up so how can I trust you to take care of the pages while I am not here if you are editing at this level of frequency. That is why it is important that if you are going to edit in that amount you should at least try to check what other users are doing and frequent editors should try to check other user contributions which you apparently don't so I can't 100 percent trust you to take care of the pages therfore I want you to slow down on the editing a bit more or perhaps take a break so you can at least give me some time to check the edits before you go back to your routinely way of editing. I know you are trying to contribute but there is also kind of a line of how many times a person can contribute if you are not checking other users edits and someone else is doing it.Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  01:21,3/6/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif


Do not add anymore speculation. This is your last warning. I told you this already.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  20:14,4/16/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Sorry I'll make sure to avoid it. Thanks for the heads up as I only wish to contribute and don't want to cause anyone trouble. I've been focused on adding stuff related to World Mission such as the Hero Town and Hero Switch articles.

In regards to speculation, is any speculation actually allowed in articles and if so what extent. Just curious though I understand too much speculation can be a bad thing and will make sure to information that isn't speculation and I do my best to get accurate information.RaphBlade7 (talk) 22:14, April 16, 2020 (UTC)

I believe to some degree they are allowed but not too much and if the type of speculation used is acceptable if it holds a lot of accuracy to what it is speculating on. But generally speculations aren't really acceptable since they are not something stated by any official source and it is only an assumption or a theory with no valid proof. I already ask Neff so he may be able to give you the most accurate answer.Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  23:13,4/16/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif


You were warned about adding speculation. And now your adding information about Nekomajin being part of the Majin race with no valid proof or source which is speculation and unconfirmed. I know Neko Majins and Usagi Majins may look similar to Majin Buu but that doesn't mean that they are Majins. Do you have any porof that they belong to that race? I would advise you to read up on what the Neko Majin race page. Stop adding information that is unconfirmed. Also work on you writing because I find many grammar errors, spelling mistakes, badly formatted and writing mistakes that comes with your edits which makes the stuff that you right very laughable and sometimes hard to read and understand with the issues that I pointed out and other issues that is in your writing that I have not mentioned. I already asked you to improve on that. This is an encyclopedia so articles must be well written and formatted in order for readers to understand what is written and to make the site look professional as possible since you are the one that adds the most and good content relating to video games which has been very helpful for this site but your writing can be awful at times so I want you to improve on the writing and check for any errors before you publish your edits please as you're a very frequent editor.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  01:47,4/23/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Sorry I noticed the category was on Neko Majin V's article and assumed it was okay, but stopped once I noticed the reverts and even removed it from said page myself as I recognized it was someone else's mistake and to prevent others from making the same mistake. I'll also try to work on my grammer and spelling as well as make sure to proof read my edits and do my upmost best to follow your advice going forward.RaphBlade7 (talk) 02:05, April 23, 2020 (UTC)}

Okay. Please do so as the site will do for a little bit of professionalism in the writing and I also want to ask if you can reduce the amount of redundancy or unnecessary things you add in the articles. I know it is good for articles to be filled with enough information but articles shouldn't be overfilled and left with unnecessary information and information that doesn’t belong in the said article or section of an article and doesn't need to be there. Try to keep things simple and you don't need to overexplain things especially with trivial details which I also have that problem sometimes as well when I an writing things. I also want to ask if you can help with doing an explanation for Hoi's appearance. I could ask if you can do one for his personality but that would require a lot of research and I don't want to overwork you. I appreciate your help and contributions to the site and being a very frequent editor here. We need more users like you here that are willing to help in areas of this site that need help, adding or improvements to them.Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  02:13,4/23/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Also can you be able able to create a page for Usagi Majin?Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  02:39,4/23/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif


I know you are a good contributor and want to help and contribute around this wiki as much as you can especially the amount of time, effort and contributions you put into this wiki but I see you continuing to add speculative text into articles even huge amounts after being warned by me beforehand. So therefore, I am going to have to give you a month block. This is something that I didn't want to resort to because I know you are a good contributor and mean no harm to this wiki but what's done has to be done in order for you to get the message of not adding speculations to articles. This a habit that you really need to fix up and stop or else it will cause more problems here in the long run and you might lose your editing privileges as a result of this including the many redundant things you add into the articles that you need to consider preventing. I'm sorry but this needs to be done. I hope when you come back you will change the way you edit drastically to fit the style that is more acceptable by this wiki's standards.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  03:10,5/3/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif


I think you forgot to do the description for Hoi's appearance that I asked you to do. Do you mind if you can do it?

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  23:09,6/5/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

I just finished it. RaphBlade7 (talk) 00:15, June 6, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks man Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  00:16,6/6/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

I gave my best shot, as the hard part was figuring out how to describe his two outfits from the film, though fortunately artwork for his two character stickers from World Mission really helped. RaphBlade7 (talk) 00:21, June 6, 2020 (UTC)

SS Transformations

I would like to see if you can add information regarding Super Saiyan God’s appearance in DBZ Kakarot as well as for SS2, SS3 and for the graded Super Saiyan forms. Someone already added information regarding SSG appearance in Kakarot but it wasn’t well written so I reverted it, "In the Dragon Ball Z:Kakarot DLC:A New Power Awakens Part 1,Goku and Vegeta both gained Super Saiyan God at level 100 via the ritual,when they both got their final "regular" super saiyan forms(super saiyan 3 for goku,super saiyan 2 for vegeta).The Super Saiyan God form is playable from even the start(depending on when player started dlc),and can be upgraded to levels 1 2 and 3.Its damage in LVL1 is plus 150%,LVL2 is plus 175% and LVL3 is plus 200%.The auto "know how" can be acquired at level 250,with every past level of Super Saiyan God unlocked and a sufficient amount of Z-Orbs." so I was wondering if you can add your own version of this in SSG article.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  00:21,6/6/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Sorry but I'm still on the 2nd Intermission after the Frieza Saga and haven't been playing it due to spending most of my time playing World Mission on my Nintendo Switch and it will likely take me a while to get that far as I tend to take things slow as I'm not one to rush through (its actually one of the reasons I stopped playing Pokemon as said play style often lead to the next one coming out and I just couldn't keep it up, though game's like Kakarot or Breath of the Wild are more conducive to my play style though I'm only one person and can only play one at a time. RaphBlade7 (talk) 00:35, June 6, 2020 (UTC)

Alright. Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  00:44,6/6/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif


I know you may be busy with working on other things but do you mind doing a personality explaination for Idasa and Ikose just like you did for their mom Idasam?

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  21:09,6/15/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

I'll see what I can do though it might take awhile as I'd need to do a little research instead of relying on memory.RaphBlade7 (talk) 21:14, June 15, 2020 (UTC)

Okay, but maybe you can do it since their appearances in the series was just only brief.Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  21:17,6/15/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

After some brief research, I managed to come up with enough information to work with and just finished it.RaphBlade7 (talk) 00:00, June 16, 2020 (UTC)

Alright, thanks for the help. Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  00:07,6/16/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

Always glad to contribute... when I have the time.RaphBlade7 (talk) 01:04, June 16, 2020 (UTC)

SDBH Theory: Dr. W's Identity

Recently I noticed the introduction of the mysterious Dr. W in the Universe Creation Saga of SDBH and have come up with theory regarding his identity. My theory is that he is actually Dr. Wheelo (either his main timeline or the Xeno world incarnation of Dr. Wheelo) in a new body presumably either his original body enhanced with cybernetics or one modelled after his original body presumably through the use of Time Breaker technology as he seems to be in cahoots with Fu and Towa. My reasoning is that the DBH/SDBH has a long history of introducing versions of old characters or Xeno world incarnations of them such as the Dark-Masked King who turned out to be Xeno King Vegeta and Black-Masked Saiyan who turned out to be a brainwashed Xeno Vegeta, so the developers may be doing the same with Dr. Wheelo who's original form was near actually shown in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest as with only see him as a large brain in a giant cybernetic mech suit, so SDBH might have introduced Dr. W who presumably will eventually be revealed to be an incarnation of Dr. Wheelo if my theory is correct.

However only time will tell if I'm right or just way off the mark and Dr. W turns out to be an entirely new character unrelated to Dr. Wheelo.RaphBlade7 (talk) 21:22, June 17, 2020 (UTC)

You need to shorten up your edits.

This is becoming something of a problem in more ways than one. Now it's good that you frequently edit and add information to pages where sometimes there may not be any but you're adding too much information, too much extra data to the pages, to more minor aspects of the series.

You just added 24,000 bytes worth of information on Vegeta's page in regards to what he did in the World Mission video game, not even a major game. To put that into perspective that is almost three times as much information as was written for him in the entire Vegeta saga, his own saga.

Some of these pages are already too big as it is, people have already brought up splitting pages up because of it. You then added another 2,000 bytes to just explain how strong he was in the game.

You need to write these things so that they are more to the point. Especially for the video games it only really needs to be a small summary, not an overly detailed description. So from now on please try to keep things brief and proportionate to the length of other sections on the page because I'm going to have trim that down heavily now and I know yesterday Neffyarious did so with another of your edits on another page. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 03:17, June 21, 2020 (UTC)

Okay, I'll make sure to summarize things though to ensure I can still write a decent summary I'm curious as to how much data is considered too much as it would help me in ensuring I don't go overboard and add too much, as I simply wish to contribute a reasonable amount of information.RaphBlade7 (talk) 19:36, June 21, 2020 (UTC)

Well its not as though there's a set number, you just need to keep it fairly brief and more to the point when compared to what is written in the biography because again that World Mission game is a more minor game and you wrote almost as much there for Vegeta as there is for what is written for him for everything from his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z up through to when he first fights Frieza in the Frieza Saga or as an another example, the whole Universe Survival Saga section complete with images only amounts to 20,000 bytes of information and what you wrote for the World Mission game was 23,500 bytes.
So probably as a somewhat rule of thumb, these descriptions of what characters do in these video games does not need to be any longer than what is written for their individual film appearances. If you look at how much is written for Vegeta in the likes of Super Android 13, Return of Cooler and the Broly, Bojack and Janemba movies then the individual games don't need to be any longer or more detailed than that. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

20:28, June 21, 2020 (UTC)


Can you do a personality explanation for the farmer? I think he was a timid individual but rather a hardworker as he was seen in the beginning of the series stacking some hay ob the trunk of his truck but I don’t know how to go about expanding since I don’t have the right words in my mind to explain it.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  08:05,7/3/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

I'll see what I can do. Fortunately I have the manga volume of the Raditz Saga for reference.RaphBlade7 (talk) 19:44, July 3, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks man appreciate it. Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan.gif Sosuagwu17 Talk  Contributions  20:02,7/3/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan.gif

No problem and I understand how it can be hard to come up with a proper description especially when its a relatively minor character (though quite notorious among the DB fan base due to him achieving MEME status). That's why I like having good research material like the manga, as it was able to give me a good idea of the Farmer's personality (it's how I discovered he was a smoker and was taking a smoke break after pitching hay as it was during the smoke break when he first notices Raditz's Attack Ball flying).RaphBlade7 (talk) 20:34, July 3, 2020 (UTC)

Speculation #2

I know you've been told about this before but things like this

"However it is possible that the Kami of the Galaxy in Dr. Slump is simply another deity unconnected to Namekian Guardian of Earth beyond their title of Kami (which means "God" in Japanese)."

You can't put stuff like that. This is meant to be a factual wiki, you can't put "possibilities" or "what ifs" on the pages. You have to let people come to their own conclusions on such matters.

Also, don't know if you're trying or not but again try to shorten some of this game information up. For example on Kid Buu's page under World Mission. This

"Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu survive to continue gathering energy for Babidi by once again invading Hero Town. This forces Great Saiyaman 3 to have Leggings install a new feature to the Hero Switch to allow Beat, Note, Froze, and Kagyu to take on their Hero Avatars in the real world, while Beat learns of a built-in feature that materializes a Great Saiyaman Suit like the Hero Master's becoming Great Saiyaman 4. The Heroes set out to confront the Organization of Babidi managing to defeat Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu. However they encounter a fellow named Kabra whom they notice resembles a Majin Hero. They discover Kabra is actually an Earthling SDBH Player who fell under Babidi's Mind Control which allowed him to take on his Hero Avatar in manner similar to the Hero Switch's new feature. Babidi brainwashed Kabra to hunt down and eliminate SDBH players to prevent the Heroes from gather more allies. Majin Hero of Destruction Kabra confronts the Heroes but is defeated weakening the brainwashing."

Has little to nothing to actually do with Kid Buu. In which case it either shouldn't be added or if context is needed then it should just be glossed over so it can quickly get back to pertaining to Kid Buu.

It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 03:23, July 9, 2020 (UTC)

I went back and trimmed things down on Kid Buu's appearance in World Mission leaving in only a synopsis of the events leading up to his revival, though added a few details about his confrontation with the Dragon Ball Heroes team. I also re-edited Kid Buu's role in leading Sealas to leave the Time Patrol and going rogue.RaphBlade7 (talk) 05:24, July 9, 2020 (UTC)

On the subject of the Kami of the Galaxy/Kami of Earth discrepancy, I just wanted to point out that while they may share the same title of Kami ("God"), they apparently hold different positions as one is described as a galactic level deity, while the other is simply a planetary Guardian which I don't think is all that speculative as its a perfectly logical conclusion based upon existing information (maybe I should have worded it differently?), though I thank you for bringing it to my attention as I wish to avoid adding speculation and will gladly undo or re-edit things to make them more acceptable if requested.RaphBlade7 (talk) 05:24, July 9, 2020 (UTC)


I'm sorry I'm going to have to do this as I believe you are a good editor and mean no harm to this wiki. I really don't want to do this at all but you are making me have to do this. In some areas of the wiki, you are really helpful and useful but I'm giving you a 2 month block for adding speculation after numerous amount times you have been told even by admins to stop adding speculation to articles but you still continue to do it. If you are adding information that is not factual and just a personal opinion then don't add it period. What's so hard about not adding information that is speculative. You are just putting yourself into more deeper trouble if you continue not to listen what we are telling you when adding things that are obviously speculative and not factual. I was hoping the last block will open your eyes on this issues but it appears it didn't so maybe a longer block might work. Thank you for the work you are putting in but you seriously need to stop putting speculation into articles. You say you would stop but I still see you doing it. If you want to continue on with this wiki then you should avoid adding stuff like this. Thank you for your time here and I hope when you come back you will learn from this mistake.

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Since I've been following the pages for a bit...

Just curious; do you have a source with the info about Sealas/Ahms and Cell Jrs? Hard to find much about World Mission these days The Gremmar Warden (talk) 04:39, October 7, 2020 (UTC)

SDBHWM Theory: Dragon Ball Heroes Are Dragon Team Descendants?

Considering Beat is revealed to be a descendant of Goku (and by extension Chi-Chi), then it stands to reason that some of the other Dragon Ball Heroes team members may be related to certain members of the Dragon Team. For example, Kabra could be a Earthling descendant of Uub which could explain his resemblance to Uub and affinity for Majins (given his use of a Majin Hero Avatar and use of Majin and related characters in his decks) as being influenced by him being descended from Kid Buu's reincarnation. Another example could be Nim who could be descended from 17 or 18 (as both are siblings thus his resemblance to 17 doesn't mean they are directly related as 18's brother and husband both have black hair like Nim) which might explain Nim's (and his siblings Nico and Genome's affinity for Androids (in avatar and deck). However as World Mission focuses on Beat, he is the only member confirmed to be directly related to a member of the Dragon Team (as it remains unclear if he is descended from Gohan or Goten's family lines).

Also there is currently no indication in World Mission or any other Dragon Ball Heroes media that the Saiyan Heroine Note possesses any Saiyan ancestry, though I wouldn't completely dismiss the idea that she does (as World Mission doesn't clarify the period or year that they live in) and it is unclear how many generations down the line her and Beat's (and their teammates) generation would be (though considering Beat is unaware of his relation to the Son family it could be many generations down the line). It is also unclear as to which version of main timeline Goku that Beat is related to (as it could be DBS, DBO, or GT main timelines) beyond the fact that it isn't Xeno Goku is a counterpart of Beat's ancestor. I think Note is most likely descended from Vegeta (presumably through Trunks and Mai family line or lines should they have had more than one child). While some might suggest she could be descended from Vegeta Jr. (black hair), I do not as I consider Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. to be part of the GT timeline and I figure Beat is most likely descended from DBS Goku (presumably from Goten's line as it would be nice for him to leave behind more of a legacy than just being the co-founder of the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School according to Dragon Ball Online). To be honest, I like the idea of Note being related to DBS Vegeta and DBS Trunks (and potentially DBS Mai) as she her determination to be the best SDBH player and rivalry with Beat remind me of Vegeta and her tearful reaction to seeing the game world Minotia be able to survive and get to live together with his brother in peace reminds me of Trunks. Additionally I find the idea of Goten and Trunks being the ancestors of Beat and Note to be fitting (especially in light of the fact Beat & Note are romantically involved in the Victory Mission manga).RaphBlade7 (talk) 20:27, October 12, 2020 (UTC)

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