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I noticed you're a fairly active user here, I ran into the wiki's notes about having a problem with lack of admins and a few other issues which came up. The forum system isn't very noticed at the moment but there's a discussion started cause I'm trying to solve this issue with my experience. Only a little feedback is needed saying that it's ok if the community is alright with the idea, I can take care of the rest. So could you look over Promoting an Administrator, there's a short point form summary if the main text is confusing. Regards - Burdock


Forerunner... did you get your User Name from Halo?--Baracuss 03:03, 31 January 2009 (UTC)


I was bored and I found you. We both live in England.

Oh look, a person. I wonder if it can communicate... What's it doing...? Wait a minute... It's saying something!