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Replay again~

I didn't know that! :O Who's your favorite character? Yurippe 6773.png Miricle Talk To Miricle 

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yurippe is da best! Mai favorite character!! Yurippe 6773.png Miricle Talk To Miricle
As you can tell, I'm a Yurippe fangirl Yurippe 6773.png Miricle Talk To Miricle
And it was all because we wouldn't let him RP as a girl..... Yurippe 6773.png Miricle Talk To Miricle
I know right?! Like really, and he said that the rule was sexist. Even though clearly when a guy RP as a girl it's sexist. Yurippe 6773.png Miricle Talk To Miricle

It's true. Look at his page. Look at the likes on it: http://anime-arts.wikia.com/wiki/Merodi_Shijima

Yurippe 6773.pngMiricle Talk To Miricle


OhFineOhFine.... start a new conversation everytime you leave a message og my TP. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Thank you~ <3 :D YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Congrats. BTW, nice sig~<3 ^.^ YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Heeeyyyy~ <3

Hey! How are you? YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

....Pretty bad. I was being picked on and I stabbed him with a pencil. I didn't get in trouble though. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

It really does. So, anything new with you? YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Because this morning me and Ian were being harassed and I started harassing them back. Goku kicked me and then after that I cursed only one time and I said "FUCK THIS I'M OUTTA HERE" and then he banned me for a week... >.> So for a week, I'mma be at another wiki. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Yeaaaahhh... so, I'll see you in a week. Only 6 more days left. Btw, Happy St. Patricks Day. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Thanks. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png


People keep saying that we're dating!! DX They think that you like me and they keep teasing me about us! DX like WTF?! YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

That's what I keep telling them! But they don't believe me! Like MN, DJ, SGR and Yamcha626. THEY THINK WE'RE DATING! DX IT'S ANNOYING!  YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Idk.... they sounded pretty serious to me. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

You sure? YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

If you say so. Anyways, has the chat been since I've been banned? YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Oh... dang... YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

What? lol YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Lol I'M TELLING EVERYONE TO INVADE YOUR TALK PAGE WITH LOVE MESSAGES! I see now. YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png

Mhm... PAYBACK!  YuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.pngMiricle1778 . . . Talk . . . ContribsYuRi-NaKaMurA-yuri-yurippe-nakamura-32876028-500-562.png


I've never really talked with you before, thought I'd just leave you a message and ask how everything is for you, maybe we could strike up a conversation? Nice profile by the way. ^.^ Disasterology Talk Tbdz6Pj.png 

Thanks :3 I'm pretty well, also good to hear you're doing well, too. Oh yeah? Sounds pretty awesome, bet you're good Emoticon yes.png I've had way too many in my underaged Wikia days, but since I came back to Wikia in June of 2012, I've had two accounts and changed the names on both accounts, so it seems like there were more than two but there really weren't. Disasterology Talk Tbdz6Pj.png  14:09, March 24, 2013 (UTC)

To answer your question

Yes, I am still here. lol. I haven't heard from you a long time CN! :O How ya been? ^.^ Yuri-angel-beats-33217730-500-281.jpegMiricle Talk Yuri-Nakamura-angel-beats-33665222-500-281.gif

Oh, I see. Well.. I was planing on leaving Wikia too. But.. I never can. Oh well, anyways, my birthday is coming up this Wednesday! :D Yuri-angel-beats-33217730-500-281.jpegMiricle Talk Yuri-Nakamura-angel-beats-33665222-500-281.gif


Yerp. I get edits very quickly. Mostly by talkpages and sh!t like that. _★ Yuri ★ _★ Messages ★__★ Contribs ★

Yo certainly not can u make me a user box with music?😀--Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 00:37, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

If u check on the beyblade wiki you will see what I'm talking about --Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 00:42, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks the music I want is green day welcome to paradise and fatty wap my way and Getty wap trap queen and green day burnout😀 btw wat about the pictures --Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 00:49, July 28, 2015 (UTC)


plz dont use sigs that leave the whole code in the person's page. Yakon Render.pngSandubadearPui Pui Render.png 01:08, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

If dope means good I'm all for it thanks can ur da best--Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 01:18, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

You know how to fix them, right? For example, my sig leaves just the {{User:Sandubadear/sig}} instead of leaving the whole code in the page. Yakon Render.pngSandubadearPui Pui Render.png 01:26, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

Did ha add my way fatty wap and wat bout da pictures like this user like yam have and stuff like dat--Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 01:31, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

You're still doing it, though. Yakon Render.pngSandubadearPui Pui Render.png 01:31, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

Yes, see here. It explains how to avoid that in this page. Yakon Render.pngSandubadearPui Pui Render.png 01:39, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks and btw can u add 2 more songs da first 1 is having a blast greenday and the second one waiting green day--Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 01:54, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

Hell yes cb thanks--Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 01:57, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

CN did you finish

If I'm bothering you I'm king of video games 9 back up account and can u do wat u did with my main account

CN you did not add da 2 songs--Ssgss goku render.pngKing of video games 9Ssgss vegeta render.png 15:21, July 30, 2015 (UTC)