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Have we got a discord server? DragonBallZ050 (talk) 16:43, December 31, 2019 (UTC)

No we don't have anything like that. Bullza (talk) 17:20, December 31, 2019 (UTC)
Would you mind if I made one? DragonBallZ050 (talk) 08:34, January 1, 2020 (UTC)
Sure why not, I'm not overly familiar with how the whole thing works. Don't they usually require mods of their own? Though if the amount of people on the server are kept short early on and amongst people we all know, mainly like the staff and people that actually use the site then it should be alright.
If the purpose would be so that people who use and edit on the site can discuss things about improving the site then I'd be for it. If it was just going to be a Dragon Ball fan discussion like any internet forum, then probably not.Bullza (talk) 14:54, January 1, 2020 (UTC)

Message wall

Would like your input here. --Neffyarious (talk) 20:51, January 2, 2020 (UTC)

Also, just figured I should say I was going to put Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in the top nav bar for the first few weeks it's out, so that it's quick and easy to access for all users. --Neffyarious (talk) 17:12, January 4, 2020 (UTC)

That makes sense, I might actually change the image from the Goku v Piccolo one to if there's a wide version of the box art. Bullza (talk) 17:14, January 4, 2020 (UTC)

Hey Bullza

Jammer92 (talk) 20:16, March 3, 2020 (UTC)Jammer92

Content Team

Hi, CTM Squad here. I know that they're are multiple Bureaucrat and Admin's on the wiki, so I thought I'd message you since you're the one who was the most recently active.

Name is Rel, I work with Fandom as a Content Team Member, Fandom sent us to help you guys out for the release of Kakarot. Alongside with me, Mechemik and fusilli_zaitsev are here to help with the release.

We've been given a list of Terminology, Goku Skill Trees and Items/Food found in-game. Would you be interested in us creating these articles for wiki? Or how would you want us to go about introducing these articles for the community?

Feel free to talk to the other Bureaucrat and Admin's about this.

-- Azgoodaz (talk) 16:13, January 16, 2020 (UTC)

Hello, I'd be glad to accept any help that can expand the wiki. Being that it is a new game and will surely be popular and attract a lot of wiki views, I think it would be best to create articles for the wiki as that would be informative and quick and easy to access for more people.Bullza (talk) 17:04, January 16, 2020 (UTC)

Hey Bullza!

It's me, Ya boi King Kai. I'm a new Discussions Modderator and have been trying to keep the peace on the Discussions posts. I would usually try to bring this sort of thing to Sam, but his page is being fidgitty on me, and I assume that you would help me just as good. There is a user on the Fandom who's only interest is spamming self promotion. I have deleted his posts, but if you look at his page's comment history, you'll see that all he does is post the same thing on different pages. Siphiwe Melusi Mthembu This is him/her. Do as you will in this matter.

Ya Boi King Kai (talk) 08:28, January 22, 2020 (UTC)Ya Boi King Kai 1-22-2020   

Hey Bullza.

I probably jumped the gun in reporting them. I deleted their messages and left them a warning with the rules attached to my comment. That may be all that we need to do. Sorry for wasting your time, I'm kinda new at this. Trying my best! I'll update you later if they continue their rule-breaking activity.

Ya Boi King Kai (talk) 08:35, January 22, 2020 (UTC)Ya Boi King Kai 1-22-2020

It's no bother at all, in the past we did have a surge of new accounts who would do nothing but create blogs that were full of spam containing links to download movies. If it continues to happen more than a couple times just let me know and I'll ban him like we did the others.Bullza (talk) 12:44, January 22, 2020 (UTC)


Do you want me to make you a custom signature? Thanks! Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 12:53, January 23, 2020 (UTC)

I wouldn't mind one I suppose, only so long as it wasn't much bother to you. I wouldn't want to put you out. Bullza (talk) 14:51, January 23, 2020 (UTC)
I'll make you one then Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 19:43, January 23, 2020 (UTC)
Go to User:Bullza/sig okay? Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 19:47, January 23, 2020 (UTC)

So what is it I need to type in in the My Preferences? Where it says Custom Signature? Bullza 20:09, January 23, 2020 (UTC)

Oh I think I've got it, thanks. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 20:14, January 23, 2020 (UTC)

Super Saiyan 2

Goku's page states that as a Super Saiyan 2 his hair grows longer. This is false and is never even stated, if you look at the scenes you can see the hair does not become longer it just stands up more and becoemes spikier. I don't understand the deal with this wiki and some of it's over controlling staff. Again, I have to come to you in order for me to make an edit since there's a user on this platform who I suspect really wants me gone, I can't make any edits without them being reverted, and I don't ever intentionally introduce head cannon or misinformation. At this point the wiki should really point out that there are lots of misinformation here and that everything should be taken with a grain of salt. 

TheCreepy904 (talk) 04:28, January 29, 2020 (UTC)

No I don't recall anything like that being stated and it's never visually caught my eye either. I just thought it was just supposed to stand up more and become spikier, not grow. There's no reference added next to that so if you want to remove or reword that then that shouldn't be a problem.
There's a definitley bound to be a lot of mistakes here though. This is an old wiki now, like 13 years old, it's been around years before I came by and fixed a lot of it up and has thousands of pages. A lot of old stuff gets overlooked because there's always new stuff coming in but yeah go ahead and make the changes you want just so long as they're accurate and true and if you have a problem just let me know and I'll get in on it.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 06:59, January 29, 2020 (UTC)

I'll let you know if he starts reverting my edits again. TheCreepy904 (talk) 11:25, January 29, 2020 (UTC)

Hi, could you please check my edit on SS 3rd grade? I believe the edit I made was justified. Ultra Super Saiyan IS a FAN name, yet people still insist on using it. I really think it's time to move on, we aren't in the 2000's anymore. To be quite frank it should really be removed as an alternative name. TheCreepy904 (talk) 08:35, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Can you also check my edit on Super Saiyan Blue under the SSR section? Again another revert for no apparent reason, STILL denying that SSR in the anime is GB's regular SS.

TheCreepy904 (talk) 09:07, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

You were removing information without explanatiom and misformatting the section. Just like you need me to explain a revert, you need to provide a reason why you are removing information as well. I explained that the previous explanation provided more information and was alot better than how you revised it in the when I explained in the edit summary. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 09:09, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

How am I misinforming the section? All I did was change the photo and remove some of the wordings. It's not complicated, SSR is not the same in the anime, yet you intend to keep trying to argue against that. If you're really trying to inform people you would 'properly' be cleaning up the articles instead of leaving misinformation. You have removed my edits on 3rd Grade, you removed my edits on SS2, there is something wrong here, you're not even trying to change the pages to match what you call "better". There was no misinformation, there was information provided for the anime version of SSR, not manga, SSR is not the same in the manga, we have been over this. TheCreepy904 (talk) 09:21, January 30, 2020 (UTC) 

Yeah you did misformat the section which I had to correct. Also I wasn't trying to argue against anything but my fault I forgot that it was different in the anime so I will try to fix that but please provide your reasoning in the dit summaries as it would make it more easier. I will fix that right now. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 09:41, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

Sure thing. TheCreepy904 (talk) 12:11, January 30, 2020 (UTC)


Hi, Could you please ask User:Sosuagwu17 why he keeps reverting my edits to the Parzan and Bubibinman pages? One Sorry to bother you on here, I'd ask him myself, but for whatever reason I'm unable to ask him on his own talk page. One has completely inaccurate information that keeps getting reverted, and the other one was just a minor trivia note. Really not sure what the issue is. BubbleRevolution (talk) 23:35, January 29, 2020 (UTC)

So the issue is that the page says Parzan is an alien but that's wrong and he's actually an Earthling? And this Bubibinman never went to pre-school on Okakaumeboshi? But he is from that planet? Alright I'll go and see what's what. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 23:47, January 29, 2020 (UTC)
Thanks man, it's mostly just minor stuff related to Dr. Slump characters which is why I'm confused. I made sure and double-checked all the information with both the original manga and the episodes of the anime I could find, the Parzan one puzzles me the most because I actually corrected that a few years back but someone else reverted the changes during a period where I wasn't editing the wiki. BubbleRevolution (talk) 23:51, January 29, 2020 (UTC)
Well I don't know anything about Dr. Slump but a quick look at this
Doesn't mention Parzan as being from another planet just that he has the same face as Suppaman. Bubibinman is supposed to be from another planet though. Also checked the Dr. Slump wiki and again nothing would suggest Parzan is from another planet.
This wiki says Bubibinman is from the planet Haebunbu? Is that right? Isn't he meant to be from the same planet as Suppaman so Okakaumeboshi? It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 00:01, January 30, 2020 (UTC)
Haebunbu is right, they just have the same face. It's a recurring gag in the series with multiple characters looking like that. I can post the pages of the manga in question if needed to be cross-referenced, though for clarification's sake I also corrected the Dr. Slump wiki on that, it had also listed Parzan as being an alien.
But yeah, the only thing listed about Bubibinman's history is that he went to school with "Superman" (this was before Suppaman was created), no planet is mentioned, and Parzan is just a guy who lives in the jungle who's a parody of Tarzan, there's never any mention of him being an alien in the manga (he only has two major appearances), and I couldnt' find any Japanese sources that might be more famiiar with the anime filler and such stating him to be otherwise either, everything I found just said he was a guy who looks like Suppaman. BubbleRevolution (talk) 00:17, January 30, 2020 (UTC)
Right, I think your edits have been put back in place so that be sorted out now. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 20:36, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

The problem with this site

I feel like I'm backed into a corner. I feel I can't make any edits because there's a staff member who looms over every single edit, and if they don't agree, it could mean a ban. Ultra Super Saiyan is a fan name and shouldn't be used, it's the same thing as saying evolved SSGSS is Super Saiyan Royal Blue. I think it's time to stop catering to the older generation, it's time to move on, ultra super saiyan isn't an alternative name, its a fan name. At this point we should change everything in this wiki to dub only. I really don't want their to be conflict, but it's not fair to have a user that controls most if not all the edits on this wiki to fit their ideals, not to mention the power difference between this user and users like me. I need a staff member either you or someone like Neffy that I can go to, it's not fair on me to be stepping on egg shells around this wiki. TheCreepy904 (talk) 13:16, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Out of all the fan names, the Ultra Super Saiyan one is the only exception because many other editors in this wiki including many fans has widely accepted the SS Third Grade's "Ultra Super Saiyan" name as a proper name for the form even if it is just a fan name so I was only working based on consensus and it is not like Ultra Super Saiyan is used in the whole chunk of the article, it is only there in the list of alt. names of the form. You always going to Bullza if someone doesn’t agree with your edits and when someone tries to give you a reason, you still go to Bullza saying I am being too controlling when in this instance I have given you my side of the matter although you are justified to complain about edits of yours I revert without explanation which I completely understand. The best thing you should do, is go to my talkpage and let us talk it out without you having to go to an admin when someone doesn’t agree with your edits and complain when we can all work this out in a courteous manner even if we have different sides to the situation. Go to Neff and he would probably agree with me that Ultra Super Saiyan should be kept though I'm not sure as he might be against the idea of still having "Ultra Super Saiyan" used here. I believe other users besides myself has accepted this as an exception and you got to remember that this wiki works based on consensus so even if certain aspects of things don’t seem to be right, it is still up to the consensus to decide whether something in an article needs to be stayed or removed in the article in this case I accepted what the consensus had concerning this so in this aspect it wasn’t not based on my own ideals but rather what I believe that the majority of the consensus agreed upon. Even something like this needs to be discussed in the articles talkpage. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 13:44, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

In this instance, the situation could have easily been assessed if we talked this out and discussed it without you going straight to a bureaucrat just because I didn’t agree with you edit because whether you not you feel your edits are justified there is always going to be a user that doesn’t agree with a certain edit you made and when that situation happens the best thing you should do is go to the talkpage to discuss this without straight out going to an admin or bureaucrat just because someone didn’t agree with it but I can understand why you went to Bullza for some of my unexplained reversions of your edits so I well deserved to be reported but in this instance I explained my side so all you need to do now is just go to my talkpage or the article talkpage and discuss your side of the dispute without going straight to Bullza if someone reverts your edits even when they gave you an explanation. I'm willing to discuss this matter with you in my talkpage if you want to continue. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 13:51, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

I agree with creep, fan names should not be on the pages when there are official names. You can move the fan names to trivia noting they are fan names but thats it. There are no official sources having them used officially so it makes no sense to keep them there as if they are official. FlatZone (talk) 13:53, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Maybe your right FlatZone that it should be listed as Trivia. What are your thoughts Creepy and Bullza? Maybe since it is nit actually an official name that we should just say that many Dragon Ball fans recognize the form as "Ultra Super Saiyan" but I don’t know how to word it can either Bullza, you or Creepy be able to do it if you agree with this idea. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 14:00, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

I listed it as Trivia, how do you guys feel about this? (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 14:19, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

I disagree with the way you have worded it, it isn't and shouldn't be accepted as an alternative name. It was accepted back then because we didn't have the sources we have now that had an official name. 

On the other stuff you wrote, I have to go to an admin especially after last time. What you are failing to understand is that there's a huge power difference here, and after our history I don't trust you, I can only ask you try and see it from my perspective as you could easily silence me. I was told to go to Bullza if I had any issues, I have tried talking to you in the past with the SSR thing and it just hasn't sat well with me, and it's made it more difficult to talk to you since you can easily turn around and dismiss what me or Flat are saying because you have a higher ranking than us. It's better to have someone mediate the discussion. TheCreepy904 (talk) 14:54, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

I have no stake in this, but as a third party to the debate, I'd say listing it as trivia would be fine, so long as it was actually widely used, other wikis have done similar things with fan nicknames. BubbleRevolution (talk) 14:58, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

See, other wikias do this that should be listed under trivia since trivia is really meant for less important info and I don't believe it would hurt at all if it was put under trivia. What about you Flat, Creepy, and Bullza? (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 15:09, January 30, 2020 (UTC))

It's fine to be put in trivia section instead of outright removed because some fans only know it by the fan name so leaving it there will clue them in. FlatZone (talk) 16:50, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Personally I would prefer that we remove fan names from the wiki as much as we can since they are unofficial. Cases like "Zenkai" for Saiyan Power and "Ultra Super Saiyan" for Super Saiyan Third Grade are difficult, since they are common in the fandom, but I'd say we still remove them - mostly because "Ultra Super Saiyan" is an official term for Super Saiyan 3 etc. I'd say mentioning it in the trivia would probably be a good way to go. --Neffyarious (talk) 19:56, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Oh this was a lot. Alright then...if Ultra Super Saiyan is only a fan name and has never been used in any video game or any other official material, then it should not be included as an alternate name no matter how widely regarded it is amongst fans. That is something that should only be mentioned in the Trivia. So if it is 100% a fan name only then that needs taking out.
As for the dispute as a whole, Sosuagwu17 do try to remember that this kind of thing did happen in reverse to you when it came to DragonEmeperor. You were making contributions only for him to undo them without any explanation as to why which would lead you coming to me about it. Now the opposite seems to be happening, so try to remember that frustration when it comes to undoing edits, always explain why if possible.
And TheCreepy904 don't take any kind of offence to it, I used to have this same problem with more experienced users myself once. If it happens again, go to the talk page, leave a reason and then tell me you've done so so that I can have a look and get it sorted out with as little hassle as possible. Don't get into back and forths because it'll only annoy you more.
From now on, let's try to give Creepy some more leeway though, we don't need users being chased off like what Dragon used to do with people, especially when people mean well. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 20:36, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

I do have one issue though, when and where was SS3 ever called Ultra Super Saiyan?? I see no source and I don't re-call that ever. Also why do people keep adding things and not a source to go with them?? FlatZone (talk) 21:41, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Goten, Trunks and Gotenks refer to SS3 as Ultra Super Saiyan in the manga. --Neffyarious (talk) 22:12, January 30, 2020 (UTC)

Bullza, I gave him an explanation and my own side in the edit summaries but he still kept coming to you first when he could of just talk this out in a respectful manner with me even if we have different sides to the situation but he insists on coming to you first even when someone undoes his edits and doesn't agree with it when they explained their side explained it in the edit summary. We hadn't even started discussing this together and he already came to you in a blink of an eye. I can understand about the other edits he has made that I reverted without explanation that he came to you almost immediately after I reverted them which he is justified since I didn't give him an explanation so in some sense I can understand the level of distrust he has with me. But in this case I explained my side and he didn't even try discussing this with me and immediately came to you for help. Due to being given Admin privileges and knowing how Admins are supposed to conduct themselves, I wouldn't use my powers just to block him because I disagree his edits or side of a dispute unless the situation escalates to where rule breaking and flaming is involved then I would have no choice but to use my admin powers to end dispute that escalates to that magnitude but I've far matured since then with the last dispute we had because then I was only just a regular user and wasn't that levelheaded enough until now to settle disputed cases. And blocking people just because I don't agree with their side when they haven't done anything blockworthy would be a form of abuse power which I wouldn't do since I generally for the most part like to confine to the rules here because that could mean a loss of admin privileges. Just like he expects me to explain all the reversions I have made, I believe sometimes I feel that he needs to explain some of the information removes and changes to clarify all parties to the edit or changes he makes so someone doesn't have to revert his because they felt like he was removing information or wasn't clear enough in his edits. But with that being said most people here have agreed that it should only be left as Trivia so it is only fair taht it should be left as Trivia which I had already provided but for some reason he still doesn't agree with it perhaps the way I worded it. I feel like he doesn't agree or try to understand anything I do even when I try to settle it in a way that all people would agree with because he doesn't agree with my side of the dispute whn users should understand each other sides when discussing disputes. If a certain name was widely used, I feel that it should be noted. It also somewhat similar to how the Zenkai term was worded in the Trivia for the article for Saiyan Power. Even official names that have other official names that are noted to be widely used by the fanbase are still mentioned somewhere of the article like the intro for example when the name get brought up in the intro. I agreed with some of his sides to the situation when we have disputes but it never even seems that Creepy agrees with some of the things I come to mind or at least try to understand my points when it comes to disputes and settling them so I am only left to agree with some of the things he proposes because if I say something different that he doesn't like the dispute would never be solved to which case he would have to come to you or Neff for help and sometimes I would be forced to agree with his points so the dispute would stop although some of his arguments have changed my perpective on things. I don't know if Creepy likes settling disputes with other users without admin help because I even had to stop him one time from edit warring with another user when they were constantly undoing each other's edits and refused to take it to the talkpage to discuss this with each other. But Bullza, Flat or Neff can you all look at the trivia and see if you think it is okay, not okay, or okay but needs some rewording? To Creepy, Even if I loom over every edit in the wiki, it my job as an admin to make sure that articles are not messed up due to user's constantly vandalizing and messing up the formatting for certain pages so I have to keep watch of that and patrol the wiki once in a while when there are no admins or other users around constantly checking other user's edits because that's where I come in even if my judgements for certain edits for certain questionable or unclear edits to me made by another user are not 100 percent perfect and which case I may revert completely good edits because nobody here is willing to do it ever since Jean and Dragon left because even when I ask Neff to watch over the wiki while I'm not here as I know he has good judgment skills than me, he still doesn't do that much of a good job watching over the wiki which I completely understand since he is not here 24/7 and he probably has more important things he is doing in his personal things that he doesn't have time to check every edits made here so I still come back and see other user messing up (even when unintentional) or vandalizing pages and I have to step in to watch over that even if it may seem like I'm being too controlling because I am her a lot more than the other admins. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 01:25, January 31, 2020 (UTC))
Something should be included in the Trivia to some capacity so I'll have a look at what was wrote after this.
Aside from that if you two have some distrust "feud" going on then that's really something only you two can work out. If I or someone else is needed for a third opinion then I can help. I had made a deal before with Creepy back in August that I would unban him early on the condition he doesn't edit war again so I hope that hasn't been the case or he forgot what I said back then.
It's also true though that you are the one who does most of the checking up on other peoples edits, which is of course a good thing but just like Dragon will leave you more open to problems with people than anyone else. I do wish you'd have more help in that regard and I do try to do it myself when I can but usually my time here is spent on updating manga chapters, anime episodes and character pages etc which other people don't really do so I don't do it so much. I'll try to do it more if I can, when I'm not focused on other things at the time. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 02:23, January 31, 2020 (UTC)
Thanks Bullza, I appreciate that you are willing to help when I decide I may want to take a break from here. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 02:26, January 31, 2020 (UTC))

I disagree with your judgement Sam. You want to keep catering to an older generation that to be quite frank, if they don't want to move on, then that's their problem and it shouldn't be forced upon new fans. I have disagreed with you on almost everything so far because you have a completely different idea on what the Dragon Ball Wiki should be about than myself. I've had enough of misinformation in this fandom, and I am very adament that it's corrected. People too far often go to this wiki rather than Kanzenshuu, where they should be going. 

I have every reason to go to Bullza, I need to go to him as I've stated before. Have you even read my explanation from before? There's a huge power difference and you can and will have the last say if it comes down to it, which is why I bring other admins into the conversation to moderate it. How can I trust someone who tried to get me banned from the wiki by using a 'loophole' in the rules? I was like 1-2 days off from the deadline when it would not be considered edit warring, and I feel like you jumped at every opportunity to get me banned. There's evidence in this how you went to an admin that was very biased and didn't bother listening to me. Then when I tried to explain myself you still were trying to silence me by insinuating I should be left banned for making a sockpuppet account. I don't know whether or not you look at these rules deliberatly black and white to fit your reasons, but in that instance I really lost trust in you when I needed to have another acount so I could be heard. 

Incase you didn't get that let me conclude it. After our fight I don't exactly trust you, especially now that you have a lot more power than me and I believe if you wanted you would get rid of me. You can't just expect everyone to trust you after your feuds with them, it's not how that works. As an admin you have a responsibility now to look at the bigger picture for Dragon Ball rather than the small picture.

In response to you Bullza, I'm just doing what you told me to do, one slip up and I could be perm banned. That was the agreement, that I come to you which I've done, I haven't edit warred at all recently and have come to you when I feel it's started to come to it. It's a lot easier to go to you so you can moderate the discussion than it is to take a risk and get heated in a debate with someone I haven't had good history with. TheCreepy904 (talk) 06:20, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

Oh I wasn't going to permanently ban you for edit warring. I said I would have banned you for longer than the norm in return for unbanning you early. Unless it happens a lot, you dont get permanetly banned for just edit warring. Not that that should give you reason to start now though. Otherwise yes, I don't want any misinformation here either so the more that can be weeded out the better. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 07:19, January 31, 2020 (UTC)
Jeese Bullza, I get the feeling sometimes you don't think very highly of me. On a serious side though, I don't try to break the rules, all times I have have been unintentional. TheCreepy904 (talk) 09:37, January 31, 2020 (UTC)

Well everybody here has agreed that it should be listed as trivia which I have already done so it not up to you Creepy just because you don't agree with it and doesn't fit with your ideals. It is up to the community to accept it and everybody here has agreed that it should be trivia since trivia is meant for less important info, other wikias have done similar things and it wouldn't hurt it to be just listed as trivia since we even have done something similar for the Saiyan Power page that the term Zenkai was once used for Saiyan Power in the fanbase more generally the Western due to it being also a popular term with the Western Dragon Ball fanbase despite not being official so the same treatment should go for the SS3 Third Grade page. Bullza, Neff, FlatZone, Me and BubbleRevolution has all agreed that it should be in the trivia and not listed as an alt. name of the form due to not being official so that should quite honestly settle the dispute since the majority of us agreed that it should be trivia. Neff has reworded in a way that could probably make you agree with it though your stance on it remaining as trivia might still not be okay with you. (Sosuagwu17 (talk) 13:49, January 31, 2020 (UTC))

You keep making out that I throw a hissy fit everytime someone disagrees with me, which isn't true. This is why we keep having problems. TheCreepy904 (talk) 07:05, February 1, 2020 (UTC)


Hello, Mr. Bullza!

I am Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin and I have been a Discussions Moderator since December 29, 2019 and the first Mod of the newcomers. I came to ask if I could become a temporary Admin to oversee the Discussion Posts until 0551E80Y returns. I believe that I will be able to handle the responsibility, as I am an Admin on Weebipedia. I would only stick to the Discussion Posts and stay away from the Wiki, and if I must ban a user, I would always let the other Admins know whenever I have to do so. I always strive to keep this Fandom a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. If I am passed up, I completely understand. There are a fair number of people who have asked, I imagine. Thank you very much for your time, and have a blessed day! I have left a message regarding this on the Talk Pages the other Admins (Except for Prince Zarbon, since he said that he would be inactive), since this would be a joint decision between the Main Admins.

2/1/2020   Fenn is here! For help, message me hereUser talk:Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin, Have a blessed day! 04:11, February 2, 2020 (UTC)

If it's purely to overlook the forum side of the site only, then that's fine with me seeing as you were already endorsed by another admin which is usually at least required anyway. It's probably always good to have one person overlooking that side of the site seeing as I and I think the other couple Admins usually don't and the guy who does has been away for a while. You also have a similar or greater position on other wikis too even if they might be smaller so you should be familiar with the position.
I've given you Admin as well as Chat Moderator privileges. As long as there's no issue then you can maintain the position even when and if 0551E80Y returns. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 11:18, February 2, 2020 (UTC)

Thank you, Sir! I won't let you, the other administrators, or anyone in the community down!

1/2/2020 Fenn is here! For help, message me hereUser talk:Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin, Have a blessed day! 19:38, February 2, 2020 (UTC)


I've just noticed that JBour hasn't been active for months. Do you want me to take over his position 

Well actually Fenn above beat you to his position just the other day and we wouldn't make anyone else an Admin just yet but what I will do is give you "Chat Moderator" privileges to go along with your "Discussion Moderator" privilege. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 07:02, February 4, 2020 (UTC)

I thought she took over 0551E80Y's permissions? Not JBour's. In the conversation above, it clearly states above that she took over 0551E80Y's permissions (I'm trying not to be rude, so sorry if I am). Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 12:50, February 4, 2020 (UTC)

That's right but 0551E80Y took over from JBeour in turn. JBeour was the social administrator but then became inactive for a while after May 2018 so 0551E80Y took his position starting from July 2018. Now he's been inactive for a few months so Fenn now has his position as a social administrator. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 01:07, February 5, 2020 (UTC)
What about Prince Zarbon? Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 06:09, February 5, 2020 (UTC)
He was and still is a full on Admin. We don't need any more Admins right at this moment. Admins generally deal with the main part of the Wiki and in that regard you're still a fairly new user with limited contributions to the articles. To become an Admin you need a lot of experience, you need familiarity with the other Admins, you need to be endorsed by another Admin, you need to be pretty good with coding etc.
I only even made Fenn one mainly because she said she was going to stay away from the Wiki side of things, because we could do with the replacement and because she was endorsed by another Admin. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 07:26, February 5, 2020 (UTC)
Yeah, I'm fine with that. Just let me know if you want an xtra hand. I'm fine with mine, I've still got something. Anyways, see ya round! Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 12:51, February 5, 2020 (UTC)

Discussions Moderator

Hey. I woukd like to ask for another discussoons moderator to join the team. Coukd you make that possible? Thanks in advance! Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 06:56, February 5, 2020 (UTC)

Well I've given two two people that ability in less than a week. Let's see how you get on for now, surely the forum isn't that large that it requires three mods. If you run into genuine trouble keeping the forum under control then I'll reconsider it.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 07:26, February 5, 2020 (UTC)

Who are these people? Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 12:45, February 5, 2020 (UTC)

Hi I am SSGSS_Hunter—This unsigned comment was made by SSGSS Hunter (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

Suggestion for another Social Admin

Hello, Mr. Bullza! It's me again. I am sorry to pester you, but I was wondering if I could suggest a user as an Admin.

It is one of the Moderators, DragonBallZ050. I know that there are a lot of Admins on this Wiki, and that I am already a Social Admin, but here is why I ask.


Time Zones- I run on US Pacific Time, and a lot of the users go by US Eastern Time and GMT. So, a fair amount of stuff happens when I am offline. DragonBallZ050 is in England, so when I am off, he can keep a handle on things.

Active- Much like me, he is very active on this Wiki.

Sticks close to the rules- He keeps to the rules and does a very good job at keeping others to the rules, as well.

Personality- He has a good, Admin-like personality. He is polite, but tough when needed. He is always willing to help someone when they need it, and is supportive of all Users.

Experienced- He is a HUGE help on this Wiki, Weebipedia, and the Dragon Ball GT and AF Wiki. He does an outstanding job on them.

If he agreed to only work on the Discussion Posts like how I do, he could be a great help to the community. This is of course your decision and the decision of the other Admins, as well, but I just thought that he would make for a good Social Admin. Have a great day!

Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn

2-10-2020 (I thought it would date this when I signed. I'm still working out the kinks with my new signature. Sorry.)

Well like you, DragonBallZ050 has the same Discussion and Chat Moderator rights so should have everything he needs to handle the forum side of things as it is. The difference being that he isn't an Admin. However the extra privileges of being an Admin is mainly to

1. Block other users. 2. Give other users Chat and Discussion Moderator privileges. 3. Change the coding of the site.

I certainly wouldn't recommend that #3 be done and surely #2 wouldn't be needed as there's already two of you. Which would leave just #1 and again surely the forum can't be that bad off that it would need two people to block users on the forum. It can't be that common of an occurrence.

The other main thing about being an Admin is that other users come to them to ask for help or input on the wiki part of the site and the articles which you said, yourself and then I suppose him wouldn't be working with either.

So what exactly would be the extra benefit of him becoming an Admin compared to what he is already able to do now? It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 10:08, February 11, 2020 (UTC)

I'd like to chip in here. I would really appreciate to become an admin, but still, the only benefit is #1. So, timezones are key though. LSSF might not be active, so I could step in for her. Please respect my comment. I would like to become an admin though. If so, let me know! Thanks! Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 12:57, February 11, 2020 (UTC)

Oh! I'm sorry, I said Forum, didn't I? I meant the Discussion Posts. This place: Discussion Posts

That place is REALLY busy. I think that Ya Boi King Kai patrols the Forums. He says it's an easy going place on the Forums. The Discussion Posts tend to have issues with trolls and sock-puppet accounts. 3 (I think) that I recall since becoming a Discussions Moderator at the end of December. However, a lot of the stuff happens when I am offline. I was wondering if DragonBallZ050 could become a Social Amin like how I am so he can ban users who are attacking other users when I am not online. The Discussion Posts could use Admins around the clock, in my opinion. But this is all your call! We could probably get by with 1 Admin, but I thought that this would be a really good idea. I am so sorry for the confusion!


Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn 21:56, February 11, 2020 (UTC)

Around the clock yeah. I do have school M-F and I'm the only England mod here. It could help. Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 05:53, February 12, 2020 (UTC)

Well I'm still not sure how necessary it is to have two. I'm not going to just rush to a decision this time though. We'll go through the proper procedure that is listed in the sites rules. Which means I'll bring it up in the right place to talk about this and get other input before a decision is made. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 09:37, February 12, 2020 (UTC)
Okay. Thanks! Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 16:55, February 12, 2020 (UTC)

Thank ya, Sir! Sorry again for the hassle!


Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn

Hey. I have seen there are no replies. Could I be an admin? Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:DragonBallZ050| Enjoy your stay! 17:27, February 17, 2020 (UTC)

Try bringing that discussion on the talk page to the other Admins attention, then they'll likely respond to it. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 17:35, February 17, 2020 (UTC)


Wouldn't it be time to unblock him and to give him another chance/try, since it appears he will never get active again with his other account ?--Mgdodl (talk) 13:21, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

I suppose I can but if he's not active with his main account then I don't see why he'd use his secondary account but it's been close to a year so I'll unban it and see. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 17:59, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

However, it seems he only active with this account in different wikis, since I once looked into other wikis.--Mgdodl (talk) 19:11, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

So he uses ShadowSilver on other wikis but doesn't use DragonEmeperor on other wikis? It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 19:25, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

Yes, I think so, it might because of the reputation that sticks on his other account.--Mgdodl (talk) 08:13, February 23, 2020 (UTC)


Hello Mr. Bullza!

I have seen that on the Marvel Wiki, they have added a "Quiz" option on their Discussion Posts. Here is a screenshot.

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 1.16.54 AM

As you can see, there is a new option up. I was wondering if you thought it'd be a good idea if we can do this for our Discussion Posts. I'm pretty good at coding, and I could get it done.

Have a blessed day! 2-26-2020

Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn

I don't see why there would be any downsides to that so if it works go straight ahead. Make sure the poll appears for the mobile version of the site as well though. There's some things that work on the desktop version but not on the mobile version like the tabs. That shouldn't stop you from going ahead anyway but just something to check on. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 06:26, February 26, 2020 (UTC)

I just did some looking into it and it turns out that the Marvel Wiki is testing out a new beta for Fandom. If it works well on the test sites, it will be migrated to the other Communities.


Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn


Would it be possible to request a Bot-Flag for Sosuagwu17 or that he creates a Bot account, because he often floods the Recent Activity with his edits ?--Mgdodl (talk) 09:31, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Possible yes, but you could probably do with getting Sosuagwu17's input on that to see if he'd even want to be classed as a bot account. It could just be as simple as him toning down the amount of edits he actually makes. Going by his contributions he does mainly make trivial edits so he could agree to just make less of them. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 09:50, February 29, 2020 (UTC)
In my eyes the way he edits still bears similarities to DragonEmeperor, unlike Sosuagwu17, Dragon actually wanted to create a Bot. However I miss that guy, the Wiki is so different without him.
Could you also clean up your signature, if you have any trouble these instructions would help ?--Mgdodl (talk) 11:16, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Sorry to jump in (hey Bullza how's it going!), I don't think asking a user to make less edits is the way we should go, no matter how trivial the edits are. Classifying him as a bot account (if he agrees) seems like the best solution, although I personally don't care much about the recent activity being flooded because it seems like more people are motivated to edit when there's frequent recent activity anyway. His edits make the wiki seem more "alive" at times. — Final ChidoriTalk 11:54, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Well it is true that his editing style is very similar to DragonEmeperor, I've seen him make edits where he's just removed an extra space for the sake of a byte and you can see from his contributions that they usually amount to add or removing bytes but yes it's also true that it does create the appearance of it being a very alive and thriving wiki. If it's something he's happy to do though then that's up to him but really just up to him, I wouldn't make that decision for him.

And yes I have been meaning to change up the signature even though it was kind of rude of you to ask lol. Hey Final Chidori, it's nice to see you around after a while. You just popped by or you sticking around? It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here at User talk:Bullza| Let me know 12:04, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Btw. I mentioned more than one option not just one, either Sosuagwu flags his account or he creates a bot account or he refuses and everything would be the same, and it's only sometimes that the amount he edits is excessive.

My bad, I should've asked you in a more respectful and friendly manner.--Mgdodl (talk) 12:19, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Oh yes. Sam does edit a lot. I don't really think there is a need for a bot to flag his edits. Admins do that sort of stuff, Ya know? Anyway, I made Bullza his signature and it took ages to do. It's in same format as mine. Anyways, if he edits more and more to the point no one else edits, there should be a bot, just to make only one of his edits show up. Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User_talk:DragonBallZ050 | Enjoy your stay!]] 13:02, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

No, I didn't said that he needs change it, he should put the signature code on a separate page, like Final Chidori already suggested to you.--Mgdodl (talk) 13:47, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Oh, I see what you mean. Lets see this did do it?It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

15:13, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Got it, thanks for pointing that out.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

15:14, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Well, that's Sosuagwu17 answer.--Mgdodl (talk) 21:11, February 29, 2020 (UTC)


Made a separate topic for this so I don't clutter up the conversation above. Nice to see you too! I'm hopefully sticking around a little more consistently now haha.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know the links in your sig are broken. It doesn't link to your account or talk page at all. I could fix the links or just make you a completely new signature since you mentioned wanted to change it up. Haven't made a wikia signature in a while so that would be kinda fun. — Final ChidoriTalk 06:19, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

If you want me to I can change it so that you're listed as a currently active admin again, so that you were listed on the main page in the box. Yeah I don't really know much about the signatures, it was actually DragonBallZ050 who made it for me, I'm sure it was alright before unless I've messed it up somehow by going through those instructions yesterday. It's up to you, I don't like to put people out but if you do change it, maybe keep it similar to what it is because DragonBallZ050 did say above that he worked hard on it so it'd be a shame to just throw it out.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

08:19, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up, I just "reactivated" myself. It seems like the links were always broken looking further up your talk page. I made it link to your profile and talk page but left the design alone. Let me know if you ever end up wanting to make a new one though :) — Final ChidoriTalk 03:58, March 2, 2020 (UTC)

Tenkaichi 3

whats ur point, im aware that he was listed there, he deserves his own section tho, he is a playable character. Jmasterleo1 (talk) 08:30, March 1, 2020 (UTC)jmasterleo1

Yes but he's listed as a playable character already. Omega Shenron is an extension of Syn Shenron just like Super Janemba is an extension of Janemba. The characters are listed per specific slot, with the transformations being in the next column.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

08:33, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

yes im aware of Super Janemba, but he isnt selectable on the character screen (to my knowledge, havent played this game in about a decade) whereas i know Omega is selectable on the character screen, i think that Super Janemba is only available when uve selected Janemba and used the transformation input to make him Super Janemba (again i might b wrong on this, as i said its been about a decade since i last played this game). not to mention Omega isnt a transformation, he is a fusion


Check this video.
Super Janemba is shown but as extension of Base/Fat Janemba, that's why he's listed as a transformation. It's the same for Omega Shenron, he's shown as an extension or transformation of Syn Shenron. If you list Omega Shenron separately the you'd have to list Great Ape Nappa or Super Android 13 separatley.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

09:00, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

yea my PS2 copy of Budokai Tenkaichi listed Omega as a seperate entity. not a transformation of any other character, the wheel i remember had him in his own window —This unsigned comment was made by Jmasterleo1 (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!


I think it is time to demote Jbour53 as an admin here since he has been inactive here for more than 9 months and I am about to list him as a retired admin. Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan Sosuagwu17userpage Sosuagwu17usertalk  Sosuagwu17contribs  08:42,3/1/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan

Yeah we may as well, the time he's been inactive from the site has been longer than the time he was actually active. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

09:00, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

Discussions Moderator 

Hi Bullza! As I am becoming a global discussions moderator, we need a 3rd mod. I will still stay, and maintain my rights, but have a few extra, such as block perms. Fenn wants to appoint another mod as I won't be here as frequent as I am now, so we need the extra hand. I would like it if you would help with the selection process, which will take place on my talk page. We already have a few contenders, which is great. The reason I am asking for your opinion is because Sam chose last time without considering what others wanted. I have realised I really don't need admin; tomorrow, I'll technically have it as I am becoming a global discussions moderator, so I will have the block permissions. Thanks! Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User_talk:DragonBallZ050 | Enjoy your stay!]]

Sure thing, once I'm finished up with what I'm currently doing I'll take a look at what's been said on your page.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

09:00, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

It is also in a post called job fair Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User_talk:DragonBallZ050 | Enjoy your stay!]]
Yeah I found that, I'm looking through it now and I'll leave a post there.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

09:51, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

It is also in mine and Chidori in test that we have a server for the wiki Joe is here! Have any questions? Talk here at User_talk:DragonBallZ050 | Enjoy your stay!]] 10:17, March 1, 2020 (UTC)

RE: Discussions Moderator

I have decided that Beeku will become the new disucssions moderator, he seems worthy and I know he will be active.  DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ 13:24, March 3, 2020 (UTC)

Is he the one located in England? Does that put him on another timezone from Fenn? Does Fenn also approve of this? How long has he been part of this community? Does he have experience as a moderator on any other site or wiki? And why have you chosen him over BROLYEN53?It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

13:30, March 3, 2020 (UTC)

I chose him as he diffuses situations such as trolling quickly. And brolyen maybe. Fenn has the final say. DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ 07:46, March 4, 2020 (UTC)

Anyway, I just saw Jammer92 is a good fit for this job. Thanks for picking him!  DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ

Hey. Final Chidori removed my rights when Fenn told jim not to. Can you reinstate them as I now can't moderate chat or Forums?  DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ 12:46, March 5, 2020 (UTC)

Fennekin didn't tell me not to, I'm not sure where you got that. Again, I thought you were stepping down as a regular moderator, isn't that why we found someone to fill your position? — FinalTalk 15:04, March 5, 2020 (UTC)
Oh sorry. Fenn said my rights won't be taken DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ 18:17, March 5, 2020 (UTC)


DragonBallZ050 is being way to strict. if you checked locked posts you'll see what I mean. I was joking abbout how long I've been on the fandom. I said just started today and he says lie again and it's a 1 week ban...HOLD UP WHAT??!

Then I try to correct him about it by telling him to calm down since a similar issue happened a few months ago when I (and a lot of more people) were posting off topic comments like meme comments that werent related to dragon ball. for example I would post a meme comment to tell someone something and DragonBallZ050 would threaten me. yet everyone does it. then he says he's going to get stricter. This fandom is no fun when your following the guidelines and you still got mods that find any way to screw you over. I cant comment anymore about it on the main page sinse he said he's gonna ban me if I do. and I believe him. I really dont trust him with this kind of power please do something about it

Well you could really do with posting some examples here so I could see for myself what you're referring too.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

17:37, March 6, 2020 (UTC)

Wow and based off of his talk page he's been doing this. really though at this point he's going to far. He's giving me no freedom and no room to joke around. then he posted a discussion about rewards for users and he said

Congragulations to @Forsaken for now following the rules... LIKE I WASNT FOLLOWING THE RULES BUT I WAS >:(

He's trying to make me look like a bad guy because I'm right. the closest thing I've done to breaking the rules is saying the B word. but a mod gave me a warning. not a threat to ban me.

Well again I don't really know what you're referring to here because this is a forum issue and that should really be taken to the discussions moderator which is Fenn. If there is actual genuine issue with a mod abusing his power then I'd need to get involved but if you're having issues then you need to bring this to Fenn as the one experienced in that side of the site. You do need to link to these issues though so people can actually see the posts as they are.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

17:52, March 6, 2020 (UTC)

Forget everything I said. just think of those things I said and erase them like this
Fullsizeoutput 81

Bullza, it was a misunderstanding. I would not abuse my powers. And I have to be strict, I have a job to do. And people go complaining. And saying words like that, you shouldn't really. I did explain myself, but he won't listen. I've had enough of it. I am constantly being taken as being in the wrong. I'm not the one who is complaining. I have a job to do, and I am allowed to do it. If you don't agree with me, why do I bother? I had this problem with Chidori, but we sorted it. Now Forsaken is going at me. What is wrong with this place as I can't do anything without being taken the Mick out of. He is the 3rd user who has complained. Really, Fenn knows what actually happened. I say they would get banned if they carried on lying ad I stick by instinct and guidelines. And that deters people who lies. He lied about saying "I have only been here for a day". You know what? I have had enough of it. Me, constantly being told I am too strict. Well, if they have a problem, they can leave me alone, cause I don't want to hear it anymore. I'm sick of it always happening to me, just because I'm acting like a role model. And if you have an issue, take my rights away. I don't care. Because to them lot, my feelings don't matter. The discussions are getting worse by the day. I try to sort it. What happens? I get moaned at. Next time, I'm not gonna bother with this, and just give up, because that's what it is getting to.  DragonBallZ050 ドラゴンボールTalk トークページ 10:44, March 7, 2020 (UTC)

DragonBallZ050, if you're getting constant complaints from users about how you're conducting yourself as a moderator, it may be time to take a look inward and see what you can change instead of deciding that you're simply a misunderstood role model. You didn't deter a malicious liar, you threatened to ban someone for a week for making a dumb joke. I understand you have good intentions and all, but again, if multiple people are complaining that you're overstepping then you might actually be overstepping. It's also a little weird that you would come here to complain because you apologized to the user. — FinalTalk 14:28, March 7, 2020 (UTC)

Easy there, I never said you actually were abusing your powers, I wasn't even sure what was going on without having looked at it myself. I won't go into matters any further than need be because it seems like you two have sorted it out and the rights have been moved around so we'll leave it at that until anything else might come about. Otherwise there is a difference between being strict and being both fair and firm. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 15:05, March 7, 2020 (UTC)

Regarding the new Wiki Discord Server

Hiya! I was just coming to ask if you would like me to add the Discord Server to the Main Page. I have done them before, and it really wouldn't be any problem at all. I could do it with the server on the side and it says who is online at the time, or I could try doing it where it has a personalized image. But, only if you want it up on the Main Page. Here are some examples so you can see what it should look like.

This is one with a Personalized image.

And here is one with the widget that displays current Users online.

The only problem with the last one, is that sometimes it doesn't display the Server, and displays a javascript error message.

Have a blessed day! 3-8-2020

Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn

Was this the server that was created by DragonBallZ050 the other day? Well no, not yet. The staff of the site need to be in there first and make sure it's all as it should be. When I went on the other day there was still a lot of room for things to change.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

18:34, March 8, 2020 (UTC)

I agree with Bullza. I removed the post DragonBallZ050 made about it as well. Like I said earlier, I think it would be best if Bullza or 10X created the server themselves so they have the founder privileges. Nothing against DragonBallZ050 but he was only a discussions moderator for about two months, I don't know how I feel about him having pretty much total control over the wiki's official discord. Not saying he would abuse his powers or anything but I'd much rather have an actual bureaucrat in charge of that. — FinalTalk 00:32, March 9, 2020 (UTC)

Ah, the other day after he'd spent three hours making it he asked me if it should go public. I said not until everything is sorted out but he went and made that post anyway, completely jumped the gun there.
I don't know if it's something that we'll do. I don't think 10x was too fussed with the idea and I don't really care much either. It was the kind of thing that if the other Admins here wanted and thought was necessary then I'd have supported it and helped put it together but otherwise it's not something I'd go out of my way to push. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

01:54, March 9, 2020 (UTC)

Okay. Thank you for the response! If there is anything that I can do to help on this Wiki, I'll be more than happy to contribute!  (^‿^)


Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn

Well, I tested with a server owner on a Discord server, where I'm member, whether it's possible to transfer the ownership with 2FA enabled and it's still possible to do that, btw. there are no founder privileges on Discord only owner.--Mgdodl (talk) 16:39, March 17, 2020 (UTC)

Subpages for large Pages

I would like to bring up a topic that DragonEmeperor once mentioned and that would creating subpages. I would suggested to that on large pages, because they get too lengthy and intimidating for new users and it would take a long time for the pages to load for users with slow internet--Mgdodl (talk) 16:39, March 17, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah I remember this was brought up before and on the One Piece wiki it's divided up that way for someone like Luffy. The problem was and still is, is that being able to switch between sections does not work on the mobile version of the site so I can't see most the content. And seeing as 66% of this wikis views come from mobile users means it can't be done in the way that was once suggested. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

16:55, March 17, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah I remember this was brought up before and on the One Piece wiki it's divided up that way for someone like Luffy. The problem was and still is, is that being able to switch between sections does not work on the mobile version of the site so I can't see most the content. And seeing as 66% of this wikis views come from mobile users means it can't be done in the way that was once suggested.
If anything pages should just be trimmed down. I did do that recently with Goku. The biography and some other sections are overly detailed. I removed about 45,000 bytes worth of information just from the Super biography section. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

16:55, March 17, 2020 (UTC)

We could leave the subsections in and link them to the sub page using the main template, e.g. Goku/Biography would be all that's under Goku's Biography section. That way it would still work for mobile. --Neffyarious (talk) 18:12, March 17, 2020 (UTC)

Possibly, right now Goku's page is at 501,000 bytes and then Vegeta's is at 385,000 bytes and then there's only other 4 characters above 200,000 bytes. So only Goku's is particularly long. I wouldn't say it was worth making such a change for just the one but perhaps when a weekly series starts up again and information starts being added at a rapid pace then it might be something to think about.
The problem is that some sections are just too detailed. What's written down on Goku's page for the Xenoverse 2 game is longer than what's written down for the entire Namek saga. There's almost as much written down for the 100 minute long Broly movie as their is for the almost 40 episode long Saiyan arc.
Just look at the power section. It's like a novel. The events of DBZ, a 291 episode series were covered in just 6 paragraphs. There's more written for SDBH and that's only 21 episodes at 8 minutes. That's like 3% of DBZ's screentime so how is that a thing?
And finally once upon a time the Battle section was called Major Battles and listed the significant notable fights the character was involved in. Now it includes literally every single one, every tiny skirmish is listed in there. I've never liked that either.
I'd honestly just weed out some of the extra fluff, because the pages probably include too much information. It stifles pages. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

23:17, March 17, 2020 (UTC)

But 60'000 bytes (100'000 bytes) and more still seem to be large and even if the pages are shortened, a lot of content could remain and the pages would nevertheless be large and Vegeta's techniques are separated from the power section.--Mgdodl (talk) 06:08, March 18, 2020 (UTC)

I know there's a List of techniques past for a few. Once there was a lot more but they got merged back in once the abilities section and tabs were made. I'd mainly kikemto keep everything together but I wouldn't particularly be opposed to having a "List of battles involving Goku" page or something but not just yet. I'm gonna go through his page soon and see if I can minimise some things. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

13:27, March 18, 2020 (UTC)

Chat Function Conversation

Hey Bullza! If you have the time, could I please get your opinion on this? Thanks! — FinalTalk 19:30, April 3, 2020 (UTC)


Based on his history in other wikis, he's known for vandalizing, even in a person's userpage that's why I gave him that 4 year block but you are right, I think I went a little too overboard for giving him a way too long temporary block and just given him a year or month block because like you said users usually stop vandalizing wikis when they get blocked temporarily after a first offense even if they don't show clear intentions of wanting to be a good contributor and some get blocked infinitely. But of course, if he comes back and intentionally vandalizes another page, I'm going to have to give him an infinite ban in place of that 4 year ban I gave him because it is my job here to ensure that pages don't deliberately get messed up and vandalized just for the heck of it just to prevent anymore users like him to come and vandalize and ruin pages.

Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan Sosuagwu17userpage Sosuagwu17usertalk  Sosuagwu17contribs  04:04,4/5/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan

Potential Unleashed/Old Kai

Dude I really need your help. I wanted to inquire if Old Kai's Ability is really a transformation and if it is, then is it really the source of Gohan's power or is Potential Unleashed the real transformation? Because as far as I know, Old Kai's Ability was used only once on Gohan and the transformation that Gohan accesses is Potential Unleashed and not Old Kai's Ability. Also there is no evidence suggesting otherwise. So, there are some traits mentioned in the Old Kai ability of the abilities section in Gohan's page which mention traits such as exhibiting white aura and needing proper conditioning lest the user loses access to the transformation; all of which I think are actually characteristics of the Potential Unleashed transformation, so I move this info from Old Kai to Potential Unleashed (trust me bro I do not spread fake info and only edit when I'm sure, but you may still correct me if I'm wrong). I am not suggesting removing the Old Kai section of the page entirely but removing info that mixes up characteristics of PU and Old Kai. But then there's this guy Sosuagwu who keeps undoing the edit giving only one explanation that he's right and I'm wrong.

Till now I haven't seen any evidence suggesting that those traits mentioned actually belong to old Kai and that Old Kai's Ability is even any transformation. I tried contacting him on his page but there was no response and the undoing the edits fiasco has happened two times now so I would do the edit again, given that evidence says I'm right, but then I'd get banned. So I really need your help with this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but kindly help me if I'm right.

PS- Did Gohan EVER utilise Super Saiyan 2 on top of Potential Unleashed? Omni-Knower (talk) 09:01, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

To be honest I don't particularly know what the difference is meant to be. According to the individual pages, Old Kai's Unlock Ability is meant to be the name of the technique or ritual that Elder Kai performs to bring out a persons hidden potential basically the little jig that he does. At which point Gohan with his hidden potential brought out is what Potential Unleashed is supposed to be.
According to Gohan's page though it is treated as two different power ups and that I don't know why. In the image next to the Old Kai's Unlock Ability it has a picture of Gohan against Lavender where it refers to him as "Ultimate Gohan". Even though my understanding was that Ultimate Gohan was Potential Unleashed Gohan and in that form he has the bang which he didn't have against Lavender.
So I'm unsure on this like you, I too thought Old Kais ability was in unlocking Gohans potential and then the transformation afterward was just Potential Unleashed. In the battles section on Gohan's page, there's not one battle that lists "Old Kai Unlock Ability" as a transformation he uses in a fight.
I recall Neffyarious knowing more about this than me, I think he explained something to me on it once but I'll send him a message and redirect him over here to see if he can clear it up.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

11:00, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

Basically during promotion for the Universe Survival Saga, Gohan (during his battle with Lavender) was referred to as "Ultimate Gohan" and was said to be as strong as he was thanks to his unlocked potential. Then, later in the saga he trains with Piccolo and takes on Potential Unleashed as a transformation. Since for some reason they were treated as two separate things at this time that's how it was inserted into the wiki - Gohan has his potential unlocked and becomes stronger - can still become SS and SS2 but now also has Potential Unleashed beyond that.

Gohan never uses SS2 on top of Potential Unleashed. He doesn't really use SS either - he only did in the trailer for Battle of Gods, and a card that was released prior during BoG's release was Potential Unleashed Gohan with the ability to turn SS, so that's why it's included. --Neffyarious (talk) 11:18, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

See that's what makes it confusing because on Gohan's page under Potential Unleashed it says that is what is referred to as Ultimate Gohan. Gohan reawakening that form when training with Piccolo also happened after that Lavender fight too.
The Old Kai Unlock Ability page makes that out as just the ability that Elder Kai performs to bring out someones potential which is then in turn called Potential Unleashed. Gohan's page makes that out to be a transformation which is referred to as "Ultimate Gohan" but is then separate from his Potential Unleashed transformation which is also referred to as "Ultimate Gohan".
The way it's all written down makes no sense at all as though the promotion just got the image confused or something changed in the design process later on because they aren't two separate transformations with the same name.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

11:33, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

Unfortunately operating under the assumption that it was a mix up would be speculation, the source is official after all.

I agree that it's confusing and could use a rewrite. The unlock ability page is referring to Old Kai's ability, I suppose we could move the "Further-Power Up" section to the Unlock Potential page and also merge the "Old Kai's Unlock Ability" section on Gohan's page to his "Unlock Potential" section? --Neffyarious (talk) 11:52, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

All right, thank you for the clarification. So may I proceed with moving the info referring to the traits such as possessing a white aura and needing proper conditioning to the Potential Unleashed section? I would request just a bit more clarification on this matter as well; as to which section these traits belong Omni-Knower (talk) 12:07, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

I'll let Neffyarious answer that because again he's more familiar with it but as for what he said...
Yeah that was the other thing that made it confusing. On the Old Kai Unlock Ability page there's that whole "Further Power-Up" section which explains the different times hes used the Potential Unleashed form like when he used it against Goku and surely that shouldn't be on that page. And yes the two sections on Gohan's page should be merged together as well. I don't know how you mean to do that specifically so shall I leave you to mess with that so I don't end up putting something in the wrong place?It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

12:21, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks I'll get on it right away. But then there will be this issue where Sosuagwu will redo the whole thing..what do I do then? Omni-Knower (talk) 12:25, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

Well if you redirect him here, he'll see whats been said.It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

12:30, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

All right, thanks Bullza Omni-Knower (talk) 12:32, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah those changes are fine. I'll also clean it up to try and make it less confusing. --Neffyarious (talk) 16:24, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks Neffyarious and Bullza Omni-Knower (talk) 06:47, April 13, 2020 (UTC)

Darius the Omniking

Yo, Bullza.

I was modding on the discussions page and found a user who said he was only 11 years old (Underaged) I took a pic of what he said, and posted it so he couldn't delete it. He then claimed to be anywhere between 13 to 14 years of age, claiming he was going into 8th grade and that his birthday had already passed. I'm not sure if we should believe the first or second age. I personally think he's underage due to the way he acts on here. BTW it was DariusTheOmniKing. Here is the post. I, Fenn and Jammer have been talking about it, but I thought it best to bring it up to a senior Admin to see what they might think on this matter. I hope you can help us out at your earliest convienience.

With kind regards,

Ya Boi King Kai's gif for sig Ya Boi King Kai's Signature Banner Part 1 (Ya Boi) Ya Boi King Kai's Signature Banner Part 2 (King)  Ya Boi King Kai's Signature Banner Part 3 (Kai)   Ya Boi King Kai's image for sig

Did he originally say that he was 11 and then later changed it to say he was 13 or 14 after being told that he could be banned for being underage? In that post he said "I have proof" you then asked "What is it" and then the next post was deleted before you saying you took a screen shot? What was the supposed proof?

In any case we'd have to follow the rules. If it were indeed 11 he'd have to be blocked for two years starting from the date he said he was 11. It is harsh though as it would mean the chances of him returning after such a time would be very slim but we wouldn't be doing what we were assigned to do if we just waved it off. Otherwise yeah what was this proof of his?It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 12:56, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

Hey just thought I'd weigh in. His first proof was, "I'm going to the 8th grade and my birthday: March 17 passed already." His second was, "I was born March 17, 2007 screenshot that @Ya Boi King Kai." Like Ya Boi King Kai said, he does act quite immature but I couldn't say for certain if he is or not. -- Jammer92Talk 15:29, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

I'm trying to deal with it right now via Private Message on Discord. Just giving a birthdate alone doesn't mean anything, anyone could do that. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

15:32, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah I thought the same thing. We have had quite a few incidents of him spamming excessively and posting off topic. His overall attitude does seem pretty immature too, which isn't a very good indicator. -- Jammer92Talk 15:37, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

It's all been sorted out. He's fine to stay on the site. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

17:45, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

Can I?

Can I be a discussions Mod, I never got banned and never broke any rules, what do you say?

 The Ultimate 702 究極のバードックTalk トークページ 20:03, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for the offer but right now we already have three active discussion moderators which is probably an overkill as is, but if a spot ever opens up and you're still interested then you can be considered.

It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 20:13, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks, I'll always be here if you needed me.

 The Ultimate 702 究極のバードックTalk トークページ 20:19, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

The Discussion Posts actually really could use some help. Since everyone has been online due to being stuck in quarantine, along with the fact that a lot of Schools have already finished their school years, the Posts have been incredibly active. It will more than likely be this way until Autumn, when the School year starts again, as many of the Users are school-age. In the past day and a half, there have been 60 posts, some reaching 300 replies (Posts that are not Roleplays), which is rather rare. But we have been seeing a lot of posts get an average of at least 50 replies, frequently. The Ultimate 702 is a really good User, and is on most of these posts. He's well respected by the community, and, with your blessing, I believe that he'd make a great Moderator. But, of course, this is your decision. Have a blessed day!


Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn Well with this increased surge in replies, has there been an abundance of issues? If people are behaving then it should be alright as is....or is that not the case?

It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 23:14, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

From my perspective the majority of the issues at the moment are people occasionally being a bit too eager and spamming posts a little bit and the occasional off topic post. There were a couple of discussion polls that escalated into arguments the other week, but that seems to have calmed down now for the time being. I do agree with Fenn though that The Ultimate 702 is a good user and think he would be a good addition to the team if added. -- Jammer92Talk 23:57, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

Vs topics

While we're on the subject I've been wanting to understand this better. I occasionally stop by Discussions and it's always completely filled with these "vs" polls.
^These are all from the past day and they're not even all the ones I saw. Is the community enjoying these? They're insanely low-effort and there's an absolute ton of them to the point where it looks like it's spam, but at the same time they're getting comments and a decent amount of votes. I know most other communities (like the subreddit or Kanzenshuu) filter these posts out, what are your opinions on them? If the same person makes like 3 "vs" posts in one day (I've seen that happen a couple times), is that spam? And off-topic posts, would this be considered off-topic? What about this? There's times where I'm considering removing a post or deleting a comment but I'm not exactly sure how strictly the guidelines there are being enforced. — FinalTalk 01:04, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

I think generally speaking most people do seem to enjoy vs polls. As I said before, they have sparked a few arguments but that's pretty rare. I do agree they are a bit excessive at times, especially with similar polls being created with the same characters. I can't speak for anyone else, but I left the post from dropthemike because he was announcing his return which I thought people might be interested in. I did consider deleting it though.-- Jammer92Talk 01:37, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

I know what you mean, the nature of a series like this makes all the VS posts understandable but it'd be unfortunate if it drowned out all other discussion. I do know that there was a specific thread for that on Kanzenshuu. Those off topic posts are off topic too.
Other forums usually have sub forums but I don't think it works like that here does it? It would have been worth making sub forums for such a thing if so. I see that there's a "filter", would it be possible to add a separate one for VS posts? So that you could then filter out such posts entirely?
I suppose if it got too out of hand we could apply some rule that users would only be allowed to make one VS post per day. Don't know if that would help but it could ease it up possibly. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

01:46, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Adding a new category for VS Posts would be a good idea, but Users hardly sort their Posts with the already present options, such as "Fan Art". I don't really think that they would use it.


Broly Laugh - Fenn's profile pic 3 Fenn's sig pic Fenn pt 1 Fenn's sig pic here to pt 2  Fenn's sig pic help pt3   Fenn

Yeah I think a filter category for them could be a good idea. Although many people might not filter their posts, it would be good to have the option. I agree on limiting them possibly too. I do think some users have the tendency to get carried away from time to time. --Jammer92❯❯❯ talk 12:48, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

I wonder if something can be put in place as a reminder to use the correct category when making a post. Are there users that make multiple VS topics a day in the first place that such a rule would even be worth it? It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here! 14:53, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Alright I had a bit more of a look, there's currently 10 different filters in place, apparently you can't have more than that. So we could remove one of them which maybe isn't used as much and replace them with Vs battles. Lore doesn't appear to be used much and can easily be fit in with one of the others.
Then we could add in the guidelines to make sure to assign the correct category to your post and the discussion moderators will have to try and make sure they enforce that for a bit until people got used to it. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

15:09, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

I think it would take a bit of getting used to but updating the guidelines could be a good shout. At a quick glance most people just seem to categorize their posts under general. I was just thinking about posts falling under more than one category, but I don't think that would be an issue. Jammer92❯❯❯ talk 15:56, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Alright what I've done is I've deleted "Lore" and merged those old posts with "General". I've created a new one called "VS Polls/Discussion" and for now I've put that at the top so people know that its there. I also added a new rule (#4) on the guidelines about making sure to ensure each post falls under the right category. Pretty sure nobody reads that stuff but its there and can be pointed to as reference.
So from here basically all these Vs topics need to go under that correct category and if they aren't then one of the discussion mods need to point that out to that person so they know next time. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

16:33, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Okay mate thanks. I've made a post to let everyone know Jammer92❯❯❯ talk 16:39, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Sections for DB Super

When I've been searching the DB Wiki, it's been hard to differentiate what happens in the anime and manga with DB Super specifically. Do you think it would be a good idea to do something like this? Meshack (talk) 00:48, April 23, 2020 (UTC)

I think the reason that wasn't done was because it would mean having to include a lot of similar information twice and there's already some who have said pages are too long as it is and need cutting up some. There's probably a neater way of doing things though, it'd help if it was better divided into paragraphs and there were more chapter images to out alongside those manga paragraphs so it would be quick to identify. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

01:54, April 23, 2020 (UTC)

The same information is going to be there twice any way but now, it’s clustered and it’s not a good way to read the information precisely without it being too clustered with information surrounding the manga and the anime for Dragonball Super. Adding an anime and manga section for Super would make it easier to read and it would flow better. If your page is not the right page to discuss this then i could go on another Meshack (talk) 06:07, April 28, 2020 (UTC)
It will but the pages can't afford to be bogged down with more information. It is awkward and we suggested having tanner's before so you could click between the anime and manga version with a press of a button but unfortunately the tanner's aren't compatible with mobile which is where most users come from. The best page for this would be to bring it up on the Manual of Style page and see if anyone can come up with ideas. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

01:18, April 29, 2020 (UTC)


User LilHobo is attacking me over a poll making personal attacks like “retard, dumbass, your moms retarded for making you,” and so on please ban them. Thank you -KnighMoon-

Looks like Yon beat me to it, he's received a one month ban. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

05:10, May 1, 2020 (UTC)


Can you be able to shorten down the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga section in the Galactic Patrol page? I think it is a little too much information especially when they are best explained in the character pages and its saga page respectively. Mini Goku turns Super Saiyan Sosuagwu17userpage Sosuagwu17usertalk  Sosuagwu17contribs  17:55,5/3/2020 Mini Vegeta turns Super Saiyan

Yes I'll get on that tomorrow, I had a lot and it just seems like a description of the saga itself rather than what the Galactic Patrol did, unless it's supposed to be counting characters like Goku because he's a deputised Galactic Patrol member but still yeah I can trim that down. It is your local hero, Bullza! Have any questions? Talk here!

21:50, May 3, 2020 (UTC)


I would love to have your feedback on this Meshack (talk) 00:18, May 4, 2020 (UTC)

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