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Hi. I have really appreciated your recent help in converting the wiki's naming convention to English anime names! I have also noticed that you've been copying the Japanese-titled articles to English-titled counterparts. It's true that it would be good to get these articles moved under their English names, but creating a new article and copying the old article's information into it is actually a very poor way to accomplish this. This is because, although the English-named and Japanese-named articles are initially identical, they can both be edited independently.

For example, let's say you wanted to rename the article "Grandpa Son Gohan" to "Grandpa Gohan". If you copy the contents of "Grandpa Son Gohan" into a new article named "Grandpa Gohan" then someone could come along, search for "Grandpa Son Gohan" and make improvements to that article, and none of those improvements would be seen on the article "Grandpa Gohan". What's worse, the article "Grandpa Son Gohan" can no longer be easily renamed to "Grandpa Gohan" because now there is already an article with that title!

The best way to rename an article is to use the "Move" option at the top of the page. In the previous example, the article "Grandpa Son Gohan" would be moved, history and all, to a new page named "Grandpa Gohan". The old page "Grandpa Son Gohan" would automatically be turned into a redirect page, so anyone who searched for "Grandpa Son Gohan" would be redirected to "Grandpa Gohan" and make their improvements there. This keeps things organized and ensures that all edits are put where they belong. In the future please use this method rather than copy-and-paste moves! Thanks! -- Nonoitall 05:29, 25 July 2008 (UTC)

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