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This is a blog for fun. Essentially, below is a large list of characters and a poll. From the characters, based on different anime (including Avatar), you vote for the character you want eliminated. The image will be updates every few days, as well as the poll. Feel free to comment below and just keep it nice. Don't complain about the character list. I just randomly picked a few badasses from anime.

Elimination List

1. Naruto (first to be eliminated)
2. Luffy
3. Sasuke
4. Renji
5. Ash
6. Asuna
7. Aang
8. Light
9. Ichigo
10. Vegeta
11. Kakashi
12. Tenchi
13. Goku

14. Spike
15. Trunks
16. L
17. Zoro
18. Ace
19. Komuro
20. Noire
21. Hei
22. Sanji
23. Alucard
24. Onizuka
25. Edward
26. Mustang

Dante is purely badass. From the Devil May Cry anime, as well as the video games, he has displayed many examples of being purely badass and can kick any ass that comes along his way. His demonic sword, being one of his most awesome weapons, allows him to slice anyone. He can kill hundreds of demons in one swoop. Any man that comes along to mess with Dante gets easily killed. His guns are used more badass than any pistol ever made. Dante shows to have immense skill, finesse, and remains cool. Even when being hit, he always manages to remain aloof and kick even more ass. What also makes him to awesome is his Hellraiser form. Probably one of the most powerful and awesome transformations in anime, he becomes nearly invincible. Dante is an underrated badass.
Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang has displayed many times throughout the series, the original anime as well as Brotherhood and the manga. His fire and masterful techniques easily makes him the most badass character in Fullmetal Alchemist. Likely one of the most awesome characters in any anime, he manages to remain aloof and keep his cool even when in the thickest situations. Perhaps the most badass moment Mustang has displayed in the show was in his battle against Lust. What had seemed to be an end to Mustang, as he appeared to have been killed by Lust, he rose back just to brutally burn and kill Lust without a fight, death in his eyes yet still cool. Large explosions and waves of intense fire from a single snap.

And the winner is...


Dante beat Mustang in the final round. Mustang with 36 votes and Dante with 20 votes. Congratulations Dante. Thanks for playing!

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