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Nion was around a lot longer than people assumed. Nion came into existence when the universe did... He wasn't just another hero who kept coming back to life when he died... it was more... to understand Nion, one had to understand a story detailed within the book of his life... Not long after the beginning, there were two spirits. One who embodied everything that was good and one that embodied everything that was evil. And while the evil was capable of great acts of compassion, the good was also capable of great evils. These two spirits were brothers. They balanced each other out. The one was believed in freedom and love, in light and kindness. The other in servitude and hatred, in darkness and wrath. They were known as the Eternal Guardians, because so long as the multiverse existed, they would too, and they would protect it. They watched together as the living beings in the multiverse grew and learned, kept taking steps forward. These corporeal beings weren't too different from them. They were capable of love and hate, creation and destruction. These two beings were enthralled by the creatures. They weren't alone. However, the one brother saw this not as a brotherhood. He believed that he should rule them. "I know what's best for them. I have been around far longer. My knowledge and power can not even be conceived by these mortals." But the other said to his brother. "No. They aren't any different that we are. We can not rule our fellow being. We are all created equal." This lead to the war between brothers. The Dark Eternal sought to control the living beings, while the Light Eternal sought to defend and protect his fellow living beings. It was then that the Dark Eternal decided to capitalize on the division between the Realm of the Kais and the Demon Realm. The Great Universal War of Universe 7 began, with the Dark Eternal whispering his desires and promises of power into the ears of the Demon King, Dabura. The Dark Eternal knew that to rule the people, he would have to take a physical form, and he had chosen the strongest of the demons to be his body. The Light Eternal knew that he could not let this stand, so he himself decided to take physical form. It was during the time of strife that the Light Eternal took the form of a Saiyan baby on the planet Sadala. He didn't know who or what he was. All he knew was he had to stand up and protect those who needed him. This baby's name was Nion. He grew and seemed to possess natural strength and ability that surprised all. They believe he was the once in a millennia Legendary Super Saiyan. His heart was kind and pure, indicative of his nature. He joined the war to fight the Demon realm. Along the way, he was united with others of like mind who desired to fight for what was right. These warriors' names were Chikara, Veran, Corrin, Tate, Konku, and Zerav. He learned more from them about friendship than he ever could have with his brother. It was about that time that he had been assigned to work under Lila, the West Supreme Kai and acting Supreme Kai of Time. She witnessed his capacity for good, and though she believed that mortals were below her, she couldn't help but train him in the ways of god-ki. He mastered it so fast, easily achieving Super Saiyan god, Super Saiyan Blue as well as the advancments using Super Saiyan 2, 3, and even 4. Nion taught these tricks to the others who also mastered god-ki use. Through training and diligence, they were even able to use Ultra Instinct. Lila knew that there was something different about this Saiyan and his friends. They had mastered something that even the gods of destruction struggled to learn. Lila had trained the strongest warriors in the seventh and she planned to use them. She led them on special missions into the Demon Realm to push back Dabura and his dark puppet master. In the end, Nion and his friends stood against Dabura and defeated him in battle, but the power that had made him what he was slowly seeped out. The Dark Eternal stood before his brother and cursed him for his interruption of his plans. A great battle ensued between the unchained power of the Eternal and the confined abilities of Nion and his friends. In the end, they were able to wound the Dark Eternal and put him into a Millennial slumber. But the cost was great as Nion and his friends perished in battle. Lila, the Supreme Kai of time begged him not to go. Nion was unaware that Lila was at that time, carrying their son, Jiai. He didn't want to go. He feared the day the Dark Eternal would return. Whether it was for selfish reasons, or for fear of the future Lila did not know, but she used a forbidden technique to place Nion and his friend's souls in the time stream. It would be that whenever they perished, their souls would return once more, born under a new name in a new body to defend the multiverse against such enemies... And from there, Nion became the Eternal Guardian. He would forever be that trouble magnet. People he cared for would always perish so long as he was near. Death was his only companion on this lonely road, the only one he would ever know. He didn't know where it went, but it was home to him and he walked alone...

(Credit to @YenSavage757744747 for helping bring this story to life. Thanks man!)

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