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Part 1

1000 years prior to Goku's epic battle with Vegeta on Earth...

The skies of Sadala were blackened, even during the day. Like a thunderstorm in the distance, the orange glow and flashes of explosions lit the horizon. The roar of the Oozaru echoed across the land as flashes were seen. Nion, a high class warrior of hous Oni, stood on a rock overlooking everything. "This is what his pathetic movement has led too..." He mumbled to himself. "That damned Yamoshi. Not only did he forsake his pride as a warrior, but he forsook his pride as a Saiyan too. Nion flew through the air and locked onto the energy of the Super Saiyan. He touched the ground to see something odd. The one he searched for was on the ground. Above him stood five Saiyans who produced their gave him their ki. "Please, Yamoshi!" One of them shouted. "You have to keep going! You are the Saiya's last hope for peace!" Nion watches and scowls. "You give up your warrior's pride and then your Saiyan pride... you wish to stop the proud Saiyan race from doing what it does. You plan to rob us of our lively hood. You are a disappointment, Yamoshi. A sickening example of weakness." Suddenly, Yamoshi rises into the air, surrounded in azure light. He absorbs the energy into his body and begins to glow a fiery red. His hair, spiked and brown, slowly shifted to a bright magenta. Nion covered his face from the light. "W-What the hell?" Yamoshi turned his eye to Nion. "I can't believe it's come to this Nion... When did we forget our friendship?"

Nion Growled. "The moment that you forsook everything that I stand for!"

"I will bring peace to this universe no matter what!" Yamoshi shouted, his aura flaring to life. Nion entered his fighting stance and raised his battle power with his Ikari form. "Your battle power has never exceeded 500,000, even with your pathetic Super Saiyan crutch that you somehow stumbled into..." Nion said. "What are you going to do with that red hair?! I can't even sense a battle power from you. What, are you too tired now?" Yamoshi almost seemed remorseful as he looked at Nion. "I wish that it didn't have to be this way."

Nion grunted, his eyes now glowing red from iris to sclera. "Your weakness sealed our fate. You are nothing to me now than an enemy!" Nion rushed in and clashed with Yamoshi who seemed to struggle a bit. "You're just envious of me!" Yamoshi said. "You thought that YOU would be the Legendary Super Saiyan! Just because your Power Level was so high when you were born, but your heart isn't pure! You can't EVER achieve this power because you aren't worthy of it!"

Nion smashed into the side of Yamoshi's head with his fist. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I AM!!!" They clashed in at a pace far beyond the perception of all of those below. Yamoshi appeared and used god bind on Nion, trying to stop him.

"DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS!!!" Yamoshi shouted, but Nion broke through and knocked Yamoshi Back. Yamoshi stood and attacked Nion with a Super Galick Cannon. Nion used a Bloody Final Flash. The beams connected and Nion pushed as hard as possible. However, he was surprised how much power Yamoshi now had. "T-This is the same Yamoshi?!" Nion was taken over by the galick canon and was knocked back. Yamoshi stood over Nion. "What...What are you forcing me to do? You were more than a friend to me... you were like my brother..."

Yomoshi looked up into the sky. "What I am doing... I do for the universe. People with power should not use it to destroy others... If we continue, we will incur the wrath of forces we can't comprehend. We are not meant to destroy. It's not our job. But the one whose job it is will find us and avenge what we've done. So... what I do is not only for the universe... it is for us too, our people..."

Nion stood. "If he comes... then I will kill him too!" Nion kicked Yamoshi, his anger pushing Nion beyond what he had ever used before. The other Saiyans rushed Nion, but Nion caught them...

In his anger, Nion snapped their necks.

Yamoshi's eyes widened... "Z-Zerav... Varen..."

Nion smirked. "What. Where they friends of yours?" Nion grabbed the other two and did the same to them and then rammed his angry fist through the fifth Saiyan's stomach. Nion turned. "I don't know what the hell you've done to get this strong, but I won't be defeated by someone like you." Nion through a strange ki blast into the sky. "Burst open and mix!" Nion is showered with Blutz waves. And when he eventually feels the change beginning, he destroys the power ball. Nion grows into the form of a Great Ape. A tear rolls down Yamoshi's cheek. "...Ch-Chikara... Corrin... Konku..."

Nion stood over Yamoshi. "You brought this on yourself"

Yamoshi's energy birned out like a raging fire, but he absorbed it into his body and attacked Nion. First in the stomach and then in the face, knocking Nion over, but Nion then stood again. Right as Yamoshi was about to strike Nion, his Super Saiyan god form faded and he returned to his normal form. Nion smacked Yamoshi down to the ground. Yamoshi lay there. Nion placed his foot on top of Yamoshi. Yamoshi screamed, and suddenly, he didn't. Nion removed his foot from him and looked down. He knelt down. "Yamoshi's energy was fading quickly, his body up to the chest, crushed. Nion shook his head. "This is all your fault. If you had remained as you were and hadn't revolted like this, you wouldn't be dying now!"

Yamoshi's eyes opened. "I... I will not fail... If I am to die... then I will destroy Sadala with me!" Yamoshi screamed and his hair turned gold. Hi built his energy and fired a ki blast into the center of Sadala. Yamoshi's eyes rolled up in his head, his energy spent, and let go. Nion could no longer sense his presence. But it was obvious... He had destroyed the planet's core. The planet was dead. Nion reverted to his base form. He spit on Yamoshi's body. "Traitor." He then found his space pod and launched. It took no longer than 5 minutes to for Sadala to explode, but it felt like it was hours. Nion left the solar system.

  •   * *

Nion though back on this. From there he traveled the universe, taking planet after planet. Eventually his youth began to slip away. This worried his mind until he took a special recipe from a planet he had recently taken. An elixer that could reverse his aging process. He did make it strong once and returned to his innocent childhood, but what innocents he had gained slipped away when his only friends in the world shunned him. That was when he hooked up with Frieza. It was here that his path began to return to the shadows. Nion looked up at the ceiling of his room on Frieza's ship. "They got what was coming to them... and now I will get mine. The universe will be Frieza's, and I will live like a kings...

 Part 2

Nion sat under a tree as Nappa and Vegeta sat around a fire, feasting on the flesh of an enemy they had recently killed. Vegeta looked back. "You should eat something to keep up your strength." Nion opened an eye. "I would rather die of starvation than eat whatever the hell that is." Vegeta smirked. "Is that weakness I hear in your voice?" Nion closed his eyes again. " 'Weakness', it's a funny thing to hear that word coming from you..." "And what is that supposed to mean?" Vegeta asked. Nion smiled. "You know what it means, small fry. You think your so tough with a powerlevel of 18,000. It's laughable. You pick on Raditz, but from way up here where I am, you and he are no different." Vegeta clinched his fist. "He's weak. 1000 is nothing compared to me!" "And 18,000 is juat as weak compared to ME" Nion says. "You may be Prince of all Saiyans, but you're nothing compared to me." Vegeta laughed. "And how high are you? Twenty thousand? Thirty?" Nion looked at his hand. "Try one hundred thousand." Vegeta nearly choked. "One hundred Thousand?!" Nion nodded. "Yup." Vegeta shook his head. "How in the hell did you escape my Father? He killed or exiled any child higher than 10,000." Nion threw one leg over the other and began gently kicking it. "I am far older than your King. Not to mention that my house, Oni, is very closed off. We live in the same house, give birth in the same house, and die in the same house. We never once were checked up on by an outside doctor. I was born with a Power level of 10,000." "And how did you get to this 100,000?" Vegeta asked. "How does one who isn't more than 2X my strength as a baby, grow so powerful?" "That's another thing that my family does." Nion said. "We train. HARD. There is no limit to our power, we can never get strong enough, so we never rest. We beat each other half to death and then heal. We do that every week. I can't tell you how many times my Father thought that he had killed me. More than a couple." Vegeta nodded. "Ah, Zenkai abuse. Admirable, but stupid. Power means nothing if you die before you can use it." "Many of my brothers DID die." Nion said. "Only the strong are permitted to live. That's how my house got as strong as we have. Every part of our life is a training session, from what we do, to what we eat, to who we love. Everything we do is designed to make our house and it's offspring stronger. We're second only to the king. And that is only because of his status." "If you're so much stronger," Vegeta said. "Then why haven't you taken over? Why do you still serve us?" "Because we have no desire for a throne. We're already at the top of the food chain, so why do we need to weigh ourselves down with something as stupid as politics. Trust me, if we wanted the throne, we would have it already." With that, Nion turned over on his side. "You know I hate you, right?" Vegeta said. "I hate your guts. You disregard my status and lord your strength over me. What's to stop me from killing you in your sleep?" Nion laughed in an almost exagerated way. "You won't try that." "I won't?" Vegeta asked with a smirk. "What makes you so sure?" "Because you're a coward." Nion said. "You know that you can't kill me. If I wake up, you're as good as dead. And trust me, I WILL WAKE UP. There is nothing you can do that will do anything but make me stronger. As soon as you try, I will rip off your head and punt it into the nearest star. So tell me, 'Prince', are you strong enough? Is that pride enough for you to stand and sacrifice everything just to prove a point? Do you want to die so badly?" Vegeta's face turned red. He was SO angry that he could barely see straight. He could barely hold himself back. But he had too, because he knew that Nion was right. Nion would stomp a hole in him and there was nothing that Vegeta could do. "I hate you!" He shouted in his thoughts. "I hate you to death! I will grow, mark my words. I will become stronger and then I will make you eat those words. Nobody makes a fool of the Prince of all Saiyans without paying the price." To all of this, Nappa just stayed silent. No reason to step in between two titans. Suddenly, their scouters began to beep. A message was coming in from Raditz. They heard him speaking. His voice was weak and gruff. He was hurt. He was dying. Another voice spoke. "...Goku won't stay dead long." "What?" Raditz asked. The new voice continued. "We have something called Dragon Balls. They will bring him back to life." Nion looked over at Vegeta and Nappa. "What is it?" Vegeta held up a finger (Middle LOL) as he continued to listen. Raditz then informed the new voice that they were being eavesdropped on and that the other Saiyans were listening. It wasn't long afterward that they heard the sickening crunch of neck being broken. Vegeta threw his scouter down. "Dammit! They killed the weakling." Nion looked over. "What's going on?" Vegeta looked over. "Raditz s dead." Nion sighed. "Makes no real difference I guess." "Except now we are down another Saiyan." Vegeta said. "If it bothers you so much, why don't you go after that Kakarot that he was going after. At the very least he could replace Raditz." Nappa looked at Vegeta. "We could do that, and we could also use those Dragon Ball things to bring Raditz b--" Vegeta elbowed Nappa. "Shut up, fool. We won't be usng it for something as stupid as that. It's Raditz's fault that he died, let him suffer in hell." Vegeta looked over at Nion who was resting again. "We could do something better. We could wish for immortality. Nobody would be able to stop us then, no matter how powerful they are. Not even Frieza could beat us." Nappa nodded. Vegeta turned. "Hey, Nion!" He shouted. "We're going to earth to recruit Kakarot. We should be enough for that. I want you to deliver news of this planet to lord Frieza. You know him personally after all, maybe he'll give us a better price for it." Nion didn't even turn to face them. "Whatever, get out of here and let me sleep."

  •   * *

I'm sure you all know what happened next. Vegeta and Nappa reached earth at about 11AM and began to search for the Dragon Balls. It wasn't long afterward that they were confronted by Piccolo, Gohan, Tein, Chiaotzu, Krillin and Yamcha. Only Gohan and Krillin survived long enough for Goku to arive and defend them. Nappa was paralyzed after his spine was broken, and Vegeta killed him. Vegeta was then defeated and barely escaped the planet alive. But all the while this was going on, Frieza was monitoring the conversation. He learned of the Dragon Balls and their creators, the Namekians. It wasn't long afterward that he set off for Planet Namek, bringing with him, his trusted lieutenants Zarbon and Dodoria, and his hammer Nion. Vegeta woke up in his healing tank and decided that he would have his wish for immortality granted. So he too made his way to Namek, unaware that the earthlings Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma were already en route. It seems that we will have an interesting confrontation...

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