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Basic Rules for Roleplay

These are not necessary, they're just an idea that I had that you could use if you wish. I've heard that there are some out there who are slightly upset with the imbalance within the roleplays. For those who would like to better eliminate this problem, here are some ideas that can help to better balance it out.

There should be a predetermined set of playable races. You may add to these, but this will help keep things simpler. First off is the Human. Then we have the Saiyan. Then we have the Namekian. Then there are Frieza Race. All sorts of other races can be added but have to fall under a similar catagory to one of these. Race of Hera for instance would act more like Saiyans, so they could follow similar rules with modifications. Use your imagination and use this as a guide and it'll be golden. As for the ones I've just mentioned in bold, let's get to how I would do things.

All RP characters, no matter the race should start out with 400 Power Level points. (Power Level points will act as HP and will also enable attacks. This will be explained later.) They should then roll a set of 8 sided dice that can be found here...

two eight sided dice - Google SearchWWW.GOOGLE.COM

These stats next will be like this...

Melee: which shall be decided by the roll of the dice. (2-16)

Ki Blast: which shall also be decided by the roll of the dice (2-16)

Speed: Which shall be decided by the roll of the dice (2-16)

(Special thing to be mentioned. If a Saiyan Character rolls the dice and ends up with perfect 16 on all stats, the stats and PL points will be doubled and they will be the Legendary Super Saiyan. When they unlock the Super Saiyan awoken skill, they will naturally evolve into a Legendary Super Saiyan which will have a 500X multiplier instead of a 50X OP I know, but it's unlikely that a character will get this, but if they do, it will add spice to the game.)

Some characters will start out with special skills. For those who do, this is them.

Saiyan: Great Ape (Roll a 14-16 to turn into a great ape. If you are sucessfull, multiply all stats by 10 and do equal damage to friend and foe alike.)

Earthling: Full Power form (Roll a dice. If 10 or above, you will multiply your stats by 2X)

Frieza Race: Next Evolution (This will allow you to reach the second form /can only rise to second form. Further forms can be unlocked later\ For this roll the dice. If you roll a 12 or higher, you will evolve into your second form which will multiply all of your stats by 4X)

Namekian: Super Namekian (Roll a 14-16 to turn into a Giant Namekian. Your stats go up by 10X. You can only remain in the form for 5 attacks. Afterward you return to normal and your stats are halved.)

There will be other forms of attacks that you can learn from masters who originated or often use them. Roshi can teach Kamehameha.

King Kai can teach the Kaioken and Spiritbomb techniques. Any other character with a specific move can teach it later. (Note: You may change the way of acquiring these techniques, forms, moves, etc. any way you want. This is just an example.) This will ensure that each character has to train to grow.

Leveling up. To level up, you have to fight or may train with a master and fight them at a lower level. You can fight with another character in your group or against a villain to raise yourself by one level. This will add an extra 400 PL Points. If done in a different place such as Kami's Lookout or on King Kai's Planet the effects of the battle may be different. Normally after a battle at a random locale, the winner will get another 400 points and the loser will only get another 100 PL points. If done in another place the earnings could be larger and even with each other making it beneficial to win and lose. After you level up by fighting add the PL points to your PL score. Then roll the eight sided dice to see how many points your stats will grow by. (Note: Your PL points are not a stat, and do not get multiplied by your form or technique. The only thing that gets multiplied are your Melee, Ki Blast and Speed.)

Combat: The winner is determined when any and all opposing forces have lost their PL points. Special attacks will have a PL point cost to use. Kamehameha for example will cost 10 PL points to use. You then roll the two dice. Multiply the first number by the second to get how much damage it does. The damage for most attacks does not effect the cost. If Kamehameha takes 10 PL points, the cost will not go up or down if the damage is maxed out with 8 X 8. Melee has no cost. It does damage equal to the number of the stat. You roll a dice to see if it hits. If your opponent rolls higher, the attack is blocked. If they roll lower, they take damage. The rules are the same with Ki Blast. If you have a Multiplying form on such as Kaioken or Super Saiyan, your base stats are multiplied by that forms multiplier. If your base stat was 10 for melee. Super Saiyan (X50) would make it's damage 500. If you use a special move like Kamehameha, then multiply the first dice by the second dice. Then the numer you get from that you then multiply by the form's multiplier. 8 X 8 = 64 X 50 = 3200. Kamehameha at it's most powerful will be the 3200 damage in Super Saiyan as opposed to the original 64. Your speed stat will dictate who attacks first. If you have the higher number, you get first strike.

Bosses and regular enemies: Regular enemies and low power enemies will have random stats created by the host of the roleplay and will be controlled by them accordingly unless rights are given to the other players. The regular enemies and low level enemies fight like regular players. Special Bosses (King Piccolo, Frieza, Beerus, etc.) Must have a PL that overshadows the other players' PLs by at least 2X each to make it a challenge and the other stats must be equal to each of the users base stats. (This can be changed at will by the host.) Bosses always attack first (And may attack more than once if the host decides.)

That about does it. As for other forms like Super Saiyan, Frieza Race's Final Form, Super Namekian, Super Saiyan god, Super Saiyan blue, etc. They each are unlocked in a special way. For Super Saiyan, you must be at a PL of at least 200,000 to reach (The same with Frieza race characters.) and roll a 8 or higher to go. Super Namekian can only be created when a Namekian of at least 200,000 PL points ventures to Namek (or any place where a Namekian can be found) and fuses with them (The upgrade is 50X and is permanent. No dice roll necessary.) Super Saiyan god (and god-ki upgrades for other users) must happen when users of at least 200,000 PL points choose to make another into one. This can be done in battle or outside. It should be noted that god ki is a permanent multiplier of 10X to both PL and Stats. Saiyans with god ki and the Super Saiyan form naturally evolve into Super Saiyan Blue. (Legendary Super Saiyans recieve the god ki upgrade but remain LSSJ.) Super Saiyan blue is a 100X multiplier of base and is unlocked at will when the Super Saiyan chooses to evolve into it (The dice roll requirement is the same as Super Saiyan.) Kaioken can be learned by any race. If used, the player rolls two dice. The first number is multiplied by the second to see what the form's multiplier will be (all attacks will then be multiplied accordingly by that number.) Spirit bomb is an attack and must be used like this. If you use it, the attack power will be equal to half your remaining PL. To use you must roll a perfect 16. You then wait as all other players get a turn before it is launched. Once the others get their turn, they may sacrifice their move to add part of their PL (choosable up to half) to add to the spirit bomb's power. Then the boss gets a turn. If he rolls a 16, he blocks it. If he rolls anything else, he takes the damage.

I want to inform you that I purposely left out the Super Saiyan 2 and 3 transformations (and many more) to keep things even. Normally I would say that Ultra Instinc is not allowed, but if you want it, here is a rule you can imply. You can only achieve Ultra Instinct (all races can use) If you train with and beat a user of it such as Whis, Goku, Jiren, etc. When battling an Ultra Instinct user, every attack, whether it is special or stat based attack, you must roll an additional set of dice as they will. If their number is higher than yours, they dodge it. If it's lower, you hit them. To use the form, you must fumble into a perfect 16 which can be taken from any attack you were about to do. So if you wer going to do a Kamehameha and roll a 16, if you learned UI, you may chose to use Ultra Instinct instead.

When you make a post, be sure to remember to add your "HUD" Which is you name, stats, Power Level and current forms that you know and or are using such as this.

Name: John

PL: 200,000

Melee: 30

Ki Blast: 40

Speed: 25

Current Form: Super Saiyan

John was scared and decided that the best course of attack was to use Kamehameha.

Rolled a 5 and a 8.

5 X 8 = 40 X Super Saiyan (50X)= 2000 damage done to King Piccolo.

Every post must start with the HUD which I have made bold. It is to help us all remember you and your power. If you fail to put it up, the Host can choose to ignore your post, so remember!

That's it! Hope it wasn't too long! Hope you enjoyed. Leave questions and comments below!

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