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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 8 February 2018

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Stuff

Ok I did the math & 10 seconds outside the chamber is the same as 1 hour inside, which is conveniently the normal length of time needed before fusing again. Piccolo & Gotenks were in the chamber long enough after Buu left to have had their fusion run out then refuse while Super Buu was eating everyone. While there are probably some inaccuracies it still seems likely that they unfused & became Gotenks again.

It's likely that the portals temporarily make the Hyperbolic Timechamber have the normal flow of time. The HTC or RoSaT can only be effectively used to train 2 at once likely because of there being only 2 beds, however there may be another reason. The mystery of the door vanishing has never been confirmed, & is only an assumed event for …

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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 6 July 2017

What if Nicktoons Kai Season3

Ok something I thought about was the What if Nicktoons had shown The Final Chapters of Kai back in 2015. Would the version shown have been the Condensed Version shown in Japan, or would it have been the full version? Reasons for it being the condensed version would have been quicker product translation as well as the fight between Videl & Spopovich which had to be censored when DBZ showed on Cartoon Network back in the day.

The 2nd reason would have resulted in Nicktoons getting its own episode count if the full version was used & censored much like what happened with Z Season 1. However even with the Japanese Episode Count used Nicktoons may have still used censorship. If needed to replace entire scenes, Nicktoons would have still had the …

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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 13 November 2016

Returning From Retirement

I retired from editing on this wiki years ago, although now I'm back for the sake of necessity. I noticed several failures to address issues resulting from the split of the Saiyan & Kid Buu Sagas. Episode 17 of Kai should be listed on the Vegeta Saga page since its part of the Saiyan Saga (The display of Mercy) additionally 1 could argue if Picking up the Pieces is really Namek Saga. The episode provides resolution to the battle with the saiyans & is considered part of Season 1 for Dragon Ball Z, it is also the latter part of Kai Episode 17. I will continue using this blog to suggest improvements.

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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 19 October 2016

Xenoverse 2 needs to come out for WiiU

The Wii U system has been suffering from lack of good games for it, Xenoverse should have been released for all Gen8 consoles, although sadly that never happened. I would have bought the Wii U version of Xenoverse if it existed since my Wii U was much faster than my computer. I had to upgrade my computer just to install Steam & my computer didn't take well to my actually playing the game. Anyone else want Xenoverse 2 for Wii U?

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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 9 December 2015

Spirit Bomb Science

Alright under the assumption that density is constant throughout them and their sizes are directly related to their powerlevel then the Spirit Bomb used on Frieza should have been smaller than it appeared in the anime, as only 50x the size of Saiyan Saga Spirit Bomb would have made it 125,000x it's strength. Which would have made 5,000 against Vegeta more than kill Frieza.

From Frieza's strength following the Spirit Bomb, it was more likely closer to only 25xVegeta's Spirit Bomb in size, which would have 15,625x Whatever the Powerlevel of Vegeta's Spirit Bomb was. However Spirit Bombs are complicated, as Ki Attacks are often shown with attacks of similar size having completely different powerlevels. We can assume that it is likely that this…

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