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(If I notice anything new I'll update the blog, also be aware for spoilers.) Well I guess the title explains it all, anyway this is my first blog in a while, so it won't be as good as the other blogs on this wiki.

The best way to do this blog, is going by saga, so I'm going to post by saga, things that DB may have taken from movies, or at least were inspired from the movies.

Dragon Ball

Well one thing that doesn't need to be said, since it's obvious, is the different Bruce Lee Impersonators, in some of Dragon Ball episodes and the use of the Jackie Chan name by Master Roshi. Also just something that I have noticed the color of the energy waves in all 3 series, kinda looks like the lightsabers from Star Wars.

World Tournament Saga

  • I'm not really sure, but the way the fight between Goku and Master Rochi/Jackie Chan ends, with both of them getting down and struggling to get up, is similar to the end of the fight in Rocky 2, although in db the main character looses, while in Rocky the main character wins and in db they go down with a kick, instead of a punch.

Well to tell the truth I'm not really sure what other things the first series took, so I'm going to the next series which I noticed the most.

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan and Frieza Saga

  • The whole Frieza organization and they way Frieza feared by everyone(at least in the saga which he debuted), and all the army power he has, seem like the empire in a way. The way Frieza easily replaces his soldiers(well he killed some, when he had no need for them), is like how emperor replaces his students(in a way).
  • The destruction of planet Vegeta, is a bit similar to the first planet destroyed by the Death Star.
  • Friezaform30001

    Frieza Form 3

    Frieza's 3rd form, although it's stated that it was inspired by demons, it's also very similar to the Aliens from the Alien movies, mainly the head(which is also similar to Appule).
  • The entire Ginyu Force is a parody of the Japanese(original) version of the Power Rangers. It's stated on wikipedia:

Cell Saga

  • The entire Cell Saga seems to be inspired by the Terminator movie series.
  • For example in both, a person is coming to the past, to warn the people, of some killer machines will kill them all.
  • A future that is run by destruction, in which there is a war between Androids/Terminators and humans(also machine that can't be kill by bullets, although that is the case with every almost every character in db).

Great Saiyaman Saga

  • Well the whole Great Saiyaman suit of Gohan, seems to be a parody of Kamen Rider.

Buu Saga

  • Well this one isn't new, since we have that information on the pages(we also have the information that Toriyama, is a Star Wars fan), but Yakon was inspired by Rancor, from Star Wars 6.
  • They way Buu regenerates and very often seems to turn into a bit of a liquid form, seems too similar to the T-1000 terminator from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

So post your thoughts and what you have noticed in the 3 Dragon Ball series, that could have been inspired from Movies.

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