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Hi everyone!

I recently thought about this:

​​​​​​ Would it be possible to tell the tale of Vegeta? We all know the story behind Goku's early days, but what if  Toei and Akira Toriyama made an actual series about Vegeta, before coming to earth? 

The reason I thought this would be interesting:

In Dragon Ball Super, it almost seems as Vegeta is on the same level of "main charater" as Goku. It almost felt like the show was not just about Goku, but Goku AND Vegeta. I know, Goku did get to be the strongest by the end of season 1 due to MUI ( and the plot), however, in the Broly movie it seems to me as if, before Goku Masters Ultra Instnct, they are equally strong. (Which is also why they were able to do the fusion dance, right?). Now, I haven't had the chance to check out all of the manga for season 2, though I have heard that Vegeta is going to learn some new things - which is something I've heard literally everyone being extremely excited about! 

So it seems that the fans (including me) are really excited about Vegeta, which is why I thought it would be cool to make a canon story about his early days. 

For example (and these are just my examples):
* How his relationship was with his father before he died
* How his personality came to be
* His adventures and battles against strong fighters, while concurring planets
* His life as a servant of Frieza, though he knows Frieza destroyed his homeworld
* His relationship with Nappa and Raditz.

I was thinking that it could be possible, making a short series about this. Maybe an episode or two about Kid Vegeta and his life, before Frieza destroyed the planet. Then center the story about Vegeta and the other surviving saiyans' lives, while serving Frieza. It would be really exciting to see Vegeta growing up with his cocky attitude and battling against strong fighters on planets they needed to conquer. Then, Nappa and Raditz could also be given some screentime. Finally, the series could end right before Vegeta and Nappa head towards the earth as a (kind of) "cliffhanger" - because we obviously know what happens after that. 

That was ofcourse just some of my brief ideas ( Though, I have a loads of those! :D ), however, I'm sure all of you would be able to come up with something much cooler!

With the exponentially increasing fan-love Vegeta is gaining at the moment, I think people would be really excited to see him growing up! Despite being such a popular character throughout the last couple of decades, Vegeta' s early life is quite mysterious! I think it would be amazing to get to know those!

If anyone reads this:

Do you think Vegeta's origin story would be a great series - or do you think hies early life should remain a bit unknown?

Hope someone found this interesting!

I wish you all the best! Especially during times like these!

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