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Hello all I'm creating this post in relation to the final episode of the Universal Survival Tournment Saga that concluded a few weeks ago. I wanted to express my overall thoughts on this Saga as whole and see what the community offers as a response. This is also assuming your like me and have been following the Funimation English Dubbed edition of DBS. To me this overall Saga exemplifies all the issues that have plagued the sequel series following DBZ. To start at the beginning the tournament begins on typical stakes, lose this fight and life ends. Its almost as if blowing the stakes up to a "Whole Universe" is suppose to make this saga that much more impactful, but that's where the issues begin. DBS has done a very poor job of expanding the Universe beyond what we already had from DBZ, there's a part of space supposedly controlled by remnants of the Frieza Force, the Namekians, and Jaco. The introduction of Beerus earlier in the series added some depth, but that was fluff to introduce his character. The issue here is that our own hero's universe isnt that well explored, so making the tournament about "saving the universe" is quite meaningless to the characters. This is even expressed by some of the Z fighters stating they're only fighting to save animals (17) or their family (Vegeta). Moving along the organization of the Tournament (i.e. the idea to start it in the first place) is the only part of this saga that I attribute as truly Dragon Ball. The idea for the Tournament was an accident caused by Goku that roped a limited mulitverse into participating. That's genius because it fits right in with what Dragon Ball is as a show. After that moment everything that takes place afterwards felt flat starting from the recruitment of the "Z" fighters all the way to end of the Tournament. The stakes of this tournament should've never been about saving the multiverse. To me the stakes should've shifted from multiverse in danger to how do we eliminate the powers that can destroy a universe. Skipping the filler episodes that show Goku recruiting everyone, we already know exactly who's there to be filler in the tournament and who's there to be impactful. The only surprise to this was Android 17, being the finalist. The beginning of the tournament couldnt have gotten off to a less interesting start, constant wide shots of "fighting" never really displays that everyone participating actually cares. And why should they? <-- Here is where I believe the entire saga falls on its face, these "universes" are all roped in simply because of miscontexualized words from Goku. So why should everyone hate one another and fight? There's simply no reason for any of the universes to fight one another, no one person from any universe prior to the tournament knew another universe existed. Except for Goku+friends. The argument that would be brought up here is that the Zenos would just eliminate all the participating universes if they didnt fight one another. Which actually did raise the stakes, but then again this post is discussing the end. At the end it was revealed that the Zenos wanted the last survivor to wish for the universes back. This makes the whole saga a display of nothing, nothing but entertainment to Gods beyond comprehension. This is where I wanted the Universes to be upset, and this saga to take a different turn. It never happened. All the participants are happy to exist again and have no remorse towards the child like Gods that eliminated them simply because they werent good enough. That's it, the saga concludes. I didn't want to cover Jiren in this post because I believe he's a victim of bad circumstances like the rest of them, which almost explains his terrible character development. Anyways I believed this saga really couldve been special if handled correctly. A lot of new things were introduced, but ultimately things were wasted. What is the communities thoughts on the premise and outcome of the Universal Survival Saga? Leaves comments below.

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