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Dragon Ball Devolution is a fan-made fighting game, tribute to Akira Toriyama for the tremendous work he has done in drawing the 42 volumes of the Dragon Ball series from 1984 to 1995.

It is NOT produced or under license from TOEI ANIMATION or FUNimation.

You can play it on your web browser at Txori's website.



The creation of Dragon Ball Devolution began in 1999 as a game for the TI-89 calculator. The graphic style was inspired by the RPG Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitōden on GameBoy. But it's development was quickly halted.

In 2004, the basics of the game were transposed to Adobe Flash. The first playable release was named Dragon Ball Z: Tribute. The graphics were black & white, it had few characters and no music. This old version can still be played on Newgrounds.

In 2010, the development started once again to become the game it is today. Thanks to the help of several fans all over the world, Dragon Ball Devolution now have a complete story mode with tons of unlockable content and  a custom 8-bits music soundtrack.

Since, Dragon Ball Devolution is still in a non-stop development state with nice features being added from time to time.


The 1.0.1 release (31th of january 2013) had the addition of custom 8-bits music arranged by David Revel (Darvel) from the original soundtrack of Shunsuke Kikuchi.



  • Press arrows to move around.
  • Double-tap a direction to move faster.

Protection and KI

  • Press DEFENSE (c key) to protect at close range with the ennemy, or to protect and *If you are far away, it will also charge KI.

Attack moves

  • Press ATTACK (x key) to perform the attack moves at close range or if you have no KI.
  • Double-tap the direction key toward the ennemy while pressing ATTACK to perform a Dash Attack.
  • Dash Attack can break the ennemy's guard, or knock him down in one blast.

KI blasts

  • Press ATTACK to concentrate KI into a KI blast when you are far away. Release ATTACK to launch it. The direction of the KI blast is automatic.
  • The size of the KI blast depends on the amount of KI concentrated into it.
  • Charge one bar or more to perform a big KI blast.
  • If two big KI blasts collide, press ATTACK repeteadly to push it toward the ennemy.

Powering up

Some fighters can transform when their KI reach their maximum.

Special Abilities

Some fighters have special abilities and powers. All is listed here:

Playable characters

Story characters

Here's the list of the characters that can be unlocked in the story mode:


Story locations

Here's the list of the backgrounds that can be unlocked in the story mode:

Side stories locations

Here's the list of the backgrounds that can be unlocked in the side stories mode:

Game modes



The story goes from the finale of the 23rd tournament to the fight against Uub at the 28th tournament. It is splitted into chapters and episodes, each one representing a battle:

  1. 23rd BUDOKAI
    1. The fated showdown!
    1. Mysterious warrior from space
    2. Unlikely Alliance
    3. The training
    4. Let the games begin!
    5. Mighty Nappa
    6. It's over 9000!!!
    7. The decisive battle at last!
    8. The worn-out warriors
  3. NAMEK
    1. Vegeta's true power
    2. The prince fights back
    3. Beauty and the beast
    4. Zarbon's mission
    1. The Ginyu Force
    2. Vegeta VS Recoome
    3. Goku has landed!
    4. Jeice and Burter
    5. Ginyu steps in
    6. Ginyu's second-hand man
    7. Goku or Ginyu?!
    8. Nail's sacrifice
    1. The wrath of Frieza
    2. Fighting power: one million??
    3. The fourth warrior
    4. Frieza's third form
    5. The ultimate battle begins!
    6. The legendary super saiyan
    7. Namek's explosion
    1. Return of Frieza
    2. Frieza's father
    3. Super Saiyan spar
    1. The androids appear
    2. The second android
    3. Vegeta returns
    4. The chase
    5. Nightmare comes true
    6. Deadly beauty
    7. Trunks breaking point
    1. The reunion
  9. 17's equal
    1. Cell's first victim
    2. Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    3. The strongest android
    1. Quest for perfection
    2. The final android
    3. The end of super Vegeta
    4. The fall of Trunks
    5. Beyond the Super Saiyan
    1. The wanna-be hero
    2. The games begin
    3. A new hope
    4. The anger inside
    5. Awakening
    6. The power of rage
    7. Perfection
    1. High school
    2. Hardcore training
    3. Gravity room
  13. 25th BUDOKAI
    1. Junior division
    2. Exhibition match
    3. The mysterious duo
    4. Videl's challenge
    5. The plot of the lords
    6. Holding back
    7. The might of Mighty Mask!
    8. Prize money
  14. BABIDI
    1. The evil masters
    2. Level one
    3. The light-eater
    4. Demon king Dabura
    5. Majin Vegeta
    1. A treat for Majin Buu
    2. Majin Buu's display
    3. Vegeta's last stand
    4. The wizard's fault
    5. Super Saiyan 3!!!
    6. Tired of Babidi
  16. FUSION
    1. Seeing double
    2. The power of two warriors
    3. Incredible techniques
    4. Mystic Gohan
    5. All hope are lost
    6. The ultimate fusion
    7. The innards of Buu
  17. KID BUU
    1. Buu's last transformation
    2. Battle for the universe
    3. Gaining some time
    4. The final stand
  18. 28th BUDOKAI
    1. Buu's reincarnation

Side Stories


Tenkaichi Budokai

Tag Team


Other options


Here's the playlist of Dragon Ball Devolution:

  1. INTRO - Sayonara Senshi-Tachi
  2. SUMMARY 1 - Purorogu 1
  3. EMERGENCY - Moetsukiro! Nessen Ressen Chou Kessen - part 4
  4. BRAVERY - Jinsoningen - part 1
  5. VERSUS - Saiya-jin Kitaru!! - part 2
  6. DANGER - Kono Yo De Ichi Ban Tsuyoi Yatsu - part 3
  7. SUMMARY 2 - Purorogu 2
  8. UNLOCK - Angel - part 5
  9. BUDOKAI - Shi Wo Yobu Cell Games - part 3
  10. DESPAIR - Gekitotsu!! 100-Oku Powaa no Senshi-tachi
  11. CONSPIRACY - Soshi Se Yo! Cell no Kanzentai - part 2
  12. STORM - Shi Wo Yobu Cell Games - part 4
  13. BOSS - Kyoufu no Ginyu Tokusenkai - part 2
  14. CREDITS - Kiken ga Ippai - part 6



  • Change the game controls for player 1 and 2
  • Mute sound and/or music
  • Enable/Disable the touchscreen (option deactivated in 1.2.0)
  • Change difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard)
  • Delete savefile


Made by Etienne Bégué -

Special thanks for the help from Amine, Andréas, Aroffff, Avion, Azan, BrolySSj, Chrisis, Darvel, Driss1993, Dyno, Funrush, Jason, Jim, johnbanyan, Josh, Kario, Mahmad, MatthewK, Metapro, Mikey2001, Mystic, Nicole Pong, Rayandbz, ssj3Vegeta, ssjwarrior, Talisker, vincent512, Zelkova, Zipper49

Original music composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, 8-bits remixed by Darvel



This is what Dragon Ball Devolution needs in order to be played:


The game's progression is automatically saved. The savefile is stored localy on the web browser's cache as a HTTP cookie.

Playing with a gamepad

Dragon Ball Devolution can be played with a gamepad by using the program JoyToKey.

Playing on an Android device

The Android device needs to have two applications installed:

Note that Flash Player is no longer officialy being updated, nor supported on any Android version beyond Android 4.0.x, but you can still manualy download the archived version of Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 at Adobe's website. In order to install this package, the "Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store" must be enabled in the Android options (Security - Unknown Sources).

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