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  • I am a girl
  • TrunksI

    Questions. version II

    May 17, 2013 by TrunksI

    I got a few questions I been wondering about:

    1: Does the moon really affect the movement of the waves?.

    2: how long does it take to make a manga?.

    3: What's everyone's favorit video game?.

    4: will time go backwards if the earth rotates the oposit of the way it does now?.

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  • TrunksI

    Who thinks manga and comic characters are over powered sometimes? don't people hate that kind of stuff when a character Is over powered and can win any battle easily I honestly find that quite stupid and can get dull and un suspenseful, not trying to complain I'm just saying.

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  • TrunksI


    May 20, 2012 by TrunksI

    1. What are your favorite characters from the shows Dbz, Ledgend of Korra, All the yugioh seasons,

    and any other shows i left out

    2. Who likes trunks

    3. Whats your favorite movie

    4. Whats your favorite manga / comic

    I will add more eventually

    And this is advice if people are are bothering you dont let them just ignore them and no I'm not trying to bug people so please dont think that.

    XD gohan is so funny------->

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  • TrunksI

    I was planning on makeing an anime at some point in the future . . . i dont know when but anyway I would like to know what you would like to see in an anime.

    Let me know. . . and of corse i dont expect this blog to get popular or anything

    and dont take this the wrong way please

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  • TrunksI

    In terms of Teqniques and well skills and speed and strenth or whatever comes first

    i'm not sure if anyone already made this but yea


    also what does everyone think a good character should be like?

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