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A few years ago(2008 to be precise) when that abomination known as Dragon Ball Evolution I started my idea for a fan film that never went that far into development. Alot of characters were never castedand some were being worked on actorwise. I only had 5 actors with me playing 2 roles. The Red Ribbon Army was the focus of it. It fell through gor personal reasons but I realized I never shared it with Wikia on either my old account or new account. Anyway I had to do a few minor changes but nothing infamous like Evolution did.

The changes were

  • Colonel Silver had a black leatherjacket, dark hair and sunglasses instead of his purple jacket asnd red hair in the anime
  • Bulma may have been younger/smmaller but still a teenager
  • Grandpa Gohan would have changed to Goku's adoptive father and would simply be called Gohan due to him being played by my old karate instructor who is muchyounger than the anime counterpart.
  • Master Roshi might have been younger if he appeared or not. He would still be a pervert though.
  • Android 8 and Ninja Murasaki would have been left out and Yamcha would have been more like Murasaki.
  • General White may or may not have been Russian depending on the actor
  • Yamcha(played by me) would have been a Red Ribbon(similar to Hasky operative instead of a desert bandit.
  • If they appeared Oolong would be Yamcha's minion along with Puar
  • General Blue would have had gray hair instead of blonde due to him being played by me he would keep the same uniform though.
  • Mercenary Tao would kill Krillin instead of Bora. This was due to lack of Native American actors and casting another  random actor would be kind of racist( James Cameron's Avatar anyone?)
  • If Yajirobe appeared he would have been a more serious character but still maintaning his love for food and still being a samurai. He also might have taken the place of Korin due to talking animals being hard to make.
  • Commander Red would have been the main villain due to Staff Officer Black being omitted since 1. He's racist(his name plus he has blackface) and 2. to make Red the villain for a change.

Tell me what you think of this please.

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