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Ok, ladies and gents, Christmas is afoot, time for new wishes and happy greetings. I hear that for some of you, it’s about rugging up and sitting in front of a fire with your family while it’s snowing or going outside throwing chunks of ice at your friends, others will just say it’s about presents, but we all know what it’s really about.

For me though, it’s that time of the year where it gets hot, or due to recent times, it starts flooding. But usually it’s stinking hot, the flies are out and the rellie’s (relatives) are up or we go on a 3-4 hour trip to go see them, when the ham is placed on the table and the shrimp and crab are the most favoured. A time when Uncle George would go round playing tricks and Grandma’s hitting him on the head with a rolling pin.

Basically it’s about giving, as we all should know, but most of us love the receiving.

So I want to ask, what do you want for Chrissy (Christmas) this year and where would you like it to be?

(Now I know that some don't do this, either they don't or it's not their religion, I understand, this is just mainly for those who do. If this is you, you can still tag along though if you wish, like, talk about what you're going to do instead.)

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