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You guys are gonna see some weird things in the rant section, huh? Now, when DragonBall Z does something so horrendous, they tend to do it only once. And praise the lord for that! There's only one "Frieza", and there's only one "Broly". However, there is one area DragonBall Z, or their fanbase, don't relent, ever. And that's turning the entire universe against Beerus.

There are two reasons that I'm ranting about this. Number one is that it's going to get really old if I do a dozen different rants about episodes, pictures, or videos that are all bad in the exact same way. You can only say that putting Beerus at the ass of your jokes doesn't automatically make them funny, or justifiable, in so many ways. The other reason is that they've done this so many times, this is the only way I can put it into perspective. Let me put it this way: I am ranting about the exact same basic premise. I've disqualified "DevilArtemis" and "RealEntGaming", and there are about seven others that I considered for this list of people, but didn't piss me off enough to include. That is the entire fanbase who made the basic plot where we're treated to Beerus's pain and agony because they think it's funny, or have them feel vindicated.

I mean, it had to have worked at some point, right? It was awesome once upon a time, and gave us movies like "Battle of Gods", "DragonBall Ressurection" or "DragonBall Super: Broly". So what happened? What makes it awesome in those movies and not in videos like "Perfect Cell vs. Beerus" and those little gameplays, or videos where they do voice impressions throughout their videos? Okay, that answer's pretty obvious. The former aren't as violent or give their target of ridicule a K.O.

But if it was a common and accepted plot thread, how did it get so terrible? Well, I know the answer to that already, but for the sake of my anger, let's say that I don't and find out why.

First of all, let's knock out the elephant in the room. This premise tries to show the difference between a character who does their job destroying planets, and a character who does their job beating up villains. A character who blows up planets, gets maimed, tortured and beaten for doing his job, while a character who doesn't goes through the whole episode or video unscathed.

Now, in Battle of Gods, Beerus would've gotten torment, because he would be too arrogant to think he needed to not destroy planet Earth because of his actions. In these modern episodes of DragonBall Super, or online, he suffers from it because he's Beerus and for no other reason whatsoever. It is an absolute requirement.

Now, there are two particular reasons that I thought this thing would be higher on the shit list. The first is that Beerus is getting punished for doing his job as God of Destruction, you know, blowing up planets. Yeah, I'm not going on the whole agenda that Goku is given Ultra Instinct, and it normally gets a pass for me on stuff like that, but these people are trying to present itself as, you know, being politically accurate. If it's a parody, do it right. The other reason is that stinger where other YouTubers like Prince Vegeta or many others called him "Bald P*ssy".

That insult there, said by someone who can't surpass a lower-class Saiyan, to someone who can destroy planets with a flick of a wrist, guaranteed a spot on my sh*t list. I mean, that it just one of the most infuriating things I have ever seen or heard! Okay, not the most infuriating, but it's gotta be up there. But, it's not so much that these episodes or videos has the most torment given to Beerus, or even that it's worst put together. It's that the episodes and videos expects me to buy the characters that I've dealt with in "DragonBall Z" and "DragonBall Super" and many other parodies as the good guy, and the Beerus in those very episodes and videos as the bad guy. Let's just say that that's perhaps the most insulting thing that a writer or YouTuber can try and do. If these people learned that being an annoying menace that'd make Beerus wanna slit his wrists and shoot his own head off on YouTube, or on public television, then it'd probably be decent -- hell it might even be great -- but it's that little touch that slides it right into the worst of the worst.