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I have something to rant about DBZ. Here it goes. As much as I am a Gohan fan there is one problem with him and that's the fanservice (It's not a problem of the character though). See in the Saiyan Saga Gohan goes Great Ape 3 times so obviously he changes back naked and you can easily see his PINGAS! Ok seriously but you can see his private parts. Then in Namek you get to see him get changed with Krillin and Vegeta. Then in the Garlic Jr Saga Gohan takes his shirt off 2 times once to catch fish and another to swim to get a diamond. Then it's the Cell Saga as you likely know already that against Cell he gets his shirt ripped off and he keeps it like that for about 5 episodes. Then at the end of the second last episode he takes his shirt off again completely. What do you think about this? Do you think this is too much fanservice?

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