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Hey guys, I was wondering how powerful Broly really is, so I decided to ask you how he'd stack up against other Z-villains. I made a list with my thoughts on the outcomes. Please feel free to comment!

Broly vs Frieza -> Broly easily, Frieza defeated by SSJ1 Goku and FPSSJ Goku couldn't match Broly.

Broly vs Androids 16, 17 & 18 -> Broly wins. Kamiccolo was on par with 17 and would probably have fought on a similar level with 18, but Kamiccolo couldn't lay a hand on Broly. As for 16 -> not even a match for Cell Form 2, who was no match for Super Vegeta. Super Vegeta was beaten by Broly easily.

Broly vs Perfect Cell: Broly wins. Stronger than FPSSJ Goku & FPSSJ Gohan, but not by the ridiculous margin that Broly was. Nobody could lay a hand on Broly on New Vegeta.

Broly vs Super Perfect Cell: Now that's an interesting one. Gohan SSJ2 could barely beat SP Cell, but Teen Gohan SSJ2 (preparing for WMA Tournament) would've been beaten into a pulp by this Cell. And yes, Teen Gohan SSJ2 (Movie 10 = preparing for WMA Tournament) was beaten into a pulp by Broly. I think ultimately, though, SP Cell would win because he's a much more accomplished fighter and much more intelligent than Broly.

Broly vs Dabura -> Well, Dabura never beat Teen Gohan SSJ2 into a pulp, but he was holding back. And that Teen Gohan SSJ2 would probably be stronger than the one in movie 10 (Zenkai after recovering from energy drain at tournament). I feel, however, that Dabura wasn't holding back so much power that he could effortlessly defeat Gohan. Winner? Well, if Dabura kept his cool, he could spit on Broly, who probably wouldn't try to dodge. Winner: Dabura.

Broly vs. Majin Buu -> Buu ATE Dabura. Buu survved Majin Vegeta's sacrifice attack. Could withstand everything SSJ3 Goku threw at him. Beat Supreme Kai and Gohan as if they were ragdolls. And still he was only playing around. Buu could regenerate every bit of lost tissue Broly would cause and even if Buu didn't have the power to beat, which he does imo, he could turn Broly into Legendary Superchocolate (with a golden wrapper perhaps?). Match goes to Buu.

Broly vs all later incarnations of Buu -> Duh, see above. Majin Buu was the weakest form...

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