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  • Super Saiyan Goatee

    I have notice several things on chat that are not appropriate, and after some talking with other users, I personally think the chat should have a stricter policy.

    • Say, you must have at least edited on the wiki to go on chat, or something similar. This make it a lot easier to tell sockpuppet and chat trolls from user who just came to chat, and it makes it easier to message users.
    • Have certain boundries when discussing things. I noticed several unpleasent and quite unneeded things in the chat I was on earlier, which I will not describe.

    If anyone else has any suggestions on how they think the chat policy should be improved, please let us know. Thanks. :)

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  • Super Saiyan Goatee

    Hello everyone. Over the past few weeks, we have dealt with many trolls, and still dealing with them. I would just like to point out some things that may calm down the situation.

    1. Ignoring them. - This is the number one thing you need to do when a Troll vandalises/intimdates. They want attention, and even one little blog comment starting a fight will make them want to come back. Attention is the best thing you can give to a Troll, they want a reaction out of somebody. By commenting on obvious troll blogs, you just assist them in what they want. The best thing to do, is ignore their blog, or message, and report it, which an admin will soon take care of. I doubt all trolls do this (Some do it for fun, don't care about messages), but, th…

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  • Super Saiyan Goatee

    Pretty simple. Who is your favoirte human villain? The Red Ribbon Army is a huge load to pick from. :)

    Examples: General Blue, Colonel Silver, Mai, Shen, Tao Pai Pai/Mercenary Tao, General White, Ninja Murasaki.

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  • Super Saiyan Goatee

    Who is your favourite android/robot/cyborg? And why?

    • Major Metallitron
    • Prototype Android
    • Super Prototype Android
    • Android 8
    • Pirate Robot
    • Arale
    • Cyborg Tao
    • Android 13
    • Super Android 13
    • Android 14
    • Android 15
    • Android 16
    • Android 17/ or Future 17
    • Android 18/ or Future 18
    • Android 19
    • Dr. Gero/ Future Gero
    • Cell/ Future Cell
    • Super 17
    • Hell Fighter 17 (I really don't know why anyone would have this one os their favourite, but let's see)
    • Dr. Wheelo
    • Android 8000 (DB Online)
    • Android 19000 (DB Online)

    My favourite android is Android 8, due to him looking like a monster yet he was kind (I like those kind of characters), and other reasons. Someone please tell me if I have forgotten somebody. Think if I went Super Saiyan my goatee would grow? 18:33, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

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