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This page is based off of my OC "Saikon". This characters is of course non-cannon. I hope this character becomes official one day, if it does then I would appreciate it so much. In order to fuse into Saikon, Saido and Dakon to the Fusion Dance.

Basic Information

Saikon is 100% Saiyan. Saikon is also a fusion of Saido and Dakon (my two other ocs). They live in an unknown area in universe 7, they're exact location is not yet specified. Saido and Dakon was born on Planet Vegeta, before it was destroyed, they both managed to escape in a spacepod and land onto the planet earth. The age of them is unknown and they're gender is a male.


The upper body of Saikon contains Gogetas shirt since he's a fusion. Although the lower body is slightly different. His lower body pants contains long pants just like Gogeta, the color of it though is slightly dark gray, the left side of the pants has a picture of a darker gray dragon. Saikons footwear is black shoes with the bottom edge of it dark blue as well as the top edge. Saikon, however, has Beerus's golden gloves (I dont know what they are) on his wrists. 


When it comes to fighting, Saikon becomes very serious, he focuses on his opponent(s) and nothing else. During a fight, Saikon loves to scan his opponent and try to figure out openings, advantages, and weaknesses. In general, Saikon is usually very calm and nice to people, but he is usually very shy or afraid when he starts to meet other people.


Without fusion, Saido and Dakon are as powerful as Freiza, but with fusion as Saikon, he is as powerful as Vegeta.

Usually Saikon would never hold back any of his power, he loves to go all out at full power.


Focus Flash - By throwing a slightly big blue orb that he holds with both of his hands towards his target, if it hits, Saikon is able to fire blue rapid KI blasts towards his target.

God Breaker - This is a counter attack, this can counter any melee attack and/or melee combo. If the counter is sucessful, Saikon can freeze the opponent and fire a very powerful KI blast from his hand.

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