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SuperBen 1000000 SuperBen 1000000 10 October 2016

Superhero stories this year are crap

  • Man 2016 superhero stories are crap
  • I mean seriously look at the villains' plans. We got Lex, Zemo, Apocalypse and now we have those crappy plans in Dragon Ball now, Zamasu and *sigh* the demon duo Towa and Mira.
  • All of them have one thing in common: Their plan relies on convenience and if those events weren't lined up the way they did, they'd be screwed.

​You people agree with me people, reply to tell me your opinion.

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SuperBen 1000000 SuperBen 1000000 3 August 2016

Anyone else hating how the Future Trunks Saga is coming off so far?

Dragon Ball Super, one of the series worth watching and movies connected to it are very memorable, thanks to the help of the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama. However, I think that lately, things have been trending down lately with the newest episode of the series where Zamasu fights Goku. Yes, I know it is also a kids show but I can't help to think that it is less suspense and mystery about Goku Black. They even spoiled the new form he takes on later in the series. Basically, they are giving it all the suspense away. One example is the episode where Zamasu first plays his major role in. When his master Gowasu was talking to him Zamasu gives various hints that shows that he is completely different to any Supreme Kai we've ever seen a…

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