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Hello, I am here to discuss an issue that this wiki doesn't deal with properly, the differenciation of two different, long material. The differences in the Anime and Manga are examples of that, and I have and idea.....well, it's not really my idea. A few months ago, I found this project in this wiki; a work in progress, that had the Goku page, but had those slide thingies similar to what Arrowverse Wiki does with their personality sections. They divide them based on the different sections that are not nessessary to take up too much space, and compresses it down to sections, one displaying and others not. Click one of them and it pops up the information from the one of the ones hidden, allowing more organization and less space taken up, making it more attractive. Whoever is making this project, not to look like I'm impatient, but if you coincidentally come up here and look at what I'm saying, tell me: How's it going with it? Are you finished, or is it still needing work? Because whatever you're doing can change a lot of things for the better in this wiki and thank you.

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