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This will be the official blog regarding the community decision on finding a suitable background skin, and how we want our Wiki's color coordinating to work. I've got the power to make the changes, but you all have the means. Let's work together as a community of Dragon Ball fans to get this done!
Things to keep in mind

  • Background skins are limited to 150KB in size, I have the software to compress larger files, but it may decrease some of the image quality.
  • Images must look as professional as possible.
  • We want to avoid copying images from our sister Wiki's, such as the Spanish DB Wiki, we want to be unique!

Thus, you as the community are left with the task of finding a suitable background skin, use this blog or my talk page to present me with the final conclusion. Try and be as democratic as possible, take a vote and keep the discussion mature and realistic.

Secondly, you will notice the inclusion of .PNG Portals below our news slider, and most important the things I've took to calling, "Character orbs"; as they are shaped like Dragon Balls! As you can tell, some of the images within the orbs are fine, but some do need work. If there are any images you find that you believe will better suit the character orbs, I will gladly test it out until we find images that look as professional as possible.
Things to keep in mind

  • Finding suitable images that work in the shape of an orb is difficult, keep in mind the images selected need to work in that shape and look fully presentable.
  • If you'd like to learn how I created them, please leave me a message on my talk page so that I can explain the process and you can test some out for yourselves! If you are skilled in converting images to the .PNG format, please contact me as well. I have future images that may need this conversion as I continue to add onto this project.

Lastly, our logo. If anyone in the community is skilled with photoshop or any editing software, the inclusion of WIKI on our graphic logo would be an excellent, and much-needed addition. If you are interested in creating this, please contact me as soon as possible!

So, there we have it. You as a community are left with the task of presenting background skin images. Take a vote, and present the final decision to me; I am more then happy to change it to whatever the community likes best. Please spread the word about this blog as much as possible, the entire community needs to see this!

Thank you,
-Matt (SSJGoku93)

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