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Ok, well it isn't on db wikia but if you research a bit on the Internet then you would see something about an old movie pamplet saying Goku using Piccolo's power was using Kaioken X100. Now, i don't have any evidence about that but rather i found it on a video about DBZ feats and on another forum someone also stating that. Maybe it's a hoax or maybe it's not. Either way, i would recommend for some of you guys to research a bit to know if it really is a hoax. But that isn't the case here, it's about the SSJ multiplier, Super Kaioken (even though it's filler and non canon just like this movie.) And so on, now let's begin:

When this movie was released in Japan very long ago before Goku turned SSJ it obviously considered FSSJ the true SSJ form. So i think either FSSJ was supposed to have an over X100 multiplier (making it stronger than SSJ2.) Or maybe it was to display Slug's power considering that even with kaioken x100 he used the spirit bomb to defeat him (since spirit bomb ending was popular in the movies 2-4. I'm glad Toriyama showed his way of saying "screw the spirit bomb" in frieza saga -.-)

Anyway, now it's 2014:where the SSJ from movie 4 is now named False Super Saiyan and SSJ2 multiplier is X100 base (to some fans) So, this raises a lot of questions (if the rumors are true.)

First beginning with SSJ:If SSJ is an X50 multiplier then why did they make it not as strong as Kaioken X100 (IF it's real)

My answer:Well, the movie when it was released had FSSJ as the SSJ (even daizenshuu considered it the true SSJ form) so they probably made the multiplier too high or showed it as some kind of display to slug's power. Either way, that was before Goku faced frieza. So they had no idea what kind of power to display for Ginyu saga goku (even as far as Goku using kaioken x100 with piccolo's power.) And the reason he didn't use it against frieza? Easy:It's non canon and a power that matches SSJ2 might have drained ALOT out of him and might as well go as far as kill him. He later took a senzu bean. In Frieza saga they were out of senzu beam and Dende was killed so Kaioken X100 wasn't a good idea. As for after Frieza saga i think the answer is obvious.

2nd Question:Does that makes Kaioken X100 equal to SSJ2?

My answer:Well, obviously if you use SSJ2 as X2 SSJ but it easier to use and the speed is obviously superior etc. So in the end although Kaioken X100 might have the same multiplier SSJ2 has advantage.

3rd Question:What about Super Kaioken? I thought it was supposed to be X2 SSJ or not as much as SSJ2.

My answer:Super Kaioken is non canon as well and it didn't make sense in the first place just as much as  Kaioken X100 doesn't make sense. But you can say that it might be X3 SSJ which makes it logically Kaioken X150. However, judging by the title it's obviously superior than Kaioken.

This were the 3 questions i had in mind. Anyway, seeing as some (most i bet) haven't heard of this i'll give you the source i have:

And if you want it then i can give you the link from where i first heard it from (if the first link wasn't reliable enough for you.) Anyway, what do you think about that?

I think we can all agree in one thing:It's doesn't make sense and if it is true then it's been long ago so it's old now and was made before goku becoming ssj and before we had an SSJ multiplier. So, it's long old and forgotten and not to be taken seriously.....but this just proves more reason why movie 4 sucks and doesn't make sense (movie 3 was worse but still.)

And if it's a hoax then let me know. That's pretty much the reason i even started this blog .-.

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