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This will be my last top 10 post so enjoy it. Movie villains only.

  1. Whis -Bills martial arts teacher and attendant. Bills states that he is stringer than him (as bills is stated to be the strongest character in the dragon ball series.
  2. Bills -The God of Destruction and confirmed strongest character in the history of Z (besides Whis, his martial arts teacher who is stronger than him). This would make Bills the strongest character seen fighting in Z history.
  3. Janemba -Dominated both SSJ3 goku and a full power SSJ2 Vegeta. His powers over reality made him an extremely powerful and dangerous opponent. Only outclassed by the fusion: Gogeta.
  4. Hirudegarn -Traded blows evenly with SSJ3 goku and was only defeated once his weakness was discovered
  5. Broly -Was only defeated when 3 or more of the Z fighters combined their efforts to defeat him. In his Legendary Super Saiyan form, he has a power level of 1,400,000,000 and it rises still.
  6. Bojack -Defeated all of the Z fighters and was only defeated by gohan in his SSJ2 form.
  7. Meta-Cooler -Overpowered Goku in his full power super saiyan form, super saiyan Vegeta and Piccolo (who fused with kami) in seconds.
  8. Bio-Broly -Bio Broly is much weaker than broly as krillin was able to put up a decent fight against him.
  9. Super 13 -Was only defeated when goku absorbed the energy from the spirit bomb he was gathering
  10. Aka -The result of the fusion between abo and cado. Equal in power to base form gotenks but still inferior to super saiyan goku
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