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  • Riptide240

    New Fusion Methods

    March 22, 2014 by Riptide240

    Can you guys to make up new fusion methods using Goku and Vegeta as examples? For example, in another thread, me and another user made up another fusion somewhat like a mix of potara and the dance that's executed similar to namekian fusion.

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  • Riptide240

    Top 3 DBZ Tiers

    March 17, 2014 by Riptide240

    This is a continuation of my top-down blogs with a list of my top 3 tiers in DBZ and whose in them. For god tier, im talking about the power to at least challenge a god, or if their an actual god. And yes, Super Gogeta and base Vegito are on par with one another because when the Kais said that Potara fusion was better than the fusion dance, he could've easily been talking about the time limit and the high risk of preforming the technique wrong. And just because their wasn't an implied rivals boost doesn't mean it doesn't apply so don't give me that bull crap. It is also stated that the power lvl determination is more unpredictable with potara and it is only because goku and vegeta fused that it's so strong, not just potara itself. If you w…

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  • Riptide240

    This list is somewhat mixed opinion and facts so bear with me an isn't entirely in power order. This is based on fighting deities (i.e. no King Kai or kibito Kai). I kinda don't want to add GT b/c their all OP and non-canon.

    • God of Destruction Beerus- With the occupation as God of Destruction and his use of godly ki, he is a literal god and has the power to be known as one.
    • Whis- Beerus' teacher and overseer of the succesive God of Destructions.
    • SSJG Goku- This saiyan form gives Goku the ability to wield the incomprehensible ki of a god, which gave him the power to (for the most part) exchange blows with Beerus himself, bringing them both to exauhstion.
    • SSJ3 Vegito- I'd like to be fair and say that, just because godly ki is beyond even the compreh…
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  • Riptide240

                    My question to you guys is: Does super saiyan god actually boost Goku's power to beyond SSJ3 like a normal super saiyan transformation, or does it add godly ki to Goku's max power.

    I say max power because i dont think adding godly ki to goku's base form power wouldv'e shot him past ssj3. Or is it just not a power thing at all? Is it just that godly ki alone trumps any transformation that could be accomplished by enhanced ki output like super saiyans? I need answers guys Riptide240 (talk) 20:02, March 12, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Riptide240

    This will be my last top 10 post so enjoy it. Movie villains only.

    1. Whis -Bills martial arts teacher and attendant. Bills states that he is stringer than him (as bills is stated to be the strongest character in the dragon ball series.
    2. Bills -The God of Destruction and confirmed strongest character in the history of Z (besides Whis, his martial arts teacher who is stronger than him). This would make Bills the strongest character seen fighting in Z history.
    3. Janemba -Dominated both SSJ3 goku and a full power SSJ2 Vegeta. His powers over reality made him an extremely powerful and dangerous opponent. Only outclassed by the fusion: Gogeta.
    4. Hirudegarn -Traded blows evenly with SSJ3 goku and was only defeated once his weakness was discovered
    5. Broly -Was onl…

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