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Hello there.

I apologize in advance if my english is bad, it is not my native language.

As the title suggest I aim to demonstrate that Future warrior from Xenoverse 2 has reached a level that is beyond that of Gods. I will use feats, statments and arguments.

Lets assume FW has completed main story, infinite saga history, all PQs and all training lessons with all mentors and maxed friendship with them.


Minor feats: -defeats (and kills) Final Form Mira (a villain whose power was going to collapse all multiverse) with the help of SSB Goku.

-Final training lesson with Beerus. FW fights and hold his ground against a Full power Beerus as himself says at end.

-stalemates a post-ToP MUI Goku after receiving energy from Fu.

Major feats: -Final training lesson with Whis. Manages to wound Whis as himself says.

-PQ122: fights AT SAME TIME and defeats Beerus-VegethSSB-MergedZamasu and then Jiren-MUIGoku-Fu. All foes are pre-ToP.

-PQ131: fights AT SAME TIME and defeats GogetaSSB-VegethSSB-KeflaSSJ-BrolyLSSJ and then again VegethSSB-GogetaSSB. All are post-Top

-PQ137: fights AT SAME TIME and defeats Jiren-MUIGoku-VegetaSSBE. All foes are post-Top.

According to the uncountable discussions on web, and the fact they can be pre or post ToP, we can assume GogetaSSB, VegethSSB, Jiren, MUIGoku are at least Gods level (probably high-tier), while MergedZamasu and BrolyLSSJ low-tier Gods.


There is a Whis' dialogue which is a more direct proof of FW's real power. It's when obtaining SSGSS Awoken skill from Mentor-Whis.

If FW is Saiyan he will say:"[...] You may have surpassed the gods themselves with that power of YOURS. Here's a treat for working so hard [...]".

This means: FW's full power before learning SSGSS awoken skil may have surpassed gods level (last time this was said about jiren in anime). AFTER this he learns SSGSS awoken skill, meaning that when he transforms he taps into a greater power.

If without SSBlue FW may have surpassed the gods (so he could be at least be a high-tier g.o.d. level), by logical deduction (knowing how much boost gives godly transformation), in SSBlue IS stronger than gods.

If FW is not saiyan, it will be confirmed what said before. In fact Whis will say:"[...]If you were a saiyan, you might have gained power that surpasses gods themeselves. You won't be able to use this since you aren't a saiyan, but I'll teach you how to do it anyway[...]".

This means FW can't obtain a power (SSB) that SURPASSES gods because he is not saiyan (hypotetical period 3rd type). Whis can teach it anyway to the FW in a unspecified way. So the non-saiyan FW has now power equal to the SSB, and higher than gods.

Then FW keeps training and fighting and reaches a level of power higher than before. When obtaining SSBE, will happen the same situation: FW becomes stronger, then Whis as treat teaches SSBE.

According to these feats and statments, is clear enough that FW so far has reached a level far beyond that of gods, in particular, for saiyan FW, we can say that when transforms in SSGSS he is certainly stronger than gods (including Beerus), and in SSGSSEvolved is even stronger.

The same can't be said for non-saiyan FW, who doesn't have godly transfomation, but must be considered that he has equal power to the Saiyan colleague.