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PrinceZarbon PrinceZarbon 2 September 2013

Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z Request

Okay, everybody has been seeing these everywhere, from comic shops, to bookstores, to groceries, to everywhere in between. These Funko Pop pieces have incorporated almost every universe and franchise... from Freddy Krueger... to Nightmare Before Christmas... to Star Wars, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Disney, and every other thing in between. I mean EVERYTHING is being made into this format. What they HAVE NOT made yet though is Dragon Ball Z characters. So I threw an email together and sent it to the main email to the Funko people. I'm hoping they get the rights to the DB universe and bust out some FUNKO POP BOBBLE HEADS DRAGON BALL STYLE!

Here's what I wrote in the email I sent:

"I have noticed that the Funko Pop series has spread to almost e…

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PrinceZarbon PrinceZarbon 26 April 2013

Help - PZ Dragon Ball Collection - Wikia Community Help

Not sure if this is really the right place to bring this up and if it isn't, we can easily remove, but I need help completing my collection. Please take a look at my current collection and the pieces I need, which I have marked with red. Anyone who can help me with my Zarbon, Dodoria, and Cui collection, please be sure to give me a heads up. All the pieces I am missing I have highlighted with red markings and a red numeric. I am currently missing 3 Zarbon pieces (out of 57), 0 Dodoria pieces (out of 36), and 1 Cui piece (out of 12). Anyone who can help me locate these 4 pieces or anything I may have overlooked in relation to these characters, I would greatly appreciate it. - 01:14, April 26, 2013 (UTC)

Update - I'm currently missing the fo…

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PrinceZarbon PrinceZarbon 2 November 2011

Worst, Most Annoying, and Useless Dragon Ball / Z / GT Character

This here is to decipher who is the most annoying and useless character in the entire series.

I myself hate Android 17, Vegeta, Fat Buu, Nuova Shenron, and pretty much all other traitors most of all. However, I don't believe that they are the worst characters as they've got some vivid story attached to them.

After careful forethought and analyzing, I believe the most annoying and useless character to be Pan. I strongly feel the series would have been better and may have succeeded on another level if we didn't see this annoying brat in the GT sagas... technically, and distinctly... the series may have had an eventual uprising rather than a decline in viewership... so if there's one thing to blame for the downfall... I'd likely pin this one on…

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