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    Well, I'm back to talk about boobs... I mean Medaka box. Okay, before I kill the damn horse, I'll just say it. This series women's have big boobs. An anime where women have big boobs?! Impossible! I know. Let's get to the review, and then the ACTUAL review part.

    So the series is about a high school, which has a strange class president. A women named Medaka, who is perfect in everything! Yet, (Note: FROM NOW ON, WHEN I GO ITALICS, I AM BEING SERIOUS, ALL OTHER IS JOKE, REMEMBER!) Thats what's make her character good. Being perfect, is what makes her unable to enjoy anything, and make her absolutely incapable to understand normal people, even people like her. She is a good deconstruction of Mary Sues. She has a dream, a dream where people are …

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  • Nobody700

    So looks like I'm back, well could be worse, their could be two of me, And what are we reviewing? Lets review the series has been hyped to God, Attack on Titan.

    The series is about humanity, mostly Germans trying to survive the evils of titans from inside a huge wall. This is all nice and dandy until a colossal one comes in and then his NFL superstar friend comes in busts everything up, pushing humans back. Now, humanity will fight back, there one problem? They suck.

    Enter Eren, a psychotic manchild who has an internal rage against all Titans, you know standard protagonist stuff. We also have Mikasa, his Asian friend who is badass, but acts like a little girl around him. Next is Armin... He's a wuss. We have potato girl, who's a liar, coward…

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  • Nobody700

    DBZ: Dub or Sub?

    November 18, 2013 by Nobody700

    Now most of you have heard the dub. I have as well. Some of you may have never heard the sub. But most of the internet says that SUBS ARE BETTER AND DUBS SUCK (Note I say most, and not all). Now I heard the sub, and dub is better. What other animes are better dubs over subs, or subs are better then dubs? Which animes do you feel are better with what dub?


    I like the following dubs more


    Kenichi the mightest



    Naruto (But I hate both narutos equally)

    And some others I forgot

    To me, I love the One piece japanese version, but I like the dub.

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  • Nobody700

    How should the new movie go?

    September 22, 2013 by Nobody700

    Hey, i'm back, and there are rumors that say a new movie is popping up, (I somewhat believe it) How should it go?

    Should Bills be the main villian again? Or should new gods of Destruction pop up? How does it happen? Try to have fun

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  • Nobody700

    Best (and worst) fanfic

    September 6, 2013 by Nobody700

    Okay, this will be a strange one... Not compared to others, but for me... But what is thy favorite, or least favourite fanfic you saw.

    Also... Here you go...

    Read all thy fanfics and judge thee.

    Also ask questions if you like it (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

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