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Hey guys, Nimbus decided to pop around and explain why she hasn't bothered coming in forever.

Here's the deal; I've basically grown embarassed of being such a big fan of anime and what-not. I've grown reluctant of writting my goddamn fan-fictions and people asking me who the characters I draw are (I draw alot of my OC Tamera) Like everyone has at one point, I feel like that weird annoying awkward girl who does nothing but draw goddamn anime, and that's unfortunetly how I feel now as I type this message.

The next point of me never coming is, as youy may have guessed, I have had some depression problems. I won't go into details, but to make it simple I have been feeling very lonely and unwanted at school and sometimes at home, up to the point where I cry for a couple of minutes sometimes. I even have begun feeling completely useless and that people are better off without me. That's as many details I'll go into, because I don't want to sound any more emo than I do.

Next, and the most important, is that I'm nervous I'll get too absorbed into this website and become a freak who does nothing but sit on her ass all day and doesn't socolize because she's scared society will think she's a weirdo and creep. I only come here for laughs and stuff, and of course to be with my lovely KillerBaka-chan

The last point is that I've been very busy recently. I'm at the end of 8th grade and as you may have thought, my teachers are loading my class and I with projects and homework. Not only that but the school play I am in is coming up and I have very long practice hours. The play is also on my birthday :P

So yeah, in a nut shell why I haven't been here. Sorry if I sound too emo and dramatic, but as you may have guessed I won't be on here much anymore for the reasons above. I should let you guys know you're all awesome, espically KillaBaka. Thanks for all the funny times in chat room and making me laugh during bad times.

Your friendly (sort of) neighborhood spiderman,

Nimbus.69 0goten4 n 01:50, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

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