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  • MsBulma

    Happy 2013 and Other Topics!

    December 31, 2012 by MsBulma

    Hey guys and gals! =)

    HAPPY 2013 NEW YEAR FOR ALL THOSE LADS WHO HAVE ALREADY GONE INTO NEXT YEAR. Us Americans are still stuck in last year! I hope everyone has a rockin' new year and yadda yadda boom.

    Any new year resolutions?

    Meh, just do good on my ACT's. o.o And maybe start a new show or something.

    So, to make this appropriately related to Dragonball as well, I came up with a few topics for discussion. Feel free to comment on any of your liking, or you could peg on all of them; whatever floats your boat. 

    So, it got me thinking, being a girl and all: Did I just grow up loving a guy's show with all the fighting and stuff? Or is there something more that girls can also find entertaining? Is this a stereotypical thing where guys mostly watch …

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  • MsBulma

    Hello everyone! ^____^

    Ive recently discovered a few new sites that have been very entertaining, with making cool posters and everything! I did this completely just for fun, and many of them turned out great! x3

    On a side note, most of those statements were from yet another 'building' site that all I had to do was write my name in, and they would come up with fancy sayings! Some of them are mine though.

    If I offended any user here whom I have used their name, many apologizes! :3

    This was a load of fun though. Tell me what you think, I can take requests if anyone wants me to splurge their names at all. Just a few requests, but I will try to do some if anyone would like one!

    Note: Sorry if this sounds narcissistic. I just tried to find many anime…

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  • MsBulma

    (Title says all.) :P

    So I came across this pic on a photo site and I almost laughed my butt off! This little kid was so freakin funny! If any of you could be a super hero, who would you be, and why?

    It can be DBZ, Anime, or any classic superhero you can think of.

    MEH: I would personally love to be Wonder Woman because she has this amazing strength and a great hairdo! xD

    Also, I guess you could also be a villian, if thats what floats your boat. ;P

    I would be the Grinch. Tis the season, plus he steals all the presents from the Whos! >:D Yay, more presents for me!

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  • MsBulma

    Okay guys! What character in DB or DBZ do you wish that you could have seen more? Either more frequently shown, in more action, or anything in general!

    There are a TON of characters I wish were more involved! First off, I wish Bulma was part of DBZ action, like she used to be in DB alot. Now she seems more of a supporter. Also, GOGETA needed way more moments to shine! Honestly! Tien is also not as much in DBZ as he was in DB, I suppose. I would've liked to say more of the plot mixed with him. Also I wished Roshi, Launch, and Oolong were shown more as well. Some people had really good roles in DB, but got cut in the biggest franchise.



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  • MsBulma

    Goku and Vegeta

    March 27, 2011 by MsBulma

    So i was wondering:

    Does anyone know if Saiyans have a naturally longer life span than the human race? They both look in their twenties when they are in their fifties at the end of GT. Maybe they live up to like 150 or something? And if that's true, then they would have to watch their friends and family get old and die! :(

    And does Android 18 live forever by any chance?

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