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This power level list was crafted by taking into account as many believable official sources as possible. This list should not be taken like an undisputable truth, it is just my opinion. For simplicity, techniques used by characters have a power reading next to the character itself. I will also not take into consideration when characters supress their powers or are injured. A character's transformation will be listed separated from the character in base form.

First off, the multipliers for transformations:

Great Ape: x10

Super Saiyan: x50

Super Saiyan Grade 2: x80

Super Saiyan Grade 3: x90

Super Saiyan 2: x100

Legendary Super Saiyan: x14000

If characters have a power level of 1000 or more, I will be using a coding system in order to simplify numbers:

K - Thousand

M - Million

B - Billion

Qi - Quintillion (this one is used for a joke, we'll reach this point eventually though)

Dragon Ball

Search for The Dragon Balls Saga

Goku: 10 [Kamehameha: 22]

Giant Fish: 4

Bulma (gun): 6

Pterodactyl: 7

Bear Thief: 7

Oolong: 2 - 10 (varies with transformations)

Yamcha: 9

Chi-Chi: 6

Ox-King: 90

Master Roshi: 139

Full Power Roshi: 278 [Kamehameha: 612]

Rabbit Mobs: 5

Monster Carrot: 7

Puar: 2 - 10 (varies with transformations)

Great Ape Goku: 100

Pilaf, Shu & Mai (helicopter): 40

21st World Martial Arts Tournament Saga

Goku (Post Roshi-Training): 124 [Kamehameha: 273]

Krillin (Post Roshi-Training): 116

Yamcha (Post Training): 69

Generic Fighters: 30 - 60

Bacterian (smell): 110

Jackie Chun: 139 [Kamehameha: 306]

Nam: 100

Ranfan: 80

Giran: 100

Great Ape Goku: 1.24K

Full Power Jackie Chun: 278 [Kamehameha: 612]

Red Ribbon Army Saga

Goku: 124 [Kamehameha: 273]

Red Ribbon Soldiers (equipment): 6 - 19

Colonel Silver: 8

Major Metallitron: 150

Murasaki Brothers (equipment): 8 - 9

Buyon: 169

General White: 8

Bulma: 3

Android 8: 200

Captain Dark: 4

Launch (good): 3

Launch (bad): 6

Krillin: 116

Pirate Robot: 94

Captain Yellow (equipment): 7

General Blue: 111 [Telekinesis: 180]

Arale: As much as Toriyama desires

Mercenary Tao: 140 [Dodonpa: 308]

Goku (Post Korin-Training): 157 [Kamehameha: 345]

Staff Officer Black (gun): 6

Staff Officer Black (battle robot): 99

Fangs the Vampire: 125

Yamcha: 69 [Wolf Fang Fist: 76]

See-Through the Invisible Man (invisibility): 86

Bandages the Mummy: 138

Spike the Devilman: 144

Grandpa Gohan: 160 [Kamehameha: 352]

22nd World Martial Arts Tournament Saga

Goku (Post-Training): 180 [Kamehameha: 396]

King Chappa: 100

Yamcha (Post Roshi-Training): 121 [Kamehameha: 266]

Tienshinhan: 180 [Dodonpa: 396] [Kikoho: 468]

Jackie Chun: 139

Man-Wolf: 5

Krillin (Post Roshi-Training): 147 [Kamehameha: 323]

Chiaotzu: 109 [Dodonpa: 240]

Pamput: 23

Regulated Full Power Jackie Chun: 180

King Piccolo Saga

Tambourine: 170

Krillin: 147

Yajirobe (sword): 156

Cymbal: 140

Goku: 180 [Kamehameha: 396]

King Piccolo (old): 200 [Bakurikihama: 440]

Master Roshi: 139

Chiaotzu: 109

Tienshinhan: 180

Drum: 210

Goku (Post Ultra Divine Water): 260 [Kamehameha: 572]

King Piccolo: 260 [Bakurikihama: 572]

Mr. Popo: 1.03K

23rd World Martial Arts Tournament Saga

Goku (Post Kami-Training) (Weighted Clothing): 221

King Chappa (Post Training): 130

Chiaotzu (Post Roshi-Training): 119

Mercenary Tao (Cyborg): 210 [Super Dodonpa: 693]

Yajirobe: 135

Hero: 220

Tienshinhan (Post Roshi-Training): 235

Chi-Chi: 130

Krillin (Post Roshi-Training): 190 [Kamehameha: 418]

Piccolo (Weighted Clothing): 215 [Bakurikihama: 473]

Yamcha (Post Roshi-Training): 156

Goku (Post Kami-Training): 275 [Super Kamehameha: 910]

Piccolo: 271 [Bakurikihama: 596] [Chobakuretsumaha: 894]

Great Piccolo: 407

Giant Piccolo: 542

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

Goku (weighted clothing): 334

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 322

Gohan: 1

Raditz: 1.5K

Goku: 416 [Kamehameha: 924]

Piccolo: 408 [Makankosappo: 1.33K - 1.48K]

Gohan (enraged): 1.307K

Piccolo (Post Training): 3.5K

Krillin (Post Kami-Training): 1.77K [Kienzan: 5.841K] [Genkidama: 8.85K]

Yamcha (Post Kami-Training): 1.48K [Kamehameha: 3.256K]

Tienshinhan (Post Kami-Training): 1.83K [Kikoho: 4.758K]

Gohan (Post Training): 981 [Masenko: 2.8K]

Saibamen: 1.2K [Selfdestruction: 6K]

Nappa: 4K

Chiaotzu (Post Kami-Training): 610 [Selfdestruction: 3.05K]

Goku (Post Kaio-Training) (weighted clothing): 8.1K [Kamehameha: 17.82K] [Kaioken: 12.15K] [Kaiokenx2: 16.2K]

Vegeta: 18K [Galick Ho: 59.4K]

Goku: 10.125K [Kaiokenx3: 30.375K] [Kaiokenx3 Kamehameha: 66.825K] [Kaiokenx4 Kamehameha: 89.1K]

Great Ape Vegeta: 180K

Yajirobe (sword): 970

Great Ape Gohan: 9.81K

Freeza Saga

Gohan (zenkai): 1.5K

Krillin: 1.77K

Banan: 1.4K

Sui: 1.4K

Vegeta (zenkai): 24K

Cui: 18K

Namekian Warriors: 3K

Dodoria: 22K

Zarbon: 23K

Monster Zarbon: 28.75K

Vegeta (zenkai): 30K

Gohan (Potential Unlocked): 11K

Krillin (Potential Unlocked): 10.5K

Guldo: 11.85K [Telekinesis: 19K]

Vegeta: 29K

Recoome: 52K

Gohan (Potential Unlocked Increasing): 14K

Krillin (Potential Unlocked Increasing): 13K

Goku (Post Gravity-Training) (weighted clothing): 90K [Kaiokenx2: 180K]

Burter: 50.6K

Jeice: 50.12K

Captain Ginyu: 120K

Nail: 42K

Frieza (Third Restrictive Form): 530K

Ginyu (Goku's body): 23K

Gohan (zenkai): 17.5K

Vegeta (zenkai): 250K

Goku (Ginyu's Body): 6K

Gohan (Potential Fully Unlocked): 200K

Krillin (Potential Fully Unlocked): 75K [Kienzan: 247.5K]

Frieza (Second Restrictive Form): 1.1M

Gohan (enraged): 800K

Gohan (zenkai): 750K

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 1.2M

Piccolo: 1.5M

Frieza (Restrictive Form): 1.8M

Vegeta (zenkai): 2M

Frieza (2%): 2.4M

Goku (weighted clothing): 3M [Kaiokenx10: 30M] [Kaiokenx20: 60M] [Kaioken x20 Kamehameha: 132M] [Great Genkidama: 135M]

Frieza (50%): 60M

Super Saiyan Goku (weighted clothing): 150M [Kamehameha: 330M]

Frieza (70%): 84M

Frieza (100%): 120M

Super Saiyan Goku: 187.5M

Cell Saga

Future Trunks: 3.5M

King Cold's soldiers: 1K - 2K

Mecha Frieza (50%): 75M

Super Saiyan Future Trunks: 175M

King Cold (Second Restrictive Form): 100M

Goku (Post Yadrat-Training): 4M

Super Saiyan Goku: 200M

Android 20: 160M

Yamcha (Post Training): 79.92K

Goku (Post Training) (weighted clothing): 6M

Android 19: 170M

Super Saiyan Goku (weighted clothing): 300M

Super Saiyan Goku (heart virus) (weighted clothing): 150M [Kamehameha: 330M]

Android 19 (Kamehameha absorbed): 203M

Vegeta: 6M

Super Saiyan Vegeta: 300M

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 144.2688M

Android 20 (Photon Bomber absorbed): 205M

Piccolo: 180.336M

Android 17: 360M

Android 18: 330M

Tienshinhan (Post Training): 94.428K [Shin Kikoho: 94.428M]

Piccolo (fused with Kami) (weighted clothing): 288.5536M [Bakurikihama: 634.78272M]

Imperfect Cell: 275M [Kamehameha: 605M]

Piccolo: 360.672M [Bakurikihama: 793.4784M]

Imperfect Cell (humans absorbed): 400M

Android 16: 400M

Semi-Perfect Cell: 1B

Super Saiyan Vegeta (Post HTC-Training): 781.25M

Super Saiyan Grade 2 Vegeta: 1.25B [Final Flash: 4.125B]

Super Saiyan Future Trunks (Post HTC-Training): 750M

Super Saiyan Grade 2 Future Trunks: 1.2B

Perfect Cell: 3B [Super Kamehameha: 9.9M]

Krillin (Post Training): 135K

Super Saiyan Grade 3 Future Trunks: 1.35B

Mr. Satan: 120Qi

Future Android 17: 340M

Future Android 18: 310M

Future Gohan: 4M

Super Saiyan Future Gohan: 200M

Super Saiyan Grade 4 Goku (Post HTC-Training) (weighted clothing): 2.5B [Kamehameha: 5.5B]

Super Saiyan Grade 4 Gohan (Post HTC-Training): 2.5B

Cell Jr.: 1.875B

Piccolo (Post HTC-Training): 541.008M

Super Saiyan Vegeta (Post HTC-Training): 1.125B

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan: 5B [Super Kamehameha: 16.5B] [Ultimate Kamehameha: 22B]

Super Perfect Cell: 6B [Super Kamehameha: 19.8B]

Boo Saga

Trunks: 3.5M

Idasa: 5

Dragon Ball Movies

Curse of the Blood Rubies

Bongo: 10

Pansy's father: 5

Goku: 10 [Kamehameha]: 22

Giant Fish: 4

Bulma (aircraft): 13

Pasta (aircraft): 16

Oolong: 2 - 10 (varies with transformations)

Yamcha: 9 [Wolf Fang Fist: 10]

Master Roshi: 139

Full Power Roshi: 278 [Kamehameha: 612]

Gurumes Army Soldiers (battleship): 65

Gurumes Army Soldiers: 5

Pasta (gun): 7

King Gurumes (transformed): 80

Sleeping Princess in the Devil's Castle

Goku: 10 [Kamehameha: 22]

Krillin: 8

Ghastel: 9

Devil's Castle Ogres: 6 - 7

Launch (bad): 6

Great Ape Goku: 100

Yamcha: 9

Oolong: 2 - 10 (varies with transformations)

Puar: 2 - 10 (varies with transformations)

Launch (good): 3

Lucifer: 30

Mystical Adventure

Lieutenant Blue: 111

General Tao: 140 [Dodonpa: 308]

Bora: 66

Goku: 124 [Kamehameha: 273]

Mifan Soldiers (equipment): 6 - 35

Krillin: 116

Sergeant Metallic: 113

Launch (bad): 6

Launch (good): 3

Gregor: 12

Yamcha: 69

Master Roshi: 139

Minister Shen: 120 [Dodonpa: 264]

Tienshinhan: 124 [Kikoho: 322]

Arale Norimaki: As much as Toriyama desires

Dragon Ball Z Movies

Dead Zone

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 322 [Bakurikihama: 708]

Ginger: 175

Nicky: 175

Sansho: 175

Chi-Chi: 130

Goku (weighted clothing): 334 [Kamehameha: 735]

Full Power Ginger: 350

Full Power Nicky: 350

Full Power Sansho: 350

Kami: 220

Garlic Jr.: 725

Full Power Garlic Jr.: 1.45K

Goku: 416

Piccolo: 408

Gohan: 1

Gohan (enraged): 1.307K

The World's Strongest

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 6.5K

Bio-Men: 1K

Master Roshi: 1.39K [Kamehameha: 3.06K]

Kishime: 7K

Ebifurya: 7.5K

Misokatsun: 4.3K

Goku (weighted clothing): 8K [Kamehameha: 17.6K] [Kaioken: 12K] [Kaiokenx2: 16K] [Kaiokenx3 Kamehameha: 52.8K] [Kaiokenx4 Kamehameha: 70.4K]

Gohan: 6K

Krillin: 5K [Kamehameha: 11K]

Piccolo: 8K

Dr. Kochin (equipment): 800

Dr. Wheelo: 39K

Goku: 10K [Genkidama: 100K]

The Tree of Might

Tienshinhan: 27.45K [Kikoho: 71.37K]

Chiaotzu: 9.15K [Dodonpa: 20.13K]

Rasin: 8K

Lakasei: 7.6K

Krillin: 10K [Kamehameha: 22K] [Kienzan: 33K]

Amond: 9.1K

Yamcha: 22K [Kamehameha: 48.84K]

Cacao: 13K

Goku (weighted clothing): 30K [Kamehameha: 66K] [Kaioken: 45K] [Kaiokenx10: 300K]

Daiz: 8.4K

Gohan: 10K [Masenko: 29K]

Turles: 19K

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 18K

Great Ape Gohan: 100K

Turles (powered up): 190K

Piccolo: 22.5K [Makankosappo: 73.35K]

Goku: 37.5K [Genkidama: 375K]

Lord Slug

Lord Slug's soldiers: 1K - 2K

Gohan: 14K [Masenko: 40.6K]

Chi-Chi: 130

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 110K

Wings: 55K

Medamatcha: 19K

Angila: 63K

Piccolo: 137.5K

Goku: 90K [Kaiokenx100: 9M]

Krillin: 13K

Lord Slug: 300K

Pseudo Super Saiyan Goku: 2.25M

Giant Lord Slug: 600K

Cooler's Revenge

Krillin: 75K

Neiz: 815K

Gohan: 750K

Doore: 925K

Goku: 4M

Salza: 850K

Cooler (2%): 4.7M

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 1.2M

Piccolo: 1.5M

Goku (zenkai) (weighted clothing): 8M [Kaiokenx10: 80M]

Cooler (Ascended Form): 470M

Goku: 10M [Kaiokenx20: 200M] [Kaiokenx20 Kamehameha: 440M]

Super Saiyan Goku: 500M [Super Kamehameha: 1.65B]

The Return of Cooler

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 288.5376M

Gohan: 2.5M [Masenko: 7.25M]

Krillin: 135K

Cyclopian Guards: 10K - 20K

Goku (weighted clothing): 6M

Meta-Cooler: 293.75M

Super Saiyan Goku (weighted clothing): 300M [Super Kamehameha: 990M]

Piccolo: 360.672M

Meta-Cooler (regenerated): 352.5M

Vegeta: 6M

Super Saiyan Vegeta: 300M [Kienzan: 990M]

Goku: 7.5M

Meta-Cooler Core (Battle Form): 550M

Super Saiyan Goku: 375M

Super Android 13!

Goku (weighted clothing): 6M

Android 14: 170M

Android 15: 250M

Future Trunks: 3.5M

Super Saiyan Goku (weighted clothing): 300M [Kamehameha: 660M]

Gohan: 2.5M [Masenko: 7.25M]

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 144.2688M [Bakurikihama: 317.39136M]

Android 13: 280M

Vegeta: 6M

Super Saiyan Vegeta: 300M

Super Saiyan Future Trunks: 175M

Super Android 13: 700M

Krillin: 135K

Piccolo: 180.336M

Genkidama Super Saiyan Goku: 16.875B

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

Gohan: 50M

Paragus' soldiers: 700 - 800

Goku: 50M

Super Saiyan Broly (Power Restricted): 5M

Super Saiyan Grade 4 Goku: 2.5B [Kamehameha: 5.5M]

Super Saiyan Grade 4 Gohan: 2.5B [Masenko: 7.25B]

Super Saiyan Grade 2 Future Trunks: 1.2B [Masenko: 3.48B]

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly: 14B

Piccolo: 360.672M

Super Saiyan Grade 2 Vegeta: 1.25B

Super Saiyan Goku (Dragon Team's energy): 25B

Bojack Unbound

Fighters: 5 - 30

Man-Wolf: 6

Doskoi: 24

Krillin: 135K

Piccolo (weighted clothing): 432.8064M

Future Trunks: 15M

Gohan: 50M

Tenshinhan: 94.428K [Kikoho: 254.5128K]

Super Saiyan Future Trunks: 750M

Zangya: 1.1B

Kogu: 300M

Full Power Kogu: 600M

Bujin: 1.07B

Bojack: 1.5B

Bido: 1.08B

Yamcha: 79.92K

Super Saiyan Grade 4 Gohan: 2.5B

Piccolo: 541.008M [Makankosappo: 1.7853264B]

Super Saiyan Vegeta: 1.125B

Full Power Bojack: 3B

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan: 5B [Super Kamehameha: 16.5B]

Broly - Second Coming

Videl: 20

Super Saiyan Broly: 50M

Trunks: 3.5M

Goten: 3M

Super Saiyan Trunks: 175M

Super Saiyan Goten: 150M [Super Kamehameha: 495M]

Gohan: 37.5M

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly: 14B

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan: 3.75B

Krillin: 128.25K

Super Saiyan Gohan: 1.875B [Super Kamehameha: 6.1875B]

Goku: 60M

Super Saiyan Goku: 3B [Super Kamehameha: 9.9B]

Family Kamehameha: 16.5825B

Dragon Ball TV Specials

Episode of Bardock

Great Ape Bardock: 99K

Great Ape Tora: 37.5K

Great Ape Fasha: 30K

Great Ape Borgos: 26.25K

Great Ape Shugesh: 23K

Kanassan Warriors: 1K - 3K

Demetrious: 4K

Toolo: 5K

Bardock: 9.9K

Shugesh: 2.3K

Tora: 3.75K

Vegeta: 11K

Saibaimen: 1.2K

Fasha: 3K

Borgos: 2.625K

Elite Dodoria Soldiers: 7K - 8K

Dodoria: 22K

Frieza Soldiers: 1K - 2K

Frieza (Third Restrictive Form): 530K

The History of Trunks

Future Piccolo: 84.464M

Super Saiyan Future Vegeta: 200M

Future Yamcha: 44.4K

Future Tenshinhan: 82.35K

Future Krillin: 75K

Future Android 17: 340M

Future Android 18: 310M

Future Gohan: 5M

Super Saiyan Future Gohan: 250M [Super Kamehameha: 825M]

Future Trunks: 1.75M

Super Saiyan Future Trunks: 87.5M