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aka Nathan

  • I live in Dallas TX
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio I really love the Dragon Ball franchise. It's so cool. And I accidentally but my birthday as Dec/1900 when it's really Dec/29/2005 lol. And yes I put Shenro instead of shenron Instead
    ( no I didn't don't listen to him he's dumb lol )
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  • Mr.Shenro117

    no this isn't a game show. but whats ur discord. mine is

    _Sheron_ #4379

    I hope we can talk soon, miss u guys and stay safe!

    btw yes I'm still on my pc

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  • Mr.Shenro117

    We all know this coronavirus is crazy. And out of nowhere, i thought, oof i havent been on the fandom! so this post is to see if you guys are doing good or not, i miss u guys!

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  • Mr.Shenro117

    Who would win?

    March 19, 2020 by Mr.Shenro117

    cant put a picture cuz im on my pc but who would win, meliodas, or goku ?

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  • Mr.Shenro117

    chill guys

    February 19, 2020 by Mr.Shenro117

    like i said chill. no im stll not ready to fully return, but i can at least let u guys know whats up.

    1. im still depressed

    2. im still taking therapy

    3. my grandma's funeral was the worst time ever

    4. sadly but truly, i got dumped. yep, im a single, even MORE depressed, Mr.Shenro117. apprently my girlfreined is mad at me.she yelled and broke my heart and dumped me. it hurts just to write this down

    MY BIGGEST THX: @YaBoiKingKai @LegendarySuperSaiyin ( srry if its wrong )

    5. this is on my pc

    6. i play roblox and fortnite ( dont judge ) so if u wanna play with me, say so in the commets

    7. MAYBE ill be here my summer MAYBE

    8. dont be mad but im new to jojo and the 7 deadly sins

    9. yes i wacth super dragon ball heroes

    10. i have to go

    11. thx 4 da love an…

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  • Mr.Shenro117

    im sorry guys

    January 18, 2020 by Mr.Shenro117

    im very sorry but im leaving this for a while. im not leaving for good, but i will be gone for a while. My grandma died and ive benn really depressed. I just cant do it. i have theropy and stuff like that. its just hard, so i hope u all inderstand why i have to leave. im just not ready. im so depressed and all this pain and other things getting mixed up in my head. i hope u guys a good life, cuz i dont know when i will return regular good ol Mr.Shenro117 anymore.  i am having trouble keeping up with life. i thank u guys for all your support, but i dont need it anymore. i wish u guys good luck on life, and i will see u guys in a while. 

    i dont care who takes control over Moreni, Korino or who ever the girl i made up. but im leaving now, than…

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