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    King of the Hill

    July 10, 2012 by MikuS

    Before I start Off I know I'm probably gonna get this marked by deletion, but what evs! Let the show begin xD This blog was taken from a user at Fairytail (Evan Almighty) who took it from a user at One piece wikia (Roranoa zoro) (in fact, everything except for the first two sentences was taken from Roranoa zoro and Evan Almighty) and in there it had 650 (to be exact, 696) from the OP guy and 525 comments from the FT guy xD . So I decided to give this blog an experiment and see how many comments this will receive. Oh and just fyi, if one of them asks for me to take em down I'll do it because this blog doesn't belong to me and I forgot to ask for permission :D

    This is a game :

    How to play :

    King of the Hill !
    • To end your comment, say "My hill" t…

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