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Cell fights Buu Buu

I don't know about anyone else, but My favorite villan in the series is Super? Buu.. with all of the lame blogs lately I decided to


make this now, What? would/could happan if Perfect Cell fought Super Buu? To make this more clear were going to pretend that Super Buu somehow made it to Hell, and then met Cell.. hey! that rhymes ...

Cell Facts:

Keep in mind that it may seem that Cell can adapt, If Cell were to witness any attack he will develup the ability to use it or go through a change to be able to use it, he is also very smart Im sure that Buu could be out smarted, but don't forget of how Buu absorbed Gotants, that took some brains.

Buu Facts:


Keep in mind that not only Cell but Buu also can Absorb any one; gaining there powers/ likenesses. He also can heal quickly as a 100% Majin. Buu is also very defencive, when He fought Gotanks he just took every attack as if it were nothing, even with such emence strength that Super Buu had.


Also When Cell was imperfect he needed human DNA , but when Super Buu gained human DNA it only made him more vronable, and it made it harder to heal from atacks, rather than complete a nedded amount of DNA.

What would happen if such? events took place...? Who will absord who Does a Perfect-Perfect Cell form exist?..

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